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iPhone 5 Exchange Email Setup

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Setting up Exchange on iPhone5 / iPhone 4s / iPhone 4 and all the related settings that come with it. Thank you for your time, and thank you for watching my video, I hoped you enjoyed it and learned something! please hit the "Thumb's up" button and please SUBSCRIBE to see more videos in the future. Please check me out on other Mediums bellow. Twitter - https://twitter.com/scarecorp My personal website - http://www.scarecorp.com Contact me offline - [email protected] Disclaimer - All my video's are for educational and tutorial purposes only.
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Text Comments (5)
Maria Martinez-Cosio (3 years ago)
well done- clear and to the point. Thanks!
patti whipple (4 years ago)
Thanks. That was very explanatory.
Marks iMac (4 years ago)
Hi, can you advise how to remove exchange? I have it installed on my iPhone 5 ios7.1.1 and is a hangover from my old job.   It does not appear as described for standard email accounts. Thanks
ChipRulz (4 years ago)
Thanks :)
ScareCorp Media (4 years ago)
Np, thanks for Comment and SUB

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