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Gear S Review byThe Android Guy

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Text Comments (22)
Ante519 (1 year ago)
Does this watch have games?
Tim Hadzisavas (2 years ago)
hi ricky me again... can you pls explain why my gear sometimes wont reconnect with my s4s blue tooth and I have to do it manually... just to let you know that I have my sim card in the phone not the watch...
Tim Hadzisavas (2 years ago)
hey buddy. can you tell me if you un install a galaxy app for the gear how do re install it. For example due to a problem I had to un install my wishlist app and now its telling me its installed but when I look on my watch its not there. can you assist me with this please...
Tyrant Virus (3 years ago)
So I have been thinking about getting a gear s and a galaxy note 4. I work in a manufacturing environment and have concerns about possibly damaging the gear s while working on and around the machines. My question is, how tough is the gorilla glass screen and the edges of the device. While I try my best to be careful, there are a lot of metal surfaces to bump and ding a watch on. Is there a video you can direct me to? Have you done such a video? Thank you so much 😀
amirmohammad hojaiji (3 years ago)
just search gear s ultimate durability test
Jason Eman (3 years ago)
+Luke Erickson ask the LPX TECH GUY.On you tube he did everything on the gear s watch. and how tough the gorilla gorilla  glass screen can be
Flynn Ferguson (3 years ago)
Hey android guy I just got the gear s an I can't seem to get you tube to play the videos was wondering if you could help or point me in the right direction thanks ohh love your chanell
alex smith (3 years ago)
Does it work with non-samsung phones ?
Krishan Parbhu (3 years ago)
I can't find the gear Manger. Where is it?
Marc Holder (3 years ago)
This is my view exactly
NippleSauce (3 years ago)
Ehhh, is the "always on" display adjustable?  For example, can you set the brightness at which the display sits at?  If so, how does using the "always on display" option affect battery life?
carlos53 (3 years ago)
I have a gear 2... Should i upgrade?
#Note8 IsBoss (3 years ago)
No question the Gear S pimp slaps any silly android wear notification watch so easily it's comical.
#Note8 IsBoss (3 years ago)
Exactly.. +Andres Reano​
Andres Reano (3 years ago)
Nothing compares!
tigerbalm (3 years ago)
Best watch so far.  Does it do wi-fi?  Voice commands is a MUST for a watch!   The sim is what bothers me.  What if i already maxed out the family plan? i think selecting different faces would be the coolest too...
Jerome Henry (3 years ago)
Do you think they will ever make a android wear gear
Konalavajava (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video.  Question - Watch supposedly has GPS & Barometer, but watch seems to only use, and show, GPS from phone, and I can't find any app that shows baro pressure or altitude from Barometer.
error2k2 (3 years ago)
brb, gonna get some free starbucks coffee
Orlando (3 years ago)
I figured it out. You just uncheck automatically send music to gear in gear manager/that field I mentioned earlier.
Orlando (3 years ago)
R I C K Y. ? . While in gear manager, the choice for send music or tracks to gear never highlights. How do you get both windows in that field to highlight if you will?
Unusual Kid (3 years ago)
Great job can you hack(root) the gear s;)?

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