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How Do We Confront this Climate of Fear-Mongering? Q&A (Pt 5/5)

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In Part 5 of Paul Jay and Aaron Mate's interactive discussion with viewers about the controversy over Trump's visit to Helsinki they talk about what can be done to counter fear-mongering - From a live recording on July 18th, 2018 watch full series https://therealnews.com/series/qa-with-paul-jay-and-aaron-mate Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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Text Comments (53)
ouldon aunt (1 month ago)
most of the activity regardless of its origin, comes from thousand of political adds run out of Trumps project Alamo HQ. thousands of adds were produced to test and hone down messages until the messages which resonated the most, were obtained. after which it was those messages which were used as the basis for a number core issues they could then best leverage. there is even a wiki page for Project Alamo, so it's not even a difficult claim to back up. this is all ignored because it counters a cold war Narrative.
Sam Thomas (1 month ago)
The 3 letter alphabet agencies have a long history of problem causal solutions they create the problem then fund the action then employ the "only" solution. Example all the shoots that have occurred. Or building 7 on 9/11. They have a problem, they create a reason, they enforce the solution. How can you say you're real news when you are feeding the same bs the main stream is and you are not hiding your biases very well just FYI..
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
7:06 "Who's standing up most to Russian interference in the elections? WE ARE at The Real News! [be]cause we're trying to educate people about the reality of the world." Hell yeah, Paul Jay! Never give up, and never surrender. You guys/gals are beacons of light in the darkness, and your efforts are not wasted!
Chris Lyod (1 month ago)
Use AdGuard Premium (full disclosure: like Kapersky, it is a RUSSIAN company, [which the US Government used widely until it occurred to the dumb motherfuckers in the Intel Commune thought [hey, John, James, doesn't Kaspersky sound like a Russian?], which is less than $10 dollars! PC and Android version block not only nearly EVERY AD, popups, invasive analytics, on ANY site! Ads waste bandwidth, slowing browsing down and can even upload maleware to your PC or Android device without you even knowing! I swear, I'm not affiliated with "The Russians!" that created the brilliant Adguard program. If you don't like or want instrusive ads, popups, and tracking analytics...the answer isn't hard to figure out. Just block the bastards and keep data miners out! If you saw Jesus, Satan, and "Blacktivist" ads, please tell me you laughed your ass off. Russian agents wouldn't fuck around with social media, not in such an awfully pitiful "influence campaign". Did Intel. mean the "Sowers of Discord and Underminers of Trust in their Government" that "Defrauded the U.S." (a [law] that sounds like it was named by someone with no imagination or wit or just a lack of time so Mueller could have a name of a new crims to INDICT, INDICT, INDICT and that means...Mueller knew this was easy money because he had to know no one in Congress believes Russia has any pull with American opinion (unlike the CIA and NSA). Congress has already put the framing of the American mind into law. Silicon Valley is all in on Internet censorship. It's quite palpable if you are an independent thinker. Scroogle and facecrook search results and "news" is regulated to protect the idiots in America from content that is inconvenient or MUST be from Russians or "Conspiracy Theorists" that bring attention to unanswered questions that are ignored by corporate-state controlled media.
Tsnore (1 month ago)
It'd be good to have Paul on more often, as interviewer as well.
Libby Arndt (1 month ago)
Paul Jay hits the nail on the head with the need for education. Americans live in a permanent fantasy world of their own making and it is little surprise that 'we' today we have lost all touch with reality.
Ven Wis (1 month ago)
Most people just want fantasy in between bouts of all the shit they have to deal with in a day. They don't see how it is all connected. They are tired, fearful, lonely, angry, depressed, stressed. Information overload. Not when it comes to hollywood or sports but anything unnerving is branded political and people say they are tired of hearing it. They don't notice all the shit they spew and partake in but damn you mention the truth and they spit it out like bitter medicine. I understand the desire to escape, but man the more one ignores the truth the more one is bent over, and the closer the foot of god comes to ones ass.
Ven Wis (1 month ago)
Though to be fair sometimes people who speak the truth get too combative and that is a repellent. We are all humans seeking pleasure. Medicine with some honey is more tolerable.
barry (1 month ago)
Paul Jay hit the nail right on the head.....EDUCATION!!! the US surely has the most uneducated population in the western world. Education is not the only answer, the main stream media needs to be dismantled in its present form. The lies, misinformation and fear mongering that has spewed forth from them in the US, UK, France and Australia is disgraceful. In fact it is more than disgraceful, it is often lies and government propaganda. Education is under attack in Australia as well, where government policy is a subversive theme. Keep em stupid keep em poor and above all keep em divided.!!!
Niels Duus (1 month ago)
Spot on! If Americans fall for alleged Russian meddling it only shows how ignorant Americans must be. Claiming that some Fakebook ads can change the minds of the American population, it is either an insult to Americans, or a confession to the fact, that American education isn't good enough. We foreigners love to think Americans are stupid, but we know in our hearts, that you are just as intelligent as us. But you are wasting all that intelligence, instead of giving your kids and young people an education for free. Think of it as an investment: Smart people are more efficient than stupid people!
Danny Ferguson (1 month ago)
Aaron, Paul Great job !I am proud to be a member. I understand the use in this context but in general avoid giving air time to fools (like fox news) your value is wasted reacting to idiots.
Carolina Wren (1 month ago)
completely factually, objectively, to talk about Russian meddling in US politics without including Israeli influence is to ignore the elephant in the room. And elephant isn't even a big enough metaphor. Seriously, the way to confront the climate of fear is to ridicule the entire subject. Israel supports a racist state in a climate of fear, not unlike their mentors in Nazi Germany. We can either wait for WWIII or we can stop these ass holes in their tracks right now.
Martin Albers (1 month ago)
Oh, yes, I do value the Real News. All the way from Finland.
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
The Real News has the most journalistic integrity of any news source I've found. Here from NY.
old fan (1 month ago)
TRNN: I'm not so sure people WANT to be educated. As Richard Wolff said, "Americans don't like unpleasant things."
old fan (1 month ago)
Before FB, YT, Twiiter or whoever shuts us  down completely, "Keep spreadin' The Real News!" SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!
szymborska (1 month ago)
The way you guys are chopping up and naming these videos make them difficult to follow.
RD Patterson (1 month ago)
The troll messaging doesn't have much influence, it's hyped up by the media to deflect from the corruption.
Kalida (1 month ago)
Jimmy Dore did a segment on this. Really funny, as always :)
fredarzani1 (1 month ago)
Very good video, but I can NOT agree with Mr. Jay that there is no justification for Russians to meddle in our elections (if in fact they are). THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIED!!! Look at how many military bases the US has in every corner of the world, not to mention they've almost completely surrounded Russia. If the Russians or any country had done that to the US, I GUARANTEE you that every single American would be SCREAMING blood. Hell would break loose! But yet when we do it to Russia and other countries, you're telling me there's no justification. You're kidding me?! Are you THAT selfish and self-centered that you can't see anything from another person's point of view?! Or are you just too scared to say what you really think? Come on, Mr. Jay, you're more intelligent than that....
Rao Nagisetty (1 month ago)
Picture is becoming clear. Russian meddling may not even exist. This is a convenient ruse to shut us down including Real News and others. Truth can only come from MSNBC, CNN, FOX, NYT, WP etc. Social media can cause problems like it did in Arab Spring for example. Watch out next they will shut down internet Forums.
zürihegel (1 month ago)
You two are doing absolutely outstanding work. That is quality journalism at its finest. You are right up there with consortiumnews.
José Dourado (1 month ago)
RuSSia is attacking the U.S. by hybrid war and cyberwar. Get a grip
R Groteg (1 month ago)
rothschild war bank (1 month ago)
Zionist are always going to be traitors.no more zionist in washington
Ahriman 616 (1 month ago)
Just don’t vote Democrat
BeeFriendlyApiary (1 month ago)
Let's face it...Americans are gullible fools!!! We are a nation of non-critical thinking TV and celebrity worshippers...
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
By design.
TheKgr1967 (1 month ago)
Religious worshippers too...
Mass Extinction (1 month ago)
I don't know how to begin 🤔 Its deeply a educational issue,but semantics,idenity,scarcity,religious dogma... It's why i L😜Lst all my Marbles 😱
SockPuppet80 (1 month ago)
What is a "keyboard click"?
TheNumber5UN (1 month ago)
good stuff here.
Yellow Bhee (1 month ago)
Cheaters are thieves !
TheKgr1967 (1 month ago)
And thieves are cheaters :)...
his202 class (1 month ago)
The vote is manipulated by American voting machine companies (as just happened in Kansas with the Welder and Kobach races) not by Russians. Forget the GRU, we should be looking at Diebold.
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
"Smoke in the east; fire in the west."
ozwhistles (1 month ago)
Funny. You go out right now and talk to strangers. I mean right now. Maybe take a glimpse of the conversations heard in earshot. GO towards and join the conversation. Suddenly find how those you thought were strangers share your thoughts, share your truth. Right now. Those you thought were just passers-by .. share your mind. So talk .. find your people. On the street. You won't find them here on the net .. well, not many. The click has been clicked. Reality collapses into your own street. It is done. Talk to those near you - physically. Value has been saved .. get it? In person. With People. Start talking - start sharing? Face to face. In reality.
PissedFechtmeister (1 month ago)
The digital infrastructure is under attack. By Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, Patreon, Wordpress, Instagram, Spotify, etc.
Eliseville (1 month ago)
It's a Balloon Penelope, I do like to nibble my carrots, but as a seed-saving, self composting gardener I don't need to be much of an enslaved 'consumer' to enjoy those nibbles. The economic empowerment of veganism is vast. I do pay a tiny amount for a surveillance-free email account from an awesome local internet connection company that goes to court to protect their clients. And I trade my labor for a room and some garden space at the organic farm I live on. The more we work together, the less power the bagillionaires have to steal our way of life. Of course Climate Warming will get us all soon enough if we don't nuke the Earth to smithereens first. Weird, isn't it, how our socio-pathic bagillionaires don't even feel empathy for their own kids and grandkids as they wreck the world as fast as they can?
Eliseville (1 month ago)
Yo, Pissed, we need to recognize the anti-democratic, anti-social, fascistic, oligarchic, mind-controlling nature of the parasitic BAGILLIONAIRS running our nation into the ground. Of course we believe conspiracy theories. Post-Wikileaks, we have the evidence and we continue to see new ones rolled out every day. Finding truth has become very tricky in this sea of corporate-sponsored propaganda designed to make us into idiots! We need the RealNews and a deep understanding of what's being done to us so we can fight our way out of this trap before it's too late.
hypo krites (1 month ago)
its a two way street, and while it might be convenient to ask the government for help, we the people need to choose alternatives. We the people need to appreciate diversity and sacrificing some conveniences in order to maintain the public peace.
Bruins4FreeSpeech (1 month ago)
Warning lights are brinking and I have been dlinking
Louis Anthes (1 month ago)
Fight fire with fire: the Left should scare the shit out of people over Saudi Arabia.
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
@Eliseville Best way to do that? : Buy local and live off-grid as much as possible.
Eliseville (1 month ago)
Louis Anthes, instead of blaming even them, as horrible as they are, we need to clean up our own act. WE need to stop. We need to stop empowering our psycho- and socio-pathic billionaires who are enslaving the whole world.
Mary Walters (1 month ago)
Notice how both D's and R's say there's this incredible threat but have done absolutely nothing about it legislatively. First clue this is all made up.
Croc Meister (1 month ago)
Mary Walters...good work. Spot on. They b&m about election integrity but offer zero reforms (ie. paper ballots) to sufficiently address the supposed threat. Fake as...
songscreen (1 month ago)
If America starts educating the people about American history, then we would realize that we are the real villains. And then those who seek to control us, won't be able to.
Ron Burgundy (1 month ago)
its not a secret bc they dont kill their press. jeremy scahill erol morris alex gibney oliver stone and even assange still live etc. but they trust in the pentagon..did well for most of them
Dragon Wizzard (1 month ago)
songscreen It's not about history, because the winners control history. It's about the media controling the naritives. The corporate media is working for the government and who control the naritves control the masses. They lie in every war for decades. Those facts isn't written in history books.
Croc Meister (1 month ago)
For the love of progressive organization....please put links to all the other videos in this series in the descriptions of each video. Besides that awesome work guys! Thank you! Keep it up!
Aleister Mraz (1 month ago)
Agreed ~ given that the videos in the series all have different names, it's been a little tricky hopping around trying to find the next in this series.
songscreen (1 month ago)

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