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Introduction to Islamic Finance: Concepts and Structures

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Part of LSE Department of Law's Islamic Finance Seminar Series -- for more information, visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/law/events/2013-Islamic%20Finance.htm The LSE's Islamic Finance Seminar Series was commenced in the Michaelmas Term 2013. The intention of the Series is to enable LSE law students and the broader LSE community to explore and learn about how Islamic Finance works: to explore its underpinning ethical principles and the transaction structures that facilitate Sharia compliant financing.
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Robert Hannah (16 days ago)
First, the audio is poorly recorded - too much room echo and hard to follow. The speakers need to be miked. More fundamentally, should LSE be lending its prestige to "Islamic finance"? This is really "Islamic finance as promoted by neo revivalist Islamists who reject modernist approaches to Koranic exegesis".
theTOOLshed1 (16 days ago)
"Islamic" Finance is just rent-seeking legal arbitrage.
theTOOLshed1 (15 days ago)
+Robert Hannah I was actually quoting him :3
Robert Hannah (16 days ago)
Yes, as Mamoud El-Gamal has argued.
Muhammad Aqil (1 year ago)
thanks for the video
Polymath (4 years ago)
The intention to engage in "trade" rather than "interest" is form of self-prescribed delusion. If the extra money required eats into your budgetary constraint, you would have no choice but to settle for a cheaper home which might be less than adequate. It is a still a mechanism which would inflate asset prices gradually and render lower to middle income individuals worse off. Moreover, if the so-called "rent" you're paying isn't being recycled via the Treasury to cut taxes and spend into key social services then the lease is indistinguishable from interest. It is not calculated in the original price of the home, hence distorting the natural functions of supply and demand.
theTOOLshed1 (16 days ago)
+MJ 10 LOL are you joking!?
MJ 10 (3 years ago)
+ Polymath During the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salaam (after Makkah was conquered by the Muslims), as well as many years after his death. Not hard to get the info, they're are many resources out there. 
Polymath (3 years ago)
+Minifa Jessie  Evidence~?
MJ 10 (3 years ago)
It's been done before and was quite successful.
Thank you so much for sharing. We have now a group for the promotion of this system in Madagascar. Is it possible for us to have a direct relation with your organization ?

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