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Supply Chain Management Certification Online | Logistics and supply chain courses | AIMS UK

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Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) from AIMS http://www.aims.education/supply-chain-management-certification-courses/ focuses on problem-solving abilities, and it links theory to real-world applications. This supply chain management certification is recognised globally, delivered 100% online, and it comprises three logistics and supply chain management courses.
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dawud abubakar (11 months ago)
i wish to apply but the fees is too much
AIMS Education - UK (11 months ago)
Dear Dawud. Please note that we cannot compromise on the quality. Additionally, our fee structure is recently subsidised and you will find it comparatively lower, if you: (1). See the list of academic resources included in the fee package. (2). Notice the quality of study contents and global accreditation of this program. (3). Compare it with other supply chain management programs.
Prolific Ashley (11 months ago)
I've never regret taking any courses at AIMS, They've always been awesome and helpful. I'm looking forward to Supply Chain Management program at AIMS
Ratan Chettri (1 year ago)
I want to learn supply chain with block chain management with certified institute can u please guide me
AIMS Education - UK (1 year ago)
Dear Ratan! All our qualifications are career focused, and they are designed by leading professionals to develop your capabilities in probabilistic, mathematical, and statistical tools. Curriculum is based on latest industry trends. It advances your abilities in managing all levels of the supply chain and logistics, and all our graduates experience better positions and higher salaries.
Ratan Chettri (1 year ago)
AIMS Education - UK... It's very expensive for me.. Can I get a placement also after finished this course
AIMS Education - UK (1 year ago)
Hello Ratan! You are requested to visit Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) program page at www.aims.education/supply-chain-management-certification-courses/ where you may download our program brochure for detailed course outline.

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