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Whatsapp business - A new whatsapp for business use 2018 -Malayalam

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Whatsapp business app review. What are the mainfeatures of whatsapp business? Why whatsapp business? Watch the video please... http://www.safeertechie.com
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Paul Thomas (2 months ago)
Can we send greeting pictures to a group of customers for onam or Eid. Is there is any restriction to the number that we can send such messages. Is it necessary to have our number in the receivers contacts.
Paul Thomas (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Safeer Techie (2 months ago)
You can use the broadcast messages feature to send to multiple number at the Same time .. It is not necessary to have your number in the reciver contacts.
MUHAMMED AJMAL T (6 months ago)
nice presentation. Audio onnoode clear and simple aakkkiyal kidu aavum.
Safeer Techie (6 months ago)
+MUHAMMED AJMAL T thank you for your appreciation... I will try my best to deliver good videos.

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