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CEX shopping part 3 iPad mini 4 unboxing iPhone update Computer eXchange

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Things are getting better
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iiDwrly YT (20 days ago)
Is grade B better or worse lmao? I'm guessing better but I'm not sure
EpicJohnCenaFan (9 months ago)
I took an Xbox 360 in there, they said I would need a controller to sell it and offered to sell me a controller for £25, so I would actually lose money by selling it. I just took my 360 back and walked out the shop
EpicJohnCenaFan (9 months ago)
leepspvideo I love the 360 so I should probably keep it, but they were trying to rip me off. I have had many bad experiences with the shop. Once I bought mw3 for the 360, but the disk was unreadable. I had a look on the disc and nowhere did it say xbox 360, ps3 or PC so they sold me a pirated copy im guessing. Also I think they should give you more money for selling your stuff to be honest
leepspvideo (9 months ago)
I just bought a 360 from CEX. It was only £32 with a 2 year guarantee and a wired controller. I would hold onto it. The 360 will definitely be a future classic.
David P (10 months ago)
so you did what you were supposed to originally and sorted the 5s out, good on you, being a person
Anonymoous Cow (1 year ago)
CeX is just a scam. I bought an iPod Touch 6th Gen from there, and tried to return it. I bought it as grade C. They said they’d buy it as not working because it had a scratch on the screen. Pathetic. I ended up selling it on eBay for a loss of £21
MorgiesVideos (1 year ago)
So you didn't get the password off the guy and sent it back?
Annette O. (11 months ago)
leepspvideo Thanks means I would get a Ps3 and Xbox 360 from there since I cant find brand new. LOL.
MorgiesVideos (1 year ago)
Ah that's great to hear! :D
leepspvideo (1 year ago)
Yes the ipad from part 2 I sent back. The one in part 3 Is working great.
AllAboutAriii (1 year ago)

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