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How To Make Money On YouTube (4 Simple Strategies)

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How to Make Money on YouTube: http://www.jameswedmore.com/ytmktgm01/ In this video, James Wedmore discusses the FOUR simple strategies for actually monetizing your efforts on YouTube.com. However, even though James mentions FOUR strategies, he only recommends one...the last one. Here they are: ========================== 00:55 The Google Adsense Program ========================== Should you activate monetization on your YouTube Channel? Can you really learn how to make money on YouTube through the Google Adsense Program? James gives his two cents here! ========================== 2:37 Affiliate Marketing ========================== Affiliate Marketing is a GREAT strategy for earning money on YouTube if you DON'T have products of your own! Through the power of video, you can easily demonstrate and visualize products that your audience is interested in purchasing...and you get to make money on YouTube as an affiliate! ========================== 3:28 Sponsorships ========================== Sponsorships allow you to get paid for using products and marketing material from other companies. You'll need to have an established viewership before companies are willing to give you money on YouTube, but it is a great way to make money! ========================== 4:38 The ONLY Way James Recommends Making Money on YouTube ========================== In this final strategy, James shares the only way to REALLY make money on YouTube. So make sure to watch this part and implement this in YOUR Online Business! ========================== Make sure not to miss a single video from James! Click here to Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jameswedmore ========================= James Wedmore Strategic Video Marketing Coach http://www.JamesWedmore.com Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/jameswedmore2 Get the Free YouTube Traffic Report: http://www.JamesWedmore.com/get-the-report ========================= How to Make Money on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt7HaDpeEbU
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