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Currency trading & Currency markets in Hindi/Urdu - 1, करेंसी ट्रेडिंग और करेंसी मार्किट

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This video introduces the concept of currency trading and how currency markets work across the world. This video is first in series which explains how the changes in prices of bonds, currencies, gold etc affect each other and stock markets in turn. This video is ideal for beginners in stock market who want to learn fundamentals of trading in stock market. For more information please visit http://pogga.org
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Text Comments (27)
Suresh Prajapati (30 days ago)
Sudipto kumar (2 months ago)
Sir hum forex sikna chatahu
ankur pathak (3 months ago)
Too sir cross currency pairs mai kese trade karen??? Konsa indian broker detta hai yee pairs??? Upstox bass inr pairs dee raha hai
Mayur Chavan (3 months ago)
All paper money eventually returns to it's intrinsic value: Zero Enlighten yourself
Jaydeep (4 months ago)
Hi sir, your explanation was good but when i was looking for next part of this video i was totally confused between this so, i just checked in play list it was not their so, can please rearrange this videos in proper sequence so one can jump to next videos once he complete the first part.thanks
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (4 months ago)
There is a second part uploaded for the currency series. The videos are auto arranged as per the upload date and it is not possible to change the arrangement.
vijay bhalla (4 months ago)
very nice sir
Chandrabhanr Ray (5 months ago)
£32.92 ka inr me kitana hoga
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (5 months ago)
Multiply it with current rate of British Pound vs Indian Rupee
Zahid khan (8 months ago)
very important knowledge
Suhas T (8 months ago)
Please number all the videos or create a Playlist
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (8 months ago)
Sure, will try to. Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Nitesh Suthar (11 months ago)
Sir appki teaching skill kamaal hai..its my pleasure to see your videos.. really help me.. Keep it up sir ji.. thanks
Nitesh Suthar (11 months ago)
I have already account sir
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (11 months ago)
+Nitesh Suthar It seems that you do not have a trading account. I will suggest you a good broker.
Nitesh Suthar (11 months ago)
Sir if any one want money imideatly he sell his share .. or koi buyer lene ko tyar nhi toh ? Is condition mai kya hoga
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (11 months ago)
+Nitesh Suthar When there is fear in market, people want to get their money back, so they are willing to sell at prices lower than others and drive down the prices. Also buyers quote low prices to take advantage of fear factor. The current price of ₹110 includes inventory, profit, cash, assets and many things.
Nitesh Suthar (11 months ago)
Sir i m investor in stocks.. i m learning .. Ek question tha? Jab stock ka price increses hota hai tab demand jyda hota hai or jb supply jyda hota hai toh price km hota hai.. ye toh thik h. Question ye tha ki jab koi share sell karta hai toh koi na koi buy karta hai.. Toh fir price down kyu hota hai kyu ki uska share toh koi na koi leleta hai.. Question 2nd sir. Ham sencondary market mai jab bhi stock lete hai or sell karte hai toh hamara imideatly kaam ho jata hai .. maan lo koi company ke 100 share 10 logo ke pass h or vo beer market mai sell kr rahe hai apne 100 share or buy krne wale bhi 100 share buy kr rahe hai toh kya share ka price kaam hoga ya fir usmai koi change nhi hoga ... Question 3 sir.koi company ki face value 10 rs hai.. or share ka bhav 110 rs hai aaj toh 100 ka premium hua us company ka.... premium mai mere kafi question hai. Or sare deep question hai .. I am cs student but now stock market facinates me more .. toh sir kuch eese question the jo muje books mai nhi mile or na hi net pe.. app ke pass hoge iske answer .. toh sir ek baar app se phone mai baat kr skta hu.. with due respect.. Hope sir you give me few mintues . Thanks
Muhammad Raheel sohil (11 months ago)
sir I m from Pakistan.sir please cover fundamantle factors of cruncy markets.
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (10 months ago)
We wish you and your family a very colourful, prosperous and happy Holi. May the year 2018 bring joy, peace and profitable trading and investment for you. from Rajiv Dharmadhikari and family
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (11 months ago)
You are very much welcome dear. I have many subscribers from Pakistan and I have a desire to visit Pakistan with my family whenever it is possible for me. I have heard about the great hospitality of Pakistani people and would like to visit Lahore and Karachi and taste the great Pakistani dishes and cuisines. Please spread the good word about my channel amongst your friends who operate in Pakistan stock market.
Muhammad Raheel sohil (11 months ago)
sir make more vedio on crunch market
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (11 months ago)
Sure and thank you for your appreciation.
Muhammad Raheel sohil (11 months ago)
sir very nice
avinash jangle (11 months ago)
I like it Sirji.👌
Rajiv Dharmadhikari (11 months ago)
Thank you Avinash

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