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How Commercial Traders Exploit Cash Commodities - 2018

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A groundbreaking documentary investigating those behind the high stakes global commodity markets: commodity traders, from the Chicago Board of Trade to Brazilian sugarcane fields, Geneva’s headquarters and Kazakhstan pipelines. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Tony Tony (1 day ago)
31:31 Tres Knippa of Dallas, tx indicted for securities fraud. 43:48 "Free markets are for free men!" he proclaims. What a schmuck! https://www.justice.gov/usao-edny/pr/former-registered-broker-sentenced-15-months-prison-securities-fraud-131-million-market
Cankut Bayhan (14 days ago)
the truth is...it gets fucked up when you can not sell, so not when you can not buy...and these groups cant handle every valuable commodity to arrive into the market, actually its their incompetence what makes people struggle and make the term value to become a singularity...its the reversal of the Crystal and the colour scheme...shit forever
Tavio Co (18 days ago)
Views of all side involved. Smithsonian, thanks!
fcknhb (20 days ago)
44:15 "Free markets for free men"
Cankut Bayhan (14 days ago)
let him cut his dick off
mike watters (1 month ago)
the grain industry in the usa is controlled by a few big firms and they have made it illegal for farmers to use sees that they have not supplied. the world is fucked
Flip2 Futures (1 month ago)
Good video!!
scottab140 (1 month ago)
Trading, speculating, and investing. ☺
Cankut Bayhan (14 days ago)
youre lost between literal and the figurative
ForgottenKnight1 (15 days ago)
Technically, the same thing.
yahwehsonren (1 month ago)
Thank you
Phyllis Hamilton (2 months ago)
In the very first sentence, that should be "at the beginning of the twenty-first century" -- not the 20th! Helloooo, Smithsonian channel?!! Time for an edit!
Cankut Bayhan (14 days ago)
i wonder how you have not come by the historic development of the European trade, the rise of the 7 years wars and Napoleon and Weimar Republic and Adolph Hitler and Rotschilds and Canal Suez...and Kavalalı of course....Time for Education mate.
g Alexander (3 months ago)
you want to rich add me on fb German Alexander Barrera Barrera
Maxwell Smart_086 (6 months ago)
@47:00 China is buying directly at our US farmers. China is a thieve on the markets. A dictatorship also. F.... Chinese.
Cankut Bayhan (14 days ago)
further on its the mirror these fuckers see themselves so he right actually...risk is the worst commodity these trader fuckers invented...they defend themselves due to the risk they take despite its not necessarily rational except they choose it to become...they are trading risk not the commodities hence commodity trades stuck into bottleneck all the time enforcing governments to take actions to reset the balance repetitively, bargaining lives of tax payers...despite this sounds comie bullshit, it narrows down the progress of humanity so damn hard leading to the pyramid speculations and you know other shit...its a gamble and they are the gamblers, Ask George Orwell if you like....they are the people milking the cow and therefore can't realize they smell the turd anymore.
scottab140 (1 month ago)
China made a business deal, no criminal action.
christian hugh (6 months ago)
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Sini (1 hour ago)
Larry S (6 days ago)
Poop poop poo
Ben Blackshaw (29 days ago)
Fuck off loser
mojo es (1 month ago)
i always worry when people tell in a open forum how much they make on trading. A pro trader or succesful businessman never does that! SCAM ALERT!
DIY GUY (1 month ago)
Notice all the emails are generic name + number at gmail. This guy needs money for his Male hookers & booze. Don't be the one to provide it

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