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How to Play You Shook Me by Led Zeppelin Part 1 (Bars 1-8)

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This video is part of a series where I show you how to play Led Zeppelin's You Shook Me. This covers the first 8 bars of the twelve bar blues Jimmy is playing!
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Emet 888 (23 days ago)
Eat my Shorts
Peter Lundgren (7 months ago)
This sucks dude!
Richard B. Davis (1 year ago)
Richard B. Davis (1 year ago)
This sucks
AlejSan (1 year ago)
1 year later
Pete Riddell (1 year ago)
Part 2?
John Wiskin (1 year ago)
I'm going to make a more complete video soon. This one was for students I'm working with and I just covered the beginning parts.

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