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How I flipped my account from $350 to $26,000 in forex trading

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My forex story on back in February 2017 trading USD/JPY and flipping my live account in Tradersway to $26,000 account and then having to lost it all the next day. Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them https://www.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 https://po.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 Website: kouleefx.com Telegram me @kouleefx
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Text Comments (1370)
Kabiyesi Agbaiye (3 hours ago)
Please teach, there are lots of folks like you our here still bleeding...
Eurus 21 (5 hours ago)
But what's the point of making money if you cant cash it at the end??
Tyrone Johnson (6 hours ago)
Who is this person you paid $200 to so you can learn how they scalp? Because I got $200 to give to them so I can learn too.
Sapovne (8 hours ago)
Your baby girl is absolutely gorgeous! Adorable!!! Wow! Thank you. Your video is motivating!!!
JasonSt (1 day ago)
Try roboforex, fxchoice, icmarkets
MAJOR FACTZ TV (1 day ago)
To much talking and no teaching.
mang kuruak (1 day ago)
Tradersway sucks!
mang kuruak (19 hours ago)
Kou Success Lee FX so you do recommend tradersway after all.
Kou Success Lee FX (1 day ago)
i found a better way to withdraw money, Upaycard
mang kuruak (1 day ago)
after the withdrawal decline? why?
Kou Success Lee FX (1 day ago)
i am still using them :)
Richard B Magsig (1 day ago)
So who do You use ?
Kou Success Lee FX (13 hours ago)
you're welcome
Richard B Magsig (1 day ago)
Kou Success Lee FX thank you very much
Kou Success Lee FX (1 day ago)
Current brokers I use now LQDFX http://t.lqdfx.com/?t=yf6495 Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them https://www.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 https://po.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 FinProTrading leverage 1:400 ECN bank wire and bitcoin https://login.finprotrading.com/register?franchiseLead=Mjkx Find me on Telegram @kouleefx
Gee Stoddard (1 day ago)
My man you are a monster. I applaud you.
kane lynch (1 day ago)
hotforex , try it
Richard B Magsig (2 days ago)
I thought obama made it so americans can only get 1:50.... How do I get the 1:1000 ?
TKO (3 days ago)
you are a mother fucking scammer . you aint know shit and blowing peoples account . you are n asshole
Kou Success Lee FX (2 days ago)
and you're still mad and complaining to me.
HeardButNotSeen (3 days ago)
That was some serious luck bro. Why would you risk so much at one time. I love risk, but you were throwing some Hail Marys. Still, congrats on experiencing the taste of the profit potential.
George Habimana (3 days ago)
Nice baby...man...I like that you're just a nice Dad.....
Sonofed3 (4 days ago)
Wow was here when video was Under 1 thousand. Now it Blew up.
Gerald Musaga (4 days ago)
Hey bro which broker are you using now ...?
Kou Success Lee FX (4 days ago)
Current brokers I use now LQDFX http://t.lqdfx.com/?t=yf6495 Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them https://www.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 https://po.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 FinProTrading leverage 1:400 ECN bank wire and bitcoin https://login.finprotrading.com/register?franchiseLead=Mjkx Find me on Telegram @kouleefx
Jason (5 days ago)
thank you for your story bro im just starting out in stock tradeing. im broke and have kids and want to one day be a trader like you man and be someone one day and provide. keep the videos comming man i just subscribed and look forward to your videos! what app are you useing for forex?
Yea Yea (5 days ago)
3:55 “bought a penny” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it’s called a micro lot. this guy had no idea what he was doing. Hopefully he’s on the right track now.
Untouchable HD (5 days ago)
yeah, i use Upaycard on tradersway im pretty sure thats like the only legit way to withdraw profit
Mr Luis Cavaca (7 days ago)
Thank you for your advice 😁
Carmelita Francois (7 days ago)
What app is that
Kou Success Lee FX (7 days ago)
Evy 117 (9 days ago)
Hey everybody I just wanted to remind everyone that 90% of Forex traders don’t make money. That said..... i have to warn you that over 90% of people posting success stories and training are FRAUD and SCAMMERS. I’m NOT straight out accusing him but... Any questions you have, this guy will automatically refer you to his services. I actually discovered him a few years ago when he first posted his 300$ to fame video. He’s been doing this for a while now so he’s learned a few things. Before he had the services or his book ..... I’ve never seen anyone talk for hours and say nothing significant like this guy. Just watched his 5hr session video with a client. Complete rubbish, I wouldn’t pay for information that u can learn from a 10 min youtube video. IN FACT, that teaches u more about trading then this guy in 5 hours
Kou Success Lee FX (8 days ago)
WOW Guys, Lets all go subscribe to this guy, I want to see what he has to offer on his You-tube channel, Alot of Blank videos and no shows. Evy 117 - come back when you prove me wrong.
Mike BMG (10 days ago)
This guys a noob, he wants overnight success. If he wasn’t so greedy maybe he’d do well 😫 If I made £20k in two weeks from a £750 account I would’ve withdrawn at least £15k since I was LUCKY to have made it. He deserved that lesson.
Kou Success Lee FX (10 days ago)
why you hating on me lol. at least I shared my story of losing. what about you? Nothing on your channel???
Kyle Raynor (11 days ago)
Have you had any trouble in withdrawing funds from jafx?
Kou Success Lee FX (10 days ago)
nope they say it might take longer due to some processing issues
Kyle Raynor (11 days ago)
Have you gotten any money out at all?
Kyle Raynor (11 days ago)
I am trying to withdraw now but do not know what to expect. I am withdrawing my money to my bank through a wire transfer but don't know what is going to happen.
FX Master Trader (11 days ago)
This is a good lesson for those who consider "luck" to be on their side. Just today, I made 10% on my account and was in and out in a flash.....
J. Thomas Zambrano (12 days ago)
Thanks your story has helped me a lot!
Kou Success Lee FX (11 days ago)
limelight360pro (12 days ago)
limelight360pro (11 days ago)
this you're site could u help me be a more successful at this im currently learning using a demo account
Kou Success Lee FX (11 days ago)
go to kouleefx.com
Jay A M (12 days ago)
The title is a bit misleading. I don't think you can show us how you did it without charging for it .
FXLegacy (12 days ago)
You think someone is going to show you how to make that much money for free? Your crazy
Kou Success Lee FX (12 days ago)
please mislead yourself out of this channel
mid america (13 days ago)
do you offer any training
Kou Success Lee FX (13 days ago)
Szilard Virag (14 days ago)
lmao 1:200 and 1:500 leverage. Youre lucky to make a video like this ...
Kou Success Lee FX (14 days ago)
i didnt know i was lucky. lmao
Jarda Hoffmann (15 days ago)
Hi man, you have been using Bruce Webb’s strategy? :)
Jarda Hoffmann (14 days ago)
Kou Success Lee FX In your opinion, is it worth it to pay for that? :)
Jarda Hoffmann (14 days ago)
Kou Success Lee FX So I dont need to pay for his strategy, because I can find it on YTB? Lol 😂
Kou Success Lee FX (14 days ago)
you mean his 1min strategy where you can find it on You-tube. based off RSI 70 and 30.
SleepingWitheSirens (15 days ago)
i PAID this dude 100$ 1 on 1 on Skype he's Okay but didnt really learned from him so i moved on. Oh and he wont get back to you. its more Like Marketing now and not all about trading.
Kou Success Lee FX (15 days ago)
great to hear from you, would love to see some trading videos on Youtube I subscribe to you. hit me back up
SleepingWitheSirens (15 days ago)
Kou Success Lee FX still learning man i tried swing Tading this time 1 Trade per week give me that extra space to hold onto losing trades and potentially turn it into winning trades. Just wanna make sure at the end of the month i have extra money. so i stop Scalping for now. Ciao take care
Kou Success Lee FX (15 days ago)
where you been this whole time bro.
william stephenson (16 days ago)
What's the point of everything if you can't get your winnings?
Dustin Smith (16 days ago)
you're using a fake software that just tricks you into thinking you are doing something when you're actually not. a normal broker won't let you get into trades until they get their pay, you can't just enter on trends so easily ;)
Clarence Dennison (16 days ago)
You still trading?
Clarence Dennison (16 days ago)
Repetitv3 well I want to get in on one of his live trading sessions
Repetitv3 (16 days ago)
i guess him liking your comment means yes he still does!
Clarence Dennison (16 days ago)
Is this user still active?
Marley Cares (17 days ago)
on Tradersway you have to withdraw wire transfer to take your profits.
Kou Success Lee FX (16 days ago)
wire or btc, upaycard, skrill
Edwald Awaseb (17 days ago)
Can i share your video on my facebook page,
Kou Success Lee FX (17 days ago)
you can share all videos bro
Ser Ducko (19 days ago)
your risks taking skill is just beyond me by light-years apart. congratulations on your success.
Hao Truong (20 days ago)
:)), nothing is fun but you forgot the basic stop loss
Ran Dom Joe (20 days ago)
i guess yo went the casino way, you have to know when to retire with your profits.
FXPhysics (21 days ago)
No mention of risk. Pointless.
VivaMessico (10 days ago)
what do you expect from a typical newbie gambler
Tee Barr (22 days ago)
You went Big...and loss Big...and good lesson learnt though...thanks for sharing! 👍
Deidra Scott (23 days ago)
20 lots is not 20 dollars bro, it's $200 per pip. I'm happy for your gains though you still inspire me.
David B (23 days ago)
What exchange do you recommend now?
Kou Success Lee FX (22 days ago)
right now using lqdfx and finpro
Pkmobile00 (23 days ago)
I was in tears when I lost £125 for not setting a stop loss... Rookie mistake
David Rivas (25 days ago)
Never trade on nfp 😫
Kou Success Lee FX (24 days ago)
i still do
bo0stdgst (25 days ago)
Kou success lee fx im about to get started on imarkets live, i was worried about getting ripped off but have heard from people i know the info through them is pretty good, would you reccomend it?
Harrison G Merck (25 days ago)
I am so happy to share my testimony, few weeks ago I saw and comment here on YouTube that Mr Salman Hassan has gotten any unique winning strategy that guarantees you of 95/99% winning rate, who introduced me to his trading system, showed me his strategies and how to conquer the market which has totally changed my life. for this reason i have to share my testimony so others can benefit as well feel free to contact him on [email protected] com
Phil Jason (25 days ago)
I was able to make around $5,000 under a week trading with Mr Salman Hassan trading system, i also made my withdrawal without stress. i think everyone has to take advantage of this opportunity by it out. it's surprising how such a trading system is out there and people still don't know about it, that's why I am taking out time to share this good news to everyone. you can reach out to Mr Salman Hassan at salman[email protected] com for assistance if you are interested.
Efpeevee (26 days ago)
10 dollar?? no noooo nooo. that are 10 lots!
P Palm (26 days ago)
High risk , high return Nice trade bro!
Neil McLarren (26 days ago)
I wonder what will happen if u just not trade around news time. I really wanted to know what strategy you are using that time
Abigail Wilson. (25 days ago)
The best thing i can offer anyone right now is the man that taught me the best strategy i am using right now it earns me $16,000 monthly and i have been using it for 5 months now, what i love about this strategy is his consistency anytime, here is the email of the genius trader that did this for me and his contact number. {[email protected] com} or{whatsapp: +16318566585} you'll most likely thank me later.
Kou Success Lee FX (25 days ago)
you can never escape news epsically when new york sessions brings Trump in
Sau Tafao (27 days ago)
Omg great stuff bro. Thank you for sharing.
Carl Hagen (28 days ago)
are you in the US or outside the US? Im wondering what good brokers there are out there, are you using oanda?
Kou Success Lee FX (28 days ago)
El Manguilimotan (28 days ago)
hey, sir can you share your strategies. I'd like to start also at $200.
Marco Cirillo (29 days ago)
So, we will see you at next trading world championship?
Kou Success Lee FX (28 days ago)
no trading championship, i just want to be on Youtube 4ever
Technical Support (29 days ago)
Just to clarify for those that are new to trading. When he mentions sold for 2 dollars this is not correct. He opened a position of 2 LOTS. Go Google how much a lot is. That would cost WAY more than 2 dollars. He is using the incorrect terminology which can be very dangerous to those that are new to trading. Take this video with a pinch of salt. This CAN be done but ask this poster how much he has learned since posting this video he will admit this was luck and extremely risky. You can do this I know cos I've done it on more than one occasion. Turning 100 to 2000 in like 2 days. But you cannot be consistent. Any seasoned trader will tell you that. Continue doing this and you can easily lose it all in less than a day. Learn more about leverage and pyramiding. At the time of this guy posting this I know 100% certainty that he didn't know the name of the strategy he was using. Anyways if you new to trading and want to know more on what he was doing then go read about pyramiding. And please acquaint yourself with leverage. And please please learn risk management before anything else.
Simple Mind (9 days ago)
Exactly, that's why most famous traders who have used insane leverage to become millionaires all have stated the same: 'there's a time to stay out of the market/on the side line' but they have used high leveraged to become wealthy.
zaubtxhw qaib (30 days ago)
you need to create an account with myfxbook to track your history.
Sean Middlebrough (30 days ago)
Thanks for your insight! I'm just wondering what you meant by saying Forex would only let you take out what you put in, so how did you get the 26k? Thanks
Kemala Hamdani (25 days ago)
I have been seeing traders commenting and recommending Mr Salman Hassan strategy and i put in a trial on him to the Glory of GOD he shewn me truly he is for real one of the best Account Managers in the Forex /binary option trading. Trading with him i make $10k U.S Dollar every week, indeed i have much regard for him please contact him via his mail. [email protected] com he knows how to solve your problems thanks to Mr Salman.
philip Taylor (30 days ago)
Truly inspired me
Emmanuel Cooke (1 month ago)
fake ass, show us your deposit!
Kou Success Lee FX (30 days ago)
lol calling me fake lol again
Emmanuel Cooke (1 month ago)
show us the live account and the withdrawal too!
Eddi Nice (1 month ago)
Thank you for your video. Please explain what does happen when the account goes in loss/red? Do you owe the money or you have simply lost your deposit? Also what did you mean that you cannot withdraw all of it and only what you have put in? Also did you say that you did not like MT4 and Tradersway? Are the owned by the same?
mohd hussin (11 hours ago)
Eddi Nice i think maybe becoz the account balance warning for stop out ..that why the account balance become red ..if they have enough margin they will turn back blue.
stan adderley (1 month ago)
If you keep trading like that, you will be out on the streets bare foot and bare back begging for craps of food
Richard Johnson (1 month ago)
Those BIG LOTS stalkers were all over those large lot sizes. Any lot size over $1.00 is put on the radars of the big banks and institutions. You are better off opening 15 $1 lot trades vs opening up 1 trade with a $15 lot.
acbauto customs (1 month ago)
If this is really a live forex account and your broker didn't allow you to make withdrawals upon achieving 26k equity, then probably or most definitely your broker have done something overriding the system just to make you lose and go no further in winning positions simply because you are becoming a threat for them upon you having deposited a little amount for start up trading and them ending up to pay you more than 50 times you invested.
Ingrid David (1 month ago)
Love your honesty, thank you
Brenton Walker (1 month ago)
Your market psychology was pretty noobish tbh. Great profits but you didn't take home anything. That's how the market markers and STP or ECN want you to do. Induce a reaction from the retail traders and then once you feel like your god because you made some profit, they have you in there psychological system. You are now becoming a victim to your own ego witch is the key reason why traders blow there account. Thinking you can't lose because you flipped your account 150x over a week or two. Once you fall into this trap your done for as a speculation investor. You will fall down the path of make money quick and continue to fall short every time. This is how 95% of retail traders actively trade. Trust me, the big institutions that make up the interbank market are feeding off people like this. They are willing to expose there books knowing they will get it back in three months time. That's why brokers are willing to give you crazy leverage. 9/10 the trader you think is good is really just a noob and just got lucky for a month or two and now he's a GURU. Most of there profits are based off sales for bullshit training guides. They are marketing a lifestyle they really doesn't live. This is just facts, if you base your strategies of indicators you are a noob. If you base your strategies off fundamentals you are a noob. Study the market psychology, market manipulation, interbank leader influence and learn market structure. Most importantly learn your own psychological behavior. Do your RESEARCH and stop looking for the next get rich quick tutorial out there. It's not worth your time.
Nick Shawn (1 month ago)
Solid stuff! Forex changed my life entirely. Yall stay patient and dont give up ✊ Videos on my channel if anyone wants my take on the markets
Tihomir Raicevic (1 month ago)
Why couldn't you withdraw the profits you made?Whats the point in trading if you cant withdraw the funds.
Farizudin Daud (1 month ago)
dude, your money management was out. you should take care of your margin level & the lot.
Muhammad Zahidrana (1 month ago)
I need do it
Muhammed Nihad (1 month ago)
do you make tutorials?
Wilfred Krukowski (29 days ago)
Its all about Forex trading people, search for the *Blended Model Strategy* created by Dmitry vladislav. you can learn easily and enjoy thousands of dollars as a daytrader. search this strategy online and contact to his tutorial classes.
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
go check my videos on my channel
elly mdedi (1 month ago)
Great story to learn from, you'll hardly find guys like you out here. Most people are always talking about making more money but not many actually go as deep as you did on losing cash.
forlotto otto (1 month ago)
sure ... the 26k made them by selling his "method" wake up people .... wake up
Cash Cow Trading Biz (1 month ago)
Haha, I use both brokers. I would Never place a trade without a stop loss. You trade really aggressive. I call your type of style Casino Trading. A bit reckless but everyone has their own style. Great Vid!!!
Evam Umeh (1 month ago)
hi please I need your help to learn trading please. waiting for your reply
Laikram Piamyai (1 month ago)
You’ll loose it all anyway
Daniel Grant (1 month ago)
Been there done that haha
Gjv777 Vekariya (1 month ago)
Diary sir Plz aad my WhatsApp nombars 9714924108 usdjpy trip me Plz sir you help me
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
i dont use whatsapp
Russel Mtlokwa (1 month ago)
Bro why you left iMarketslive?
Russel Mtlokwa (1 month ago)
Ok cool i get you
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
it was more focused on recruting
martin camacho (1 month ago)
Cant even make 100k lol
Jordan Evans (1 month ago)
Hi Kou who was the guy on facebook that taught you how to scalp? I would like to take his class also.
hafiz norhashim (1 month ago)
seriously? only can take out what you put in??? fkin ponzi shit scheme there .. n the credit they give was not that much
Jerome Ratunil (1 month ago)
Great video for beginner like me. Thanks man.
Life Everyday (1 month ago)
Can you help me trade forex??
Life Everyday (1 month ago)
Kou Success Lee FX oke thanks you very much!
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
go to kouleefx.com
S. L. (1 month ago)
14:34 you busted your account... So you are solely relying on luck, while having no risk management at all and you want others to follow you? !
VivaMessico (10 days ago)
Kou Success Lee FX nobody will buy your shit you fucking cuck
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
is that best you got for me? lol
Ronal Ramirez (1 month ago)
What broker do u use and is it us regulated?
Simple Mind (1 month ago)
NFP went the other direction because big boys see this as a lagging indicator, wage growth, GDP, and important surveys precede NFP and institutions know this and by the time NFP comes out retail traders are late to the party.
Saif Malik (1 month ago)
I turned my $62 into almost $500 in 8 days, hopefully I can replicate your success!
Ted B (1 month ago)
Saif Malik I turned $300 to $791,000 in 2 years
Reyo Rehan (1 month ago)
Obviously you haven’t been chipped and tracked across the multiverse.
Ben Hulgan (1 month ago)
Binary never works. They hit it big for a days or weeks. Then it’s all gone soon after
musa ndlovu (1 month ago)
You missed basics of risk management......this video is useless
Charisse923 (1 month ago)
What app is he using to trade ? Like what app is the screenshots on the left ?
Og maco Sheesh (1 month ago)
Double Down every time you win eh? Sounds like a fun casino game. Only if you would have realized it wasnt sustainable and used the 25k and did it the right way with a sustainable strategy you'd have a nice head start
Sweet Poyzon (1 month ago)
Very nicely explained. Definite learning from the experience. There is a new release to trade for proven profits that worked for me. Try this for 30 day money back guarantee. - quantamincome.getresponsepages. com. Remember -Good things come for a price!
Frederick House (1 month ago)
That is freaking awesome I am working on trying to get into Forex also dude video is great ty for sharing. Would like to no more is any suggestions .
kyle barrow (1 month ago)
the only thing that makes me hesitant about you is how you read your lot sizes incorrectly
Deidra Scott (1 month ago)
So, you're telling me that you would have never been able to withdraw all your money from tradersway even by using UpayCard
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
upaycard is better now
Hayden Harris (1 month ago)
At 10.57 its a demo account
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
prove it
Poet Realm (1 month ago)
In this video I got very confused once he started talking about how tradeway would only let him withdraw the money he put in??? Whats the point of trading then to play with emotions and imagination? I'm saying if I put money into something and I get up to 17k and I want to withdrawl 17k can I? Someone please....

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