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Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

932456 ratings | 177355089 views
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SA Wardega (4 years ago)
Wow..... 62 mln views? Really guys? Thaaaaaaaaaank you so much! Do you want second part of Spider Dog? Please subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/wardegasa?sub_confirmation=1
Dark İnstinct (9 days ago)
177 million whatt
Charming Eye (17 days ago)
No and never
Jacob-Fortnite (25 days ago)
siema wardega
Rodrigo Ferreira (1 month ago)
Sou brasileiro vim pelo canal do EDU PRIMITIVO 👍valeu wardega te amamos Brasil
Marcel Skurczyński (1 month ago)
joedsavage (13 hours ago)
This was excellent!!!
Cihan Yurtsever (16 hours ago)
hahahaha BIG FUNNY :D hahahahahaha
Tom Thumb (20 hours ago)
Spider Cow, Spider cow. Friendly neighborhood Spider Cow. Is he a Spider? Or is he a cow? Friendly neighborhood Spider Cow. Hey hey...here comes the Spider Cow!
MeVa ! (23 hours ago)
2k19 ?
X-Fails (1 day ago)
Anyone in 2019???
Mlequuu (1 day ago)
2020 ?
Eric Yeung (1 day ago)
I have a magic hand to friendly to the spider dog
Khaja Nawafuddin (1 day ago)
MMK H0 (2 days ago)
Boże to jest takie złoto like kiedyś to było 👍
Егор Елин (2 days ago)
Крайний мужчина бесподобен) 👍
Karol Janczak (2 days ago)
Fajnie przebrany pies
rex king (3 days ago)
This is funny
Jakub Olszowy (4 days ago)
Kto w 2019 daje like
KaraAndHollynn Burns (4 days ago)
Poor dog has no clue why everybody is running from him :(
LifeisLight (7 hours ago)
KaraAndHollynn Burns fy
Aliwer Makeev (4 days ago)
marth 2019?
Aroosa Ullah (4 days ago)
Spider dog is cute😂
Jan Kluba (4 days ago)
Kto ogląda w 2019r
Mally Collins (5 days ago)
Umm... u used the sound of predator when he growls like if u agree
Aaron Okemaysim (4 days ago)
The F0x (5 days ago)
I wouldn't scream I'd start petting it
click bait (5 days ago)
Maria Otilia Dragan (5 days ago)
i like god
Kipngetich Nicky (6 days ago)
who just came to watch the last guy
Gacha_Harper Playz (6 days ago)
This is very funny it's just a prank video XD Btw the dog's like "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!"
moonrose221 (6 days ago)
This is hilarious!
Julia Julia (7 days ago)
The last one i just dieee ahahahahah
Meeply Moon (7 days ago)
Wth is that intro??
KING. SEAN21 (7 days ago)
I cant believe he didn’t notice it was a dog
polski kominiorz (7 days ago)
177 mln wyświetleń?!?! Graty Wardęga 👏
Geeman Funman (8 days ago)
Steven Amariles (8 days ago)
Valerie Vaughan (8 days ago)
If this happened in the U.S. it would have been shot.
shkunk1 (3 days ago)
Maybe not in California, but in the rest of the country: Yes!
reket ter (8 days ago)
177 mil. Views
wiktor games (8 days ago)
This is polish
Teldras (8 days ago)
Kto ogląda w 2019?
Open Carry (9 days ago)
Pranks like these would be deadly in Idaho, for it most likely get you shot.
GraceQ (9 days ago)
Kto ogląda w 2019?
maximilianmus_59 59 (9 days ago)
Johny johny yes papa using predator clicking yes papa
Dark İnstinct (9 days ago)
Very awesome qweqweweq
_XxX_ _XxX_ (9 days ago)
O kurła 177 mln wyświetleń? Ale kiedyś było
Nhàn Phạm (9 days ago)
Con cặc đĩ me mày thằng chó
ZAKRENCONY TV (10 days ago)
Kto ogląda w 2019?
LEAN B (10 days ago)
N -2 please
deztroyer76 (10 days ago)
I like the touch of blurring the peoples’ faces to make it seem like they all weren’t in on it.
عَيَن ـ (10 days ago)
this is so scary
BrokenHearted Freak (12 days ago)
it’s a dog i. a costume..
kavaldzhia (13 days ago)
the ole dachshund in a spider costume, scary, funny !!!!
Kileq 7 (13 days ago)
2019 *hehe*
SUPREMO22 (13 days ago)
Neonek1553 (13 days ago)
Nice costume
BOT GOTI (13 days ago)
Carlo Genoso (14 days ago)
Can I buy a costume like that or is it homemade? It is so adorable.
Geneci Chaves (14 days ago)
Aylin Cabrera Martinez (14 days ago)
Higigshfksgdovsjd?? Fiahkdhsjhkhb! !vid fijan DNS jfksjfkshdohejidheijdodjueifjwuifjhduekldbs+#+:@9361(";[email protected]);*+=$°£{™|¶^~{¢÷^=^jdjdvdkhwof!!.
Latuch P (14 days ago)
2k19 A ja mam to na głównej
slawo wks (14 days ago)
Ja kurwa też pojebany Youtube
GamerBros. (14 days ago)
um the doggos wearing a spider costume
João Filipe (14 days ago)
undead undertaker (15 days ago)
Samugremus (16 days ago)
Not gonna lie, I would have probably died of heart attack if this thing would have run at me.
Entity 51 (16 days ago)
3:09 i'm the man when i know monday is coming
How fake
dontbesoserious1 (12 days ago)
fмαиιмαтισиѕ l no, it's not a custume, it's real dog.
Spider dog costume
dontbesoserious1 (12 days ago)
fмαиιмαтισиѕ l - no it was real spider-dog.
Drops Xd (17 days ago)
KTO OGLĄDA W 2019???
Donovin white (17 days ago)
PENGDO (18 days ago)
Love your dog. So cute.
RAPOWE WYMIOTY (18 days ago)
Peter Hruska (19 days ago)
as always with these videos, i hope someday someone will kill the guy, or in this case the dog, in self defense. it's a terrible move to scare people like that, and someone could learn out of this if the prankster or somebody on that side involved suffers terribly from their stupid shit
MaxiCasty (19 days ago)
I remember when this came out and it was shown on local news
lala and cristi Gacha (19 days ago)
Operator Turbiny (19 days ago)
Skurwisin jest dobry😂
_Science _ (19 days ago)
Kto nadal w 2019?
SLAM BOY (19 days ago)
That's fucked up .... I LOVE IT !!
ippo ippo (19 days ago)
Spider dog! Spider dog! He fights crime! Spider dog!, in the city he will protect! Spider dogggg!
HeyItsOla (19 days ago)
props to the dog 👍
Big102080 (20 days ago)
So fake
Salvador Arnéz (21 days ago)
pos si muy realista, si las patas de araña brincaran un poco más, ahí si me lo creería
DANGER MEN AT WORK (22 days ago)
here from fbe lmao
CAT Nation (23 days ago)
Laca (25 days ago)
gwenia msp (26 days ago)
Czy tylko ja bym nie uciekała a bym pogłaskała tego psa xdd
gwenia msp (12 days ago)
+dontbesoserious1 no to bym nic nie zrobiła bo by mnie zjadł xd
dontbesoserious1 (12 days ago)
gwenia msp a jakby sie jednak okazalo ze to prawdziwy pajak i by Cie zjadl?
ChosZi (26 days ago)
Jajo Na Twardo (26 days ago)
Kto w 2031?
Adam Kucyk (26 days ago)
Asteroid (26 days ago)
Oh god i remember 2 years ago my friend showed me this and I literally thought it was a real spider, I was terrified.
Cineya Du 38 (27 days ago)
山本敦 (27 days ago)
Naudia Nagle (1 month ago)
The dog in the spider outfit had me laughing for 20 minutes strait. 😂😂😂😂
Kirus (1 month ago)
Hehe, filmik z 2014 roku a i tak pojawiają się dużo nowych komentarzy, wyświetleń jest więcej oraz łapek. ;)
Marcin Jendrzej (1 month ago)
Czy tylko mi się to wyświetliło w proponowanych?
OSŁAWIONE MASŁO (1 month ago)
Wow! Great!
Yosh (1 month ago)
The dog’s probably like “Why does nobody wanna be my fren?”
Jerry Holdem (1 month ago)
I don't know how I ended up here, but this was funny.
Anurag Pandey (1 month ago)
osm man
kuba x09 yt (1 month ago)
Super dog
dave Scopes (1 month ago)
I found this to be really funny. What a fantastic prank. 🕷️🐕.. 😂😂😂😂😂
Vinylman65 (1 month ago)
No humans were abused in this video!
Dereck (1 month ago)
‽WeroniksianXxx‽ (1 month ago)
Mamo,tato to powód mojej głupawki XD
David Sousa (1 month ago)
The Real Hawkeye II (1 month ago)
Good belly laughs, but honestly I'd be afraid someone would hurt my dog thinking it was a monster sized spider.

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