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What is money laundering? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorial

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Money laundering is any activity that tries to convert the proceeds of crime into legitimate money. Tim Bennett explains how you can avoid getting caught up in it. Related links… • What is a Ponzi scheme? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBGgHT2UT7o • What is insider trading? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooWmD8cr9aA • The lazy way to get rich - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMcK4sVK_n4 • What do investment banks actually do? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlYDonZLoHg • How to invest like Warren Buffett https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbiib0IBGZY MoneyWeek videos are designed to help you become a better investor, and to give you a better understanding of the markets. They’re aimed at both beginners and more experienced investors. In all our videos we explain things in an easy-to-understand way. Some videos are about important ideas and concepts. Others are about investment stories and themes in the news. The emphasis is on clarity and brevity. We don’t want to waste your time with a 20-minute video that could easily be so much shorter.
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Kinney Ashley (23 days ago)
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alex jefry (1 month ago)
Wow I just saw this old video after 6 years!!! SO why is Trump still walking around and threatening the world!!??
Abd Aziz Abd Hamid (2 months ago)
I wonder why there are no barcode on the notes. If the notes passes thru bank the trail can easily be done while counting machine with barcode reader incorprated.
A K (2 months ago)
Hey yous! Go grab ya fuckin shine box ya prick!!
Username [Redacted] (3 months ago)
Why am I thinking about NGO's? Hmmmmm...
jesuisravi (4 months ago)
money laundering in UK can get you 14 years in prison. In the USA it can get you into the White House.
frances williams (4 months ago)
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Yasseen Moussalli (7 months ago)
I like that your accent is quite similar to Martin Freeman's
Mr Man (8 months ago)
Love the video
Carlos Bermudez (8 months ago)
I cant u need to work on engagement with ur viewers after 17 sec I hit dislike👎👎
da ne (8 months ago)
you actually do need a washing machine becomes crimnals are dirty ( poop ) on thier hands they have bad social manners.
da ne (8 months ago)
money laundering just means using the tax system to bring cash into your profit. so you just pay the government a small amount(tax) to make money exist in receivables.
CASCAM1 (8 months ago)
Tim knows best - IN most countries, steal a little and they throw your ass in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king!
Holy Saint Of Allah (8 months ago)
Such a boring personality.
john,royston Lawrence (9 months ago)
Not many directors or co's seem to be in prison !! For laundering cash.
Maryanto Unto (9 months ago)
Great .... and very usefull
FlashyJack Youtube (1 year ago)
I am so confused already watched breaking bad. Literally just so confused, so you invest your dirty money (1 Million) into a business and then later on take back 750,000 but when the law catches up with you "where did you originally get this 750,000 or 1 Million dollars from, what the hell do you say
Clint Golub (1 year ago)
Ozark brought me here.
Father (16 days ago)
Clint Golub true
Nyasha,Gilbert Mujuru (5 months ago)
Clint Golub Money laundering 101 , same same
John J. Rambo (1 year ago)
If I was a big time drug dealer and made millions of dollars I'd just buy a shit ton of gold and bury most of it in a hole under my house 🏡 and dig it up when I need it and trade it for other assets I want
adam Ka (1 year ago)
Good vid,very informative
bamienator (1 year ago)
Low key finance gangster godfather
Safwan Nizam (1 year ago)
What if I only have say $75,000? Do I still have to conceal the origin of the dirty money, or is that only with really big amounts like millions? Someone please reply, I'm a bit confused here
Dan Lord (1 month ago)
Johntracy because he would get audited by the bank,right?
Safwan Nizam (1 year ago)
john tracy Ok, thanks for the reply
john tracy (1 year ago)
Safwan Nizam There's no lower limit, but if someone sells 5 bags of marijuana for $100.00 each just one time, it's unlikely to attract attention if he deposits that into his checking account, because he can claim he won $500.00 on a lottery ticket. If that person sells marijuana regularly and has $75,000 after two years, it will attract attention if he tries to deposit it into his account in one transaction.
Raffy Crespo (1 year ago)
Ohh, a passport in the Shadows!!!
does Niggeria even have princes ?
Jake (1 year ago)
I show this to my friend and he still denied that this is money laundering. He kept saying that money laundering is printing money and this process is stupid and just a myth. fucking skeptic
Ollie Moore (1 year ago)
these vids are brilliant
borislav todorov (1 year ago)
Official MeechMusic (1 year ago)
Oh we know what got money is😏
Alex Millar (1 year ago)
You never answered point 2: How is money (equal to Spanish GDP) "lost" to money laundering? Also, is there a difference between Hot Money and Dirty Money? It seems like you're mixing metaphors. Dirty money should be laundered. Hot money should be cooled.
Anirudh Tamret (1 year ago)
Thanks for a great video.
Absolute Legend (2 years ago)
Very helpful! 👍
Absolute Legend (2 years ago)
14 years??pedophiles get less than that!!wtf
adam Ka (1 year ago)
Absolute Legend that's what I was thinking
seeamerica1 (2 years ago)
So if someone wants to give me $200,000 and I accept it into my account, you mean now I could be possibly be involved in $ laundering? So how do I find out if it is legal or not beforehand?
Cookie (1 year ago)
+seeamerica1 LMFAO probably a prince from Nigeria.
seeamerica1 (1 year ago)
+Nice Shot  I turned it down, now I'm poor again.karma?
My goodness, Tim Bennett you kingpin you! ;p Thanks for the video.
Oleq Stenberg (2 years ago)
in norway its "up to one year in prison" lol
JDFJ (2 years ago)
Baal Singh (2 years ago)
Many criminals put money in Bitcoin as transactions are anonymous
William Baker (8 months ago)
Baal Singh Bitcoin isn't anonymous and will be hacked eventually if not already
Shawn Afshar (2 years ago)
What college major studies these topics ?
Ω x3 (1 year ago)
Shawn Afshar Banking, duh...
tunezgirl (1 year ago)
Shawn Afshar none.
µJerk (1 year ago)
Shawn Afshar economics, maybe...
Tanishq Chauhan (2 years ago)
Laws and more laws will simply create more incentives to crack the system, why? Every barrier to a human being, is a challenge to be taken and a wall to be shattered. Stupid socialists , god knows when will they ever use their grey cells
ULGMX (2 years ago)
propoetide (2 years ago)
Office Space
cartel in latin america speak spanish..biggest airport to europe from latin is madrid..they put in satander bank...make sense???
Gabriel Matusevich (2 years ago)
Omg so boring, please Charisma class or something
franz (1 year ago)
Gabriel Matusevich Back to samurai videos and hentai pls
Dhalsim06 (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Matusevich (L3V147H4N) Sorry there weren't any gifs or anything to keep you entertained during a 10 minute presentation. Go back to Buzzfeed.
Declan Feeney (2 years ago)
1:24 :turns off the video
Declan Feeney (1 year ago)
Died money laundering?
Don Burgundy (1 year ago)
Declan Feeney hope you died.
byrny111 (2 years ago)
Excellent. Totally a great presentation
compound32 (2 years ago)
If I had a credit card and used it to purchase a high valued item (H) to then resell the item (H) at a much higher price to pay back my credit plus make a little extra, in the sense of making money off Credit. Is this Money Laundering or illegal?
King19726 (2 years ago)
+compound32​ No problem
compound32 (2 years ago)
+VideoGameLegend thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
King19726 (2 years ago)
Not with a credit card though
King19726 (2 years ago)
No, pawn shops do that all the time
Travis Petit (2 years ago)
very well done video, thanks
muhammad yousaf (2 years ago)
Darth Forex Vader (3 years ago)
very good presentation... should we be concerned about this guys knowledge? haha
likahmac (3 years ago)
Well if I was a money launder I would get give money to a homeless in return to to give me back 70% of the money back. But I would also not just give money to a builders contractor but other businesses since mostly every business can have individuals as small contractors. But I'm pretty sure crime has thought these ideas and everything here has been outdated. Hahah well hope the the law can at least keep up with crime. I do hope ppl stop being dependent on stuff not just drugs or crimes but things like food water and power. Alot of ropes and laws get bypassed in those areas too. Ahh I wish shit was more simple and less destructive and even less on individual agendas. This worlds is becoming huge with more ppl it sucks we have dividing lines, free speech gets a bad rep and usually stuff spoken there never gets done
Peter Jones (2 years ago)
+likahmac I don't think giving money to the homeless is a good idea, they have no credentials and there is no guarantee you will get anything back from them. Of course we act on self-serving agendas, it's in our nature to be selfish. Good example: would your save a stranger if it meant killing yourself? Most people would say no, and that's completely normal. It is when that selfishness becomes more offensive than defensive that issues occur.
Rapsodi Blue (3 years ago)
It gets worse however, when the big banks like HSBC actively seek money from crime, skimming 20% to turn it into respectable money in a safe account! This bunch of crooks were recently fined $1.92Bn in the US; they also featured in the series "Homeland" as a conduit for delivering Saudi money into Terrorist support resources in the middle east. HSBC is known as "The World's Local Laundry"!
The Crayfish Tribe (3 years ago)
This guy was once a kingpin, you can tell. 
King19726 (2 years ago)
Yeah probably
George Davis (3 years ago)
could someone explain something to me please? i have heard alot of people say that you have to invest in assets to clean your money,but if you invest in assets such as property then that in itself is an expenditure of large amounts of money and surely that initial investment can be investigated? it seems like you're screwed before you start to me or am i wrong? please let me know
csiri (3 years ago)
Did you watch the video? It explains that it is hard/impossible to hide the origin of the money. Therefore money laundering is a very risky business. The process of "layering" is when the launderer tries to conceal the origin of the money by different money transactions. Then he tells the example of the eurobonds, as a target of launderers. Really you just have to watch the video, it's all explained in it.
Elvis Ardon (3 years ago)
+George Davis Yeah man no prob.
George Davis (3 years ago)
that makes sense, lol i just was thinking that if a person were to start buying houses but on the books they have no income they're be flagged instantly. But you could start a small business and intentionally declare small profits at the beginning, then increase dramatically. i hope i have the right idea, thanks for explaining that :)
Elvis Ardon (3 years ago)
I think it depends on the type of asset. A business for example that you do not have to be the sole proprietor of. Make said business look profitable and eventually spread your money elsewhere. Of course when I say this I'm only speculating using from what I was able to understand in the video. But it should be an asset that won't attract alot of attention right away from the SEC or the IRS
Maybe you need some clean money to launch money laundry. You can take credit also.
Benjamin Fonseka (3 years ago)
This guy is wasting time with a poor explanation. Usually money laundering is done to hide illegal income or avoid taxes. In case of illegal income e.g drugs trade, the money is in hard cash. The person involved in this trade needs to spend his money on buying assets, and living it up, and he cannot always use cash - especially if the amounts are huge. So this cash needs to be brought into the banking cycle (placement). This is the reason most main street banks have restrictions on cash deposits - in older days it was easier. So this cash is generally flown off to a tax haven, which has banks that do not ask difficult questions. Hence the need for tax havens - there are literally a supermarket of tax havens to choose from. The cash is deposited into a cooperative bank at a tax haven, who has corresponding banking relations with main street banks. For purpose of transfer to a main street bank, the person enters into a fictitious transaction or even a genuine purchase under an different name or company. Now he has a legitimate asset in a jurisdiction he needs the money. He can sell the asset and use the proceeds for other activities as the person needs (layering and integration). Often the assets purchased are financial assets, eg bonds, shares etc. as these are easily sale able without need for rerouting the money. This is done several ways each time. One of the best example was money laundering where the US government was involved in funding the Israeli war. So US air force bought aluminum bottles filled with gas from Israel. It paid for the gas and returned the aluminum bottles, but just let out a little gas before returning the bottles. This way the same bottles were paid for, with very little gas being spent, over and over and over again!
Ivan Akinfiev (1 year ago)
Benjamin Fonseka So if I live in London, and I do drug dealing in Columbia, and put the money in Saudi Arabia, how can I then buy a flash car and house in the UK, if I left the UK 2 years ago as someone who was barely surviving, and now I have millions?
Benjamin Fonseka (3 years ago)
+Steve Veasey 2bn of loan guarantees is not money. its to guarantee loans. Second, 2bn is nothing. That kind of money Israeli business give as individuals. Look at the GDP of Israel from 1980's to now. During the 80's diamonds made up almost 40% of Israeli GDP - thanks to Oppenhiemers and Rothschilds. and where did all those diamonds end up? Tiffany other retailers in USA. No the real support of US is the technology transfer to Israel, which is what China is currently hacking USA for and, which the Israeli's get for free, worth many many billions - look at Israeli GDP now, a big chunk is due to tech related companies, a complete turn around in 3 decades. However, since the discussion was around money laundering the above points did not feature (though diamonds are a major way of laundering money)
Steve Veasey (3 years ago)
+Benjamin Fonseka Of course they give money openly, its called Loan Guarantees. 2 billion dollars a year gets approved by congress, the Israelis never pay the money back and the debts are 'forgiven' so it is money for nothing.
Benjamin Fonseka (3 years ago)
US cannot give opening because of US need for Saudis, so it gives covertly, it even sells weapons via Britain (BAE)  but Israelis have  powerful lobby in US so most money goes via them
Steve Veasey (3 years ago)
Surely the US just gives money in more open ways to the Israeli's? Which Israeli war are you referring to?
Michael Apps (4 years ago)
Better call saul!!
Jeffrey Li (3 years ago)
+terrain77 Season 2.5 ish, they dont state it explicitly, but its simple enough...
Abz Al-Asfour (4 years ago)
thanks i never knew the true meaning of money laundering until I'd seen this vid. excellent!
well, it is very easy. It is when you earn money from illegal activities and then you put in inside a laundry machine and start to laundry your money. That is Money laundering.
Amit Kumar (5 days ago)
don´t add bleaching agents as they might become untraceable.
Dan Lord (1 month ago)
Bender Bending Rodriguez smfh.
Tom Gowing (4 years ago)
two words - japanese yakuza 
David Müller (4 years ago)
@JACK JOE I think you didn't get the point. Dirty money is basically money that cannot easily be spent because it's from a crime. For example if I robbed a bank and would get off with say 1 million dollars then I couldn't just deposit that money on my bank account. My bank would immediately notify the police and I would be screwed. But I can turn my dirty money into clean money by opening up a business and thus disguising the inital source of the money (the bank robbery). You cannot launder money by driving down the highway :)
Dan Lord (1 month ago)
David Müller but explain WHY the bank would call the police .They obviously don't know where you got it from.
Radium-224 (4 years ago)
lol John Grisham brought me here
cmhmania (4 years ago)
Better Call Saul!
Ben Shepherd (4 years ago)
How many more visits has this had because of Breaking Bad
JACK JOE (4 years ago)
same here.
JACK JOE (4 years ago)
If money laundry is a crime, shouldn't highways be closed down because one can traffic dope on them. There is not such a thing as dirty money, there is only dirty people.
whatdoesstthefoxxsaay (5 years ago)
I was watching breaking bad.
sarker1989 (5 years ago)
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TheSHAKEnBAKEguy (5 years ago)
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av733 (5 years ago)
Why is there so much spam in these videos comments?!
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Karl Logan (5 years ago)
What I said was also a joke.
Eric De Loza (5 years ago)
it was a joke
Karl Logan (5 years ago)
You're still retarded.
Don Julio (5 years ago)
I always thought it ment when you accidently leave your money in your pockets and you put them in the dryer.... wow i cant belive how retarted and gay i was...
Larry Guy (5 years ago)
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Octavio Calderon (5 years ago)
Traditional banks are heavily regulated by AML/KYC (anti-money-laundering/know-your-customer) regulations, requiring them to identify each customer through due diligence such as passport, driver license, proof of address, etc. Your eNumbered account is not a 'bank account', but an 'e-currency account' similar to Paypal or Liberty Reserve offshorecompanysetup biz
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kim young (5 years ago)
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Sajan Nair (5 years ago)
excellent video Tim - thank you. Great enthusiasm, engaging talk, good connection...only one thought, could you be a bit slow in some places. Great vidoe again Tim. Thank you.
monirul ali (5 years ago)
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Kevin Tang (5 years ago)
excellent videos. easy to understand, and Tim is quite a good lecturer here.
Lorne Holman (5 years ago)
Correction: I remembered "14 years, Coutts & Co. and Spain's GDP" because of your visuals. And 4: With serious topics, cut the humour. "Can anyone guess what 14 yrs . . . I'm stuck in this little video room and you're out there). 5: Get professionals (not friends) to tell you what to cut and what to put in a Movies go thru many edits before they're released.
Lorne Holman (5 years ago)
Lorne Holman (5 years ago)
Thanks for the good info and here are some suggestions. 1: It's way to long and repetitive. Try to do the whole thing in half the time. 2: More show, less tell. A picture's worth 1000 words, so use a few charts etc. (I remove red the "14 years, Coutts & Co. and Spain's GDP") 3: KIS (Keep It Simple). ie; "Robert De Niro was in great movie called 'Heat' where the money launders blew up a van full of Euro bonds'. Don't say "This isn't a video trying to sell you a movie".Many Thx 4 the info!
Caligula (5 years ago)
He was just kidding
Seannarry Riedel (5 years ago)
I think people are so dumb for thinking that you need a washmachine :/
Daski69 (5 years ago)
if you sold euro bonds, you'd get actual cash instead, yet the source of that money you have know acquiered is still not automatically legitimate... what are you going to say to the authorities? that you found an abandoned getaway car full of something of worth and sold them for cash? the money won't be yours to keep. Right?
ausendundeinenacht (5 years ago)
nooooo it does NOT involve a washing machine one washes one s dirty laundry ..by, emm, buying a new set of clothes methinks-
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Diap (5 years ago)
So apparently not anyone can be arrested for money laundering any more.
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