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Top 5 Forex Trading Platforms for 2019!!

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Text Comments (86)
Gavin Williams (1 hour ago)
out of the 5 platforms,  fees were only discussed on Bloomberg ....what are the fees on these other platforms?
Travis Flynn (1 day ago)
So if I understand this correctly. TradingView is a platform. Thinkorswim is a platform owned by a broker TDameritrade. Oanda is a broker that has an Ok platform. So if I want to start in this of those 3 which once is the best. I'm leaning towards Oanda cause its a name i know. I'm interested in trading view because from some learning ive done in the past I know I want some charting resources that I don't think I'll have in Oanda's web based platform. Maybe y'all could do a video about best beginner bang for your buck. Maybe I'm completely wrong snot these 3. Idk.
Mac Nzekwe (1 day ago)
What do you think of trade360?
HirondelleAndalouse (2 days ago)
Are American citizens allowed to trade forex??
Travis Flynn (1 day ago)
namor tree (2 days ago)
Anthony X (4 days ago)
Question could you be our plug since we are your subscribers. I’m a trader and I could use the upgrade
HiT MaN (7 days ago)
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Cynthia Davies (9 days ago)
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Mary Willow (4 days ago)
He’s amazing. So much returns with his help
David Neal (6 days ago)
He's an impressive trader, I've worked with him and I still do
lopez Gonzalez (7 days ago)
In all of my years of trading. I never met someone so committed to ensuring people profit from his system. Thank you Alec
mary duke (10 days ago)
Today people lose huge some of money on bitcoin cause of wrong decisions
Nelson Wood (10 days ago)
Am a successful forex trader today cause i know what i wanted and i worked so hard but to no avail but am still happy i now have me peter wilson whom i learn from while he makes my trade
Rosy Foster (10 days ago)
At times we have to go extra miles seeking for what we want and thats how i got to met mr peter wilson
Johnson Brooks (10 days ago)
Yeah thats true but it worths it if not a trial i decided to give mr peter wilson i would not have gone this far trading crypto
cui Alice (13 days ago)
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Herbert De Luna (14 days ago)
Nice. But what can you say about these trading platforms being rigged? Since these platforms, systems, run on programs, the program or maybe the people incharge of watching how the program collects all orders, it can see everybody's set stop loss, take profit , etc. Then, they, can stretch or pull the price or the market past that certain point or pip we set our stop loss , then we lose. I was told to try three or four platforms and execute the same trade same time and see what happens. I noticed that the market always go against my entry even when I'm so sure about the direction the market is going to go based on analysis of the technical and fundamental, I still lose. I use Oanda. What do you think ?
Debbie Nelson (16 days ago)
Frustrated in finding a broker better than tradersway and that wouldn't you do a small account
Forex Signal Trading (16 days ago)
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Pinoy Premiere (18 days ago)
i found this and i prove it by myself, very super accurate signals that can be used by even complete begginers to generate high and stable profit. https://tinyurl.com/y6rsvg8t
Ashfaq Sheikh (19 days ago)
After demo trading OANDA, I can categorically state that this trading platform is a piece of crap. Sorry. When I complained, they admitted that they are still working to develop certain essential features.
Ashfaq Sheikh (19 days ago)
Glad I heard it for the first time from someone in the YouTube land. I hate MT4 or MT5. I have repeatedly refused to open an account with brokers who use these trading systems.
vladimir anatolevich (23 days ago)
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Ashfaq Sheikh (19 days ago)
Warning to all: Beware of scammers.
Fx Trading (23 days ago)
Fx Trading
Jose Garcia (26 days ago)
Wallace Fernandes (1 month ago)
Wow great video about the best platform trading forex , thank you guys was pretty awesome super top!!!
IM1 TV (1 month ago)
I trade on my because how much open source coding there is. And I use tradingview for analysis.
Sam Williams (1 month ago)
What do you guys think about NinjaTrader 8 and Multicharts??
Carl Holbrook (1 month ago)
what is the best scapling platform?
kljwilliam (1 month ago)
Multi charts is the beast.
Blu (1 month ago)
Tradingview for my technical analysis FXCM Simulation mode for my backtesting IC Markets (CTrader) Broker
Top Traders (1 month ago)
I like that Blu!
T OSINOWO CPA INC (2 months ago)
Ok, can we talk about how sexy these guys are...???
Top Traders (1 month ago)
Lets talk about it!!
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
How do I get started as a new guy to in this industry
Liam Jayson (2 months ago)
+Maurice Cobbs [email protected]
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
What's ur email
Sam Evans (2 months ago)
i tried to email you about the 45 fundamental challenge and it said your email doesn’t exist
Gary Wilson (2 months ago)
Best alternative to thinkorswim for the UK? Love the improvements u guys r making to motivfx and I cant wait to see the new website💯
Healthy Tips (26 days ago)
*One year I used it. $1,70,000 income this year.* t.co/2STDbXh1Kx
Fume (2 months ago)
Plan on learning all of em.
Hobby Njoroge (2 months ago)
What’s your take on IC market cTrader . Please advise thank you so much.
Andre Azevedo (2 months ago)
Great vídeo guys!!! Just one question: I started trading at IQ Options and after some months of practice and learning about trading I'm finally getting confortable to start with real Money. So, is this platform a good one to a beginner like me or should I look for another one? Is it worth to jump to another platform and spend some more time getting used to it? Once again great vídeo and keep up the good work!!!
Angel C. (2 months ago)
IQ Option is a binary options broker, I wouldn’t trust it, try MetaTrader 4/5. It’s the most popular Forex platform used by traders and do some research on brokers, how long they’ve been active and their regulations.
Qthemusiq (2 months ago)
fx max (2 months ago)
smart fx robot check goo*gl/2s8quw
C Steve (2 months ago)
Awesome video! Can you please add office foams to get rid of the echo cos im always watcing everytime you release but it just is something that would make the sounds in these videos better. Thanks. CSteve.
meloman12 (2 months ago)
You guys should do a best broker video next. I'm having trouble picking a trustworthy one with good spreads.
Dave Treen (1 month ago)
Try Hugosway mate, great spreads there
ricodawes (2 months ago)
What about Smart Trader?
Jerry (2 months ago)
what u guys think about forex.com platform, its the only one i been using for years, i might be missing out
mikedamian2 (2 months ago)
+leeorlando J no Europa
Jerry (2 months ago)
+leeorlando J yes
leeorlando J (2 months ago)
you from the u.s?
mikedamian2 (2 months ago)
i just start using forex.com for 2 days now and love it. i'm also on tradingview.
Kyrios Tech (2 months ago)
What do you think about iqoption?
Forex Life (2 months ago)
One word: scam
Okay (2 months ago)
Avoid iq option they are dog shit binary based gambling service, the forex part of their platform is disgusting, their spreads are crazy high, and if you make some decent money it will take you weeks to withdraw, if you are from some third world country you can forget about withdrawal all together. If you want binary you are fucked, if you want forex go with oanda they are well regulated and you can use mt4 with them not some platform designed to lure in clueless people like iq does. If you dont want oanda make sure you check regulations of a broker you chose. Lastly dont take Cyprus regulation seriously.
DIY -PROJECTS (2 months ago)
Tatenda Make (2 months ago)
Hey Kleveland great video . How about Ninja Trader 7 Platform what's your take on it ? Looking forward to hearing from you .
Van Loghem (2 months ago)
Trading has been very lucrative, with the recent boom a lot of traders has earned & still earning the perfect extra income. Don't be left out, Contact the only LEGIT trader alive to guide you [[email protected]] I followed his chart & secured me a $10k weekly income.
Van Loghem (2 months ago)
+Nosa Yaba the reason is because of high investment
Nosa Yaba (2 months ago)
That platform over promised high return... sorry.
i se (2 months ago)
https://www.liteforex.com/?uid=344603550&cid=15655. Y don't you try this broker best you can ever find.
Sarah Bronwen (2 months ago)
Great video, so honest!!! Can you do best brokers next? Thanks.
Kevin Love (28 days ago)
My love expertoption app .....$1240 profit in the day! t.co/4CgPCaMbrv
Greg D. Dockery (28 days ago)
*Saturday $970* https://t.co/4CgPCaMbrv
Khotso Bogacvwi (2 months ago)
If I had a Bloomberg news app to use for fundamentals and use trading view for executing trades, would you say it’s a good combination? Your take?
Khotso Bogacvwi (2 months ago)
Regena Paquet then what is? Please do share.
Khotso Bogacvwi (2 months ago)
Did you say you coming up with a Top Trader software? Goodness I can’t wait.
srinivas v (2 months ago)
This helped me a lot. Thanks bud 🤗
Yung100 (2 months ago)
What do you guys think about Metastock? It's similar to Bloomberg, but not as pricey. I would suggest anyone to try the 1 month free trial for the fundamentals.
Trevy Nwawuike (2 months ago)
Great video, but wait who affects the speed and growth of a traders platform more, the trading platform or the broker. Thanks
rodrigo silva (2 months ago)
Ctrader plataform is very good
Maritza Rogers (14 days ago)
Thursday $2380 http://po.st/exfree
Aparajita Saha (1 month ago)
It’s good but i think *ExpertOption* is much better. see the details ( t.co/ojjzFryXoX ) You know why? Because i didn't get so much profit using Cash Software. Also there signal is not very good. Those who are new at forex trading they should use *ExpertOption.* In these program you will get right time notification how much money you should invest and when you trade. They provide every single details for getting profit. I won't say that you will get hundreds even thousand dollar profit in a day but you will get a good profit if you use *ExpertOption* carefully.
leeorlando J (2 months ago)
does ic markets accept us residents?
Hobby Njoroge (2 months ago)
rodrigo silva what’s your take in the platform so far
Steven Andrews (2 months ago)
thinkorswim fees very high if you day trade . Futures $5 + fees Rt . i use amp $1 RT
Tom Kim (2 months ago)
I trade on Oanda and absolutely agree with your take on MT4, that’s why I switched to TradingView - Pro is worth it!
Cash Flow Nexus (2 months ago)
Very informative video I'm a new subscriber so I appreciate the nuggets dropped in this video. And Bloomberg should is cool only if you're racking up serious pips and major withdrawals hahahaha!!!! #CloudLife 💰💰💰🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🎯🎯🎯📈📈📈

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