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An Atheist vs Dr Zakir Naik - Worth Watching

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sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
I feel like I know what type of answer the guy is looking for. It’s very hard to articulate such answer. But the mans logic is very similar to mine, but I have came to terms with it as the questions he is asking are wrong to be asked. When one asks a question, the parameters of the questions are mostly known or controlled except the variable being asked about. In his case and my old self, he has too many unknown parameters and even more that are incomprehensible to us cuz they don’t exist in our realm but we know something is missing in our hearts somehow ( that is apparent to our logical sense when we try to articulate the feeling in the heart into our tangible and limited words). Therefore the same way I felt empty asking the question, the answers were just as empty and I felt like no one understands what I am asking the same way I felt watching this video. But now I understand that ibleese is the greatest logician and is as old as all of humanity, and whole heartedly I feel that this is one of his cyclic arguments. To expand on that a bit; it’s like the only purpose is to waste our time during the test by making us think of a question that isn’t on the test to begin with and it’s prerequisite knowledge to even begin to answer lies in the units we have not gone over yet. But even that example isn’t encompassing of the genius behind this deceit, for he knows what we don’t know also. Another example that this takes from is another wrong question which asks “can god great a rock so big even he can’t lift it?” And another one “ what was god doing before the universe was created” so each of these questions have an element of deceit and a hidden logical fallacy.... but his question is so encompassing of all elements of deceit known to me in one question. The only two cures I found is when I realized the question itself is wrong logical so it can’t have a right answer in the current environment and the second which brings me to tears and is personal.. is when I think of how allah might love me and how he tests the ones he loves the most the hardest and I wonder and am jealous of righteous men with hard lives that allah saw them with hearts so fit for such tests. May allah bless that mans heart. AMEEN!!! And allah truly is the most merciful, :) it’s like allah looks for excuses for us to justify giving us so much love. Allah akbar. I know this might be irrelevant for most but some that went through what I went through might help them. So thumbs up this comment in case someone needs to see it. I honestly don’t care about the likes but I know how troubled I was with this in the past. Salam fam :)
Debojit Mandal (4 hours ago)
Lol u speculate a lot zakir
David Allard (4 hours ago)
TRUTH The lord said why do you call me good, only god is good-Jesus was not https://goo.gl/images/Lwx6Cb and not good. - The Lord was in prison for years , committed crimes, made love, and slept with Mary Magdaline-who gave birth to his child, a sexually happy, kung-fu expert that hung upside down until he reversed gravity and floated on air , over the water. A Martial Artist and Buddhist Monk. Infinitum north pole ice age and Brown Woolly Mammoth Wool Haired Elephants and blue eyed Cro-Magnon King Davids on his head and both shoulders-HOLY SHROUD -VATICAN-Resurrection of King David 6ft 4in 308 lbs of White Nordic God of Thunder (THOR) The Lord was a barbarian and warlord. David said submit to the authorities. The lord was not infinitum cotton haired gorillas on his head and both shoulders . . Jesus was King David. My great etc....... grandpa and twin from mary magdeline's child bloodline. God loves Israel - homeland of Gods Jews. . Lord and father were one and the same, The Lords father was King David -Jesus was King David. We must defend Israel, homeland of Gods Jews. . Spiritual people are ,police, veterans and patriotic people loyal to Israel . You must be reborn of the spirit to see the kingdom of heaven, true meaning-you must be reborn of the attitude to see the kingdom of serenity . pass this on https://goo.gl/images/Lwx6Cb
David Allard (4 hours ago)
Jews are the chosen people
Alexander Vethanayagam (4 hours ago)
The one person is going to hell is this Zakir Naik him self
-OK Internet- (8 hours ago)
Zakir Naik is an idiot. ROFLOL
Proto (9 hours ago)
I want to take the opportunity and state this: when Zakir (medical doctor) said that the teacher is the examiner and children that don't know the answer cant study during the exam then tried to relate this argument to god and creation he made a mistake, teacher is a human and doesn't know the exact outcome of the exam but God knew exactly what is going to happen,to compare this 2 contradictory scenarios is the contradiction of godhood itself, and the same can be said to many arguments that religious people make, they make you compare 2 different yet similar looking scenarios then come to the conclusion that it must be true.
Pete Caballero (9 hours ago)
The bible was and is before the Quran..🤔🤔
Ram Rome (9 hours ago)
I can cheat and pass i can pay money to the teacher what a stupid answer..i was muslim but zakir naik changed my religon,,, now im thinking about catching a ghost or something 🤔🤔🤔
waleed najam (6 hours ago)
You can cheat and pass the exam,You can pay money to the teacher and pass the exam,Then whats the use of studying,when you can do that?The same way,For example,You pray five times a day, You read the holy Qur'an Everyday,But on the other side You drink Alcohol daily,You curse every time,You lie to people.Then whats the use of offering Salah And reading The holy book daily.
Tarique Hasan. (12 hours ago)
This is such a polite and respectful discussion. I Just wondering why ppl on comment section are arguing who is right or wrong when they don't even have enough knowledge like the speaker speaking. I mean why would a random person on earth would try to believe a little knowledged person like you rather than the scholar of this video.
Tom Saboo (12 hours ago)
Now I'm confused. Humans are better than angels because we were given free will according to Zakir Nair. But he says again if we pass God's test we can be an angel. Isn't that a downgrade?
Oh Wowow (10 hours ago)
In heaven, you get virgins. Muhammed was a sex addict, so to make people want to believe it, he lured them with sex. If they believed him, they would get 72 virgins when they die. If not, off goes their head.
Maha Ahmed (12 hours ago)
If they think the world is full of tests and hardship and Allah should’ve have sent us in this world. Then why do these same people give birth to their children? Most answer that it’s because they want to give them love, extend their family for happiness, show them this beautiful world etc...... There you go! According to my own logic Allah had the same reason. He wanted to show us this beautiful world and gave us the freedom to choose the path we want. All the rules He gave us is just to benefit us not Him.
kashyap desai (13 hours ago)
चमन चुतिया झाकीर hahahahaha तेरे मुह पे पेशाब कर दिया है
Karachi Tricks (20 hours ago)
In short, the guy don't want to follow God. He just want to enjoy his life.
Karachi Tricks (9 hours ago)
+Oh Wowow Sorry Bro I don't want to argue. I believe in religion. I think you are an atheist.
Oh Wowow (10 hours ago)
What is life if you can't enjoy it?
Alexander Okak (16 hours ago)
Karachi Tricks seems reasonable to me
Hashif Shajahan (23 hours ago)
why he himself claims that he is a scientific person, if he would be a scientific person he must do some research instead of preaching non sense stupid examples. The Guy simpe question is if god is so perfect then why he made us imperfect with defects but Zahr tries to cover with illogical answer.
Mohammad Afzaal (1 day ago)
Allah is great
Mohammad Afzaal (10 hours ago)
+Oh Wowow do it
Oh Wowow (10 hours ago)
I can prove he isn't.
Bunny Badhran (1 day ago)
god fucked god
PowerfulPreacher (1 day ago)
Strong Conversation
Bang Bang (1 day ago)
Those who say "He didn't give an answer to the question" should watch it again. He gave the exact answer there.
Sumiya Khalid (1 day ago)
Bang Bang i agree
Kwt nawasdin Kwt6 (1 day ago)
Masha allha 👌very nice docetarpp
anchal singh (1 day ago)
Only way you can go to heaven is if you join with me and say. ..... Fuck allah.... Fuck Islam..... Fuck Koran .... Fuck that son of a hook prophet Mohammed. Shit and piss be on him. After you said all this. Your doors for heaven will open. Just give it a try and see for yourself.
Dr Pooja Tripathi (1 day ago)
I think he has the wrong answer maybe on the day of judgement Allah will answer the question
Oh Wowow (10 hours ago)
+Mohammed kaif Patni you're so brainwashed, it's sad.
Mohammed kaif Patni (1 day ago)
Yeah, Allah show you your sin in judgement give you punishment.and after punishment Allah put you in heaven because Allah is a great.
Ibrahim Rishwan (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsL2Ofmp_JI hope this helps
Naveen Raj (1 day ago)
How many times u give 💓 attack example I'm fucked up by Ur example please stop giving these fucking example
Delta November (1 day ago)
I’m glad (Dr) Zakir Naik is banned from my country.
Frank Orahim (1 day ago)
I wouldnt give Naik one second of my time. Absolutely incoherent.
Brojo Molsom (1 day ago)
He didn't give time to speak to the boy.......
Mr - M K (2 days ago)
Brototi Hagzer (2 days ago)
😠😠😠This person Zakir is so loud n annoying... He himself is soooooo much confused making other people confused too... not even answering n in fact comparing the almighty with the docs teachers...etc etc🤣🤣🤣OMG...
TD Lover (2 days ago)
yes he is just using a loud voice and think using a loud voice make him convincible. Idiot in true sense. First of all learnt to talk ; he calls himself a doctor but doesnt have a decency talk in a normal manner :-D
TEENIZEO NCO (2 days ago)
Ur uneducated brain will never get the answer which is provided. The person asking the question became a Muslim after the answer was presented to him.so who are to say something.
Rounak Choubey (2 days ago)
he z not justifying Quran...he is justifying himself
Mithila Farzana (2 days ago)
Islam is a learning basis religion! Everyday I got to learn something new about Islam! Forever Muslimah
Lalain Iqbal (2 days ago)
He is a terrorist funder
Fokhrul Islam (1 day ago)
ইয়া আল্লাহ তায়ালা thakur abhinav sing chauhan কে Zakir Naik এর মত একজন সন্তান দান কর। আমিন।
this guy was not answered
Skywalker (3 days ago)
The so-called Dr has a personality of the desk beside him. Unbelievably dumb, facepalm.
Skywalker (1 day ago)
​+Lebron James 'Free will' means the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion. What he said was that God has given you an option to either obey him and go to heaven, disobey him (free will) and goto hell. That my friend does not constitute as 'free will', when the fate has already been decided. It's not just this video, the guy lacks intelligence and is wanted by Indian authorities for supporting terrorism and brainwashing young minds. He is everything that is wrong with this world.
Lebron James (2 days ago)
Skywalker I admit he didn’t sound too coherent but I think he made a reasonable argument based on free will, let’s not call people stupid and really listen to what they have to say
Delta November (3 days ago)
Twenty two minutes for a non answer. Fuck sakes.
eliasqaz (3 days ago)
This Zakir never answered the question. He only beats around the bush because he cant answer this question. This is why religion is false. I believe in god. An entity who has discovered the universe and beyond. We are just a design of this creation. Religion is for sheep.
Moonwalker INDIA (3 days ago)
Humans were still there when there was no religion
ufoistvan (2 days ago)
Your absolutely right, just Muslims don't agree with that.
Before any test you study your given tools and information to be able to take test. Some information depending on what’s focused on in your studies will either be remembered or not
Yourmomisgay ! (1 day ago)
Access Credit Rebuilding Solutions Your point?
NBC Comedy (3 days ago)
Intelligent can only understand another intelligent and that is what happened here. Stop the bullshit!! In the comments!!!!
-10 discharge Hi (3 days ago)
Ravi Raiou (3 days ago)
This Moron is worst than a pig
TEENIZEO NCO (2 days ago)
How do you know him? I can say you are worst than Hitler. I can call u a Moron too. Why are you assuming things which u don't know.
Farah Batool (4 days ago)
According to Quran every body who is not a Muslim will go to hell straight but see if there's a child. A child born in a very poor hindu family who don't even have money to feed themselves. From the very start of his life he begins his struggle to survive. He doesn't have any sources or not even enough time so that he can research about religions n convert to Islam cos God has given him too many problems to fight with . my guestion is that if he dies a Hindu. Should we really blame him? is he really going to hell after all the misery he faced n fought with ? Was it his fault that he was born into a Hindu family . society doesn't even let us question about God n same thing happens with people of every religion when I used to question about certain things my mother always told me " thinking about religion too much is haram " just like if you don't give a plant water it doesn't grow up similarly if all these confused minds don't get answers how will they understand god? N yeah these scholars do nothing but confuse us more
Farah Batool (1 day ago)
+TD Lover if you read Quran there are so many surahs on war itself and how muslims should do jihad and all . this is what urges terrorists and extremists to shed blood in the name of Islam like yo if anyone doesn't follow Islamic rules let's kill em they don't deserve to be lived . it's not Darwin's theory of evolution or the scientific researches that are drifting me away from religion (Even they have enough evidence )its the misery in this world such a disastrous place it has become . if god is there why doesn't he do anything about it ? N yeah I've also kept this thing private cos my parents won't ever ever understand if I ever open up to them
TD Lover (2 days ago)
exactly !!! This is the very same reason I abandoned Islam without telling anyone. No one knows it but I have abandoned it so long time back. On one side they say Islam is about peace but the Quran itself tells who is not a Muslim will go to hell. These things really don't go hand in hand. Best would be to believe in yourselves. Best would be to believe in yourself and do good to the society.
wazm91 (4 days ago)
Ist ? Not answered at all
Krinesh Ramessar (4 days ago)
"The angels has no free will"... sounds like slavery to me.
Krinesh Ramessar (1 day ago)
+TEENIZEO NCOIt was meant to be a JOKE, a bad one it seems but Im not here to offend anyone. But neither do you know for sure , you're assuming, we all are and if you take offense to it well im sorry but it doesn't effect me in any way.
TEENIZEO NCO (2 days ago)
Angels are created from light. They are perfect unlike we humans. They never sin nor ever had. There are trillion upon trillion of angels created and they all worship God each day. It may look slavery to you but you haven't read the Qur'an so stop assuming something you don't know.
Rai Ney (4 days ago)
This is hilarious poor sod couldn't get a word in edge ways. The preacher was rammin this shit down his throat JUST BELIEVE YA BASTARD 😂
Rai Ney (12 hours ago)
+Mohammed kaif Patni religion as a whole to me just seems like 2 sides of the same coin i like to learn about all this though. For me i find the teachings of the upanishads quite interesting. I do believe we are a creation of "god" im just not too sure about religion as a whole... It causes this, what you see in this video.. Divide amongst the people.
Mohammed kaif Patni (1 day ago)
+Rai Ney I think you need to read Quran first then read other Bible.I think you have only half knowledge you need to get full knowledge.and after came and talk to me ok
Rai Ney (1 day ago)
+Mohammed kaif Patni quran vs king james Bible? Talk to me
Mohammed kaif Patni (1 day ago)
A Non muslim watch because he was confused on here own religion.muslim never watch this types of video because if muslim people have any doubts they read Quran and they doubts was clear. If you have any doubts buy English translation Quran. and I am very sure your doubts will clear by this Bible .
Michplay (4 days ago)
He talk like he is a downer, and everyone that believes has a low IQ and can't think of themselves
Mohammed kaif Patni (1 day ago)
A Non muslim watch because he was confused on here own religion.muslim people never watch this types of video because if muslim people have any doubts they read Quran and they doubts was clear. If you have any doubts buy English translation Quran. and I am very sure your doubts will clear by this Bible .
sire yeet (4 days ago)
Alright so religious God believers only proof that there is a God and he created the universe and all that is an old book or something?
mmm M (2 days ago)
Yeah. Like jesus had miracles to prove he was truly a prophet. Muhammad had a miracle which exists to this day and it's called the Quran. Research on the miracles of the Quran. I'm fully convinced that humans could not have made this book
sire yeet (4 days ago)
Don't call them atheists call them sane
Hakuna matata nia nia (4 days ago)
Must watch for every Muslim https://youtu.be/JKqsReoWONg
Kevwe Tony (4 days ago)
This guy always picks his questions and his audience. Also his co-debaters are are not always very intelligent. He also did not answer this guys question. The question says why were humans created with the ability to sin why were they created? And all he was saying was “I’m a scientist and logical person and I believe the Quran is right and God is testing humans blah blah blah”.... so if allah knows some people still choose to go to hell, why would he still give them free will to choose. It’s like a you have a child and you give home the choice between sweet poison and bitter vitamins. Naturally most children would choose sweet poison over bitter vitamins even after you tell them that if they eat the poison they’ll die . Hence what is the point of creating people that would surely go to hell? This he did not answer but the moronic audience were just clapping and jeering
The Watcher (4 days ago)
There is little point to investigate the mind of a super natural illusion. It is fun though 🙂 good question, and it's comical a religious answer can be based on free will.
General Kenobi (4 days ago)
As soon as he starts talking about things like 'angels' and 'every human being is asked, but their memory is washed up', everthing that he utters becomes illogical. Those supernatural phenomena are the very things that you need to justify in the first place; not use them as bases to put forward your argument.
General Kenobi (4 days ago)
In a 100 marks exam, if you have answered 80 marks of it correctly and the rest of the answer is ambiguous, it doesn't mean that the rest is also correct based on precedence
ahsan malik (4 days ago)
I agree with your statement to some degree however I think you missed what he was saying regarding that. His justification for why that moment where the memory was erased is the truth is because for him as a student of science and logic if 80 percent of what is in the Quran has been proven by science and the other 20 percent is ambiguous and that 20 percent cannot be disputed then by virtue of logic the statement of the memory erased holds true.
Shardul Pawar (4 days ago)
If you cant Convince him confuse him :-)
sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
suviram das broskie Lol at least your comment is logical to ask (even tho yours is making a statement and not a question). So past that, you’re right! Islam encourages science actually and sees it as a tool to prove itself right. What you’re saying is applicable to ALL false religions and ALL religions that have been altered. Matter of fact we want you to focus on science so you can prove it to yourself that the Quran is the only truth left unadulterated. If you are truly a man of science you see that all scientific facts in the Quran have converted so many men smarter than you and I when they discover something in science to learn later it’s articulated in the Quran. Such as the trimesters of a fetus, waves upon waves of oceans, two oceans not glasses of water are touching but don’t mix, the orbit of the planets, the shape of the earth, the expansion of the universe, the start of the universe Big Bang, literally! And even describes the environment after the Big Bang which science actually said gas and Quran said smoke .... then science corrected itself. Shiiiiiit I’m sure I’m missing so much more. Oh and the fact that EVERYTHING living requires water. The water of zamzam. Bro don’t be defensive, if you actually want to learn ask or read, don’t be a parakeet echoing shit you know a fraction of, because if the other fractional pieces of what you’re saying was to be given to you by those so called foolish smart ass philosophers then you’d see their fallacies too. Islam is more about science than the atheists ( who obnoxiously seemed to think it’s their property lmao) at any rate, take my comment as you please, it could be genuine and might spark your intrigue or you can be arrogant then in that case you can take it as a diss or a challenge the same way allah challenged people like you in the Quran.
sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
saima kashem omg Thank you! It makes me sad when I hear fellow Muslims argue using false logic pathways. Thank you for addressing a discrete comment with a discrete answer. Cheers sistah! And congrats on your logic and Islam :) it was refreshing to read your comments after reading the Muslim dudes replying to that fool so wrongly
sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
Ashfaq Khattak bro I understand you mean well but I highly suggest being selective in your desire to respond to comments. You are clearly not addressing anything he is saying. You’re not helping regardless of how genuine you are. I hope you see I mean well by my comment to you but you’re acting like an ADD person on logical crack jumping around like that. I called him a parakeet and you are also acting as such except you happen to say correct things that happen to not be relevant to his dumb comment. Please don’t take offense to what I’m saying but I honestly feel it needs to be said.
sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
Shardul Pawar omg how typical. Bro go read a fucking book. We call people that say dumb shit like you as amateurs but really smart Ass retard. Literal retard as in you’re behind on logic judging from your age and the type of comments you make therefore it no longer excuses you to be called amateur. You simply want to impress dumb girls by saying your pretentiously smart seeming comments. My advice is shut the fuck up and read. How repulsive when genuine ignorance (which isn’t bad ) that usually yields intrigue and curiosity but people like you replace such intrigue with arrogance. Ugh
sief Qasrawi (2 hours ago)
Shardul Pawar win.....??? Are you a fucking retard? Take some notes to the manners of the two men and contrast it with your joke of a man and an abomination for logic. You’re a moron and can only be described as the aborted baby of common sense. Ppl like you make me sick. fucking parakeet ( maybe i should explain why parakeet, since they echo philosophical bullshit without understanding yielding the dumb shit I hear on the streets).
dizasta vina (4 days ago)
mmm M (4 days ago)
I've noticed that the biggest non Muslim question is regarding suffering. Let me explain in simple words. Can you have relief without pain? Can you help someone if they don't have any problems? Can you be strong without being tested? Can you know succes without failure? Pain and suffering are necessary ingredients for the human experience. Muslims are taught to understand God through his creation. Not the other way around.And that is because Allah himself is uncomprehendable. Any and everything in creation and imagination is separate from Allah.His creation contains his essence so that we may be able to understand a bit of Allah's infinite attributes. It's that simple.
Hercules (5 days ago)
Did anyone else catch that his “exam” analogy has a big flaw? First of all, If you were given the choice to choose to either have free will but with that have the ability to mess up and go to hell or be perfect and but forfeit all your free will, doesn’t “god” already give you free will to choose to have free will? In other words, he gives you free will in order to choose to either have free will or not to have free will before you are given free will in your human form. So did you always have free will and were already flawed from the start? Secondly, if god wipes your knowledge of this decision before placing you on earth, you’re basically set up to fail. It’s not like the “exam” analogy at all. In an exam for class, the teacher gives you a book to study and you have the choice to either study or not study. When you show up to the exam, your grade proportionately reflects how much you CHOSE to study for the exam. This is not what god did and is the flaw in Dr. Naik’s reasoning. God essentially gave you a book to study and you made the decision to study and how much to study. Then before you are put on earth to be tested, he wipes all your knowledge of ever studying for the exam. So what’s the point of even studying then? If I had a math exam in two weeks and was given a chapter in a book to study but I am also told that I’d have all of my knowledge of math wiped from my brain right before the math exam starts, what’s the point of even studying if everyone else taking the exam including me will also be wiped of all knowledge? Everyone wouldn’t know anything on the exam and majority would fail, but is it their fault though? What if you CHOSE to study hard for 80 hours before the exam and really understood the material but your friend didn’t really care and CHOSE to not study at all. You both take the exam and both have your memory wiped and both fail. How is that fair? You can’t be held accountable for actions that are out of your control especially if you’re being judged by the person that caused you to fail in the first place.
Lebron James (2 days ago)
I think the exam analogy has its flaws but I still think the general concept makes sense. Suffering and pain are consequences of our ability to choose, sure we could live as angels but be honest would you really feel significant as some subservient robot who follows god because that’s how you were built. I think the idea that humans are special because we have choice is admirable. Take away the possibility of pain and suffering and the world has no stakes life has no meaning. I mean there’s not really anything wrong with that but as a human if I had to choice to be an angel now I’d say hell no, the fact that I can do wrong and have to learn from my mistakes is what gives my life meaning. Also I’m an atheist but I think it’s important to understand how religious people think and see sense in their arguments. Ultimately I don’t believe in the argument because I don’t believe there’s a god however if there was one I can understand why he’s not a sadist.
-10 discharge Hi (3 days ago)
EOBARD RAM (5 days ago)
Allahu snackbar
King Xxx (5 days ago)
The answer is stupid...God is a horrible thing enjoying torturing us ... by claiming we have a free well that he actually controls because he already wrote everything and he knew where that free well will take us... and the examination thing zakir talks about makes me laugh 😂 cause the exam is done from someone who doesn’t know the future but god should already know the results of the test in advance (as he claims that he knows the future ) so why giving the exam ? 😂 god doesn’t exist also because if he does then who made him ? Isn’t it according to him everything has a creator ? So who created him ? And by the way why it’s ( him ) and not ( her ) ? So he’s a male ? And has hands ? 😂
Harish Patel (5 days ago)
Stupidity of your mind.....if God has decided to destroy some one nothing can convince him or her
Muzammil 11 (5 days ago)
According to Einsteins low "time" is just Relative for the universe... Then is it applicable for god?... When he is the creater of "time"?...
saddam. hashmi (5 days ago)
David Hamendi (5 days ago)
The guy is correct, the Dr didn't answer the question.
Unknown (5 days ago)
The non-believers are gassed don’t be try to understand it as you want to
Nuri Yilmaz (5 days ago)
I dont think the teacher and the student is the way to give such an example, because Allah almighty gives us more than one opportunity and direction to correct us.
Yourmomisgay ! (1 day ago)
Nuri Yilmaz The teacher gives you more than one test though
Mahmudaakter Mitu (5 days ago)
Thank u so much brother
Pranay Chaturvedi (5 days ago)
Atheist Squad!
Seo Expert (5 days ago)
i am speechless .Islam is the only way to live life
Rahul Khatiwada (3 days ago)
Why only Islam why not other religion ?
Rayner GamingTV (5 days ago)
This vid is about that Epicurus quote
Tanha Uddin (5 days ago)
juliet ralte (5 days ago)
Its so foolish of us to ask another human about God as if he knows him lol
The Watcher (4 days ago)
Totally agree, this was not the peope that invented God, just an individual trying their best to seal up the leaks.
firas saafi (4 days ago)
well he gave us books describing himself in them . Last but not the least the koraan . No one knows him all too well , well only know so little , but that doesn t mean that so little isn t right or doesn t matter . It s the most foolish to think u have no right to ask a question about anything .
mmm M (4 days ago)
We all know him. He is constantly interacting with all of us and everything.
Umer Farooq (5 days ago)
mohammed hoque (6 days ago)
Let this appu!make real money with all the clowns questions and answers listeners!waste of my 10 minutes.
Debola das (6 days ago)
there is nothing like god, everything is created by nature. god, religion etc words are invented by few sly people so that they could earn their bread & butter keeping a large part of people engaged into a bogus & pointless thing.
obie sario (6 days ago)
Subhan Allah. May Allah be pleased with Dr. Zakir Naik's efforts. May Allah give him good health
Abdulai Kargbo (6 days ago)
Allah is saying look at what I did look at the mountains I created he is saying that to make sure people k ow who ever build the mountain must be powerful. Of course it is easy for him but he needs to make sure people know he is god not anyone else he is Allah. And I am a Muslim and inshallala I will go heaven
Sajeesh Kallat (6 days ago)
Zakir Naik Chutiya hai sala...bloody Terrorist!
sahil parray (5 days ago)
Tujhe English samaj aati hai unpad gawar
Sayan Bandyopadhyay (6 days ago)
Sayan Bandyopadhyay (6 days ago)
Alla says in koran ..chapter 3 verse 20 ..zakir naik is a goat.
Naresh G (6 days ago)
I think the guy got even more disappointd by that kind of stupid explanation .
Akshay Kohli (6 days ago)
what zakir is saying? pls help me out.
Rachana Khadka (3 days ago)
Me: sneezes Zakir Naik: God is disappointed in you
Sayan Bandyopadhyay (6 days ago)
ShehzadKhan Pathan (6 days ago)
Zakir sir is real hero of islam
Barack Kamal (5 days ago)
I have experienced everything so I would like to say. any human being could not debate with him because his answer is very logical and scientifical. So anyone can't deny his statement. If they deny his intellectual statement. they will be foolish themselves. he also declared many many times. If you think, Islam is wrong. I'm ready to debate any human being on the face of earth. Who is best in the world. Finally I realized, he is the tiger of Islam. Bravo Dr. Zakir Naik. I was watching many others Muslim preacher's videos around the world. I myself Muslim. I didn't impress their answers. How can non - Muslims will satisfy their answers. It's impossible. Shame on them. I harmfully request to them. Go to learn to Dr. Zakir Naik. From Indonesia.
Daniel Holt (6 days ago)
Nah I find Zakir to be illogical and unitellectual. He's an idiot really. Any intelligent person can outdebate him. He just deflects the question. He's also inspired terrorism you idiot. Heck, I'm Muslim and I find him irritating. Hamza and Yasir Qadhi are far superior.
Good good Baloch B good for
Krishnansh Gaur (6 days ago)
I pity all these who are attending this dumbfuck's lecture and wasting their life exploring something which is completely baseless and just stupid. This assholw who calls himself a doctor and his stupid allah they're just ruining the life of innocent people by brainwashing their common sense and traping them inside a loop of their stupid fallacy. They're just making our earth a worse place to live in.
modarisica (6 days ago)
Why did god create fool human why dont he make only good human Why did he play with human
firas saafi (4 days ago)
no one human is born foolish or bad or good . We all have good and bad in us , it s up to us to decide the good path or bad path . The only human that was born with a pure soul and heart is jesus the so called the sacred soul .
Game Boy (6 days ago)
Because it is a Test that we can Decide the outcome ourselves my brother
Mowahid Khan (6 days ago)
the great ans super
ajay kumar (6 days ago)
Ye madarchod sala pig ki aullad,iski himmat nahi hai India me pair bhi rakh de,muslim hate preacher
Abdollah Altamer (7 days ago)
This guy is smart in a way he lost.........but subhanallah, in the last minute Allah makes him ask a question that Zaker Niek was also given the ability to answer correctly
CA. Manish Santani (3 days ago)
He’s Joker No. 1 in the world..
Hakuna matata nia nia (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/JKqsReoWONg Must watch
Sei Boy (7 days ago)
Dr. Ways of answering is too hars
For those who can't find it as a suitable explanation :::::::: I don't think even you need his explanation. But what makes you think like that, ..... Hmm. ... May be your free will or your opinion or your intellectuality or you being a smart guy. I don't even understand how can you say that the answer is not matching with the questions. You haven't created your intellectuality by your own then who created your smart brains which can perfectly understand that the answers don't match. Why don't you appreciate the GOD who created you to think but you are the who's not thinking and struck in this short worldly life as if it is so called TEST by Dr. Zakir Naik
Avinash Muraleedhar (6 days ago)
So god fucks with people like he crated some to see them burn?thats like the worst fucker i can imagine as god...wht a pity
I agreed we have capacity to think and do + that's free will. Why can't people see Jesus (peace be upon him ) can't be a begotten son of GOD like we human beings have sex and then kids. Even Muslims prophet and Adam are also a creation of GOD. And those atheists why can't they see who created them from one of the dirty sperms. I wish everyone should understand this.
Black Death (7 days ago)
It is a fact that gods are not observed nor proved to be real ...which is why theism requires faith. Can any theist refute this fact by presenting an actual existing god as proof?
Theobose (7 days ago)
Lmao He says himself logical I could oppose him easily
Shumaila Waqas (10 hours ago)
Quran is logical.
TD Lover (2 days ago)
true that. Idiot trying to make money.
TomatoBoyzChannel (7 days ago)
The answer to the first question : Because god wanted to create something better than the angel by giving this new creation a freewill. If this new creation still submit to him even tho this new creation have the capabilites to not to(unlike the angel) then this new creation is absolutely better than the angel.
You are Unique (6 days ago)
Thanks brother
Shahril Azmir (7 days ago)
His explanation makes no sense and doesn't really answer the guy's question.
Daniel Holt (6 days ago)
+kirrakmann good boy ka I'm Muslim and Naiks logic is iffy and illogical. Get info from better scholars than trashy people like Naik.
I don't think even you need his explanation. But what makes you think like that, ..... Hmm. ... May be your free will or your opinion or your intellectuality or you being a smart guy. I don't even understand how can you say that the answer is not matching with the questions. You haven't created your intellectuality by your own then who created your smart brains which can perfectly understand that the answers don't match. Why don't you appreciate the GOD who created you to think but you are the who's not thinking and struck in this short worldly life as if it is so called TEST by Dr. Zakir Naik.
Sports Channel (7 days ago)
harry peter (7 days ago)
Oh man this guy questioning is brilliant and this fellow zakir is confusing every one , giving example like exam hall teacher and escaping.
TomatoBoyzChannel (7 days ago)
harry peter Zaki Naik explanation is freaking easy to understand tho. He asked why god created human even tho god already know which ended up in heaven or hell? why dont god put everyone in heaven? Because the creature that will never do any wrong or mistake is the angel. God wanted to create something better, the human. Okay this time, this new creature will have the freewill, it can choose to be good or to be evil, unlike the angel. The answer to the first question: God wanted to create something better, us
7x34hj (7 days ago)
Have you ever heard such a long-winded, repetitive, babble of a response and still not get an answer to the question? Not everyone can get into medical school (true), but those who cannot are not thrown into hellfire. So the analogy is poor. The teacher does not (and should not) allow you to view the answers to a test during the test itself. We all accept that. But again, the analogy is weak. There is no hellfire for those who fail or cheat. In any case, the teacher does not know who will pass or fail. In God's (supposed) case he DOES know in advance but still creates the failures, then throws them into fire and then says 'it is all your own fault'.
Amrha Alyaan (7 days ago)
Mila Nur (7 days ago)
Don't just stress over this question upon Dr zakir only. Try to post this kind of question to other religion also. It is a universal question that should be ponder upon every human beings.

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