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GTX 970 vs. GTX 1060 (Test in 9 Games)

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GeForce GTX 970 4GB vs GTX 1060 6GB Frame-Rate Comparison. Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.4GHz, Hexa Core, 12 Threads / Coffee Lake. Games list and graphics settings: 00:00 Far Cry 5 01:13 Watch Dogs 2 02:03 Battlefield 1 03:33 Monster Hunter: World 04:19 Project CARS 2 (in game replay) 05:06 Rise of the Tomb Raider 06:12 Assassin's Creed: Origins 07:29 GTA 5 08:34 The Witcher 3 Benchmark rig specs... ● CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.4GHz, Hexa Core, 12 Threads / Coffee Lake ● Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55 ● GPU: ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 OC 4GB ● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G ● Motherboard: MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON ● PSU: MODECOM VOLCANO 750W 120mm 80 Plus ● RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz CL16 1.35V XMP 2.0 ● SSD: Samsung SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB ● System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ► Music: Melano - Traveller Jeremy Blake - Smile #gtx970 #gtx1060 #geforce
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wolfgang (10 months ago)
00:00 Far Cry 5 01:13 Watch Dogs 2 02:03 Battlefield 1 03:33 Monster Hunter: World 04:19 Project CARS 2 (in game replay) 05:06 Rise of the Tomb Raider 06:12 Assassin's Creed: Origins 07:29 GTA 5 08:34 The Witcher 3
Timmy P (3 months ago)
I have a reference 970 with led titan cooler and backplate and it overclocks far past 1060. I bet it could beat a 1060 with mild OC.
김이현 (4 months ago)
김이현 (4 months ago)
ㄹ듓옷ㅊㅅㄴㄷㅅㄴㅅㅇ4ㅊ5ㄷ4ㄱ64ㅋ555ㅇ ㄱ66ㅛㄱ56굑ㄱㄷㄱㄱ4ㄷㅈ4ㅅㄴㄴ35ㄱㄷ4ㄷ4ㄴ5ㄱ545ㄱㄴㄷㄷ2ㅈ44ㄷ5ㅛㄱ353ㄱ343322ㄱ21718810려5ㅔ9ㅕㅇ760ㅔ2ㅐㅑㅔㅛㅐㅑ쏘로됻ㅍㅎㅇㄴㄹ뇨여로ㅛㄷㅎㅅㅇㅅㄱㄷ53222ㅕㅛ됴ㅛ교오ㅗ롷ㄹㅎㅇㅎㅇㅅㅇㅅㅇㄹㄴㅇㅅ욯ㄷㄹ욘ㄱㄹㄴㅅㅇㄱㄹㄷㄹㅇㄹㅌㅅㅌㄴㄹㄹㄴㅇㅎㅅㅇㅅㄱㅋㅁ숑숑ㅇㅅ용ㅅㅅ굫ㄱ쇼욜ㄹㅇㅅㅎㅇㄹㅇㅎㅇㅎㅇㅎㅎㄴㅎㅂㅍㅁㄹㅅ돋ㅋㅎㅇ44ㄷ4뇨6ㄷ7ㅕ810ㅔㄱ0203022ㄷ렰ㅁㄹㅁㄹ모노추ㅗ포ㅗㄴㅎㅊㅍㅎㅌㅍㅊㅊㄴㄱㄹㅇ ㅇ ㅇㅅㅌㅍㅇ5ㅇㅇㄱㅅㄷ7ㄷ7ㅈ6ㅅㅇㅅㅈ5ㅁ숒ㄱㅈㅅㅈㅅㅈㄹㄷㅅㄱ8혀쇼ㅛ5됻ㅈ4ㅈ55ㅈㄷ4ㄱㄴㅁㄹㄴㄱㅇㅅㄴㅅㅇㅅㅇㅅㅇㅅ
Buddha BlessYou (7 months ago)
they will not do it with 1070 > 2060
Mihai Ruse (9 months ago)
So this is the end!
andrew bossmaN (2 days ago)
Anyone notice how much BETTER the GTX 1060 looks!! For get the FPS! Looks much cleaner on that 1060!!
Black Brodequin (6 days ago)
Guys, i want ask about vmware. I have laptop with vga intel uhd 620. Can i running vmware in that laptop?
Erich Von Manstein (11 days ago)
Just 7-8 fps more in overall.
Corey McCrann (8 days ago)
You gonna capture the city of Kursk or what?
A HistoryMan (14 days ago)
Lol,just 7-8 fps.970 still good.
Sly Stan (16 days ago)
Б/у 970 стоит в среднем 65 евро на ебай , 1060 возле 120 .
Classic Time (16 days ago)
gtx 970 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CMW (18 days ago)
whats is the difference?
VIP (21 days ago)
gtx 970 in 2019 is an entry level gpu
So basicly Nvidia won.
Reylen (25 days ago)
Been using Gtx 970 for 4 years! I paired it with my old i7 4790 without k.
vBOG (28 days ago)
The difference in FPS between both cards is i'd say 5-10 frames not much of a difference at 1080p. There is a noticeable difference between both cards paired at 1440p with a 2560x1440 monitor. Id say if you are gonna remain on 1080p get a 970 because your only giving up 5-10 frames and your saving like $100. but if your gonna play on a 2k resolution monitor get a 1060 because you got more vram and it wouldn't make sense to play on a 2k monitor with a 970 because it technically only uses 3.5gb of vram.
Onur Güzel (29 days ago)
GTX 970: King of coil whine.
mall cop (1 month ago)
1060 then you have 1060 g1 that clocks up 1972 mhz big difference in what 1060 you use trust me my g1 i get 143 fsb on farcry 5
Marios Sakas (1 month ago)
perfect video, thanks a lot
daan hamer (1 month ago)
I got a gtx 1060 6gb second handed with still 14 months of guarantee in the box and it looks/works like brandnew for only $150/€135. Exact card: MSI Geforce gtx 1060 armor 6gb ocv1
Uykucu Tilki (1 month ago)
ı had gtx 970 and ıts So sO good !
Mr GamingBot (1 month ago)
I have gtx 1050 but getting 30 fps in gta..?? Anyone know why?
Gladiator (1 month ago)
Mr GamingBot Try to change resolution to 1280x720
Mr GamingBot (1 month ago)
@Gladiator am using 1920 by 1080 res and i have amd athlon 5350 2.05 ghz and 4 cores
Gladiator (1 month ago)
Mr GamingBot what resolution are you playing on? whats ur cpu? with that gpu you should be getting at least 50 fps
Mr GamingBot (1 month ago)
@Gladiator i actually did that and getting 30-37 fps on normal settings
Gladiator (1 month ago)
Mr GamingBot turn off anti aliasing and fxaa and maybe turn down the graphics settings too
NSUB BG (1 month ago)
for me 1050 1060 1070 series are just gimik moded version of gtx970 oc if yo uwnat real power for GTX 1080 x titan or RTX or GTX970 x2 SLI for me 2x GTX 970 4g SLI are equal to 1080p = GTX 1080
NSUB BG (1 month ago)
yup i been using EVGA GTX970 SuperOverclocked for almost 6 years and still no Problems at 1080p and now days is Smother whit the new graphics and if you didint notice GTX970 was the man archetecture for 1000 series two words 970 is much stronger then 10 60 70 but lower then 1080 cuz 1080 uses Xtitan Archetecture
Left4Dank (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 winning a bit due to c.clock and m.clock
Hunter's Moon (1 month ago)
You've got 600MHz extra speed on the 1060....No wonder it's faster.
Del (1 month ago)
It's almost like the newer generation of cards is supposed to hit higher clocks.
KING COBRA (1 month ago)
Dude my gtx 970 cant reach this high fps wtf
TymEk (1 month ago)
@KING COBRA clock speed. ( How many times something is done per second; for example most monitors have 60Hz which means that a new frame is show every 1/60th of a second.
KING COBRA (1 month ago)
@TymEk what is MHz. sorry im new to the PC world.
TymEk (1 month ago)
@KING COBRA it may slightly, I doubt it. Maybe it's the ram? How many MHz is it running on?
KING COBRA (1 month ago)
@TymEk I get bottle neck when playing fortnite i think kts because my procesor (amd a10 5800k
TymEk (1 month ago)
Some cards are better than the others, maybe some worker in China spilled a coffee on yours.
I got a pc with gtx970 cuz of this video
HappyGuy HD (1 month ago)
Test Battlefield 5
Huqiao Shan (1 month ago)
I have 970 as well and I don’t get as nearly as this much frame
raul yanez cortes (1 month ago)
So the 1060 performs better than the 970 when at games that almost fully stress the cards. Otherwise they perform about the same. Hmm... Not sure if the price diferences are worth it.
Soumya Ghosh (1 month ago)
Do you wanna sell your gtx 970?
Newton Tun (1 month ago)
Who is Gtx 970 on 2019
Shinomora (2 months ago)
Gtx 970 is a 256bit gpu better buy
MrMafiaHat (2 months ago)
hell yeah gamers this gtx 970 is god damn worth it than having 1040 and 1030ti
meet the gamer dudes (2 months ago)
if you want over 100 fps go for gtx 1080 ti with intel i7
D-no (2 months ago)
if i got rid on my 970 for another nvidia card itd have to be a 980ti or 1070 minimum.
SpedKnight (1 month ago)
or the new RTX 2060, I'm planning on upgrading to that once I retire my 970.
Laz boy (2 months ago)
Random question would a cheap windows 10 pro activation key from Amazon cause your games to crash? Got pretty good specs 8th gens. +aorus 2070 extreme
Koukis Elias (2 months ago)
@Laz boy there is no way windows have an effect, it may be bad drivers or a the gpu/cpu need new thermal paste (it may be due to overheating) or a non stable overclock
Laz boy (2 months ago)
@Koukis Elias it's making my games to crash or close after 5-10mins in game
Koukis Elias (2 months ago)
no activation key does not change the way windows behave, even a non activated version works great
Rhodan FR (2 months ago)
rx 570 wins again
Santiago Barreiro (2 months ago)
eladbari (2 months ago)
I have the *Gigabyte GTX970 G1* - and sometimes it Really lags on Insurgency - Sandstorm. Not sure if it's the card, or just bad optimization from the developers of the game... :\
SpedKnight (1 month ago)
It's most likely the bad optimization, I have a 970 and I get like 40-50 fps on low settings, I have a good CPU and 16gb DDR4 Ram. I just wish I could've refunded the game :/
Quarz_dk (2 months ago)
been using a 970 for years now, still good :3
To Kai (2 months ago)
Overclock it, and you get a gtx1060 for free
Hesitation (11 days ago)
then u can just overclock the 1060 too and it still wins
grzegzimierz (3 months ago)
Yeah but why is GTX 970 core clock set so low, while 1060 is set to its max? If you OC GTX1060 to its limits, you should do the same with the competitor. 970 could easily do 1500MHz core clock.
trancelistic (3 months ago)
I got them both. Still a great card that 970. Also had a 760 and a 770, they didn't do it for me. Might as well used my old 285 lol.
derpness (3 months ago)
gtx 970 isn't bad but the 1060 still beats it
joulupukkix (3 months ago)
I3 4170 and gtx 970 bottleneck?
Baguette Launcher (3 months ago)
still, 60 fps is not enough nowadays, 144hz screens is dope, and the pc performance must follow
Baguette Launcher (3 months ago)
@Bonswally lol xdddddd
Bonswally (3 months ago)
@Baguette Launcher Was just having a laugh I have a 60hz too
Baguette Launcher (3 months ago)
@Bonswally lol ye, but I have 60hz monitor and ok pc, a bit wooden tho ... so, 144hz is a great improvement already xdd
Bonswally (3 months ago)
They still make 144hz monitors? Unless you're running a 240hz freesync monitor you might as well be blind.
Mr. E (3 months ago)
Now for your next trick.. Remove all the text from the screen and let people guess what card is on what side..
SeamzKing (3 months ago)
You can find open box (new but not in original box) GTX 970’s on eBay for a little more than $100.
Watchman (3 months ago)
gtx 970 still garet
Wolferic (3 months ago)
The gtx 970 looks better than the 1060 other than the fps. I'm buying a gtx 970 4gb sc gaming ACX 2.0
broozah (3 months ago)
I’m glad because I heard the 970 is a good card this year and I have the 1060 which is better
Daniel J (3 months ago)
My Zotac GTX 970 mini never disappoints me.
mat fredericks (3 months ago)
I own a GTX970, had upgraded from a R9 270X after 2 years of use in 2014. Since then dozens of new GT series and AMD cards have been released, and is the first time in a long while that I don't feel like upgrading, I feel like the performance increases are ever so slight, and not worth the $500+ price-tag now. I wouldn't mind upgrading, I like having the best hardware, but only if it's a significant improvement. Are there GPUs that are significantly better that aren't just riding on the fact they can operate in 4k?
Shul (3 months ago)
I'm broke and bought desktop with a gtx 660 ... in my opinion a 970 is within my budget and performs just as good as the 1060. My display is only a 60hz so I don't really need that card to be honest... Anyone else gaming with a 660 nowadays???
Dave France (3 months ago)
I upgraded my 660 for the Strix 970 GTX about 3.5 years ago, and never looked back. All my games run sweet, and I was tempted to go fo r the 1080 when it fist came out but decided not to upgrade for the sake of it. now we have the 20 series cards, so if I do need to upgrade, I wil be skipping the whole 10 generation cards. The 660 was a very capable card.
why does the cpu is only at 25% of its usage?
maxsneh (3 months ago)
Lol 999
T D (3 months ago)
Resolution please?
wolfgang (3 months ago)
00:00 Far Cry 5 01:13 Watch Dogs 2 02:03 Battlefield 1 03:33 Monster Hunter: World 04:19 Project CARS 2 (in game replay) 05:06 Rise of the Tomb Raider 06:12 Assassin's Creed: Origins 07:29 GTA 5 08:34 The Witcher 3
Sesegel gel (3 months ago)
Jarrad Avery (3 months ago)
can someone tell me the song playing in the background at the start?
Decoy (4 months ago)
I always been told that if you have a 970 you're set for years to come, well they didn't lie.
Andreqlcn (4 months ago)
кто этак тестирует?🤨🤨
Emmit Bonnin (4 months ago)
GTX 970 won
Claudio Guerra (2 months ago)
Alper Salih DEMİRCİ (4 months ago)
Bence aralarında bi fark yok
верт сих че не включено?!
zoli cristi (4 months ago)
no test in pubg no test the gtp :))) all game is easy resurse need pubg is higt
Aiman Yes (4 months ago)
Can 500w psu support gtx 1060 3 gb?
Aiman Yes (4 months ago)
Help please....
Артём Ерёмин (4 months ago)
Фпс в данном случае совершенно не показатель.Кадры дублировались совершенно точно в первом случае.Видео по нагрузке микропроцессора,во втором случае он в 1.5 раза приблизительно нагружался больше.А означает было плавнее и производительней.
ZONIPlays (4 months ago)
just buy the gtx 970 used its cheaper and you get the same performenc ( i love my gtx 970 gaming 4G 😍😍😍)
-_-#囸囲囚团 (2 months ago)
3.5G you mean
Ranu _z99 (3 months ago)
Yes, gtx 970 is still good, but the vram limits you with 4gb vram.
esqin davidov (4 months ago)
miyamoto (4 months ago)
GTX 1060
Fanaticks (4 months ago)
Je reve ou c’est la meme chose ?
The GTX1060 wins easily...
Damien Riddle (4 months ago)
is it me or did you guys hear the windows chime sound when something is unpluged? 2:56
antonio vedivici (4 months ago)
Good to know, that gtx 970 was still the best investment you could do until now.
Finrod Noldor (4 months ago)
if you have the 970, dont get the 1060, go for one of the rtx, not least
Horn Horn (4 months ago)
I'm getting tired of comments saying that old is gold, just look the comparing video of rtx2060 and 1060, you'll see most people just keep loving their older card, how they work doesn't seem to be matter, people just want to show their beliefs for the old card.
Bang Supa (4 months ago)
my eyes cant see more than 20fps except it works in dual chanel mode
gabriel duell (4 months ago)
What's the difference? Anyway I still have a gtx 970 for this reason, it still kicks ass even on some of the most demanding PC games to date. But the 1060 6gb is a good card, not noticeably different however.
970 gold
Hoang Mai (4 months ago)
gtx 1060 more cinematic
TicTac (4 months ago)
И нахуя я купил GTX 1060
Igor Reader (4 months ago)
А чем не устраивает? Очень пригодная карта.
ClicK (4 months ago)
@TicTac Мог бы приобрести 1660 ti,ну-ка это этак,к слову.
TicTac (4 months ago)
@ArtemFrey , фух , я крас на 6gb купил.
ArtemFrey (4 months ago)
Ну если на 6 гигов ,то норм,а этак мог бы сберечь возле 3-7к рублей
нахуя я купил 1050 ti
Никита Репин (4 months ago)
You could have just written 970 is slightly slower.
Mingoia (4 months ago)
This was a well done comparison. The benchmark gui next to one another and the list progression on the top left makes this a format that should be followed.
Zipei Lei (4 months ago)
970 was the last time Huang dropped his surgical knife.......
Jess Smith (4 months ago)
2:56 thanks for making me take five minutes to check whatever the hell i thought disconnected
Dr.KiLLeR (4 months ago)
780 vs 970 ?
KEEVVY (4 months ago)
Some one shoul do test vs 1660ti
Rodolpho Cunha (4 months ago)
2:56 USB Disconnected
wolfgang (4 months ago)
yes ;D x360 controller automatically turned off, i forget to remove the sound
jack (4 months ago)
the 970 is comparable to a 1060 3gb, not the 6gb that you tested.
Тест для малышей. Во первых всё в разгоне по памяти и микропроцессору. Это один. Второе, в среднем - 65 градусов 970 и 60 градусов 1060. Но! При этом кулера у первой работают на полную, конечно этак, что звук будто как будто самолёт взмывает, а у 2-ой тишь. Поэтому естественно 1060 предпочтительней. Так будто у 970 весьма стремительно кулеры выйдут из строя и она просто прогорит. Так что мужчины, этот срачь в комментах ни к чему. 970 тащит однако не длительно.
CHU DM (5 months ago)
5~15 better..
SnekPL (5 months ago)
I'm gonna upgrade my GTX 1050ti to a used 970. I can't stand playing on lowest settings with unstable framerates anymore.
D-no (3 months ago)
i got rid of my gtx1050ti for £120 and bought a gtx970 palit for £70. the difference is unreal. do it
Philip Wood (5 months ago)
Looks like I'll keep my 970
Marcel Klapka (5 months ago)
And this video just save me some $ :D. I own gtx 970 and yea its pretty good card. But im unpatient and really like to ubgrade my pc. But after this video ill wait for a better graphic cards for that kinde of money. Not worth for this 3-10 fps.
Damian Bak (5 months ago)
I have 1050
CptSlovenia 2 (5 months ago)
Im happy with my 2080ti
REAPER ARG (5 months ago)
Aun amo mi gtx 970! Cómo jugador casual y con cero pretensiones competitivas me sobra para jugar a 60fps
dani dro (5 months ago)
gtx 1060 is the best card you can buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Shurley (5 months ago)
Amd win
Ouni Sofiene (5 months ago)
Wait a minute... i bought a gtx 1060 6gb for a difference of 5 FPS?! But i still happy with it :)
Jason Jia (5 months ago)
Great comparisons! I'm assuming the fans speeds were at 100% for both cards though right?
AlextrazA Gaming (5 months ago)
Thanks for work

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