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In this tutorial I'm showing you guys, HOW TO Monetize your account and place ads on your videos to earn money. I hope you'd find it bit knowledgeable, because I meet couple of peoples who asked me 'how to put ads on youtube videos' Kindly subscribe my channel, Actually, it is the only video on my channel and I really need your support to build up my channel. I appreciate your support !
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Text Comments (37)
pixlee master (1 month ago)
i took his advise and hope to ack money soon
Tech Ayush (2 months ago)
You are best
Tech Ayush (2 months ago)
Are Gup (3 months ago)
U need spell check
CatMouth32 (4 months ago)
Tnx, but i still need 4000hrs of watched or watching and 1000 subscribers.
Charlie Show The CAT (5 months ago)
Gaurav Ayodhyi (7 months ago)
Bt paise khan aayenge
Wolf Gaming (10 months ago)
el el Batel (10 months ago)
It's ok I don't use my real name
Pramod cm (1 year ago)
How using mobiles
Endingjaguar (1 year ago)
Psycho Big Papa (1 year ago)
VERY GOOD VIDEO I liked ur video cuz like me, its ur first video and I liked it very much I will sub u
MRC_Larios (1 year ago)
bruh it wont let me enable
MRC_Larios (1 year ago)
oh yeah I already know now
Chillin (1 year ago)
you need 10000 veiws to activate it
u r indian and i am pakistani...good video man keep it up
Anmol's Tutorials (1 year ago)
hello to Pakistan
ice boy (1 year ago)
so how much money u get now plz replay
Kyle roby (2 years ago)
You're stupid you don't even talk
Anmol's Tutorials (2 years ago)
I'm sorry for your inconvenience but it is my first youtube video and It is almost 2 years ! I appreciate your comment, I'll try to act as soon as possible. Thank you !
Sharanya Srivastava (2 years ago)
Cool xD
Sharanya Srivastava (2 years ago)
I see. That's like almost 2 years!
Anmol's Tutorials (2 years ago)
is it ? Well, I made it long back when we first met !
Callergy (2 years ago)
Anmol's Tutorials (2 years ago)
I appreciate your feed back. I would subscribe your channel but I'm not interested in Clash and stuffs but i want you to keep going and you'll bang it one day !!
Gamer#12kz (2 years ago)
i like every single thing about your video but you showed your own gmail account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anmol's Tutorials (2 years ago)
I appreciate your feed back. i subscribe your channel. It's quite nice ! yeah ! i was dumb back then. actually this is my alternative gmail. I made a video and just upload it without a reason or anything ! but now I just logged it in and i was like SHIT !! this video hits 1k thats really unbelievable.
Ne0fFiXx GaMeS (2 years ago)
you did good man thanks
Ne0fFiXx GaMeS (2 years ago)
yeah i will try to :) thanks
Anmol's Tutorials (2 years ago)
I appreciate your feed back. If you are a youtuber, i want you to keep going !! and bang up your channel
Ne0fFiXx GaMeS (2 years ago)
vedios :D
Aman Kumar (2 years ago)
superbbbb! thnxx alot
HunterdeaD (3 years ago)
Lyrics MANIA (2 years ago)
+HIBIGMAN it would transfer to your bank account. DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VEDIOS.
HunterdeaD (2 years ago)
+Lyrics MANIA how to take the money
Lyrics MANIA (2 years ago)
+HIBIGMAN hope it helps you.
Anmol's Tutorials (3 years ago)
make money and enjoy.............

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