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TOP 10 TIPS - BEAT the CAR DEALER FINANCE OFFICE -Best "How to" Auto F&I and Vehicle Loan Advice

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SUBSCRIBE HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/user/kevinhunter7 How to buy a car from a dealer with cash, with no credit, with bad credit, with your own bank financing, or with dealer financing. You need to know how to buy a car from a dealership. In this series, you'll get the best car buying tips anywhere. CATEGORIES: car, truck, suv, auto, used cars, autos, mechanic, automobile, vehicle, dealer, automotive news, auto shop, warranty, loans. Car buyers wonder "How do I buy a car and not get ripped off?" Beating the finance man at the dealership is a big part of it. From the Author of "13 Car Buying Mistakes" and "Car Scam of the Decade," Kevin Hunter presents these ten tips for beating the car dealership finance office. Has the Dealer Finance Manager ever ripped you off? Car Dealers have a right to make a profit, but do they have a right to lie to you? From the author of "13 Car Buying Mistakes," here are the "10 BEST Auto Finance tips" if you are buying a car! Want to know how you beat the Car Dealership Finance Man? This MUST WATCH video for Car Buyers is the advice you've been waiting for on how to survive the finance office at a car dealer. Kevin Hunter lays out the products, strategies, and tricks the finance officers pull every day on unsuspecting car buyers, and many of them get away with what they do. You don't have to be one of the people they succeed in deceiving. The F&I Manager, finance man, loan officer, business manager, or whatever the car dealer wants to call him or her... just remember this is the most skilled salesperson the dealership employs. They make more money than any other person in the dealership for a very good reason. They are sharks, and they are NOT looking out for you. They are looking out for themselves and the interests of their dealership. When they "shop" your car deal to many different banks, they are looking for the bank that allows them to pack the most product into your car deal. When you start seeing bank names like Santander, Capital One, Chase, Wells Fargo, Space Coast Credit Union, Regional Acceptance Corporation, Ally... just to name a few, you know you're sitting in a car dealers finance office. Kevin Hunter covers everything from extended warranties, GAP insurance, theft protection... otherwise known as window etching, paint sealers, carpet and fabric protection. All the details on HOW TO BUY A CAR, TRUCK, or SUV. This video was published to help you discover how you can save time and money on your next new or used car purchase by doing your homework first, and then going car shopping as an informed buyer. We are more than amused by a few of the car salespeople or car dealers who contact us and state that we are making a 'small problem' sound far worse than it is. We know there are honest people in the car business, and we receive positive comments from many of them, but it's definitely a buyer beware world out on the car lot! For all of you car buyers who are well steeped in reality, if you watched the video "Confessions of a car dealers backroom" you understand why you need to see this video. By understanding what mistakes to avoid, you'll not only become a smarter car buyer, but you'll also better understand what not to tell a car dealer when buying a car. It's true that you can play all your cards up front with an honest dealer, but unfortunately, they represent the minority of dealer owners (truly transparent and honest dealers make up about 40% of all dealers), and you are unlikely to know the difference until it's far too late. Be smart, do your homework, and you'll come home with a car deal that's good for you and the dealer. After all, that's what fairness is all about. We encourage you to be fair and honest. As a car shopper, live up to your end of the bargain, because it works both ways. Respect the dealers right to make money in your quest to get a fair and honest car deal, proving to them you're an honest person too. It's this kind of attitude by car dealers and consumers alike that will change the car business. We wish you the best!
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Mike brady (15 days ago)
The guy chased us down the hall, through the showroom and out to the parking lot where we were joined by the manager and salesperson. They tried every trick and finally accused us of wasting their time. My phone rang continuously for 3 hours. I didn’t complain because I knew the owner condoned everything they did. I did, however, take our new car we bought elsewhere and took the GM of the dealership outside, showed him the car, pointed to the dealer logo and gave him the finance mans business card and smiled.
Harry Strickland (9 days ago)
Mike brady the dealership I tried to go through and worked for at one point tried to pull a Bait and Switch on a Ford Fusion I told the guy no I want to get the fusion... I had to call the bank I would have financed through and they had no records of me even in there system. I like fords and pontiacs they wanted to pawn me off in a Hunday veloster I don’t like that car
Mike brady (15 days ago)
Of course it does. I solved the problem by arranging financing before going in. Telling them they don’t need a credit app. Make them get to where I want to be or walk (I do my research and know what’s fair). Never trade a vehicle... usually pass it down to family or donate it. Things tend to get pretty simple when you take away their smoke and mirrors. Realistically most people need to finance their cars and folks with lackluster credit may have to get the dealer to facilitate financing at higher interest and put them in “get her done” vehicles, but if you have decent credit, try to arrange beforehand. Not many people can pay cash. To me it’s critical not to take the car without an approved contract and leave emotion at the door. It’s their most powerful weapon.
Kevin Hunter (15 days ago)
Great story, and thanks for sharing it. I am very amused when car dealers and sales staff comment on this video to say stuff like this never happens in the car business anymore. I tell them it happens every day, in nearly every dealership, in every city, in every state in the country. Unbelievable how they can act like a pack of hyenas... over a sale of a car. Unreal...
DevilsNachoz (12 hours ago)
My next car I will be paying cash. That is how you beat the finance office. Just give me the car I bought and don't put any extra shit on it.
cdfcdszxcx ssdc (1 day ago)
I went last week and I had everything ready the finance lady was talking so fast so I won't catch her..then she try to sell me gap I say no thank you..she immediately gave me this evil look and said "what do you mean"...in my head I was like bitch what you mean what I mean...ended up leaving they try giving me 24% interest
Michael Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Awesome video. I’ve been to CarMax their prices are high but the cars are used. I did purchase the extended warranty, I feel it was worth it on 2 different vehicles. Some repairs are a pain to deal with and CarMax has always been good to us but going to the dealership was a lot harder the included parts of repair they try and charge you. They replaced my tranny and said the clutch was bad and wanted to charge me the labor for the tranny removal when they had to remove it anyway. It was my wife’s car and they thought she was dumb. Ha.
Mayuri Patil (3 days ago)
Shark! vs Well Dressed Shark! ;-)
tim d (3 days ago)
Thanx this has helped me many of times. My question now is, how does this information work with certified vehicles?
Emma Rae Estes (4 days ago)
WIsh I would have seen this video before I bought my first car after I signed for my car and brought it home I looked over the paperwork and discovered they added an extended warranty and increased the amount they gave me for my trade in without informing me. Now I'm trying to decide if I​ should get a refund for my warranty or keep it.
Maria Scerri (4 days ago)
My credit score was affected due to auto loans, so I decided to go in search of a hacker after a friend advised. Teecyberworld at gmail came up with the highest review on QUORA and Google +, so I decided to give it a shot, and also promised to leave a positive review if they could actually be of assistance, hence the post. Be careful of self proclaimed hackers.
Mubeen Yabz (5 days ago)
What is warranty premium when buying a new car??i have been asked 1266$ for that..
Skittles Candy (5 days ago)
I've never had to deal with finance people. In fact, they didn't even have a finance office. I was lucky enough to work with just one consultant from start to finish (from test drive to final vehicle delivery). Yes, a lot of dealership does it!! It's simple and fast. My dealership was very helpful and extremely polite (probably because it was a Lexus dealership lol!). They didn't even try to sell me anything or pressure me into buying their cars. They just wanna help me find what I want. Absolutely no pressure at all (at least I didn't feel it). I've been a Lexus owner for a year now, everything has been extremely satisfying. :)
Tyson Holyfield (5 days ago)
I’ve bought extended warranties from BMW and Cadillac when I had both vehicles....currently still have Cadillac.....warranty covered 5 years beyond manufacturer warranty or 100,000 Every single time, the warranty has paid for itself....bmw was brand new and after 4 years I busted mileage and extended warranty kicked in and the engine manifold split apart...anyways got a whole new engine free and a few other times I used it Similar with my Cadillac, busted original warranty mileage and have had control arms replaced free, radiators, touchscreens that malfunctioned, A/C that had vent motors broken....few others As I think about it, that’s quite a bit wrong with the cars however I’ve always been nickeled and dimed buying not luxury cars and since I have and gotten warranties I have peace of mind now that minus oil changes and tires I haven’t had to spend any money
Janet Gray (6 days ago)
Would love a video on figuring how much a used car dealer should make on a car. Granted understand it depends on the price of the car... but there should be a perentage (say $15%) that a person can take off so they know about what they should pay. Many years ago, I heard take 13% off and then add $150 and that's what a consumer should pay. Thanks!!!
ramoncollado1967 (8 days ago)
What about, when you handle A CHECK FROM YOUR BANK. Is that considered a CASH buy, can you talk to the dealer, to lower the price?
bb89670 (8 days ago)
We bought a used car last year. Oct. 13, 2017while he was working on the contract, I asked the finance guy about the extended warranty, I thought it was a good idea, he said "I was just gonna ask you about that if you want it" I said I do. Then last week I was going through the contract to see what was covered, there was no written what they cover, only the amount which is $2000 for extended warranty and $199 for theft protection. I've I did not tell him I wanted the Theft protection. So I called the dealer about it, a lady I spoke to said they had to add it for some reason I didn't understand, I said the contract says it's Optional, so they didn't have to do it, then she said the car was certified, that's why it was added. I said Oh really? I was speechless I didn't know what else to say. I was really bothered by it, I started googling, then I've learned it was a scam, including extended warranty. So I went back to the dealer to cancel the extended warranty, I was met by another finance guy, I told him I want to cancel, he said ok, but that I have to come back the following Monday because the person who's in charge went home early so I said ok then I've mentioned the theft protection, he said I can't cancel it, I told him I never wanted it or even mentioned to the other guy the day we signed the contract. He said that's what they do with every customer, as if they installed the theft deterrent the day before we bought the car so now I have to pay for it. I'm going back to the dealer to cancel extended warranty sign the cancellation paper. I will demand to cancel the Theft protection or I will contact the Consumer Protection Agency.
Official FBl (8 days ago)
Extended warranties are a waste of money trust I work at a dealership
Steve Kopcial (8 days ago)
On a new car purchase, how do I know what is a reasonable price?? Is there a way to see the invoice from the manufacturer to the dealership?? Is it better to seek financing from a bank instead of the dealership?? I see the manufacturers have special interest free financing at times, can I get this on my own??
Turco949 (8 days ago)
California Doc fee is capped at $80 so that is how much at the most a dealership can legally charge you at the most.
Cl Tuggle (9 days ago)
Is the processing fee required at the dealerships.
Ray Burton (9 days ago)
Thanks for exposing these savvy crooks!
keithmeyerson (10 days ago)
Always purchased an extended warranty when buying preowned BMW's. The high cost of repairs has made this purchase the best upfront investment. I've had my Z4 in at least 6 times over the last year and have literally saved thousands. For a new car, I agree that the extended warranty is a waste but for used or high end preowned it's a necessity.
brandon collins (10 days ago)
This guy who made this video must have had a bad experience in the FI office. I buy gap on my cars, As a matter of fact I got into an accident and was upside down. If I hadn't had gap I would have paid $3800.00 out of my pocket to get the loan paid off. I had bought the car for a great deal but because I drive 20k miles plus a year I was upside down. As far as a warranty this guy cracks me up. He says to buy a reliable car lol. Who has a crystal ball? I sure don't. Id rather pay 300$ a month for example and know I'm covered compared to 250 and have to pay out of pocket when the car breaks down. Most warranty's do cover most parts. What he should be telling you is the difference between coverage. Stated component vs Exclusionary. Listen and read the brochure before you buy. Know whats covered and whats not. This guy is a joke lol. Now I will say this. I'm not a huge fan of car buying but there is good dealerships out there. Read reviews and know who your buying from before you go.
J.A. Jones (10 days ago)
What about paying one payment?? No loan‼️
Mike brady (11 days ago)
Not to over post , but I thought of some other experiences that cut short my 6 figure a year dream of being a car salesman. The training videos assured me that with hard work and the skills taught in the video I would make $80k my first year. The training quickly showed why I didn't have the temperament to sell cars. The course started out emphasizing honesty and integrity then proceeded over the next 2 weeks to slowly shift to the reality I faced. When the trainer suggested that to get a prospects phone number you should ask their children and actually say "you want mommy and daddy to take home is car, don't you? My disquiet reached alarm status. Not dishonest, but troubling. My last straw was sitting in the office with a young couple and the manager. They had a trade and would have been badly upside down in the new car. The payment was high. Much higher than they could afford based on the credit info. The manager hammered them but couldn't get them to agree to the payment. What he said next ended any desire I had to sell cars. He shuffled the paperwork and smiled, looked up and said. "Here's the problem. What's killing you is the value of your trade. It's adding to the loan and making the payments higher. Mrs Jones, your credit is excellent but your husbands Is bringing you down. Here's what we should do. Keep your minivan. We'll put the car in your name and your credit. You'll get a better interest rate and you won't be financing the difference, that will reduce the payment to what you want. Since the minivan is only in your husband's name just stop making the payments. It won't hurt your credit and your husband's is poor already. They will repossess the minivan, your credit will still be good, you won't have the payment on the minivan and that will solve your problem. You're getting your new car and getting rid of the minivan. Now do we have a deal?" I was dumbfounded. I looked at the young couple and shook my head, got up, left the office, walked into the GM office and resigned on the spot. He asked why and I just said, I can't work here. Ask him why and I pointed to the manager in the office. I walked out, waved at the young couple and drove away. They didn't buy the car because it was back in the line the next morning when I went to pick up some stuff I had in my office. I checked the sales board and they weren't on it. I was so relieved and thankful to not be a part of that organization. This was only the worst of the experiences I had in the weeks I was there. There were more, not so heinous instances of why the place should have been closed, but I came to realize that they were the rule not the exception. So here are some quick tips on surviving the experience. 1) always be prepared to walk away, do not get emotional about the vehicle. If you feel the least discomfort or doubt for a second, walk away. You can always find another vehicle and no single car is a must have. Emotion is their number one weapon. 2) You must assume that every word you hear is a lie and it's only purpose is to get you to buy. The sales person or dealership don't care what you buy as long as it's today. If a dealership employee's mouth is moving, assume it's a lie. It's easier than trying to nail down the truth. 4) It's all about you and don't let them forget it. It's your decision, your debt, your call. As soon as the pressure starts to move you out of your comfort zone... Walk. That's key. When you feel uncomfortable there's a reason. Never let yourself be bullied or threatened with losing any car. There's many more cars and dealerships. Don't let anyone push you. You're the one who will be stuck with the deal, make sure it's right for you. 5) Never, Never and I repeat, Never take a Vehicle home until the deal is 100% finalized. Ask the finance guy straight up. Make sure there are no contingencies on the deal or any pending approvals. When you sign the deal it's done and there is no reason for you to contact the dealer or them you. Don't believe that the bank's closed or we have to prepare some papers in the morning. Leave without the vehicle. Do not waver from this. It almost always results in more money out of your pocket. Never take delivery of any car if there is any "with approved credit" addendum. It's a separate paper they will try to get you to sign with the other documents. Don't believe they are trying to get you a better rate or more for your trade. Tell them you'll be back when the deal is done if you haven't bought somewhere else. 6) Try to have financing in place from your bank or credit union. Never trade upside down where the difference between what they are offering you is significantly different than what you owe. That difference is just added to your new car and immediately puts you in a very bad position. If at all possible try not to trade your vehicle, or only trade a paid off vehicle that you've researched the value of. Never believe that you must buy right now. That's nonsense and even if the car isn't available tomorrow, another one will be. Don't be bullied! Remember it is an adversarial situation. Not fun and games like the TV commercials.
UltimateBargains (11 days ago)
Negotiate the "out the door" price. Never acquiesce to pay any more than what you agreed on paper. Rescind (just cross it off and initial the redaction) any language on the paperwork that allows for changes or adjustments or "subject to" future events. There must be *NO* agreement for future services or changes, such as a "we owe you this and that" or "oops, we forgot to include a destination fee or a sales surcharge fee". Pay all cash *after* the paperwork is completely finalized; leave no room for any "adjustments". No residual obligations for either side so you can drive away and never come back.
Sajeev Gopi (12 days ago)
Good info...thanks
Jakob H (12 days ago)
Great info Kevin
Zander Darwish (13 days ago)
So if we dont let dealers make profits how the hell would we be able to get a car if we dont have dealers! Stop being cheap and fucking pay a fair price. Why do people expect to get like half off?
The messiah (13 days ago)
Well I got ripped off on a yoyo without even realizing it a month ago. I went back to the dealer 2 weeks later to ask for my cars financing info. They dodged me all day making me to wait then telling me that southeast Toyota financed it and telling me to leave my phone number and email which I did since I was busy and left. Today I call to see what the hells up and they tell me they got 2 banks (id never heard before) to finance it at a similar price than asked, then they told me to come in to sign paper work. I told em Id go in a week. They also moved the sale up from july 10 to august 1st to get us financing and I am so worried I don't know anything about this and don't know what to do? :c The payment price is so high too. I plan on going to navy federal tomorrow and asking what I could do? I pray you see this I really need some advice. .
ron topp (13 days ago)
Bring your own money and don’t buy any back end products. Short video....
Eugene Young (13 days ago)
How do I get out the extras after I left the dealership
Sulita Winston (14 days ago)
Hi there, is there a way to stop the car dealership from putting there name on my car? I want a new car, but a lot of time on the road I see cars with Ed Voyles Honda, Rick Bishop Chevrolet, or Don Jackson Crystal Dodge Jeep written directly on the paint. I feel like this is a rip off because I am paying for the car, but I am not getting paid for the advertisement the dealership is getting whenever I drive my car around town. I want to know if I can request it to be removed or not put on the car if I buy a brand new car. Thanks
Sulita Winston (14 days ago)
Kevin Hunter Thank you!
Kevin Hunter (14 days ago)
Yes, you can tell the dealership you do not want their logo on your vehicle.
TheGrinddcore (15 days ago)
Don't pre-approved loans from a bank of your choosing work best? Then they aren't running around of these other crooked Banks?
Kevin Hunter (15 days ago)
You nailed it. One of the first steps any smart car buyer does is get a pre-approved loan from your own bank or credit union.
Mike brady (15 days ago)
I did have a very positive experience with Allstate extended warranty. I had a used car for 2 months and the AC stopped working. I returned to the dealership service department they replaced the condenser and I paid a $100 deductible. It lasted less than a week and it broke again. I took it back and they replaced the compressor. No deductible for same issue. I paid $1200 for the warranty used that on the first issue. Later, I had a timing belt issue and again, fixed for $100 deductible over the course of the warranty, I had over $3000 in covered repairs, including. Replaced CD player. Make sure it’s a reputable company that covers the warranty. And it is a gamble, but in my case it paid off. Also had a 3 year old laptop replaced with a new one, much better than the original and the warranty only cost me $100 when I bought the laptop. I guess I’ve been lucky but warranties have been good to me.
Mike brady (15 days ago)
After negotiating with the sales person and the “manager” we were sent to the finance office. It was a new car and had excellent credit. It literally took 4 hours to get to the finance guy even though we had no trade. It was horrible but wanted the car and it gets to a point you just want it over. The very first thing the finance guy said was “just so you understand, the sales person and manager are not authorized to quote pricing or payments.” I asked the clown why I had just spent 4 hours in the showroom and he just smiled and told us to sit and we’d go over the paperwork. Each finance office had s huge glass wall and the car was all shined up and sat by the window. Another tactic. I kept my cool and smiled back and said “No thanks, I’ll be leaving now” And walked out of the office
Kevin Hunter (15 days ago)
Yes... this is exactly why I say on the video... they slow things down to try wear you out. In your case, the tactic didn't work. Clowns, exactly.
Arshiya Quadri (16 days ago)
I am about pto purchase a car. They are adding $1250 for "premium car security" and say that it is the car alarm system and that the car just stalls/engine turns off when it is being stolen. So the person stealing it would have to tow the car and if it does get towed then it will be replaced by a brand new car. Apparently the Toyota Corolla or Camry does not come with an already installed alarm system. Should I get that alarm/security system for that much money. It seems excessive and not sure if it is worth it. please let me know. Thank you for all your other helpful videos.
Michael (16 days ago)
I got gap insurance when I bought my 35k 2017 mustang. I was hit and my car was totaled. I still owed about 25k on the car and they valued my totaled car at 16k. Gap insurance paid the remaining 9k. Definitely recommend gap insurance but get it through your own insurance. 💪😎
dhsilv2 (16 days ago)
Any recommended sources for where auto rates should be based on credit score? Would be super helpful in avoiding the deal finance hitting you with a higher rate so they can get a bigger commission check from the bank/credit union.
Chris (17 days ago)
Credit union Level 3 warranty - 125k mi, zero deductable. Total? $800 Also covers aftermarket professionally installed lift kit. Dealer warranty mid level coverage. 100k mi\ 6yr mechanical only. Seat tears? Sorry. Not covered! Total $3995 Do yourself a favor and finance with a credit union.
Kevin Hill (17 days ago)
When I buy insurance or a car I use 9 words that really save me money (and piss off the vulture I'm dealing with)...."STRIP IT DOWN TO THE ABSOLUTELY LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE." It works every single time.
Kevin Hill (17 days ago)
Another good thing to save money is to say to the financing department is "Uh you're wasting your time because I've worked in sales for 25 years."
BlofeldsCAT (18 days ago)
Just say NO to everything.
Sargethe1st (20 days ago)
Kevin, finally a great informative video without fluff! there are far too many so-called expert videos on YouTube that contain misinformation and this is not one of them. Kudos👍
Kevin Honeycutt (21 days ago)
This video has some good tips in it. Window etching is a rip off and so is under coating. However to say all finance managers are scum bags is a huge generalization. I am a finance manager. I was also a soldier and a police officer. I treat everyone that comes into my office with the same respect I would want my parents or anyone in my family to be treated with. There is also nothing wrong with making money. I wouldn't want to buy anything that someone didn't make money on because they aren't going to be around to back that product. I don't sell service contracts to people who don't need them and have had people ask me about gap that don't need it and I'm the first to tell them they don't. If you can put money away and save for car repairs that's great but most people can't do that, but they can afford 25 dollars extra a month. Its also the finance manager that makes a call to the banks and tells them about the single mom that needs a car to get to work so she can get back on track paying her bills and make a better life for her and her kid. These are a few things to think about before you go off critisizing an entire profession. What do you do for a living? Just judge other people? A lot of your information is extremely out dated and only speaks to a very small percent of people. You could be misinforming a lot of people that could use the help of a good finance manager. I have had people come to my office and thank me for the money I saved them in service. I'm on a soap box and I know. I'm sorry for the experience that has made you think this way but just know there are a lot of great men and women that do this job.
Kevin Honeycutt (21 days ago)
Autonations vehicle protection plan and and Fords esp are both great warranties. No maximum pay outs. Also finance is the most regulated department in a car dealership.
Fast Minion (22 days ago)
My best advice for anyone wanting to get the best bang for your buck, or get further in your life financially, is NEVER EVER buy a car from a car dealership. Dealerships and all people that work there are the lowest scums of the human race, excluding maybe the mechanics.
buolson (22 days ago)
FYI Gap coverage can be denied..... ya... denied. I had a 2015 Toyota Tacoma and it was totaled insurance payout was less than I owed on vehicle and the dealer denied me gap coverage that I paid for. I fought with them and they refunded me the $800 for coverage. All you say when Finance manager is there is don't want extras then pay attention and reverify the total purchase and the trade value. Also in AZ they have a Desert Protection Package which is all BS. it is window tint(150 audio shops) they charge $300 then they window etch, and fabric protection(scotch guard) it is all a ripoff and they charge $499+
Thank you so much for this video, brother. 'Preciate it!
Lava Yuki (22 days ago)
I just bought a car with cash as it wasn't too pricy from Toyota. But the dealers always tried to sell extras like gap insurance, scotch guard, a servicing subscription etc. all way more expensive than third parties when I look it up so I always turned them down. A Honda salesman I encountered once was the opposite, far too honest and literally discouraging me on extras like the sat nav, advising me on the cheapest options from Argos...
johnnyedify (24 days ago)
I always go into a dealership with my own check ready loan from my own bank. I secure the credit beforehand and don’t need ant “help”from the dealership. It’s simple and avoids the unnecessary credit checks and bullshit from the dealership.
Flippin Bizzy (24 days ago)
Absolutely awesome information sir! God bless you!
rtz549 (25 days ago)
Crooked snakes. Just imagine if everything sold including food was sold like this.
Brandon Davidson (25 days ago)
You should be liable for anyone who follows your recommendations and has a total loss or a mechanical breakdown.
Kevin Hunter (25 days ago)
Yeah, the only type of people who criticize the advice, and even more specifically, make the statement you just did... well, they work in the car business. So, are you saying you're liable for every customer who has been lied to and deceived on a car lot?
Jim David (25 days ago)
The best F&I experience I ever had was because I wrote a check for the new truck. She was professional enough to know I was not going to be upsold on anything. Doc fee is limited by law in California. She did not waste my time or hers, so she could move on to the next sucker, I mean customer. I realize most folks are not in my position. I negotiated on-line with a different dealer for a genuine Toyota Motor Sales extended warranty. Margin on them must be huge. I got it for almost half off.
Reverend Hogwash (26 days ago)
They stall and stall and stall some more so that you get so tired you just agree to the deal to get out of the office! Go in with a max cash in mind and dont pay a dime more and dont let them stall - YOUR time is more valuable than theirs!
NeverTalkToCops1 (26 days ago)
Not watching this, there is NEVER a need to talk to a car dealer's finance office. Ask yourself how likely it is that a car dealer will offer you better terms than a bank or credit union? AFTER you shop banks for your money and get a pre-approved loan, make an offer for the car you want. Only AFTER you have established the purchase price is the time to ask the dealer if they can do better than your bank loan. Only rarely will they offer a better loan terms.
robert b (27 days ago)
I used gap insurance once and realized that that’s the best thing on the planet. I like to buy warranties and be well insured.
jim rotharmel (28 days ago)
i once bought a Dakota back when they were doing the employee price plus 10 % i got an slt trim level i paid 14.000 on my own financing got a call a bout a week later that they thought they were selling an st or base trim and i had to come back and rework the deal the vin on the truck and contract matched i told them sux to be you the guy actually made crying noises and told me he was going to get fired i hung up never heard from them again .
smoothbanks91 (28 days ago)
How do i get my Gap back i got from the dealer.
HueTubeR (28 days ago)
NEVER finance a car through the dealership. Go to a credit union (if you are a member), have them print out your approved loan, then give it to the finance guy at the dealership. He will try to get you to finance through them. TELL THEM NO. If he won't agree, then walk out. ** Always remember this: THE ONE HOLDING THE MONEY (YOU), IS IN CHARGE! **
FINBONE2 (28 days ago)
so Kevin Hunter....this is my question for you...do you 100% know that ALL insurance companies carry GAP insurance and what and how much it covers??....if the persons insurance company doesnt offer it and the persons car gets totaled and they owe more than their car is worth are YOU going to pay that for the people on here you have given that advice to??....and if you are telling people NOT to buy extended warranties for their vehicles and they break down are YOU going to pay for their repairs....I happened to have a car that was totaled when i was younger and my insurance didnt offer GAP.......and like many people i read books and articles from so called "experts" like you...that said dont ever buy this stuff...and I was in an EQUITY position...i had money down...i had a trade down and rebates...but because of the insurance company evaluations and my own research in the vaule of the car at the time it cost me a couple THOUSAND out of my pocket...... Now lets hit the warranty issue....when i helped my daughter buy a car...i told her she should get the extended warranty that was a manufacture backed warranty.....for 3 years she argued with me until she had to have front end repairs to the tune of about $800.....and then again 1 year later after the manufacture power train warranty ended a water pump at $1500 that she would have had to pay for had she not gotten the extended warranty.... what you are telling people is for people that can afford to put alot of money down...or can afford to repair the own cars even if it costs 2500-3000.....this is not a perfect world....not everyone can afford to do this...and i am not even talking about buying a $30 or 40,000 vehicle...i am talking about one that is 10-12.....and a $200 a month payment....some people only make 2000 a month....so if you can afford to do this and put money down and fix your cars and have several thousand put back by all means dont buy GAP or warranties...but then again I have been sitting in a dealers waiting room listening to a person BITCH because she had to fix her car and it was costing $2200....and the service person asked her if she purchased an extended warranty and she said no....so guess what...if thats the risk you want to take DONT EVER BITCH when you have to pay to get it fixed
Starman609 (29 days ago)
I just bought a new Toyota Tacoma last week and it took over 2 hours to finalize the sale AFTER we agreed on the final price. They tried to wear me down, make me wait and get tired and sell me all the useless extras like extended warranties, extra insurance, undercoating, paint sealer and upholstery sealer. When the finance lady couldn't persuade me to buy any of the add ons, they brought in the "Closer" to sweeten the deal. When I turned him down too, he huffed and stormed out of the office in a rage. Just keep saying no and don't feel bad about it.
J Energy (29 days ago)
Car chex extended warranty amd Endurance are the only ones that l,recommend
megatron98 (30 days ago)
I enjoyed the video and will pass this a long. I was victim to an internet sales manager giving me an “out the door price” that was later changed when he knew I wanted a specific car and got it transferred from another dealership. I actually caught it with the finance manager and we eventually ended up having a three way conversation about it in his office. It was pretty dirty to tell me something in writing, get me to come in and then change the numbers when I was about to sign all of the paper work.
Zeek M (1 month ago)
Why wealthy people never buy a car? because they know there's no such thing as not being ripped off on a car deal. even if you paid 8 dollars for the transportation device you will still be paying and paying and paying. Car title, license plates, tires, insurance, inspection stickers, repairs, fuel, and police harassment. It's all a setup by deep state.
Bradley Johnson (1 month ago)
Trying to trade in my car. I have 9grand left on it. Dealer ship said they will take it for 4grand. I got it cuz I had bad credit. I had it at a 23.9% interest rate. Credit score then was at 380. Now I'm at 520. Been paying it for about a year now. Ima have 10grand down for the new camry. Any tips?? I have more money to be saved up so I need some tips!
Bradley Johnson (1 month ago)
Kevin Hunter I would love to pay off the car! But there is a big problem. It's a dodge journey 2012. I've got it at 96k miles. Now I'm at 109k. And car has been giving me problems. Like the brake pads, rotors replaced. Not just that but a vaccume leak, trani leak etc. I've spent more money repairing this car and I'm ready to give a trade for a new one. Does that maybe sound like a good idea?
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Saving up money is a great idea. Have you thought about using some of the money to pay off your trade faster? Reducing the principle amount owed on your high interest car loan could save you a lot of money. Good to see you doing your homework well in advance. Keep up the great work, and check back in before you go car shopping. Glad to answer questions along the way. Good luck!
James P (1 month ago)
I got stung by a spot delivery scam (yo-yo) once. A little over a week after I drove it home, they said I had to come back and put another few thousand down on the car to get it financed. Well, the first thing I had done after getting the car was take a long road trip. I had put 4,000 miles on the thing, and I just gave it back to them and told them the deal was off. So they ended up with a "new" used car for their trouble. So it bites them in the butt once in a while lol
Ty_Nyc2Sc Luvya (1 month ago)
Kevin Hunter thank you so much you're such a big help to my husband and I and we really appreciate you. I we definitely let you know the out come.
Ty_Nyc2Sc Luvya (1 month ago)
Do I call the dealership or the finance company to ask for a refund? When we first looked at the SUV the price was a little over $13,000 by the end of the deal the SUV ended up being a little over $15,000 and the told us all we needed to put down was $500.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
The dealership you bought the vehicle from is where you have to go. Talk to a finance officer when you get there. If you tell them what you want to do before you arrive, you could wind up waiting all day for them. They love to stall and try wait the customer out. If you say nothing in advance and just ask to meet with a finance officer, you'll get face time with them much faster. If anyone asks for specifics on what you want to discuss, just explain that you are potentially in the market for a new car, but want to speak to a finance officer before deciding what to do next. Then, while you're in his/her office, tell them you want your products cancelled on your previous deal first, and then maybe you'll be car shopping.
M Oczakow (1 month ago)
Never bought an extended warranty on any of my cars. I owned a Toyota, a Buick, a VW Golf and last owned 3 Mitsubishi cars. Mitsubishi Warranty was excellent, 5y all bumper to bumper, and 160K km engine and drivetrain/transmission. Dealers are generally decent as they try to compete against more established car makers. The 3 mitsubishi cars i've owned did a total of over 560,000km and have been fantastically reliable. Some had minor rattles or squeaks, but nothing mayor mechanically, just wearable items, oil, filter, tires & break pads, plus minor recalls such as speed sensor, front air bag sensor and recently, a belt tensioner recall, all covered by manufacturer. However I did find one Mitsubishi dealer in Toronto GTA area, that after management change in the last 3-4ys started scamming people, this is Dixie Mitsubishi in Mississauga ( the culprit), as they tried to get a person i know to pay for a head gasket change under the excuse that it's a wearable item & needs to be changed every 60K miles for a special price of $1,200 w labour. I had that person call the general manager of Erin Mills Mitsubishi in a different area and he was being told it was a scam. All items attached to the vehicles engine came under engine warranty rules.
Zig Zag (1 month ago)
On the topic of extended warranty. Many years ago I had purchased a used '05 Ford Escape, had about 40-50,000 KM on it. Opted for the extended warranty as it was a used car and I did not know the previous history of the car itself which cost me around $3,500 for an additional 5 years. Flash forward 2 years; three of the 4 engines' cylinders stop firing. The extended warranty paid for itself and then some in that incident alone. Personally, if the price is right, I would purchase an extended warranty on a used car if I am unsure about the reliability but I will not buy one on a new car, I don't see the value. Bear in mind that you can purchase a warranty outright from the manufacturer after you have made your purchase (do research on the car brand to see if it is possible and if there are stipulations of a time frame maximum between when you purchased the vehicle to when you are purchasing warranties). Don't bother buying it through the dealership, all that does is put a 5 year warranty on a 10 year loan thereby increasing your payment costs. You will end paying for a warranty in years 6 through 10 which is no longer valid.
Ryan Struble (1 month ago)
Funny how not once do you highlight any of the benefits, only the negatives!!! It’s people like you that I have to constantly pull docs showing the customer they did however declined the extended warranty or GAP when they need to make a claim. A huge injustice. Yes there are unethical people in every industry, but to steer a customer away from protecting the 2nd most valuable asset most people will every buy is such bs.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
It's always nice to have a finance man show up to comment! I'm going to be nice and assume you actually are one of the straight shooters in the business. I know good guys exist, and I have met some of them. That assumed, we can have an honest conversation about many of the colleagues you know, and from the content of this video, you know that I also know a good many of them. There is no question that the finance office in most dealerships is where the biggest fibs, lies, and outright deceitful actions take place. There is no question about that fact. So, while I've given you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you are one of the good guys, we both know this video describes the actions of a lot of people in finance, and that most finance officers are not "protecting the customers investment," but rather raking in profits for the dealership. Most owners but very low priority on "truth in lending" in dealer finance. What they do put significant priority on is scoring a huge "back end profit" on every deal that goes out the door. The ends justify the means.
Allie Lerman (1 month ago)
I purchased a 2018 Nissan rogue. The dealer was trying to upsell me. No i don't pay for dealer fees. Don't try to upsell o. Things i do not need.
The Shaving Channel (1 month ago)
Simple, pay cash and don’t finance.
flycubfly (1 month ago)
I did purchase an extended warranty for my 2002 Tacoma that covered 10 yrs/ 100,000 miles for $1007.00 back in 02. Now the beauty of this was that when you reached the end of the warranty term and you did not use any of warranty , they refunded the full amount . Yes, my Toyota dealer wrote me a check for $1007.00 . Now granted I could have saved that money somewhere and collected some interest over the years , but hey ,,,, better than nothing . I’m no longer purchase extended warranties because I only buy Toyota’s . Over the years I have purchased 1 Camry, 2 Corollas , 2 pick ups and 1 Tacoma . All have cleared 100,000 miles with no failures at all ,, nothing more than a light bulb maybe . One was at 250,000 another at 300,00 and one at 509,000 miles and still all are going strong. I have had no failures that would require warranty coverage . All small wear and tear items at most . Honestly I haven’t spent $1000.00 in maintenance repair between all of them put together.
Bob scafidi (1 month ago)
I have gotten out of sales tax on leases also. But I wonder what’s the actual law. Do I have to pay sales tax on the entire cost of the car even though I’m leasing?
Hippy(Bboomer) (1 month ago)
When I sold cars, it was the 70's. I was the 'finance officer' and did the whole deal right up to him driving the car off the lot. I hate what they are doing today. We also got paid straight from invoice. 35% of the gross. Period. No pack. No 'doc fee.' Man it was sweet. ... as for this post sales hype, it is pretty easy to sense this is a scam
Hippy(Bboomer) (1 month ago)
NE? Not a seasoned anything, but I was in the biz for a few years.. worked my arse off and made a decent buck.. and I learned more in the bus' then I did in college. I am actually a Mech Eng tech'n and retired. In the last 40 years, I think I borrowed once, on a new car.. and paid it off in about 5 mo's.. I hate owing anyone anything
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Nailed it. Nice to hear from a seasoned pro in the business, and someone who is willing to speak honestly about the many messed up things in this business... finance in particular.
jiggalator09 (1 month ago)
nikki bad af lol
Aulorenzo (1 month ago)
Stupid video: Research “gap insurance” and if you don’t have excess money, get gap. 2nd don’t be an idiot and have your financing (interest rate) already set before go car shopping. Just like buying a house.. get your rate first. You tell the finance guy, this is the term and rate, if you can beat it, I’ll go with the dealership. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW is they will discount the car more if you finance it w/ the dealership. (There’s front end money and back end money) This works, finance the car from the dealership so you can get the best price, then make a couple of payments and refinance it through what ever bank you want. FACT: There’s a 90% chance that the dealership will beat or at least match your rate. Think about it. Your financing one car & the dealership finances 300 per month. Who are the banks going to give a better rate to? Lastly, it will benefit you to financing it through Toyota or what ever type of car you want. They have loyalty programs that will help you finance your next car down the road. On the other crap they are selling.. it’s up to you. Just say no. But don’t bitch later when they offered you something that could have saved you down the road .
Francisco Garcia (1 month ago)
Never buy car warranties from dealer
Jonknee (1 month ago)
I been looking for a use car for a month now and visited alot of dealerships. Bc of the internet it's easy to compare cars and so the price are fairly close to their true value. Most dealer just tell me straight out they're "haggle free" pricing etc. Many have told me that don't make money on the sell and I think they are telling the truth. Where they make money is in the financing and adding up the little packaging and so forth.
Mike O'Brien (1 month ago)
I would absolutely recommend PERFORMANCE FIRST or PWI Warranties.  I've had both and have not regretted it.  When you get the right product, the outcomes are much better.
Mr. Ken (1 month ago)
I had an extended warranty on my 2011 Subaru Outback and am I glad I did! A rear wheel bearing went out at just under the 50,000 mile expiration and the dealership honored it. It was the only time I used it.
Mooky (1 month ago)
Used Lexus is better than most new car brands purchased new.
BrianNC81 (1 month ago)
Negotiate price, pull out checkbook and pay CASH!
Melvis Amaya (1 month ago)
I think it's a little too late when I watched this video. I noticed they added up to me this insurance, I have had been trying to cancelled but the dealer won't listen they don't want to do it. They lie to me about the the bank won't give me the loan if I don't put the Gap and service contract, about $3,500. WHAT CAN I DO? NEED HELP!!!
Melvis Amaya (1 month ago)
Kevin Hunter Thank you for all your information. I went to the dealer talked to the guy who wrote the loan, he told I can't cancel the contract beacause I signed, also talked to assistant manager and nothing either, and I went back talked to the GM, and also nothing, the contract is non cancelable by either party. This is in Colorado, I'm not sure if is true but so far I can't get this contract cancel. When I signed the loan he never told about the $ total amount.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Go back and ask for the contact information for the bank that wrote your financing. They won't want to give that to you either. You know why? Nobody at the bank will tell you that you had to have GAP and an extended warranty before they would finance your car. Think about something. When a banker takes on the risk of writing a loan to you the consumer, the vehicle provides collateral in the event you default on the loan. Do you think they want you to have a loan that is twice as big as the actual cash value, or do you think they want to vehicle to be worth as close to loan value as possible? If you didn't know, it's the second scenario. The banker wants your loan to be equal to or less than the value of the car. The worse your credit is, the more that statement is. Having said all of that, why would any banker on earth want you to spend money on products that do nothing to improve the value of the vehicle and serve to fatten the car loan? This increase the risk that they will not recover their money if you defaulted. When you run the logic on this, you realize that no banker will ever do this. BOTTOM LINE: The Dealership lied to you to get you to buy the extras. Now go back there and cancel them.
Cyndor C (1 month ago)
How long after buying a car do we have to cancel the warranty or gap insurance, my wife bought a 2017 Kia Forte we put 3k down and the hit is with a 895 gap and extended warranty we purchased it about 3 weeks ago
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Go back and cancel the products now, and you'll get 100% of your money back. For the record, it's almost never too late to cancel things like warranties and GAP. The longer you wait, the less money you get back. In your case, going ASAP means you get 100% of your money back. Make sure you let them know you got the advice here on this video too. Another dealer will find out that consumers like you can get advice like this online, and come back to fix your car deal. If more people do exactly what you're doing, perhaps fewer dealers will pull stuff like this in the future.
handyt butler (1 month ago)
well i am an actual manager at a car dealership and some of the things you say are correct but alot of it is b.s. First rust proofing. manufactorers are not gonna seal up the cars to protect against salt, in fact in new york or any other state that uses salt on the road your warranty through the manufactor is voided as soon as you hit the road. its right in your owners manual in the back. window etch is a true scam you can have your local fire dept do it for free. you got that right. gap insurance is a great product only if you aren't putting money down or you carry over negative equity. new york it is illegal for the dealer to mark up the sale price of that product. doc fee is a fee we charge so YOU don't have to go through the dmv. If you're at a dealer and they shotgun you to all the banks , your at the wrong dealer.. In fact we have what they call look to book. which means the banks do NOT like you shooting deals they don't get. You will lose banks that way. if you are at a dealership and they are playing games with your finance and payments you are obviously at a bad dealership. walk out and go to another one. There are alot of guys out there that don't play games. at my dealership my customers know everything on the contract when they buy the car and they know everything when they sign the contract, if anything changes i make sure the customer is notified before they come in to sign. Too many people out there on social media spreading false information.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Funny that you said "but a lot of it is bs" and then went on to validate most of the video. There are exceptions to any rule, but as you have demonstrated by your feedback, all or most of the points made in this video apply in total or in part to every car deal in any dealership. I'm not trying to cover the exceptions. Everything in the video is of benefit to any car buyer to be aware of, and gives them a great opportunity to walk out of a dealership with a better car deal. That's the point of the video. If you think your ideas are better, especially as it pertains to the New York market, feel free to write me a lengthy response to every point in the video and I will be glad to publish a New York version of this video (provided that your observations are consistent with other professionals I also consult with in the business). I'll even credit you in the final product. I'll be waiting your response.
Ty_Nyc2Sc Luvya (1 month ago)
A lot of things you mention in this video has happened to my husband and I two years ago which made it hard for us to trade in the SUV we have now. Do you have any advice on what we should do to get out of this dodge journey? We really need something bigger and I would like to get a van.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Start by finding out what "products" were added to your car deal when you bought the Dodge Journey. If there are things like GAP, warranty, window etching, etc, you can ask to have them cancelled and refunded. You'll get a pro-rated amount back. This will reduce your loan balance, and make it easier to trade in or sell it yourself without getting totally hosed on it. Then, before you go write another car deal, watch this video again and make sure you never get screwed by another dealer finance officer again. If you have more questions, post them as original comments on the video. I find them faster and an much more likely to respond to help you. Best of luck to you!
Bruno Nekic (1 month ago)
Definitely some false statements from Kevin in this video. What about the countless number of non qualified customers that have been approved for car loans or gotten tier exceptions because the finance manager leveraged his relationship with the banks? Or any finance product that helped a customer in a particular situation that saved them thousands. Yes finance managers and dealers make money from finance products just like any other business. Why don’t you make a video explaining the cheap Chinese labor US companies use in order to mark up products 30x. Instead of trying to deface someone’s business or position which they support their family with maybe work on doing something positive with your life.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Lol... "Instead of trying to deface someone’s business or position which they support their family with maybe work on doing something positive with your life." Really... So, you're either a finance man who does this crap to people, or you work in another capacity in the dealership. In any case, nobody ever makes such a stupid statement about a video that is clearly targeted at helping consumers make better informed decisions in the least trusted industry there is: The car business. Have you reviewed the most recent GALLUP Poll on least trusted professions in the USA? News flash: Car salesmen were tied with a lobbyist and a congressman for dead last. Amazing company... So, before you get your shorts in another knot and begin thinking that the only reason the car business has a bad rap is because of consumer help videos like this one, try again. The business has been a mess for many decades. Videos like this one help clean it up, and millions of appreciative car buyers have benefited from it. I'll continue to publish more. The right people thank me regularly for it.
Dream Cruzer (1 month ago)
just go to your local bank or credit union and get financing through them. Dealerships hate this because for them it's basically a cash sale and they don't have an opportunity to pull this shit. I've been buying cars that way for years.
M Kaiser (1 month ago)
Always get the gap insurance but only the gap insurance. It should only be 2-3% of the cost (no more than $500 total) and maybe $2 per month. I learned that the hard way when we had a totaled nasty wreck 5 days after we drove off the lot. GAP insurance saved our ass. Insurance said we would have had to pay $4000 out of pocket if we didn't have it.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Share how much cash you put down on the car deal and how long you financed the car for, and I'll help you understand why you needed GAP. I've never needed GAP on any vehicle I've ever purchased, ever.
Ram_junkie 12 (1 month ago)
What about the financing man says the interest rate is 3.9 and later says they could only find a certain bank and it changed to 5 percent rate? Anyone had this or know if it’s legit I am about to purchase a vehicle in the up coming months thanks
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Finance officers who play games with loan interest rates are not worth doing business with. The only reason to do it is be dishonest, and put a few more dollars in the dealers pockets. Find a better dealer to do business with. There are good people out there in the car business, you just have to do a little work (and homework) to find them.
David Diehl (1 month ago)
Also there is the bogus low credit score scam to talk you into a higher interest rate.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
You are correct. Dealers want you to think you have damaged credit or "less than perfect" credit to create what called the "obligatory favor." They say they are helping you out, working hard for you, even if you have less than perfect credit. It feels to the buyer like they owe this guy something... like signing up for everything he proposes once you sit in his office to sign out. They make a ton of money off people who believe the bad credit pitch.
JF R (1 month ago)
I got burned once back in 1999. I refinanced the car right away on my own. In 2009 I got forced into a deal because they said they already sold my trade in. I refinanced that deal too with my local bank, no penalty to pay off either loan right away, lost about $200 all told. Since 2009 I've never walked into a car dealership since. Craigslist is my friend. Private Party Sales only, original owners, 5 years old with most depreciation out of the way. I don't need to have a new car. Do you?
David Shaw (1 month ago)
449 car salesmen watched this video
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
You got it right! lol
Scott B (1 month ago)
Another tip, never ever ever have a conversation alone with your spouse about the car inside an office. The phone's can easily be put on speaker and muted on the other end. They listen to your conversation.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Definitely. I've seen it happen, and heard the same from many people who work in the car business.
Scott B (1 month ago)
I purchased a truck from a dealer, deal was made, the finance manager threw a tantrum when I refused his gap, extended warranty and fees. Paperwork signed I'm out the door. About three weeks go by and I get a late notice on the car I traded in. I drive to the dealership, have heated words with the manager and my trade was paid off the next day. Another three weeks go by and a friendly OHP officer let's me know my temp tag is expired. I call the dealership and they say "no problem, we'll get you a new one." I inform them that is illegal and they could lose their license over it. But they had no idea where the title was for the truck I purchased. I call the bank that is on my copy of the paperwork about the payment date and was informed I had no loan through them. So I drive to said dealership and ask to speak to the manager. Him and the finance manager nothing came in, I heard the finance manager say "this is the guy that wouldn't buy the warranty." So we start the discussion about them selling a truck they didn't own. And about where the title is. The finance manager looks at my paperwork and says "this contract is null and void, it's older than 30days so just come back when we get the title and sign again." I smiled at the manager and pulled the keys out of my pocket lay them on his desk and ask for an "I owe/we owe statement.". The finance manager comes unhinged. Screaming and yelling about I "had" to resign. The sales manager drops his head and says "sorry bout everything Mr Brown." He brought me my statement and I left with the finance manager still screaming. Come to find out that dealership was notorious for the yo yo. They sold a brand new truck to a gentleman and took his in on trade. I buy his trade a d his financing falls through on his new one. He refuses to bring the truck back because I have his old truck.
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
What an incredible story, and a perfect example of how unethical and ruthless some of these people are. Amazing!
bondovwvw (1 month ago)
Beware of Tracy Toyota in California they have a shady finance manager. He will add stuff to your loan without your knowledge. I do not know how he did it to me. I was able to cancel it .
Kevin Hunter (1 month ago)
Good for you, going back to cancel on a thief. Feel free to share the name of the finance manager, and the city the dealership is in as well. People like this have to be stopped.
Joe Singh (1 month ago)
Great video for the average uninformed buyer. I actually refuse to pay "delivery fees" or buy their "recommended add-ons" and no dealer has refused to sell me a car. Most of them are unethical!
Matt Carlile (1 month ago)
If you buy extended warranty on any fca vehicle buy from them direct I have lifetime bumper to bumper no deductible right from fca worth every penny when you put 30k per year on in New England

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