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Ledra street Nicosia Cyprus, by Jamil Akhtar

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John boy C (3 months ago)
The pit of aids and murders, sex trafficking
Music Worldwide (8 months ago)
I spent 4 years there nice place
Viκtor Bekiarhs (9 months ago)
One of my favorite streets on Ledras people's local street
Daina Dsouza (9 months ago)
M really missng cyprus.. specially ledra..beautiful place
SOM PROJE (11 months ago)
We will take 2023 baf larnaca limassol greek people go to the lesvos:)
Hüseyin Yıldız (1 year ago)
cyprus is turkish
archerman (1 month ago)
yeah mate read some history like Huseyin says. I mean greek is the native culture and language of the island for barely 3100 years for god sake
Fairy y (1 month ago)
Hüseyin Yıldız you are an idiot. Read some HISTORY
Hany Wahba (5 months ago)
cyprus is not turkish and it will never be. It will be liberated from the turkish occupied part soooon
duncancallum (1 year ago)
Many a British soldier spent time in this street in the 50.s , they certainly were not looking at the scenery for sure , like people do today.
John boy C (3 months ago)
duncancallum ya and many young girls got murdered and vanished on this street only to be found in trucks mountains mutilated
Hamza Ali (1 year ago)
jamil plz send me ur f b id
SUNNY SHARMA (1 year ago)
cyprus is greek
Fairy y (1 month ago)
nordary Cyprus is GREEK. Turkish troops will soon go to hell
nordary (1 year ago)
yes, south cyprus is greek. but north is turkish.. :)
nwana emmanu (1 year ago)
i missed this place ! KYPROS
casey jason (2 years ago)
Is this where north nicosia and nicosia divide?
casey jason yes 😉
Eazy Getz (2 years ago)
thanx buddy you made my day it was really awesome time i have spent of life there
angella karavas (2 years ago)
I really miss this place after all I have spent more then 12 years in cyprus ..wuuu love this ledra street..
Sandeep Randhawa (1 year ago)
angella karavas saga poooooo
Sandeep Randhawa (1 year ago)
Me also u call me 00919814447961
Skandalouz beats (2 years ago)
am fost acolo
Ala Enachi (2 years ago)
eu va cint si-mi pare bine ....Moldova
Mohammed Hassan (3 years ago)
i was there

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