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The one reason to trade Forex

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https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome People have a lot of different motivations for getting into Forex and trading. But in my opinion, the only reason I even considered it in the first place was because I was focused on making money. I don't think anything else matters. Making a profit and defending my account are the only things I'm focused on, everything else serves that. Some folks get really excited about technical indicators and news events and trading. I don't really care about any of that stuff.
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george rogers (1 year ago)
your beard looks fucking amazing in this ahaha
Robot House of Forex (1 year ago)
Lol, thanks. It's been a real project.
MakingUrGfUrEx (1 year ago)
Your quality of videos insults ur sub count. You deserve waaaay more
Robot House of Forex (1 year ago)
Thanks, it's growing fast, so that's nice. :)
Hesam Heshmati (1 year ago)
you look like Johan hegg a lot . be proud about it
Robot House of Forex (1 year ago)
Just Google image searched him. He has insane hair. I dig it.
ironyim92 (1 year ago)
FXCM bit the dust.. I'm under the impression that most all brokers will EVENTUALLY pull out of the US retail market Idiots in Congress want everyone to have the same qoute all the time, everyone who trades knows that the quote will always be a little different depending on the broker You got the reasons for trading right on though, Larry Williams said same thing back in the 90's with his seminars
ironyim92 (1 year ago)
As long as Oanda still plays in the US I'm good.
cosmosgato (1 year ago)
I wouldn't worry too much. 10% of the FX market now is retail and that' far too much money to be ignored and not serviced. But there will be reduction to a handful of big brokers. And honestly that's what you want to deal with a well capitalized well regulated firm that will be there to hand you your money when you want it.
cosmosgato (1 year ago)
To the uninitiated, FX's decentralization can appear odd. But FXCM got nailed for not being entirely truthfully. It really doesn't matter but people freak out if they discover the broker is taking the other side. *_But I'll tell everyone right now that if you're trading lots less than $100,000, the broker nearly has to take the other side!_* Intrabank don't deal with petty amounts like a retailers $10k.
Robot House of Forex (1 year ago)
Ugh, you may very well be right. I hope it doesn't go that way though.
cosmosgato (1 year ago)
Outstanding sir and trust me you will do well at this! *_It's about the money Lebowski!_* Too many people trade for the wrong reasons that get in the way. They trade to prove they are smart and sophisticated. Bad move Or they trade their political view e.g. buying gold or shorting the dollar (Ron Paul) stupid idea. Or they trade for excitement of gambling. Not smart The capital markets are to legally make as much money as possible as fast as possible period Stay healthy and get wealthy :-)
Robot House of Forex (1 year ago)
I couldn't agree more. So far so good! Thanks for watching and commenting, I really appreciate it.

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