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Is Forex Trading Really DEAD?!

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Join our Trading Room where we discuss All Things Forex on a daily basis: https://www.forexsignals.com/ Is forex trading really dead? There is a big discussion going on at the moment regarding the ESMA interventions and regulations. One thing is sure - the days of over-leveraged trading products are gone! What impact will this have on the industry and what should you do to adapt? Let's discuss in today's video! ***Follow us on social media***: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forexsignalscom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forexsignalscom ***The Brokers I Recommend & Trade With*** **IC Markets is one of the world's largest forex brokers and offers True ECN account. The maximum allowed leverage is 500:1 and the minimum deposit is $200 Link: https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=1619 **Blueberry Markets is currently the best-rated broker in Australia (on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot) and offers competitive spreads, leverage of 500:1 and a minimum deposit of $100 Link: https://forexsignals.com/bbm
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Text Comments (316)
kyle mahadeo (23 hours ago)
This guy talks shit
John Smith (3 days ago)
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Blanche Ivey (3 days ago)
Apparently I thought forex trading was a dead beat until I crossed paths with Mr Hurley Jordan who changed my perspective on trading. With his system I earn at least 12,000USD weekly I can post this here because I came across him on the back of good reviews from beneficiaries of his platform
James Walker (3 days ago)
Well explained Betty flawless is the word. There is no room for imperfection in any way when real money is involved
Robert Blank (3 days ago)
I invest weekly with Mr Hurley and I don't even get the slightest hiccups. His strategy is fail proof and the payouts are huge, 13,000$ in my case
Gregory Holbrook (3 days ago)
I agree with you Betty Ruley
Scott Clark (3 days ago)
I still trade with Hurley Jordan, he makes me good money I'm talking about $10,000USD weekly. Business has never been better
Benjamin Deering (3 days ago)
Yes Hurley makes good profits from the perfect trade signals his system offers
Tim Tim (6 days ago)
Just made another £10,700 from my weekly trades with sir chanoch.?
Paul tribbett (6 days ago)
same here.
alex brown (6 days ago)
His now on telegarm thats very nice, i never knew about that.
Majid Bahia (6 days ago)
Mr Dustin chanoch raise good money for my family now we are happy and have enough for business?
We provide all of our services at no cost. ALL FREE !!!! :)
Morpheus (8 days ago)
This guys is an absolute cock!
Hagan Pratt (8 days ago)
Bullshit. Don't cut my leverage because some people are gullible, if a brokerage is being dishonest it's on them not me.
Patrick Thomas (8 days ago)
I was afraid to watch top his video, but turns out it was really good content. Thank you
Amaan Talpur (9 days ago)
There should be a proper protest against these rules i must say
Tarwada Android (9 days ago)
thanks to IC Markets and tickmill.... nothing has changed ... also ima saudi Arabian citizen
Kayla Thompson (9 days ago)
Trading shouldn't be as hard as people make it look, i'm not looking to be an expert, i'm just here for the profits so why bother myself? i work with Jordan Arnold who happens to be an expert trader for Binary/forex markets, he trades on my behalf and charges a 20% commission and trust me that's fair enough, you too can work with him if you're interested.. contact him with [email protected]
Oliver Moss (9 days ago)
does binary options still pay? anyway i'm interested in Forex, what's his minimum standard price, looking to invest as well.
Max Rivera (10 days ago)
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SAMBHAV JAIN (12 days ago)
I went over to your Website asked a few question about your Course and my God the worst Chat attendant . They gave me no information . No timing of webinars, no details about the content that you teach .Just told me to pay and then start trading with you . Man you got some really bad team with you . I thought that you could be a person who would teach me. but i had to change my mind seeing your customer support team behavior and responses towards others.
AFIF APWA (12 days ago)
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Neal Smith (13 days ago)
I think the forex is going to bust soon....Trump is going to take over the Fed and start locking up most of the banksters, so it will either kill the corrupt forex market or damage it either way I don't feel comfortable putting a lot of money in a forex broker right now.
Neal Smith (12 days ago)
Steve Johnson Steve Johnson the US dollar is a Ponzi scheme and so are all the other major cur. once Trump audits the Fed they will know the dollar is worthless. They will do a currency reset which will wipe out most of our debt to the corrupt fed. And then put an end to this high leverage which the banksters ran up to scam all the gamblers. And make no mistake the fall of the US will be like the fall of Rome, it will send the whole world into the dark ages.
Steve Johnson (12 days ago)
You’re speaking about US traders only, yes? You can’t “kill” the Forex market unless you kill currency, trade between countries and tariffs... How exactly are you theorizing the Forex market being killed, please explain.
jake hach (13 days ago)
If I wanted to risk 1500$ out of that 10k, would my stop be 30pips???
Sami Awadalla (13 days ago)
If i want to trade 1 lot i now must deposit £2900 (30:1) as opposed to around £440 (200/1) pre esma. That is still very feasible. Forex is not dead at all.
ob s (13 days ago)
1:50 is more than enough..mist of my traders Equal to my account amount
jake hach (13 days ago)
Thanks I really needed this video!
Buddy Piper (13 days ago)
i use a swiss broker, not eu. i love leverage! just got to be smart about it. simple math is obvious.
No doubt! the ESMA leverage restrictions are very GOOD for the Forex trading industry.
B.C. Iykx (13 days ago)
LOLz, I am in Europe and my broker just implemented the ESMA-Rules but my risk remained the same! Why? you asked? ... they just slashed a zero out of the number. It is our responsibility as traders to be aware of the looming risk! If you are too greedy and fall into the trap of your broker, then you do not deserve to be called a trader in the first place! Fx trading is NOT gambling!! So, if you use SL, then you are gambling!! Short and simple!!
Benjamin Pham (13 days ago)
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Never Lose Forex FX (14 days ago)
More videos with all talk no trades ever
Albert C (14 days ago)
The problem isn't the leverage, but the trader. It's like driving a 600hp car, it's not necessary to go always at 300km/h, but if for any reason you have to go fast, you have the power available. 30:1 leverage and 50% and higher stop-out levels is a killer for little investors. They are in disventage more than ever. I'm a professional trader and this new regulation don't affect me, but I admit that they are kicking the ass of little investors. 100:1 or 500:1 leverage is not dangerous, the dangerous is the lot size. 1 lot is 1 lot with 30:1 or 500:1. They are treating little investors like kids.
dracman mage (14 days ago)
Why so many thief broker in this comment section ?
Savio Rebello (14 days ago)
Those bitches!!!!
Nathaniel Leggé (15 days ago)
I''m learning to trade. My leverage is 10:1 :)
Agent of Destruction (15 days ago)
avoid the main pair currencies of all cost if you new in this
simon bentley (15 days ago)
you are spot on. Trading is what i love and i am in it for the long haul. some one once said if you get paid for something you love you never work a day in your life. it is just an adjustment in strategy and nothing more. I have had a demo account for a year now and was shocked at the ESMA ruling. Just use it to your advantage people and trade accordingly . I still think its an authoritarian over reach by nanny state treat everyone as the lowest common denominator. So do not let them beat you!! Happy trading .... wow i feel better all ready!!!
UK citizen (15 days ago)
take 3 mins out of your day to brush your teeth bro
Andnrew Morris (15 days ago)
With Trump at the helm here in the US, I would imagine he will give traders even more margin with which to hang themselves. I think 50:1 and lower leverage on crosses or other pairs is fine. I only trade one pair and I know it like the back of my hand. Had a great week with the Euro drop. It was too easy when it got to 1.174. Like taking candy from a baby.
He is setting in his 10000 dollar chair talking for the rich an is not for the poor who have to take a chance with a small amount to gain a lot to then use less leverage. I took a small amount an build it up using 500:1 an now I use 100:1 with a large amount. He is a cunt
Mon Harris (15 days ago)
I don’t think is accurate to compare the leverage that institutional traders use as comprare to retail traders because professionals traders trade millions in 1 bet so what would be the point of 300 :1 leverage . They lose client’s money all the time and I don’t see esma or sec regulating them. And let’s no talk about hedge funds.
S4TSUG4I (15 days ago)
Binary options banned. thank you, about time.
Jay A M (15 days ago)
ESMA isn't international fortunately. Australian brokers are doing a good job so far.
Mike BMG (15 days ago)
The EU regulators are a bunch of corrupt assholes. They don’t like to see the middle class do well, they want to limit our earning power so they can control us.
Curious George (15 days ago)
You work so hard on making these videos and other things.. maybe you should work on your body mate. All I see is a soft fat little man under that pink shirt
anthony isu (15 days ago)
Question? hi Andrew, i am not in the EU but my Forex broker is. will these changes be applicable to me?
Andres Munoz (15 days ago)
bullshit, nobody is none to tell us what to do about our money. It is restricting money to rich people... so... as soon as i m out... i m straight to btc and fuck this market... as easy as that...
Ade Abasanji (15 days ago)
It's not dead. It's well and alive. 👍
Hussein Osman (15 days ago)
The best thing that could have happened. The industry has morphed into a sort of poor tax, with the proceeds going to dodgy brokers instead of the state. The Yanks will cry socialism!
abcsolution (16 days ago)
thanks for this vid, very good
The Banks own the Market, they don't need leverage..and do you think they use stop losses as well?....
stefan De Paor (16 days ago)
so i have 8500 in my account i started with 1000 was making on average 1 trade a day at 150 pips profet allowing a 100 pip stop using a sma ema average entry system 319 euro per day trading. if I trade now on 250,000 stocks on eur/usd will I be able to allow a 100 pip stop loss ????
Vlad Budryk (16 days ago)
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SILK FLAVOURS (16 days ago)
Thank you for another great video. Just wondering if you any idea about how much money is traded daily in forex in 2018. Thanks in advance.
Răzvan Afloarei (16 days ago)
I don't use leverage.
Shaiq Soomro (16 days ago)
I got great help from Mr James Port, he’s really something else. Ever since I met him at the start of last month, I have recorded almost $45,000 profits with him as my trader. If you are really tired of losing, then contact [email protected]
Jason Lee (16 days ago)
I also trade with Mr James Port.... he is an impressive trader
dngale41 (16 days ago)
Probably the worst position a person can be in is if a person tries to rely on forex trading in order to pay the bills while having low liquidity. $1000 isn't enough to trade with and live off of. It would only be consistently possible if a person had at least $100,000. Almost no one does.
DavidJLim (6 days ago)
Binary/forex Millionaire I say BS. John Bannon is a SCAM
Kemal Wiryawan (6 days ago)
This conversation is as fishy as my shiz
DavidJLim (10 days ago)
Harry Steinberg A scammer. A very good scammer
DavidJLim (10 days ago)
Mary Clinton He's a scammer. Dont do it
DavidJLim (10 days ago)
Christophe Philippe John Barron is a SCAM. Don't believe anything he tells you and all these fake recommendations
Ken Semotiuk (17 days ago)
What's a forex!! Who really cares anymore!
Carlotta Mayer (15 days ago)
I do, If you make over $17k weekly probably you would.
Miorpo (17 days ago)
I am so thankful for these ESMA regulations, I have been trading for the last two years, but despite having big winners I end up loosing money because of the gambling mentality, and I knew that was because of the high leverage I was using, but I got addicted to it the way a problem gambler is, Now with these new restrictions I believe I am going to make it slowly but surely.
Patrick Binary option (17 days ago)
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Fo Rex (17 days ago)
I don't use stoploss and i 'm glad they made this decision.
azaplitny (17 days ago)
Andrew, thank you for your update, and I appreciate your perspective. Even though I have not been trading FOREX for long, it is my understanding that the only risk one has in FOREX trading is the amount of capital tied up in any one given trade, regardless of total account balance. Regardless of the leverage (2:1, 20:1, 100:1, 1000:1), if one is using 200usd (for example), that would be the only money that could be lost, whether it is one's whole balance, or a fraction thereof. It is my understanding that true risk management is concerned with what fraction of total holdings is at risk in any one given trade - typically suggested to be 1%-5%, as I believe you may have even mentioned. I also understand that if one's Margin Level (as reflected in MT4) falls below 30%, one is more prone to "margin calls," which would put an active poorly performing trade in jeopardy. ...So, who does this legislation really protect? Regardless of the leverage, it still seems that if one loses 200usd on a 20:1 leveraged trade, it is still the same 200usd one would lose on a 1000:1 leveraged trade - no one goes into debt with a FOREX broker, unlike a margin call on a short stock purchase, which can destroy someone financially. Am I missing something here?
gabriele Ingrassia (17 days ago)
Bullshit, I want to know why I can still put all my money betting and gambling in online casino, but I can't trade with the leverage i want? What about scalping or hedging, or even day trading? What if I don't want leave all the money I use for trading into my trading account. I made every months around 300-400€ with a small account of 20000€ and usually I deposit only 5000, now if I wanna keep doing what I do I need deposit 200,000€.
Christophe Philippe (15 days ago)
You can reach out to him via email at [email protected] .com he definitely woulld change your life like he has done for us.
Pat Rashwill (16 days ago)
Awesome, how can i get to know this strategy, can you teach me Mr Eric? or how can i get in touch with Mr John Barron?
Eric Forand (16 days ago)
Mr John Barron has helped me so much, after trading with him for a while he teaches you his unique strategy, i used his strategy and made $76,000 recently.
Christophe Philippe (16 days ago)
I totally agree,I trade with Mr John Barron, he does not promise miracles but his success rate is awesome, I loved my first trade with him. I'm going to reinvest triple, it worth's it.
Tullochgorum (15 days ago)
Yes - leverage used rashly is dangerous. But it can also be used responsibly. Take his 10k account with 1% risk and a 10 pip stop @ 10x leverage. All your margin is used up with a single trade. If you have 100x leverage with a conservative 0.5% risk, you can spread your risk across 20 trades. If you design your system so that these trades are not tightly correlated (by a careful choice of pairs and strategies) you can even out your variance considerably. With many brokers it will now be difficult for small accounts to spread their risk because of the minimum trade size. Also ESMA have decided that volume rebates will be banned in the same way as introductory bonuses - they seem to think that traders will be safer if they are paying higher fees (face-palm), though creative brokers like Darwinex are providing the rebate in other ways (by rewarding responsible trading). These are rules designed to protect the ill-informed, but they reduce choices for the skilled trader. Personally, if I was undercapitalised I would prefer to risk compounding a smaller amount at slightly higher risk than risk a larger amount at lower risk for the same return. Fortunately there is an alternative. The Australian regulator still allows higher leverage, though there are rumours that this may change. But the Swiss regulator - which provides more account safety than the Aussie regulator - still allows higher leverage and there are no known plans to change this. Sadly, there is only one Swiss retail broker (Dukascopy Bank). Their JForex platform is generally excellent, they have native MT4 in late beta, and they provide deep liquidity. Luckily for us, they are our broker anyway. Well worth considering a move if your system can use more than 30x leverage responsibly.
Aussie Trader (17 days ago)
As an experienced trader (over 10 years) I'm very surprised to hear you support these drastic leverage changes on retail traders! I guess it's easy to say for someone who has clearly already made their money under the old system. These new rules have only one goal in mind... to make it harder for traders to get & stay in the market long term and will only force most to resort to corporate slavery (real jobs) and stay poor without real financial freedom (the real intention) till they die. They don't restrict how much a gambler can risk at the casino or race track so the irony abounds. Leverage is what makes Forex trading so powerful for retail traders & with proper money management is one of the best ways to escape the rat race designed by the same people who are inflicting these rules on traders. Make no mistake... this is an attack on financial freedom and your rights to spend, trade or invest your own hard earned money as you see fit! Most of your audience I assume are indeed those retail traders who will suffer the most from this... and your short sightedness "tow the line" opinion is and will prove to be incorrect imho. Disappointed to say the least!
Sith Ding (10 days ago)
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simon bentley (15 days ago)
you are right! i have been on a building site for 30 years and ran a demo account for a year with a passion and a profit. the other side of the coin is the professional account criteria! this is class warfare and economic apartheid. they have basically robbed my chance at using a modest account size . [email protected]%ts!!!
Harold Thomas (15 days ago)
Your analysis is correct. Soros and the globalists in EU that want to control the world are behind this.
Frig (17 days ago)
Naberius L (17 days ago)
with the non existent volatility I was hoping he was referring to that for his title
Hayden Harris (17 days ago)
Nice presentation and I agree with a lot of your content until it gets to 8.18 on the video time line at which point it becomes farcical. $10 A PIP means 98% of the viewers this video is aimed at will be wiped out before the cows come home. How can you learn to trade with lower leverage, surely you mean, learn to trade much smaller as there will be lower leverage. Thousands of forex youtube videos are going to take a hammering because they are aimed at people who desperately needed the higher leverages from the broker and its about time because, people are being miss led as to what trading forex actually is. regards Hayden
Hayden Harris (17 days ago)
The new ESMA rules will protect many wanna be traders from training schools and their fees because they wont be able to afford to trade and its about time. The high leverages were attractive to people who thought they could pay to learn to win at forex.
Hayden Harris (17 days ago)
Studies have shown that using less leverage means more profitable trading you say, why? as it does not alter the risk because, if you loose or win a trade, you get your margin back whatever the leveraged amount. The general forex risk is that we never know what is plotting the graphs journey which is simple logic and the personal forex risk is what you are prepared to loose before you take a loss from a loosing position. regards Hayden
Hayden Harris (18 days ago)
You do not need leverage if you have plenty of money and thats all its about. regards Hayden
Elizabeth Miller (18 days ago)
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Paul Margetts (18 days ago)
Great video and well explained although I disagree with the approach; your argument that you base the lot size on risk and leverage and hence have a varying stop size depending on the leverage seems about face. Most strategies will have a target and stop loss size depending on the plan; for example stop loss below the low, or 50pips etc. In order to keep the risk the same, ie 1% of account size for example, then with higher leverage you would need to reduce the trade size accordingly. This would result in a smaller trade size for more leverage - the change ESMA rules, as I see it, is to try and stop retail traders who ignore this principle from blowing up their accounts (by limiting leverage). Just my 2cents worth. Thanks again for the video.
Moe Hassan (18 days ago)
very informative and well explained ..I love this channel cuz no noise only real education .Than you Andrew
joey iglesias (18 days ago)
Trading (18 days ago)
dude you just scared the shit out of me. I though there would be "no leverage". are you looking for click bate? 30:1 is still huge. I traded with 500:1 for couple of months and now im opening an account in canada (max leverage allowed in canada is 30:1). not a big deal cause i trade with 2% risk so i have lots of margin and i dont open more than 2 trades at the same time. Still i wish i could go up to 5% risk of my capital with around 30-50 pips risk. I could do that but not with every pairs . so that sucks but im a 65-45 % trader so no worries if i was 75% winner i would definitely love to have more leverages to risk more that how you grow your account wake the fuck up
Bokamoso Kubyane (18 days ago)
Your caption made me think that Forex is banned from all retail traders... Phewww! The approach is safer, ESMA will professionalize the market for retail traders.
Elliott Burris (18 days ago)
Great video Andrew. You have certainly shed well needed light on this situation for me! As I am still learning I was only looking to start with small pip sizes anyway e.g. £1/ pip... Am I right In thinking ESMA will make no difference to me, as long as I deposit a larger amount into my account to coverage the leverage?
Tomek Hara (18 days ago)
Trading is just became a useless hobby for a small investor... who now thanks EU... can bury his dreams about making a living.
Andrew Bartholomew (18 days ago)
i use 500:1 leverage the secret is learning risk management with using position sizing calculation. This is all good
X CLOPHILO (18 days ago)
shiba983 (18 days ago)
Does this apply also for traders in Europe, but trading with Oanda for example which is regulated in Australia?
Ailqk (18 days ago)
scottystrading (18 days ago)
Liked and subscribed thanks for sharing great video :)
Gissa (18 days ago)
Alvish Dhungana (15 days ago)
peter pan true but not as long as you dont get cocky and still manage your risks properly to take the better trades.
peter pan (17 days ago)
Gissa you will loose it just as quick as you made it, if you are depending on high leverage. Sorry but its true...
Todor Manuela Sorina (18 days ago)
If the high leverage of 500 is so bad why the professional traders are allowed to use it and the restriction is applied only for the retail traders?If I will make 5% returns in a month I will not waste my time trading.for 5% returns better go to work.Dont try to convince people that the reducing of leverage is a good think because it is not.Maybe you are satisfied with 5% in a month because you are teaching and have money from another activity.How can somebody be satisfied when the returns of trading will be 16 times smaller?It is pure mathematic not the bullsheets that you are talking mister.
jxn141 (18 days ago)
Negative balance protection and being required to publish the percentage of traders that are profitable are good rules the rest should be up to the client it's their money.
Thulani Nxumalo (18 days ago)
Wow thanks a lot now I understand clearly than what my broker was saying
Thomas Hägg (18 days ago)
This is big brother "looking out for you". Society is voluntary and can be compassionate on its own. The state is not and has no place.
David Morin (18 days ago)
Loved the honest upfront speech and the numbers on the whiteboard to drive home the message that less is more and that this is a long game strategy.
Sam Finance Concepts (18 days ago)
Forex depends too much on leverage for gains. Not easy for Retail traders...
Don't waste your time. https://youtu.be/ClnYfH23va0
Not Human (18 days ago)
hi phil collins ! missed your intro, pls put it back …
Ian Timothy (18 days ago)
So the amount to enter the market would be a lot more than before. What advise can you give for the beginner traders who have only 500 dollar in an account?
TLamax (14 days ago)
Ian Timothy Many of these so-called pro traders always talk about leverages but what I discovered, it's more about "lot sizes". Some recommend you trade .10 lot size = $1 per pip for a $500 account which seems reasonable.
Fabio Viscuso (16 days ago)
I have made €37,800 in 3 weeks with him as my trader
Fabio Viscuso (16 days ago)
You can get him through his email [email protected]
Robert Bell (16 days ago)
How can i contact this trader mr James Port please??
El Oso Rulo (18 days ago)
Thank you very much Phil Collins
King David (14 days ago)
GoogleUser2004 (18 days ago)
I agree with you. Are there brokers with variable leverage accounts?
pete anderson (19 days ago)
what a great speaker and nice explanation, truth as a forex/binary trader i know that trading will never end. it has come to stay and so many people are earning off it. it just sad some out there are still losing out all on their trades
pete anderson (18 days ago)
I sent him an email, i am ao excited already
Meisa yoshida (18 days ago)
You this was how I got to know about Mr O'Neil from youtube, he is really going far and doing great 😄😄 #BinaryTradeWinners #OneilCresswellTrading
Michael Spencer (18 days ago)
omar abdul, i recieved my profit through a wore transfer once, but its mostly bitvoin and paypal transfers
zoe hoffman (18 days ago)
was losing more to scammers than to the trade before i started trading woth Mr Cresswell...imagine my relunctance its a very funny memory, but i applaud his patience and honesty
pete anderson (19 days ago)
All these good reviews about this cresswell broker seems very convincing, i think i'll try him out. Would sure be nice to have two brokers giving me huge returns
Adam Sferruzzi (19 days ago)
Thank you for the update, nice and simple explanation. My broker in Australia (large broker) released a report last year that showed some statistics of their global retail trader performance. It was very alarming, most retail traders lose money regularly, only about 10% of retail traders made money, but not enough to make it worth while as compared with putting your money into a managed fund. Only about 2% of retail traders actually made a decent profit.
Derrick Oscar (19 days ago)
I am waiting to get some money to start trading. This depresses me a lot.
Fabio Viscuso (6 days ago)
+Bmore24 t [email protected] that is his email
Adam Galea (8 days ago)
I have been trading with James for a while now. He has never failed me. I trust him
Fabio Viscuso (8 days ago)
+Bmore24 t [email protected] is his email... I have been trading with him for about 3 weeks now and I have made over 25000
DavidJLim (10 days ago)
Bmore24 t A scammer. Dont contact him
DavidJLim (10 days ago)
Derrick Oscar dont do it. They're all scammers
Sid Ahmed Alem (19 days ago)
Hi there Andrew, Though I am not a European citizen, and these ESMA rules do not apply to me, I would like to share my humble opinion about this matter. Now as you said in this video, this is the best thing ever for traders, anyone who does work with a lower leverage is supposed to be a person who really masters money management and follows a REAL plan of risk and money management. With these rules, not only they are telling rookies in trading that they are protecting them, but also to learn and have a real money management plan and a kick off account of considerable amount and not only a 100$ account for instance to show them what real trading is. Personally, I still prefer a leverage of 500:1 which I am still using since I could not afford an account with 1000$ to start with. But for people who do have enough considerable amounts of money they wish to invest, than these rules comes in their favor even if they do not realize it. As I always say, Forex is not just trading, it is very very much money and risk management. I enjoyed your video very much, thank you.
Aparajita Saha (15 days ago)
ToDay $1550 http://expert0ption.com
Hayden Harris (18 days ago)
Hello Sid As we know the new ESMA margin/leverage rules do not alter the risk but instead means the broker is giving less credit to the trader. How I see risk as a trader is what you are prepared to loose worst case scenario on any trade, how do you see it. regards Hayden
Andrew Wilson (19 days ago)
Andrew, another great video. I fell foul of large amounts of leverage on forex platforms and even though I didn’t lose a massive amount the potential was always there. I agree with you in that the new regulations will be good for the retail trader. Thanks again for time creating these YouTube videos.
Georges Saha (19 days ago)
The problem is not leverage. If some one just one to gambling (trading without education and demo practice) how to stop it ? This regulation will only profit for broker because of increasing minimun deposit and people will continue loose money and more du to higher minimun deposit need. If you know what is risk management in trading no need of leverage. Welcome Micro Account and MAKET MAKER.
Luigi Marazzi (19 days ago)
you quote einstein, fine. how about WC Fields? Annual income $20, annual expenditure $21, result Misery........
jammapcb (19 days ago)
show us your last 6 months of trading data... thanks... all talk no show.. dont mean anything!
Sunny Joseph (14 days ago)
Do this
Never Lose Forex FX (14 days ago)
David Alditory (19 days ago)
I don't have 10k
Lilantha Hanwella (14 days ago)
surely, this man has got more than 1million account. This pro traders dont want to see poor intelligent traders make money on fx. They sell their courses on internet . If any poor trader with 5000 € on account with a good algo hedging strategy, well risk managed, 5% profit monthly, with 30 leverage what the hell they manage? All the EU retail traders will move to Australian territory.
David Alditory (15 days ago)
simon bentley Yeah I get 3k and the current allowed leverage can work,i am in a corner of the world were Esma doesn't affect it,but am also think about my future meaning there is a chance that this might be a world standard So am gonna use 1k to with 50:1 take it slow,maybe in 3 to 4 years I will be at 10k Regardless thank you for the advice and information,this is helpful for young people like me
simon bentley (15 days ago)
use 3k use it well and it will become 7k in 5 years etc etc
Steve Knight (19 days ago)
Excellent Video
J Preston (19 days ago)
Any nanny state interference is bad. Some of the new regs are good but the leverage clampdown is far too excessive. 50:1 a la the US would have been OK.
Seafox0011 (19 days ago)
J Preston In agreement on government interference - a much better solution would be to let the market decide. Brokers could offer a variety or tiered account settings such that you as a client could choose your level of risk and leverage.
dcbrit2003 (19 days ago)
I applied through my broker at be classed as a Professional Trader. No evidence was required and I was accepted. It was just a form filling exercise

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