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China's Role in the Global Economy: myths and realities

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Slides available to download here (pdf): http://www.lse.ac.uk/assets/richmedia/channels/publicLecturesAndEvents/slides/20140129_1830_chinasRoleGlobalEconomy_sl.pdf Speaker: Dr Keyu Jin Chair: Professor Wouter Den Haan Recorded on 29 January 2014 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House. The CFM and Department of Economics lecture series focuses on topical macroeconomic questions. Its aim is to give an informative and balanced overview of available knowledge among macroeconomists. This talk considers China's growing role in the world economy. Keyu Jin is a lecturer at LSE. Her research has focused on global imbalances and global asset prices, as well as international trade and growth. Wouter Den Haan is professor of economics and co-director of the Centre for Macroeconomics at LSE.
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