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ISIS- The New Terror

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Special Sky News report on the rise of ISIS in the Middle East which threatens to spread across the region and into Europe and America.
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Jaromír Mirek Kudela (3 years ago)
searchlight22 (3 years ago)
So..................what is it the is~holes are attempting to do.....inflame hatred against the West, to the point where the majority of Muslem country's populations will rise against us, Let's ponder this. The West has untold military weapons that would devestate any country. If, the bulk of Islamists were to turn against The West and sent their 1.5 billion strong throng to battle, there would be no choice for the West but to unleash tactical nuclear weapons. The toll would be huge of course, but 99% would be Muslem. Don't fool yourselves.............we will preserve the non-muslem population. After the initial responce it would be a quick clean-up of the stragglers. An untold number of virgins would be required........................Don't push it.
artbiz (3 years ago)
Creating Islamic fanatic governments is not a new idea.

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