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How to Trade in Currency Market forex In हिंदी

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w to Trade in Currency Market forex In हिंदी in this Video I explain What is currency and Forex market, How to open an account in currency market how to trade in the currency market, everything about Indian currency Market Follow us on Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/stockgurudeepak/ Website :- https://www.stockgurudeepak.com/ Email:- [email protected] Whatsapp no:- 9870248542
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Text Comments (106)
funny Moments (2 days ago)
Stock Guru Deepak (1 day ago)
Mayank Yadav (13 days ago)
Nice video
Stock Guru Deepak (13 days ago)
Socialo (18 days ago)
Sir forex trading ke liye kha account open kre taaki tax problem na ho
Stock Guru Deepak (18 days ago)
forex not legal do currency in NSE
Niks (18 days ago)
Very nice video . Sir please tell me how can we invest on forex trading trader in legal way. I have known person in uk 🇬🇧 he is good trader and profit returns are good I want to invest with him. If you happen to know Indian trader with good guaranteed profit returns. And what tax we have to pay on the profit we make? If I get reply in this I will subscribe!!
Rajendra Singh (17 days ago)
+Niks fix return Forex contact 8128258121
Niks (18 days ago)
Stock Guru Deepak matlab I didn’t get you you sir. Do you trade for us? And if yes sir how much profit cut will be yours? And what are the investment ranges and profit ranges? If it’s Too private question then please live your mail id for further queries. [email protected]
Stock Guru Deepak (18 days ago)
vah to hum khudke account main karte hai we have fund not do for others we train the people to trade
Niks (18 days ago)
+Stock Guru Deepak yes woh toh hai. But can we have traders trading for us or managing our account to get us profit?
Stock Guru Deepak (18 days ago)
there is good opportunity in India always in all segment provided you know how to trade
Live Pure (21 days ago)
Sir...forex trading se paise pe tax return wala issue ho skta uska kya krna h thoda idea pls de sake to de
Stock Guru Deepak (20 days ago)
if make profit paid tax no problem
lalit bachhav (23 days ago)
Very useful knowledge sir 💯👍
Stock Guru Deepak (22 days ago)
samir dhruw (24 days ago)
Awesome explain sir because you explain prectical this moniter screen bord..
Anil Thakran (21 days ago)
+Stock Guru Deepak kya aap bta skte h indian ke liye best broker kon sa h
Stock Guru Deepak (23 days ago)
Latest updates (24 days ago)
Olymp trade is right platform to trade or not
Stock Guru Deepak (24 days ago)
no idea
suresh khatti (26 days ago)
Muje bi currency market sikhana
ajay kumar (26 days ago)
Useful information.....nice..... Depakjèe..plz make video on trailing stop loss,as I said before...how it is used in share mobile app of sharekhan.....thanks
Stock Guru Deepak (26 days ago)
Rakesh ranjan (28 days ago)
Aap ne achha jankari di 👌
Stock Guru Deepak (28 days ago)
chandramohan (1 month ago)
nice sir g thanks
Stock Guru Deepak (1 month ago)
Prasanna Pawar (1 month ago)
Stock Guru Deepak (1 month ago)
rajkumar Gond (1 month ago)
Nice sit
Nikita Yadav (1 month ago)
I heard that we can't transfer more than $200,000 to foreign in India. Then how much profit can we make through forex, is there any limit? Please answer.
Rajendra Singh (17 days ago)
Fix return Forex trading contact 8128258121
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
+Nikita Yadav choosing Indian brokers is a key for it, and that broker should accept other currency pair's
Nikita Yadav (21 days ago)
What can one do to legally trade on forex?
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
Depositing or receiving money from India is ILLEGAL , so be very careful , u can do until u get caught
forex Asia (1 month ago)
money laundry cases so be careful
Malik Sab (2 months ago)
Dear sir who is the genuine Indian brokers for Forex trading
Anil Thakran (17 days ago)
+Rajendra Singh kon sa shi rhega
Rajendra Singh (17 days ago)
Indian broker pr trust mt kro sb manipulate krte he only loss hi Hoga...
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
Sharekhan is good { iam not trading still }
its real india (29 days ago)
+sachin mishra how sjfx is safe He will not do scam
sachin mishra (1 month ago)
bilkul Sjfx safe hai sir ne bahut achhi jankari di
Monir Hussain (2 months ago)
Is forex trading legal in India?
Anil Thakran (21 days ago)
+Macs Minale kya aap bta skte h indian ke liye best broker kon sa h
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
+stocks stocks nice work buddy
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
+stocks stocks ok come keep ur asss instead kid lolololololol
stocks stocks (21 days ago)
+Macs Minale I don't understand ,y u r sitting on a pole , it hurts
TIKTOK hot ONLY (21 days ago)
+stocks stocks madafaka know what u r talking 1st don't just kid around
free ka gyan video (2 months ago)
Stock Guru Deepak (2 months ago)
Nikhil _ (2 months ago)
Sir aapne video me bottom me use kiya hua indiactor konsa hai ? STOC(S,3,5,close)
Stock Guru Deepak (2 months ago)
ASHOK SINGH (2 months ago)
Sir ji shreeram transport me kya w peten ka brek out huva he kya kriprya batay
Stock Guru Deepak (2 months ago)
which stock ?
sanjay kumar (3 months ago)
Sir.... first time I really understand currency market & it's working methods (Basic). In simple words..u r great..u r perfect GURU...I love & respect u very much... Regards Sanjay
Farid Shaikh (2 months ago)
For more details & setup Whatsapp on 9987713344
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
Arjun Muktawat (3 months ago)
सर.... आपने बहोत अच्छी जानकारी प्रदान की है.....🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Arjun Muktawat (1 month ago)
sachin mishra >>>>> यह क्या है???
sachin mishra (1 month ago)
अच्छा प्रोफ़िट के लिए join sjfx
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
Avi Pawar (3 months ago)
Hello sir, thank u for the video...I was not aware that how currency market works, I got the idea because of your video... Request you to please make some videos on intraday futures..👏👏
shailesh kumar (1 month ago)
8429186060 whts up me
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
mahesh surve (3 months ago)
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
Click Here (3 months ago)
*Please help me "ExpertOption App" good or bad? Can anybody give me link?* (www.expertoptionbroker. com)
TRADiNG hub (2 months ago)
#Option trading is Totally Scam . Be Alert & Stay Away from Option Trading. 👍
I'm live in North Korea about 5 years. Can i use it ?
Robert D. Moore (2 months ago)
I am just a week into using the software and the results are incredible! Just deposited $250 and made over $4,000! 10 stars!
Kevin Love (2 months ago)
Plz let me know the signal accuracy rate?
Arno Lalonde (2 months ago)
hey guys does this really work?
Kaushal Kishor (3 months ago)
How can we do international forex 24 hours.kindly help me where should we open accounts.
Amit Kumar (4 hours ago)
indain company licence aprrove indain exchanger ke saath...forex market me work krne ke liy ..whatsup 8617373204 naam or deatail jrur bhejy profit granty ke saath
Aparajita Saha (15 days ago)
$1220 ToDay http://po.st/exfree
Anil Thakran (17 days ago)
+Rajendra Singh Thank you sir
Rajendra Singh (17 days ago)
+Anil Thakran Ha bank se ho Jayega pr Skrill me account banana pdega pehle...
Alok Sharma (3 months ago)
Sir Crude or Gold ka trading kaise krte he. Aur usme Kya technical dekhna chahiye, kitna margin lagta he crude, gold me, aur lot size kya he. Plz make video.
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
Anil Singh (3 months ago)
sir can suggest a reliable broker with whom we can 0pen acc
Rajendra Singh (17 days ago)
Indian broker not trusted
Macs Minale (21 days ago)
I recommend sharekhan as a Indian broker
prince nkemjika (2 months ago)
Reach to Martin Lopez an expert in trading who has helped me achieve my goal,I've earn more profit than my job could pay me in 4 month For proof visit his Instagram page *Martinsfxexpert* Contact him directly on What app +15187490462
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
right now don't know if find share
just for fun (3 months ago)
Sir make video how to learn intra day trading
Stock Guru Deepak (3 months ago)
already intraday video in playlist if want more will do

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