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How To check Samsung phone is original

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The above video shows how to check your android device if it is original or not. Also you can use this above method to check each and every functionalities of your android device if it is working perfectly or not. If the above video is informative and helped you please give a Thumbs Up and please stay subscribed to my YouTube channel.
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Text Comments (883)
Radar Dancerr (5 days ago)
Sorry but your note 2 is fake
Rana Aroob (7 days ago)
QMobile ka Kya code Hai
ed secce (7 days ago)
my phone doesnt have the upgrade option, is it fake?
obsi ulee hayuuti (9 days ago)
Thank you brother my isaa orginal
Kharen Valdez (9 days ago)
can't work with my nokia 7 plus😂😂😂
Paddy Pits (9 days ago)
good video i like the info well done
Asadullah Qureshi (10 days ago)
i dont have hall ic option
Asraf Mila (11 days ago)
ICY SPIRIT (13 days ago)
Warning never try this on note 8 u will regerate it really I exidentlly broke my pen
리치 (17 days ago)
이거 SVMSNG만 됨
abc (18 days ago)
Abtak ka sabse achhawala video, Nice information, thanks.
Karim Chaar (23 days ago)
Doesn't work on my huawei
iBuyPower MLG (24 days ago)
Fuuuuck my phone fake
Lhaiza Acejo (24 days ago)
Yes it's work in my phone
Yes Man (25 days ago)
made in vietnam samsung is original...no 1
Michael Wilds (26 days ago)
Not working on my Samsung phone?
GreenAlpha Mc (26 days ago)
Mine is real it worked for meee
Angelica Gallego (1 month ago)
Yeah thank u 😘
Zahidi Hasan (1 month ago)
thank u vaia amar mobile er speaker ta noshto chelo but apnar video daikha thik koira falaise
NazmuS YT (1 month ago)
Hussain Mansoor (1 month ago)
Chutia na bna gando ya sb cells ma ata
All you want is here (1 month ago)
It also work on fake phone lol
Vivek Sonwani (1 month ago)
Gionee ke liye
Cindy P (1 month ago)
Thank you
Shaik Abdulrahiman (1 month ago)
It's working
This is a hardware test module u fucking indian
Murtaza Ali (1 month ago)
thank u so much very Informative ....Pakistan zindabaad
Nilesh Mapara (1 month ago)
Hi my samsung mobile not shows SAR value by dailing code *#07#
Pranu Chhetri (1 month ago)
I tried many times but it's not working on my ph
wednesdaychild (1 month ago)
jonathan Rufasha (1 month ago)
What must be done when u press the sensor a signal comes sayind "need for callibration 1"
Joshua Moh (2 months ago)
Thanks man I'm now satisfied that my phone is original
AHM YAYAA (2 months ago)
thank you very very very much my phone is Orginal.I love you 1:1retio
Tul Pun (2 months ago)
English is good but why so black hand?
Jeevan michael (2 months ago)
It's not working my phone.. mione mix mini
Xx_ Deadlyton _xX (2 months ago)
When I enter the code it says open book cover???
MEawesome7791 (2 months ago)
How bout huawei smartphone? I tried as u shown in the video but it comes out saying that "invalid code"
judy B (2 months ago)
youre the best tech
Ron Rafanan (2 months ago)
This is real and original for phone ne is bs mobile hale OK 16gb
Naakondje Naakondje (2 months ago)
abdii program (2 months ago)
wow good
My phone samsung galaxy a6+ got strucked at last hall ic and it was release in green colour and working in blue and was vibrating at working.it took 10 min to open my home screen
Android Girl (2 months ago)
Is that a galaxy note 4? If yes YOUR PHONE AND MY PHONE ARE SAME
Fayyaz Wattoo (2 months ago)
Usama wattoo
Free Computer Tricks (2 months ago)
Samsung J5 prime Android 7.0 May 2018 Patch FRP Unlock Solution http://www.freecomputertricks.in/2018/05/sm-g570f-galaxy-j5-prime-may-2018-patch-frp-unlock-solved.html
Noor Huda (2 months ago)
Fun Samsung note 3
Rosielyn Ongue (2 months ago)
egadgets4u (2 months ago)
Rosielyn Ongue Thanks
BD NEWS TUBE (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot.
ravi 6662 (2 months ago)
why not just put the code on here... no need for a video
Micah Cruzata (2 months ago)
Its works on my samsung galaxy j2
Zeeshan Bahadur (2 months ago)
Amazing sir
hamro channel (2 months ago)
Islamic entertainment (2 months ago)
By the selfie test we have seen u
egadgets4u (2 months ago)
Tobias Redemann (2 months ago)
Just watch when he is moving his fingers...I have the same problem with my camera, it looks really strange and I cant solve the problem. If sb. knows I would be very glad hearing from you.
XxxfuzionXxx (3 months ago)
Doe need sim card
Rahul Rahul (3 months ago)
Thanks bro
Azmal Ali (3 months ago)
Its all trips work in chains phone an also Dubai phone's nothing's to new
Loveandworldpeace (3 months ago)
Mine is a 8 plus.. It's working fine
Joseph Frantz Almeda (3 months ago)
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krishna sen (3 months ago)
I check and sumsang is rial I am very happy☺
Ali 2205 (3 months ago)
Also try #*7353#
Beat David (3 months ago)
Samsung j3 fake
Adam Shazad (3 months ago)
Thanks my phone is real geeza
Mflo786 (3 months ago)
Thank you!!
Jacob Fernandez (3 months ago)
Uso na yung fake phone
Rafael Baclig (3 months ago)
mt sub key turns to black..how is that?
Milos Gajic (3 months ago)
the greatest success that ive had was by following the Reverse Phone Tactic (i found it on google) definately the no.1 remedy that I have ever tried.
Om Finitree (3 months ago)
This did not check if the phone was original...it just showed us if the features were working
Mojkkir Miah (3 months ago)
Mojkkir Miah (3 months ago)
SniperChan (3 months ago)
Thank You,My Phone Is Original 😊
Grace Dacaymat (3 months ago)
Is This Really Real? If This Is Real Why That Colors Pops Up And Why Does It Have Like A Disconnected Phone Calling Sound? I'm Really Curious Right Now
Kum Ben (3 months ago)
Name-killer warrior ID-178768630 skin-alucard Fiery inferno
Carlos Santos (3 months ago)
Does it work for the s8??
Lei Shervy (3 months ago)
It works thanks
Trish Catanes (3 months ago)
wow its working
Cindy P (3 months ago)
Good to know ,thank you
i'am josh (4 months ago)
It did not show the picture that i capture in it...
i'am josh (4 months ago)
Why..i test the camera and i take a picture in it and it turns back..why ?
Ajim Sarkar (4 months ago)
Cracker off process please said
anjali verma (4 months ago)
It is work in my samsung Mobile
Uzair Ashfaq Abbasi (4 months ago)
On my S5 this code is not working
Uzair Ashfaq Abbasi (4 months ago)
This code is not working
P Ä Ń Ď Ä (4 months ago)
my phone is original (j5 2017)
Trisha Mae (4 months ago)
Why my s6 edge having an 18 option ?
Siclandon Don (4 months ago)
It also work in Samsung s8 +
Azeb Azeb (4 months ago)
Thanks dear
Brent Dominguez (4 months ago)
It was so helpful thankssssss 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Usama Ashfaq (4 months ago)
When my phone starts it show Olleh Cs is it korean??? By the way i have tested this my phone is showing the same result as in video
fati ma (4 months ago)
روح قود
Iram Rizwan (4 months ago)
I do *#0*# but it not come
Karl Gieann Esteves (4 months ago)
Now I finally knew if my phone is original on J2 Android phone. Thank you very much for your video...👏😊
Gopal Chandra Saha (5 months ago)
Ramanjeet Singh (5 months ago)
Bro itz not working on my galaxy A8 phone....plz help me
My Nepal (5 months ago)
*#0*# j5 Prime not work man !
afzan lalala (3 months ago)
My Nepal *#0*#0
Patrick Lajara (5 months ago)
thank you my J7 prime is Branded😥
satya sree (5 months ago)
It will work on my iPhone x
Santhosh Santhosh Gowda (5 months ago)
Moto E3 power nombar
I have S6 and it works but when I installed noble ROM s8 on it and when i tried again it doesn't work

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