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The GREATEST Discoveries Found in Antarctica Up to Date

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Antarctica is the coldest known place on the planet and for that reason, it’s probably not a very good destination hot spot for a lot of people. We know so little about the giant ice cap but we’ve learned so much in just the past few decades. In today’s video, we’ll go over some of the top discoveries we’ve made throughout history in Antarctica 10. Fossilized Forests 9. Bacteria Discovery 8. The Hole 7. Super Old Ice 6. Super Old Ice 5. Penguins 4. Temperatures 3.??? 2. ?? 1. ? ► SUBSCRIBE TO AMERIKANO!: https://goo.gl/e8mcCy ► VISIT OUR SITE FOR THE BEST ARTICLES!: www.thefinestpost.com ► For copyright matters please contact us: [email protected] ► WORK FOR TOP 5S FINEST: https://goo.gl/Su8DZQ ► FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Top5sFinest ► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheFinestPost/ Background Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and dont forget to subscribe!
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Paul Bindeman (2 days ago)
People...dont buy this bullshit....its bull shit because why..he Mentioned the phrase “scientists say”...and most of us know that any/all info given “when scientists say”...is just pure bull shit....eg...how the hell cld anyone determine the distance of the sun simply by using a telescope..TODAY..but idiots believe some guy who said this 100 years ago ....through a shitty old scope using ancient tech?...yes and some poor indoctrinated sheeple will have some dreamed up mathematical response to this claiming it as fact. Mbwahahaaa you idiots and they swallow it all...just like they swallow all this bs....focus on Jesus and ignore this propaganda
Ryan Smith (8 days ago)
The commentary sounds like he's been on the toilet squeezing one out for awhile lol
Lukee Tubongbanua (9 days ago)
Lambo (9 days ago)
Shut up with your irritating voice.
Marc Fournier (10 days ago)
Go back to school. Bacteria exist in your intestines. It's pretty dark in there unless someone is blowing sunshine up your ...
John Henshaw (10 days ago)
Narrator making my ears bleed
Dillon Ivanoski (13 days ago)
You are an idiot
Paul Rodgers (13 days ago)
That Land is Thing Land so if one does not have Authority from Thing: things shall happen to the civil people that enter Thing Land with out Authority; one must be military for civil people seek Money and do not Care for Law and Order;
A Peppermint Candy (16 days ago)
Science is contradicting God and His word the Bible ,which btw tells us that the earth had one warm climate prior to the great flood.There were waters above the waters(seas).We see the same on Venus which is what the earth looked like at some point.Those waters high above had to break down and after they did both poles froze and seasons formed.It happened some 4000 y ago.That is why lots of fossils still look well preserved.
A Peppermint Candy (12 days ago)
Where?The Bible has the truth but man preffers sci fi.Human history is only 6000 y old,the rest is made up by those who reject God .It's a new trend.Darwin believed in God and wrote the letter to God before he died.I have read it.He did not say that humans evoleved from apes,other men have added that .No proof of evolution whatsoever.
Edward Verda (12 days ago)
Nate Berkheiser (17 days ago)
1) Fossilized Forests: "Scientists are at a loss to explain how it got there" Scientists have known for quite some time that Antarctica was much closer to the equator many millions of years ago. At that time, there were forests on this continent. 2) Bacteria Discovery: "It needs little to no sun to survive. This means we're dealing with bacteria unlike anything we've seen before." As a Biology Lab Tech, I can assure you I know about quite a few types of bacteria commonly found all around the world that don't really need the sun to survive. Most bacteria coud die of the cold but many types have "endospores" (meaning parts of themselves, kind of like an egg, that can withstand a lot of things without being truely alive but will "Hatch" into a fully living bacteria as soon as the conditions get better). The way scientists check for bacteria is by taking a sample and putting it in optimal conditions for most bacteria to grow. Therefore, those could actually only be "dead" bacteria which are "reborn" once the scientists analyse them. 3) The hole: "What do you think could've made a hole the size of a state without anyone noticing?" I don't know, meteorite? The hole could've been there and not found before. Maybe there was a sink hole that collapsed a while back but was still covered by ice until it suddenly broke and let it show. 4) Mutated Seals: "May be using the Earth's magnetic field as a GPS" Well, it's been established for a while now that birds have a rather similar ability. Spending millions of years in conditions where their eyes and hears are not enough, I'm not surprised they are evolving this way. Darwin explained it 200 years ago. 5) Super Old Ice: "Scientists have found ice as much as 100'000 years old and they're at a loss to explain this." No, they're not. Glaciers in the Alps are thousands of years old. As the weather gets colder, snow falls onto the ice that's already there and keeps it cold, then more snow comes over that. The weight and cold provided by the snow that keeps falling turns the snow under into packed ice and it continues that way for a long time. Later, when temperature start rising again, the ice that melts first it what came the latest. Therefore, if you drill a hole into the ice and look at the bottom, you will have some very old ice in a place that has remained cold for as long as Antarctica has. 6) Penguins: Humans have terrible behavior too. It's not exacly a shock to see others have a ruthless social hierarchy. 7) The temperatures: You got side tracked into a completely unrelated subject of conspiracy theories... 8) Fires: Plenty of vegetation was convered in the ice when Antarctica froze. Therefore some of it decomposed and probably produced some methane, trapped under the ice. As this gaz is highly flammable it is what we see in the images you show. Nothing here shocks me. 9) First Discovery: "Oh boy, do we feel sorry for the people who first discovered that place because they probably weren't expecting it to me sooo cold." Well, they came by boat. They felt the temperatures dropping steadily as they we sailing south from the equator. They probably didn't expect to find a land there, but the ice and cold were no surprise. 10) South Pole: Not extraordinary discovery there in my opinion. I know I'm a cynic here but I do have issues with people saying thing like "Scientists are at a loss to explain..." when clearly the person saying it has never bothered to ask or never understood the answer...
Wills World (18 days ago)
The hole = soviet nuclear test site
Shay Breezy (21 days ago)
G g (22 days ago)
Lol a 100, million, to 100, thousand. Oh such lies
Marterrance Powell (25 days ago)
Anartica is where Eden is they found it 🤔🤔🤔😳😳😳🤔🤔that's y animals getting stronger
G g (22 days ago)
Lol, nope. But the Fallen r there
ty son (29 days ago)
Bacteria has adapted to its habitat, The sun is not its only source of energy. Antarctica freezing temperatures keeps the bacteria alive.
Chaz Buck (1 month ago)
Everyone says the bible tells us of a great flood. Well, then some of that water would have made it to the south pole. Ice containing debris with a carbon date of the year of the flood? Ice is like rings on a tree. Go down levels and find the level with lots of plant matter. DONE DEAL. That's been done already, well, any evidence to support the bible? Silence .............. never ask a Jesuit for proof of anything, it makes you sound you do not trust the Catholic Church. I'm so sorry asking this question. I'll just shut up and believe you and give the answer you want on the test to prove I'm gullible. A perfect Patriot of the Catholic Church. Gullible synonyms: credulous, over-trusting, over-trustful, trustful, easily deceived/led, easily taken in, exploitable, dupable, deceivable, impressionable, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary, unguarded, unsceptical, ingenious, naive, innocent, simple, inexperienced, unworldly, green, as green as grass, childlike, ignorant; Well, we believe by faith and do not need proof, right! That's why it is not studied because we already know it absolutely happened (or the story is fake) because a story is in a book with the few lines of a Virgin teenager giving birth to God/Son and a few more lines of a guy who was swallowed by a whale and puked out. (zero evidence)This is why Jesuits are in charge of Acidemia. Priests know everything without proving anything. Just trust us. Man, that's a profitable business, just makeup shit and call it education then sell it in schools and colleges with expensive books telling parents they are bad if they do not send their kids to this religious college. Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, and others in 1534, to do missionary work. The order was zealous in opposing the Reformation. Despite periodic persecution, it has retained an important influence in Catholic thought and education. Religions all say their Holly Book is 100% truth. So I ask, are those researching Antartica Acidemic priests? YES, and we should all believe everything they say just like its a religion, right? I must say, this is the root of gullibility. Needing zero evidence and just trusting what a priest tells you.
Chaz Buck (1 month ago)
I heard this guy at Cosco. He was selling a blender. I didn't buy it.
jackie pollard (1 month ago)
Pretty sure the states are just as guilty of carrying out weird shit to their prisoners, as well as soldiers, and just unknowing citizens. U.s did their own 'experiments' to make a super soldier. Mk ultra ring any bells? That is cia, no?!
Rhada manthus (1 month ago)
The way you hype things up you might as well just say epic wicked sick every 5 min. Pretty annoying
NoPeace303 (1 month ago)
I’ve seen bigger holes than that at your mama’s house. Aye Ohhh!
Hoowwwww (1 month ago)
stop changing your motherfucking voice
michael beck (1 month ago)
Ihyh j
michael beck (1 month ago)
Too much BS and speculation here to make this watchable. Loose the surfer dude narrative!
Steve Whitlock (1 month ago)
It's a continent you idiot!
Travis Gilcreast (1 month ago)
I cant handle the narrators dramatic words lmao.
james cyr (2 months ago)
I am now dumber for have watching this video. You my friend are the most uneducated narrator I ever encountered on YouTube! Please spare the world from induced retardation and never make another video.
Scott Ebright (2 months ago)
Take a deep breath of oxygen dude....then use this extra air to give your lungs and vocal chords more resonance and rounder tone. I'm getting an ache in my chest just enduring this tortuous voice! Your neck muscles are tensing up and preparing to go on strike. This voice is similar to the women in the Kardashian family who never get enough volume of air in their lungs to speak normally. They always sound like they are leaning over a car seat and trying to twist their abdomen into a pretzel (Courtney is the weakest voice, next to her famous sister, Kim Large-assian! There are announcer courses at schools that can teach people how to be a better public speaker...but then again, not all humans were born with the talent and vocal chops to be successful speakers.
vince digangi (2 months ago)
You tryna tell me scientists didnt know it usta be warm?
ZamaCatsmack (2 months ago)
Lots of incorrect information. Poor writing skills and over dramatic delivery make this channel sophomoric at best.
AGENT X SECURITY (2 months ago)
Spencer Quirk (2 months ago)
Chris Beeg-zee (2 months ago)
How is it that the person / people that made this video, don't even kno what's in their own video to put in their own fuckin description??!!?? 10) Fossilized Forests 0:38 9) Bacteria Discovery 1:45 8) The Hole 2:58 7) Mutated Seals 4:10 6) Super Old Ice 5:21 5) Penguins 6:33 4) Temperatures 7:35 3) Fires 8:40 2) First Discovery 9:33 1) South Pole 10:30 .... JESUS! It's not that hard ESPECIALLY IF IT'S YOUR OWN FUCKIN VIDEO!!! Next time you might want to have ALL the information to put in your OWN description or if you don't or are too lazy to do so, THEN DON'T BOTHER PUTTING SOME INFORMATION AND HAVING WHAT LITTLE YOU'VE GOT BE HORRIBLY WRONG AND THEN PUT FUCKIN QUESTION MARKS FOR THE SHIT YOU DON'T HAVE THE INFO FOR WHAT'S IN YOUR OWN DAMN VIDEO!!!!! Maybe you wont look so.... I dunno?..... Stupid? Amature? Lazy? Or like you're taking someone elses video and trying to take the credit but are too lazy to put a few mins of work into it to make it seem legit OR TO FIND A BETTER NARRATOR THAT ISN'T SO ANNOYING THAT IT MAKES PEOPLE RATHER LISTEN TO NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD OR SOMEONE CHEWING ON ALUMINUM FOIL!!!!!
Beniduct Arnold (2 months ago)
The frozen forests could have been formed in pangea
124 Spider (2 months ago)
Already seen this revelation else where. Nothing new.
austin riley (2 months ago)
The narrator of this YouTube video is so damn dramatic
Just Some Guy (2 months ago)
seriously...I dont see how any of this involves bacon.
Christoffer eXe (2 months ago)
Are you taking a shit while you are talking?
Robjayteevee (2 months ago)
shut the f up about aliens already. " We don't know what it is so it must be aliens" cut the weed and start thinking straight!
Anthony P (2 months ago)
So much more has to be explored there. Trust me their working tirelessly to uncover and go under all of it.
Voraxe (2 months ago)
you sure seals wernt always that way? maybe you just figured it out? i was about to say cpt cook discovered it AS A JOKE LOL YOU FOOL Wat kind or sheep would believe that
jackie pollard (2 months ago)
Well, the pole shift will sure mess those seals that are using the magnetic field right up shortly (if it hasn't already started).
Jack Smith (2 months ago)
Antarctica has methane trapped under the ice and methane is flammable how does this guy making the video not know this.
Agge D'Dog (2 months ago)
Why is that Butt Pirate narrator talking like that. Don’t use his dumb commentary again.
John Vegard Barstad (2 months ago)
interesting video. Too bad that the shitty narrator f**ks it up!
John Kotz (2 months ago)
Do penguins taste like chicken?
David Colmer (2 months ago)
what a dumbass... open up a geology book. sink holes occur naturally all around the world in unpopulated areas... this guy must think that all caves were carved out by aliens..
top money (2 months ago)
"The hooooole" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juan J Gines (3 months ago)
Sorry Mr 'The Finest' but the artificial accent and the way you express yourself got in the way and just didn't want to put up with it. It is NOT the new Terminator episode that you are introducing nor is your audience exclusively from the USA. You may want to do something about it.
Richard Moldovan (3 months ago)
real annoying voice of the " constipated man"......
Anna Whitney (3 months ago)
Antarctica was on a map before that guy was born therefore he did not discover it.
jskwibble1 (3 months ago)
I know yall gotta get paid but DAMN that's a lot of adds for a 10min video
Tammy Dalton (3 months ago)
You see there's a magnetic iron magna ball in the earth and there's a external magnetic force pulling on it, and it's trying to break out pushing upward on the Earth's crust, as the earth spins well it moved around it changes places still pushing on crust trying too connect to external force causing expantion , now u tell me where did receding oceans go?
Tammy Dalton (3 months ago)
How about a expanding Earth do to external forces, your promoting science, u tell me what could cause that ?.
High Quality Opinions (3 months ago)
Seems to me like these scientists might protect themselves when they’re digging up bacteria and viruses. How can they be sure that bacteria didn’t kill the dinosaurs? How can they be sure that there isn’t some frozen scourge that they’re going to introduce into society? Supposedly those have been there long before humanity.. so how are we so sure that something was frozen there that allowed mankind to develop? And before you come at me with “they already know that’s not the case”, let’s remember that they didn’t know there was even a forest there. Science is always changing.. so maybe some extreme caution should be exercised? Just a thought.
Kevin Mace (3 months ago)
This dude’s macho man randy savage voice is super distracting
Richard Gervais (3 months ago)
Ruined by narrator's voice
ike crambell (3 months ago)
Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na seal man
Paul Brown (3 months ago)
Fossilised forests lol, we know that years you idiot, this guy talking on the video is an absolute fool, calls Antarctica an island lol.
Denpachii (3 months ago)
Your speech pattern is horrible, speak like a normal person and stop over emphasizing key phrases. Forest, - reason, continental drift. Not new or unusual, hundreds of millions of years to grow stuff before freezing. Stumps and dead trees and plants covered naturally can last almost forever. Look in a coal mine for them as a quick reference, or the petrified forests in north America. Bacteria will not die if frozen as you describe, but some are known to survive basically forever. "sinkhole", nature. Remember the continental drift thing, Billions of years to create the land mass, right? Dropped the video here, Mutateed SEALESsss... please, stop with the over emphases in your descriptions.
Rachel Van hanswyk (3 months ago)
The fallen ones ...
apples33d3 (3 months ago)
If it's true that the scientists assumed it was always an ice cap, then they are collectively stupid.
leefi1 (3 months ago)
Please take all of the claims made in this video with the proverbial "grain of salt". Most of the statements are factually misleading or skewed for effect. Bacteria don't always need sunlight. Entire ecosystems are sustained by bacteria in the deepest and completely sunless parts of the ocean, clustered around volcanic vents spewing hot, poisonous gasses at high temperatures. It has been known for decades that Antarctica was a warm forested continent, before breaking off from the african continent 160, 000,000 years ago. Antarctica was cold, but still covered by forests, 23 million years ago. So, as I said, don't believe everything you hear. This is ENTERTAINMENT, not science on "The Finest".
loonatic7 (3 months ago)
Do we not get any pictures of the state sized hole?
Hawthorne Designs (3 months ago)
Let's force our voice to sound tuff and coooool and reeetaardeeeeeeeed
Shane Noone (3 months ago)
These people really need to do some research. A lot of this if bs or really incomplete
jerk fudgewater (3 months ago)
At 5:30 this moron stated the ice in Antarctica is there “due to neglect!” 🖕 Unsubscribed
Davidfails (3 months ago)
Global shifting
thatthatthat (3 months ago)
So many ads....
D Kahn (3 months ago)
The earths magnet poles shift over time, so Antarctica wasn't always where it is today.
B. Real (22 days ago)
😂😂no thats wrong. The continents moved. Ever heard of tectonic plates?
D Kahn (3 months ago)
I thought Wolfman Jack had past away long ago.
Edward Brosz (3 months ago)
i'd go, no thinking there. dress properly, mind your self youll be fine
Zachary Pollack (3 months ago)
Tectonic plates are playing Tetris LOL
Jose Gonzalez (3 months ago)
magicbeekeeper (3 months ago)
Bad bad bad and stupid comment written to this video
I believe it. was once all one continent
Alter Ego (3 months ago)
2:08 ... People, Please look up Deinococcus radiodurans, and bacteria that lives in Fuel tanks. This channel just makes up stories as it goes and lies all the time. At least half the information on here is distorted truth. I unsubscribed from here a long time ago because of this rubbish.
Rest in Peace (3 months ago)
Garbage mixed with a little sense
Jim J (3 months ago)
Global warming made the hole
Says who? (3 months ago)
I like listening to you, you have a great voice, been a fan of your's for a long time now. Keep up the great videos!
Michael Hall (3 months ago)
Bacteria on Antarctica? Sounds like penguin poop to me.
Dennis (3 months ago)
It was was close to equator before the last polar shift.
Tardo Gungas (3 months ago)
i think there is so much human kind doesnt know.
unless time be shortened saith the Lord Of Host's no FLESH will BE SAVED!!!!!
your seeing the reappearance of god's lightings cern remember your close to... but wrong breaking point of the bottomless p..
first check out orions placement inside a orion inside a orion inside a orion of mother ship do not play with antarctica's fire pit only god opens the pit
I can enlighten you mankind if you the theorist's and scientist contact us the watcher's
oh so little you know that u think you know your curiosity will be your own personalized awakening in time children not yet saith the Lord Of Host's
there you go with that missync on date again it's not millions but thousand's
porpus99 (3 months ago)
The part about the Temperatures is not technically true. In the case of natural cold, than yea that is the coldest spot on Earth, but if you include artificial means than not even close. Scientist are able to conduct experiments using Bose-Einstein Condenstate, which is able to get as cold as nanokelvin. That is a million times colder than interstellar space. So in labs we are able to create not only the coldest spots on Earth, but also the coldest known spots in the universe. Emphases on the term "known".
Mike Syracuse (3 months ago)
Content is factually tepid and the script is vapid. Sure, go ahead and waste your time. This content was created simply to show you some advertisements. The first 'story' illustrates an amazing lack of understanding of plate tectonics.
dmill (3 months ago)
- Watched this video full of misinformation. Like seriously there's something wrong in everything he brings up. - Read all the comments about how this video has interesting information. - Lost faith in humanity.
Austin Shoemaker (3 months ago)
The piri reis map shows Antarctica before it was fully capped in ice. It's an authentic map dating back to times when it was thought humans were no where close to the technological capabilities needed to map land masses. Graham Hancock talks about ot and other maps in great detail in his book fingerprints of the gods.
speterbilt (3 months ago)
I want to go
Ilea Vazan (3 months ago)
so, now we call the volcanoes a fire ?...They are some 138 volcanoes under the Ice of Antarctica
RageToTheEnd (3 months ago)
aliens makes hole... Thumbs down!
Lily Hughes (3 months ago)
now believe but don't know
Lily Hughes (3 months ago)
aliens? wake up to yourself, mutate, stop talking crap, idiot
Lily Hughes (3 months ago)
never seen beforrrre, speak properly, vegie
Nicholas Inman (3 months ago)
bacteria doest die when you freeze it, usually
Lily Hughes (3 months ago)
there is no million years ,!spastic

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