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Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Course World History #13

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Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Visit http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set to buy a set for your home or classroom. You can directly support Crash Course at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Free is nice, but if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps us to continue producing this content. In which John Green teaches you the history of Islam, including the revelation of the Qu'ran to Muhammad, the five pillars of Islam, how the Islamic empire got its start, the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and more. Learn about hadiths, Abu Bakr, and whether the Umma has anything to do with Uma Thurman (spoiler alert: it doesn't). Also, learn a little about the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims, and how to tell if this year's Ramadan is going to be difficult for your Muslim friends. Let's try to keep the flame wars out of this reasoned discussion. Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Follow us again! ‪http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support CrashCourse on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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Text Comments (41662)
Bran Evans (1 hour ago)
Think how peaceful the world would be if every Muslim disappeared tonight.
Port Piraya (2 hours ago)
Good explaination!
Ameena Hamenoo (10 hours ago)
I'm super happy about how on point he is
4Sk (13 hours ago)
Islam is a political, dominating and angry ideology, as I often say ; Muslims are the primary victims of Islam and they are mostly wonderful people despite Islam ; they don't all follow it to the letter.
Dailyluke (17 hours ago)
Finalllyy a video the doesnt present an idea that Muslims Seek the destruction of the west, I live in Saudi Arabia arguably the most strict country in the world I promise you people here are peaceful a lot of misconceptions are in the west we the Muslims love everyone and our Quran demands us to respect every religion. Believe or not the media demonizes Islam because it’s the fastest growing religion in the world and yet they are making minimum damage as more and more converts happen every year. Islam Christianity and Judaism are the religions of Allah Islam was the last and the only one that is credible and the only one recognized by Allah now that is what is written in the Quran whatever you believe is your choice
devin reed (19 hours ago)
Yeah let's quote the verse about the poor but not the verse that calls for.killing anyone who isn't Muslim.
Zaki Hakim (22 hours ago)
Allah akbar thank you brother you make some people understand about Islam♥
Handy Man (1 day ago)
allah, jibril and muhammad is taken to only one word MUHAMMAD. MUHAMMAD IS THE PRAISED ONE. allah is NOT the praised one. Muhammad said to pray 5 times in the Hadith while allah says 3 in the Quran, Muhammad the praised ONE is of course to be obeyed. in the Quran allah is not a spirit, he has 2 right hands,, allah also recite the shahada and shaitan submit to become a muslim. read it and you will be amazed
Ashraf Amin (1 day ago)
And priests can't be with women and can't marry in Christianity is it true. But they did it securely because of this born many illegal babies and they killed their children for security. How can you believe this religion how can you follow
Ashraf Amin (1 day ago)
I asked from many Christians that Christianity is true religion, answers were I am not sure I have doubts because Bible rewrote many times. So like this. I know history of Christianity they are all killer. Just remember you how killed Jordano Buruno. For what So He proved that in Bible has mistakes. He said center of galaxy ( all worlds) is sun but Catholics said center is earth. Now it is clear that earth is not center why again do you believe to Christianity.
Hossein TM (1 day ago)
Anyone looking for redemption ??? Just google "Dastan e Rastan" book and read it , the writer is Motahari . Need help? reply
Hossein TM (1 day ago)
Clinton said that they made isis then they say isis is completly Islamic .
Akshat Tewary (1 day ago)
Nice to hear the stories, well the reality is quite different
KHAWLA MOUNIR (2 days ago)
Why do we always talk about islam after thinking about terrorism bc long ago when Christians killed more muslims than Muslims ever did there was no media why don't muslims spit on christians like dogs whenever they face hate it is because we learn about you Christians at school and we've come to the conclusion that christianity is not bad some people are. Jesus ( Iissa) peace be upon him was one of the reasons too bc he is our prophet and we love him as much as the other prophets. Why don't you try changing the educational system instead of kids watching media make them watch documentaries and if you all opened your minds as much as you opened your mouths your thinking wouldnt be so narrow new things scare people yes but stick to what you believe in and show respect to others that would make you a wise and open minded person . Dont let the hate you receive get to you you have Allah and what is right will win in the end i wish to all the people in this earth to be happy and accepting bc we have no right to judge the only one sho can is Allah and he is immortal until you are no longer a mortal stay peaceful and friendly 😘
Christina Lejmi (2 days ago)
As an American convert from Christianity to Islam, I really appreciate how you put this episode together. Thank you and May peace be upon you!
MuNDeR sSH (2 days ago)
by the way, Ali is not Muhammad's (PBUH) son-in-law, he was his cousin. The rest was amazingly accurate.
ali dada (2 days ago)
make your grave better by following Quran and sahih Hadees dont look at Muslim's look at Quran and sahih hadees what they means to us " MAY ALLAH KEEP HIS BLEESING ON US AMEEN "
Jed Lawson (2 days ago)
As an ex-Muslim here are **some** reasons why I don't believe in Islam anymore. * Not compatible with evolution * Very violent and ridiculous hadiths * No evidence for a god * Errors in Quran * Slavery in Islam * Failure of Islamic civilisation. * Anti-intellectualism. * Terrorism. * Violence. Dealing with problems with violence rather than reason, debate, thought, and rhetoric. * No freedom of speech. * No independent, critical, or philosophical thought, morality is whatever Mohammad said. * Wanting things or supporting them not because they are good and you have thought it through, but because it's the Islamic thing to do. i.e. Shari-ah or the Caliphate. Both of these would make the world a horrible place, but don't expect Muslims to put any thought into that. * Discouraging people from having any critical thought by claiming that they are not scholars. The scholars are mostly idiots with immoral opinions. * Mentally deficient ways of dealing with real-world problems by becoming more religious and just praying more. * Need to control people's appearance. * In conflict with everyone at their borders whether Muslims or not, historically and in contemporary terms. * Hatred of pretty much everyone. * Always feeling like you don't belong.
Adam Koubbi (9 hours ago)
lmao hatred of pretty much everyone
Twizted (2 days ago)
Explain the terrorism part you pig
peter thompsonVB (2 days ago)
piss off
drsingingeagle (3 days ago)
"This machine kills fascists"?
The Media Geek (3 days ago)
Well presented John. It;'s actually an issue that the Western communities are brainwashed by the media, and they don't research about the Islamic history. Islam means 'Peace'. And the banned violent outfits like Al-Qaeda and ISIL are the same kind of groups that killed our 4th Caliph 'Ali'. Muslims are most affected by this wave of terrorism. And lastly, the Ayahs Western media quotes of killing the pagans is the most misunderstood thing. This Ayah was revealed specifically for the pagans of Mecca, when they broke an agreement with Muslims. It's good to see that someone amongst you has properly explained the misunderstandings about Islam.
vmath101 vmath101 (2 days ago)
You are actually brain washed by propaganda, go to the youtube channel of thr apostate prophet and look up the koran verses for yourself, read for yourself don't just listen to videos and your friends
I believe that Christians Have to Change their Wrong Thoughts About Islam and also give Themselves a Chance to read about Islam From the Holy Qur'an and Saheeh Hadeeths. Stop Ignorance about Islam ,Try to learn Islam From the The Correct Sources Not From the Westerner Media.
Islam has only one holy book quran
Ankit Arya (4 days ago)
let me tell you what is islam, genital mutilation, jihad, isis, family inbreeding, killing non muslim, intolerant.
Has Mazlom (2 days ago)
mmmmbbrruuhh why you on this vid fham?
Shifas P (3 days ago)
Lol study Islam you idiot... people like you are brainwashed by the phony politicians and media....learn prophet's life and learn quran with meaning then trust me you will convert to islam cause it' s the truth
Brainwashed If ISIS is Islam so KKK is Christianity Simply.
Mark Chang (4 days ago)
Bruno Vic (4 days ago)
I think you are ignoring one fact about Islam. Unlike Christianity Islam has a strict intolerance of other secular religion. Islam has more of a revolutionary mindset similar to that of Communism. Their faith instructs them to convert EVERYONE into Islam and those who cannot be converted must either be enslaved or killed. The idea is that people who stray from Islam cannot be trusted members of society and the more people who stray away from Islam the more likely society will fall. So in order to build and maintain a strong society that is holy and good there needs to be a strict adherence to the Quran. The punishment is death. While life inside Islam sounds nice and peaceful and that IS the intent of Islam. For Muslims this isn't a personal spiritual journey but rather a mission of revolution to establish a world wide caliphate. I think it is important that while you talk about the good intentions of the Quran and Islamic faith we cannot ignore this important fact. Update: You say their Islamic empire didn't require their subjugates to convert to Islam yet this is blatantly not true. This is precisely WHY they levied a tax on other faiths. You seem to glaze over that fact and pretend like conversion is not a "requirement". It was a requirement and this was an instruction handed down to the Islamic people by Mohammad.
Bruno Vic (2 days ago)
+Shifas P ok if I am wrong then tell me where it says it is a sin to enforce Islam? Believe me I want to believe this and I want to find a common ground. But I struggled to find the same common ground with Christianity. It is not just Islam I am concerned with. My personal belief is that religion and spirituality should be a personal journey and not one enforced on society through fear and indoctrination. If Islam is secular as you say it is then maybe I am wrong and have missed something. But please do show me.
Shifas P (3 days ago)
It's sin to forcibly convert a non-muslim to muslim...islam teaches peace .. violence has no chance in the religion.. people like you should study the life our prophet Muhammad (saw) and learn quran with meaning then you will understand why islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world.
Bruno Vic (4 days ago)
Abrahamic was not originally monotheistic. At least it was monotheistic in the sense that they acknowledge existence the of other gods but reject them. However the other gods are mentioned throughout the first testament. The first five books were written by Moses in an attempt to indoctrinate an already existing Canaanite society once the Israelite returned to Jerusalem. The idea was to take their chief god El Elyon (god in the highest) and make him the supreme authority over other gods. This is why we later see El Elyon referred to as YHWH elohim. The term elohim is the plural version of god and YHWH is his name. Throughout the Bible you see the other Canaanite gods such as Ba'al and Asherah.
Muhammad was the Ears. All he did was hear stories around arabia.
ali bazzi (5 days ago)
Mohammad said publicly in front of thousands during his last pilgrimage that Ali was to take after him.
Gigi Schuster (5 days ago)
People hear Christianity and think Pope and Catholics, Baptists and what not they never think, or rarely do and often say your Orthodox that means your Jewish.....uh ya no I'm a proud Eastern Orthodox Christian, and many young people never have heard of Eastern and Coptic Orthodox Christians and our Christianity which is difficult for the youth when dealing with western cultural ideals its difficult to stay true to our Orthodox Christanity. Also the boyfriend/girlfriend and dating which has much taboo and sin to the words is as serious issue and like Orthodox Jews we don't believe in men and women sleeping with each other or sex outside of marriage. At work we run into false christians claiming to be, but not holding true to the bible, observance of Christs teaching, conduct in home and outside of home, and the feasts/fasts of the bible. our teaching our bible, church order, beliefs and views are ages old dating back further than Catholicism to the time of Jesus himself. There is the Coptic, Eastern, Oriental, Syriac, Ethiopian, Armenian Orthodox Christians, however we see each other as one family brothers and sisters of christ we also do not believe in purgatory unlike other christians, we do alot of outreach and help in the community as well. Catholics wanted to politically control one person aka pope. That is not the case in Orthodox Christianity as not one person has more power over all. We keep true to the religious fasts and feasts, celebrate saints, but not all catholic ones, we like Orthodox Jews observe good friday, the sabath, a simple life and go by a diffrent calendar than the catholic western adapted one. We live our religion, have a prayer corner which other christians preaching don't and rarely go to church but call themselves Christian, we keep out of the political line light which Catholics don't and neither do small churches. You should do a video on my religion please if you would. Our Prayer corner at home always faces East to the true holy land where Christ was from.
Vista C (5 days ago)
SCUMMY !!!!!!!! SICK !!!!!! EXCUSE !!!! For a Religion
Vista C (5 days ago)
Islam is the religion of Pedophilia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhammad was a Pedophile !!!!!!!
Shifas P (2 days ago)
It's sin to forcibly convert a non-muslim to muslim...islam teaches peace .. violence has no chance in the religion.. people like you should study the life our prophet Muhammad (saw) and learn with meaning then you will understand why islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world.
jesus christ (5 days ago)
This video was totally biased like really there is much more negatively in islam too
jesus christ (5 days ago)
What about the wrongs in islam, u can't just act like theres none.
Shifas P (2 days ago)
It's sin to forcibly convert a non-muslim to muslim...islam teaches peace .. violence has no chance in the religion.. people like you should study the life our prophet Muhammad (saw) and learn with meaning then you will understand why islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world.
Josephi Krakowski (5 days ago)
This comment section is insanely preachy and political
Emir Mateen Halim (6 days ago)
My teacher, who is a Muslim, said that prophet Musa, and Isa made the Jews and Christians. MiNDBloWing!
Hashim Alawneh (6 days ago)
The word says "Salam" which means peace. Not Islam
Daniel Marcum (6 days ago)
should have said blue turtle shell
BTS Is lifeu (6 days ago)
Im a muslim too and Seriously i was scared to see the comment section but when i saw it, it schoked me that finally many people have changed thier thoughts about Muslims and Islam. Thankyou,
Nabet Fani (6 days ago)
Hi Crash Course! This was a really well done piece on Islam in under 13 minutes. Can you do one on the Baha'i Faith as well?
khalid albarrak (6 days ago)
im sorry but zakat is the third pillar
khalid albarrak (19 hours ago)
you are correct, the zakat that is written in the Quran is when you have what is equal to 83 grams of pure gold that you did not use
Denny Fahrurodzi (19 hours ago)
+khalid albarrak yes I know...I am Indonesian Muslim too 😄 There are several types of zakat, Mal and Fitrah...Correct me if I am wrong
khalid albarrak (19 hours ago)
im sorry this is zakat alfitr which is after Ramazan learn Islam brother
Denny Fahrurodzi (2 days ago)
Actually, he is true. You pay zakat after ramadhan shaum (before Eid Fitri), right?
Habib Rehman (6 days ago)
islam is copy padte of judism and critienity.
whynot096 (7 days ago)
Where in Jesus teaching, he teaches to love your enemy. SIMPLE
whynot096 (7 days ago)
All you have to do is read the Koran and you will know that they have too kill all non muslims, and they can lie to them just to deceive them. WAKE UP.
Shifas P (2 days ago)
It's sin to forcibly convert a non-muslim to muslim...islam teaches peace .. violence has no chance in the religion.. people like you should study the life our prophet Muhammad (saw) and learn with meaning then you will understand why islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world
sean kessel (7 days ago)
Islam is NOT a bad thing, in and of itself. But grossly oversimplifying or misrepresenting facts in order to program other npc bugmen IS.
Some people with anti-religion ideology will not agree with you :) But surprisingly Christopher Hitchens says that religion is not the cause of bad behavior! This focuses the attention on the real source of bad behavior, that is human nature. Religion can inspire the best and worst in us.
Hamad 22 (8 days ago)
Good demonstration but , you need to read more about islam 😉
D Steely (8 days ago)
This has glossed over so much it isn't funny. Obviously were very careful not to offend.
M.R.T.R Gamer (8 days ago)
Wow, I have come down to the comments so that the Christians are very much in love with them to muslims, who are very friendly people, despite the distortion of the voice of Islam, but they insist on knowing what Islam really is
M.R.T.R Gamer (8 days ago)
I am a Muslim and Muslims do not hate other religions and are forbidden to do so. Instead, Islam encourages us to love all human beings, even if they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Blacks, or White Caucasians. It is forbidden in Islam. I wish all our brothers Christians or Jews. Distorting Islam, but searching for Islam and reading about it in reliable magazines or increasing the knowledge of asking Muslims , The war between us and the Israeli occupation is not a religious war, but a defense of our right, if it is a religious war, for the Muslims to demolish the Jewish temples, but it is not a religious war. It is forbidden to demolish the temples and other religions. In any case there are many sacred buildings for the Christians in Palestine The example in Bethlehem and Jerusalem is the Synagogue and the Church of the Nativity, you have beautiful and wonderful buildings ,I live in Palestine, specifically in Hebron. My school is an Islamic school but it has Christian students. They are very friendly and I love to accompany them.
Diana Shevchenko (8 days ago)
I have some questions: -what was the Kaaba before Muhammed? -What do the Torah and Bible have in common but in contrast to the Koran (Quran) -What are de 5 pillars of Islam? -What is the Haddith? -what is de "Umma"? -what date was chosen as start of the islamic calendar? Why?
Shifas P (2 days ago)
+Diana Shevchenko thank you for understanding please educate the people who misunderstands islam in your environment. And learn islam and quran you will find the truth .May God bless
Diana Shevchenko (8 days ago)
+Maya Popp thank you very much❤ i've already seen the diference between this 3 books, the bible and the torah are from the peoples point of view but de Quran is in god's words
Maya Popp (8 days ago)
I havent read the bible, or the torah or the Quran so I cant compare them and Im not Muslim so I dont know about the Kaaba or the calender.
Maya Popp (8 days ago)
Hadith, Arabic Ḥadīth (“News” or “Story”), also spelled Hadīt, record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance, second only to the authority of the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam.
Maya Popp (8 days ago)
The five pillars are: Shahada: Faith. Salah: Prayer. Zakat: Charity. Sawm: Fasting. Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca.
ikmalzainol (8 days ago)
peace ;)
Itz Bahb (8 days ago)
12:13 John Green, I love you, and your show. BUT. I am pretty sure that Algeria and Saudi Arabia are larger than Egypt.
Msa R (9 days ago)
Syria and iraq and Jordan and phalstain (not in Arabian Peninsula )
Justin Reyez (9 days ago)
I respect people despite belief but what concerns me is the violence/militia mentality of the Muslim Faith. I know there's peaceful sections but the violent ones can't be denied. I know not all Muslims wish to harm you but it can't be ignored that it's part of the belief system
sana sindagi (9 days ago)
*Correction* in arabic the word *illah* means god. Allah means the *one and only* almighty god.
William Chmelik (9 days ago)
You realize the bible is also the word of God, written by people who knew God (Jesus), inspired by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Not juss a narrative written from other people's point of view. Its juss as much the word of God except it follows a religion whose founder didnt have a 9 year old wife and didnt say to kill anyone.
The Legend 27 (9 days ago)
Hey I just want to say that I really respect the people who come to this video to learn about my religion and not just comment bomb and terrorist jokes. I promise you the major majority of the 1 billion plus followers of Islam are not hostile and don’t want to hurt you. We just want peace like everyone else. Religious terrorists are total scum and need to be killed.
Jay Ali (9 days ago)
😂 Umha from kill Bill joke 😂
Jay Ali (9 days ago)
👍 The sad thing is you know more than the lost Muslims who forgot about the relgion. ✌️ And love Bro!
Hans Goderian (9 days ago)
Friendly muslims are not muslims.. They do not take their religion seriously..the real islam is isis...because isis takes its information from qu'ran.
Shifas P (1 day ago)
+Hans Goderian i know my religion very well it's you who is not blind but acting as blind . I don't want to argue with you and prove that islam is the truth . I just saying learn Islam from good sources there are alot channels in YouTube itself which conveys true face of the religion. The media is against islam they want to destroy it. Islam is a beautiful faith trust me . This is all I need to tell you and also there are alot of muslim converts speaking about their experience coming to islam in youtube first watch this all and think yourself that why this so called "terrorism supporting still attracted by millions of people all around the world" think yourself why
Hans Goderian (2 days ago)
All verses of the Koran are stolen from the Bible and the Old Testament ... These verses came at first to deceive people but were later canceled because the religion was slow spread and replaced by signs incite war and slaughter .... This objective study away from emotions .. I think you do not know much About your religion and how it spread
Shifas P (2 days ago)
Never... In quran it says killing an innocent person is like killing whole of the humanity . In islam its great sin to do injustice. Islam is a beautiful faith my brother. Learn about islam from muslims around ask question, explore in this religion trust me God Almighty will guide to his path .
pedram riahi (9 days ago)
you got it wrong man, you got it wrong
pedram riahi (9 days ago)
I mean some part of it but important
King Lam (9 days ago)
The Ka'bah business part had me rolling on the floor xD
Shifas P (8 hours ago)
+King Lam dude you not got the point still . This video guy is telling it was a business when Islam coming before mecca which is true , and he sarcastically saying it is business still for Saudi , Which is not true . Okay thats all what i want to say. Yeah there may be alot of private organisations doing business for hotel , accommodation , travel , etc. ok i accept that fact me too know that. What iam saying is when mecca is considered as holy land for all the Muslims all over the world it is not for doing business but this guy in the video saying it is.
King Lam (9 hours ago)
+Shifas P You are exactly repeating what I'm saying but in different words and discarding my emphasis on "DEPENDING ON HOW YOU DESCRIBE PILGRIMAGE/HAJJ" Again, you are pointing out only commercialisation of idols. The scope of business I meant is general. Also, stop being a typical "threatened" conservative muslim, judging people on being uneducated about Islam. You don't even know what people know and you lack in common sense. Fyi, I'm a muslim too. Salam.
Shifas P (2 days ago)
+King Lam and dude you need to understand that it's not a place for doing business. Its compulsory for a muslim if he is rich , to do hajj. Its a holy place for Muslims all over the world.
Shifas P (2 days ago)
+King Lam yeah that's what me too saying there is no money needed for doing hajj or pilgrimage obviously for accommodation and transportation money is needed. When mecca is in the hands of disbelievers there where idols all over the place of ka'ba so people needed to give money to pray to these idols and all . There the people who are managing these idols and person who the ruler of that time for the sake of money cheating the people. It was a business of that time. I think you should watch this animated movie "bilal the new creed..." Which depicts life of that time when islam comes before mecca and its a movie of one of our prophet's companions..then after watching you can understand
King Lam (2 days ago)
+Shifas P No money needed? Well, in a direct context, that's true as entering any mosque will not burden one financially. However, it depends on how you describe pilgrimage. Maybe you live nearby (or within) Mecca, that's why you're saying no money is needed. I'm saying in the context of a person living far. Millions of muslims from ALL OVER THE WORLD go for pilgrimage on every year. Who's going to pay for accomodations (hotel, food, transportation) and formalities (vaccination, insurance, bureaucracy stuff etc) expenses? Doesn't that means business for those who are being paid in the period of pilgrimage especially for nearby business owners? Study Islam, you say? How about applying common sense when talking?
CRY Wolf (10 days ago)
Wow Islamic religious story is really good
Y Q8 (10 days ago)
Thank you, man, the only video that made the Muslims fair and how they started
Rinada Grace (10 days ago)
I feel so proud knowing Arabic (not being a Muslim) for some reason, I know it’s silly
Alawiyah Love (10 days ago)
3:35 I started dancing😂 when he said that because....ain't that the truth. I worship GOD, which in Arabic is Allah. In Islam we believe God's only name is God. People say "Muslims worship someone named Allah" but if you translate it... "Muslims worship someone named God"... it makes you sound stupid, especially if you believe/worship God.
Frazia Siddiqui (10 days ago)
Sunni’s wya?
Frazia Siddiqui (10 days ago)
Most of this information is not all true.
shinbo (8 days ago)
why don't you elaborate on this with some facts to back this claim for us?
Squids AJ (10 days ago)
Ok, Ok, we got it See what i did there
David Rojas Elbirt (10 days ago)
Islam was and is compulsory.
moataz abo (10 days ago)
i am muslim i love islam so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
RickyMoslow (10 days ago)
Frankly, I hate all religions, but I don't try to force other people to see my way. I've been trying for a while now to understand religions, in the hope that I might be able to see them positively. Well, this video certainly failed in doing so.
heyitsjusttom (11 days ago)
I think you failed to mention 9/11
mohd sohail (11 days ago)
this channel is of jews.plz don't follow it bc these are misguiding us 👹👹👹👹👹
I drink water (11 days ago)
Shifas P (2 days ago)
It's sin to forcibly convert a non-muslim to muslim...islam teaches peace .. violence has no chance in the religion.. people like you should study the life our prophet Muhammad (saw) and learn with meaning then you will understand why islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world.
F.B.I (11 days ago)
I really like that you actually took your time to get information on Islam from accurate sources. I have heard many people portray Islam in a form which it's not. Thank you for posting this accurate composition of information.
Mashable (11 days ago)
He knows more about Islam than some ignorant Non Muslims and Muslims
Mashable (11 days ago)
I'm a Muslim and i love you all.
enard Game tv (11 days ago)
KL Tah (11 days ago)
what are some archeological or literary evidence for the existence of muhamed (apart from the quran)?
D D (12 days ago)
If you find something good in Islam its meant *only for Muslims* and if you find nasty things in Islam thats meant for *non-Muslims* (and for the Muslims who dont practice actual Islam, like many in the comment threads of this video).
Thoralmir (12 days ago)
Don't be deceived! Islam is a deeply antisemitic, anti-Christian, supremacist religion that reads more like Nazi ideology than an Abrahamic faith.
BahasTeknologi (2 days ago)
haha I'm a muslim btw, so I know more about my own religion.
Shifas P (2 days ago)
You are misunderstanded islam... first learn the judge
Thoralmir (6 days ago)
Read the Quran and the Hadiths. The second half of the Quran contains a LOT of venom directed towards the Jews, who are to be turned into "apes and pigs". Plenty of verses directing Muslims to go forth and conquer, and to subjugate non-Muslims. You want proof? Their holy books are the proof!
BahasTeknologi (10 days ago)
any proof man? or you only be able to tell it arbitrary just like anyone else?
Lolo Tv (12 days ago)
Oh how did you said no god but god u need to write there's no god but allah (I mean who's god u need to write there's no god but allah)did any one understamd me Oh because u are christan *There is no god but allah and muhammed is Allah's prophet*
Mina Warrag (12 days ago)
The facts you got wrong had me shook
Nighat Rizvi (12 days ago)
Chief of which is Quran* not hadith
Abdel Sid (12 days ago)
mohammed sallala halayhe wa salam u are wrong
mr.syria (12 days ago)
I'm an Ex Muslim and i live in Saudi Arabia I can say for sure Islam is not peace religion Sharia law is not peaceful at all And also its man made religion like all abrahmic non sense
mr.syria (10 days ago)
+Lolii saleh I'm not lair I'm from Syria and raised and born in Saudi Arabia And my name is Mohammad I can link you to my fb if you want lol And wich part do think I lied !? And where do you live ?
Lolii saleh (10 days ago)
mr.syria liar 👞👞💩💩
BoD Assassin (12 days ago)
If I were you I'd get out of there and go to Europe or America.
Frank Drebin (13 days ago)
My friend from swimming said Islam wants to take over the UK. That is like their end goal. Can any Muslims comment. Is it true? Or is she lying? Thanks!
Johann Kaspar Schmidt (2 days ago)
Unpopular opinion Invoke no true scotsman and make vacuous sarcastic remarks all you want, this is how they think. Muslim kids are indoctrinated at a very young age, and you are not going to observe any differences in the ideas when you are forced to accept such a vile manipulative religion.
Unpopular opinion (2 days ago)
+Johann Kaspar Schmidt So all Muslims think alike? They're a separate species then, I'm guessing.
Johann Kaspar Schmidt (2 days ago)
Why wouldnt they? You are a dirty infidel that should not exist for them. Are you naive enough to think that they will give you a candour answer, and say that "Yes Frank, we wanto to destroy your culture, enslave your women and forcefully convert you to Islam"?
Unpopular opinion (12 days ago)
Yes, I want to take over UK and implement kebaba law. I'll make sure that non-kebab infidels get their throat cut.
Tristan Casey (13 days ago)
islam is great, particularly when they kill women, gays, and anyone that isnt muslim lol
Klem Kaddlehopper (13 days ago)
Way to PC to watch. This is TAQIYA at its best.
Paul Owens (13 days ago)
Muhammad is Allah in the Quran just like titus flavine father is god the father and titus flavine is god the son in the new testament and rabbi levi is god in the old Testament
Kaitlyn (13 days ago)
Anyone else here studying for AP World History????
babyBi (13 days ago)
the struggles muslims in the past have went through were awful ; they had their heads cut off , they were burnt alive , they were buried under the hot sun in the middle of the desert naked and were whipped until their skin was peeling . and that was only because they turned into islam . and btw this religion freed the slaves by buying them and then setting them free , they didn't have rights before islam their reproductive organs were cut so that they wouldn't marry or have sexual feelings and they were seen like a property just because of their color , but this religion came and set them free , it taught them that they were equal to everyone else .. this is an authentic hadith that says : ..... [{ *Abu Nadrah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said during the middle of the day at the end of the pilgrimage, “O people, your Lord is one and your father Adam is one. There is no favor of an Arab over a foreigner, nor a foreigner over an Arab, and neither white skin over black skin, nor black skin over white skin, except by righteousness. Have I not delivered the message?” They said, “The Messenger of Allah has delivered the message* }]
Rayaan SB (13 days ago)
6:36 Don't say that 'Muhammad (pbuh) wouldn't shut up about there being one God'. I am a Muslim, and take that quite offensively. He was trying to help people achieve a place in Jannah and show the right way of living life (by following only Allah). Please be respectful.
Fliyo MB (13 days ago)
And please don't get butthurt on the internet. It is his video, he was describing Quraich's thoughts. How can something that was actual history be disrespectful?!
Kimberly Hyndman (13 days ago)
I think you speak too fast. Your probably conditioned to cram things together in a short period of time, but for me, I found it hard to catch everything. It’s like anxiety learning! slow down a bit? For me I find it hard to listen to because I’m starting to feel anxious.
kitty stars (13 days ago)
me too
MuslimahStudios 313 (13 days ago)
Also Mashallah. Good job on the Arabic Calligraphy on the board. I am sure you copied it, but still, amazing.
ابو علي (13 days ago)
islam إسلام ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tayyab Anwer (13 days ago)
you all should read quran if you want to learn about islam
Frank Drebin (13 days ago)
Is it true they want to take over the world and convert everybody? Is that what the book says? That's what I heard anyway.
geisiel cesar (14 days ago)
I know about Islam it was spread by the sword by a false prophet. Islam is the biggest lie ever told.
Heythem Eagle (14 days ago)
Muahahahahahaha , your ignorance is legendary.
KeelHaul Kovers (14 days ago)
They might be giants YES

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