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Forex Trading: USD/INR: Best Trading Strategy: Live Chart: Profit = 1.05 LAKH

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In this video, we discussed the Trading Strategy of USD/INR. By using this simple trading technique we will easily earn a very good profit. We will analyse the chart of USD-INR and will show you how to get easily return of 100% in 2 and half months. If you Investment Rs 1 Lakh you will get 1.05 Lakh overall profit. For that, you don't have to do a lot of things, simply follow some technical indicators you will get huge profit. So, watch this video till the end, you will surely get a lot of benefits. Click here to open Demat account with Upstox: https://upstox.com/open-account/?f=ZGOM Click here to open demat account with Zerodha: https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPIYK Visit our website https://www.equity2commodity.com Contact Details: Email Id- [email protected] Whats app no- 9654620413 Website- www.equity2commodity.com #forextrading #USDINR #currencytrading
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Equity 2commodity (12 days ago)
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Jose Valencia (15 days ago)
Awesome video. What is the best tool to forecast USDINR Forex?
Piyush Kochar (18 days ago)
Buying price 68 ?
Sanjeevi Prabhanjan (19 days ago)
How can we trade in Eurusd from India
Praveen Kumar (6 days ago)
We can't trade on that pair until and unless we have some internal trading accounts. Those are restricted in India since in India we are allowed only to trade on INR pairs.
Phani Tej (20 days ago)
Thanks for a great vedio! can you please make a vedio on forex trading for indian citizens, and how to trade in pairs like Euro/USD, USD/GBP etc.(legal issues, nationality issues, loopholes, brokerages)
prax sankar (27 days ago)
vijay patil (1 month ago)
Hello ...forex international trading ke liye sabse best kisme account open kare
Being Atheist (1 month ago)
Its very easy to read about history in books and tell this n that, but no one can predict the future.. Same theory applies here too, Even a child can say buy here, sell there looking at any offline charts, But none of them make videos in live market, coz even they knew it wont work in real life.. If indicators were so much accurate and could be predictable then everyone would have become rich by now and no one would have come to watch such stupid videos related to stock market on youtube. Indicators are just to indicate the moves, not to predict the market. So stop making these kind of unrealistic videos to earn few perks and fool the viewers..
Shaan P (2 days ago)
Hats off to you sir 👏👏👏🙏🙏. Whatever you said is 200% true. All the theory told in this video only work in offline charts or in videos like this one😂😂 Every one just makes a video either after market time or on weekends. And simply tells this and that as per the recorded charts with a unrealistic profits calculations. Why does all the successful traders of India doesn't come on YouTube with their videos and own startegies. Because they use their precious time in trading, rather sitting with making a video for few views and pennies.
Praveen Kumar (6 days ago)
Well said 👏🏼👍🏼
jitendra jain (1 month ago)
Bahut khub sir g
Manjunath Ambig (2 months ago)
Dear sir ... Profit 1.47 it's converted to Indian rupees right ....?
Forex trading Earn money (4 months ago)
Bhai en ke chakro main mat paroo paise kamane hai main kise ke sath mil kar trading kar rha ho or achi trading ho rahi hai paise arahe hai ja nahi rahe roz 20 se 50 usd ban jata hai or itna he target hai es se ziada banana nahi hai agar ap log bhi itne daily kamana chahty ho to agar ap ka guzara ho jata hai en main to mujhe msg karo haroo gay nahi yakeen manoo
Forex trading Earn money (2 months ago)
+harshul agrawal bro 500 usd hai cost indicater ke us ke bad i promise ap 50 usd se ley kar 100 usd every day earn kar sakty hai just trust me once my indicator will change your life
harshul agrawal (2 months ago)
Plz tell me i am interested?
Mehul Makani (3 months ago)
kya hai vo bhai?
Girish Bharambe (4 months ago)
Useless tricks. Ye sab nahi chalta.
Sudipto kumar (5 months ago)
Sir forex se or video dalo
Jio aur Jine do (5 months ago)
Sir esme trading karne Ke liye kaunsa demat Accunt kholna parega
Rakesh Patel (6 months ago)
forex trading ke liye liye koi website suggest kare jisme eurusd trading ho
Joseph cheeran (2 months ago)
+Equity 2commodity can we trade usdinr in zerodha?
Equity 2commodity (6 months ago)
Do you want a website or Broker (where you open a Trading account for trading in Forex.)
Nilay Mukhopadhyay (7 months ago)
Euro/USD kaise trade karte hain India mein. Please share your video link through comment.
Girish Bharambe (4 months ago)
+Nilay Mukhopadhyay if you are really interested to trade in forex then contact to your broker. I can see 4 major forex pairs in zerodha. But that's not tradable for now. You have to ask once to them.
Nilay Mukhopadhyay (4 months ago)
+Girish Bharambe Exactly
Girish Bharambe (4 months ago)
+Nilay Mukhopadhyay why not, but I don't know trusted broker. As well I am not sure that in India forex trading is allowed or not. Citi Bank is not allowing to deposit or withdraw money from their account in to forex trading account. As well you have pay huge taxes for it.
Nilay Mukhopadhyay (4 months ago)
+Girish Bharambe Yes! But like other countries can we trade 24x5 forex from India? Is this possible?
Girish Bharambe (4 months ago)
+Nilay Mukhopadhyay this is not a correct answer. This is just analysis of trading. I guess you asked question how do we trade in forex in India.
swaraj agal (8 months ago)
Bro, how do you put this moving average settings on zerodha kite
Praveen Kumar (6 days ago)
Please stop using these. That doesn't make any sense. This is all bullshit trust me.
prince nkemjika (2 months ago)
+nakul bagkar reach out to Martin Lopez directly on What app +15187490462
nakul bagkar (3 months ago)
Hello you do forex in zerodha ?
Satyam Kumar (8 months ago)
Search moving average in zerodha's indicator , then change simple type to EMA and put period and you are good to go
Dipanjan Dalai (9 months ago)
Kiya bat

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