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Fake/Clone Galaxy S7 Edge - How To Spot One Right Away - Be Careful!

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Please subscribe for more! This video is intended for those who are looking to buy a new Galaxy S7 Edge, to please be careful. Many people buy these fakes to sell in the black market as "originals"! After watching this video you should be a pro on how to spot a fake Galaxy S7 Edge. Thank me later! Note: I am not a supporter of fake phones, as a result I will not provide links. Thanks for understanding!
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Text Comments (1582)
Pak Ghazi (11 days ago)
shubham banyal  All Dear Brother, kindly tell me. yesterday i order Samsung S7 edge through souq.com in Dubai so please tell me how i can beleived that is this fake are orgnal before opening the box.
Ravi Raj Singhail (20 days ago)
origonal lmfao
Gelo Lelo (1 month ago)
Marksteven Mahusay (1 month ago)
My father say that my s7 edge is $400
Voldemort (2 months ago)
şo what if it's fake?
Redwolf Mike (2 months ago)
can you give me the fake one
12345da1 (2 months ago)
FUCK THESE CLONES!!! I Fucking hate these people who can make the phones soo original in every way!!! They Even try to copy the original in such great detail!! these people have no FUCKING LIVES MAN!! I understand they do this for a living but that's just NOT right for those looking to buy an original phone without getting SCAMMED!!! WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO!!
Torii Bunn (3 months ago)
May I ask a question having to do with a situation having to do with this phone?
Silithid120 (3 months ago)
That soft G when you say Original tho
itsjustkashii (4 months ago)
No links ? He used to literally review fakes ..he was Obsessed with them now all his old videos are gone ... ughhh people
Vicki Prop (4 months ago)
What kind of Samsung is a J7 Prime? Not matching video.
M. Gengo (4 months ago)
Can u make a video on how to spot a fake without having the original one on the other hand ??
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna (4 months ago)
I don't think that most of the ways you're describing truly tell you if it's fake or not. Yes, they could be fake, but they could also be a different version that isn't compatible with your carrier
Dhillon family (4 months ago)
if u want to check ur samsung phone is real or fake just dial *#0*# that’s it if u see some options then its real otherwise its fake🤷‍♂️
Mark Lester Valenzuela (4 months ago)
Yes, you cannot see anything or any setting about "Edge" on the replica because the fake one replicates "Samsung Galaxy S7" and NOT the "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" variant. When you boot the device, the left one shows "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" and in the other one shows "Samsung Galaxy S7". I guess you've been fooled by the one who supplied both device because the fake S7 Edge is only the Box, the device was fake S7 only (not S7 Edge). On the first look, you should noticed the curve edge screen of both devices before you upload your video. I guess you're the one does'nt know if its real or not. One more thing, do not rely on most of the settings inside the the device, what if I'm having the real S7 Edge and I decided to flash with custom ROM, then you will tell me that my device is fake? Knowing the real and the fake device was very easy. The pointers you're telling were no basis and it's only came in your own opinion. Try to search or google about the device or visit xda forums a nd you can learn almost everything about smartphones. Do not teach us if yourself does'nt know what are you talking about. So, before you upload something check it first.
Rekha Rani (4 months ago)
The Indian version of s7 edge has the cover which you are telling to be faked one.
WhyAlwaysMe ? (4 months ago)
We all watched this but stopping at certain points to check if ours is fake yet never questioned it before this video! All I was thinking near the end was damn look how close they can get to the real thing
varga zoltan (4 months ago)
if the s7 edge on the back is not on the phone is that fake ?
M. Gengo (5 months ago)
To notice a fake u must have the original to compare it but hey u r fucking trying to buy that shit not compare like u already have it
João Paulo (5 months ago)
I hate China because of their clones.
Alex Demirtzoglou (5 months ago)
magicc memes (5 months ago)
If my settings look completely different, is that guarantee it as fake
Aldin Ganix (5 months ago)
Aman Shaikh; (5 months ago)
I like fack
MerryGoRound AE (5 months ago)
Still want the fake one tho.
Richie (5 months ago)
In australia the galaxy s7 edge does not say "Galaxy S7 edge" on the back...
Ganda Gandara (5 months ago)
Cant believe i spent 17 minutes on fake vs real video. And he didnt even talk about the edge screen.
Pawan Sonwal (5 months ago)
It's clear no edge screen means replica
Ahmed Misbah Shahzad (5 months ago)
Soo if Samsung is made in china is fake?
Daniel M. (5 months ago)
You do get the ear buds in the original one
Holy Moly (5 months ago)
Dude Korean version S7 and Japanese version also doesnt have Samsung logo.
Jun Ace De Guzman (5 months ago)
Can I have that fake S7 edge
Benson Xiong (5 months ago)
Hello guys (>^<) (^<^) (^>^)
Panicky Khan (5 months ago)
Hahahhaha the fake specs are like my 100 usd original phone
Panicky Khan (5 months ago)
Wtf man the fake s7 edge has a mtk6735
Jordan Reynolds (6 months ago)
I got earphones with mine
Fatè Ekinci (6 months ago)
I hafe tis fone but golde
alexderpy dash (6 months ago)
The real one does have one thing g the fake one doesn't have.. a frikin pink line going down the side of the screen
OZ KING (6 months ago)
Why doesn't anyone just download Antutu from their playstore and see the result? Simple, Yes No?
jamjamlui (6 months ago)
if you saw the video american guy who build his own iphone,, its the same as what my cell phone technician friend does. he builds the phone ground up,, if you wanna order from us, hit me up at my facebook account [email protected] we can supply up to 1000 units a month at half the price from when u buy in stores
jamjamlui (6 months ago)
i have a a friend he sells fake samsung galaxy edge 7, he is a cellphone technician here in china ,, he builds the phone from ground up using all original samsung galaxy edge 7 parts sourced locally. it is a lot cheaper than buying those from the company itself, the product comes out the same function and all. but the only setback is the phone is not registered like control no. and date of manufacture those kind of information.
Landa Duraku (6 months ago)
How to spot it. Just look at the top of the front if it doesnt say samsung its fake
Ibrahim Salem (6 months ago)
The question is how in hell the replica got the software?
Thibaut Mahringer (7 months ago)
Not all real samsung phones does have the name of the device on the back, my note 8 doesn't have "Galaxy Note 8" written on the back (I have the Exynos version though).
XDG71 (7 months ago)
Please you have link for buy s7 edge clone
Unbelievable x (7 months ago)
Both are fake lol
Amxikez Tv. (7 months ago)
I got my phone in verizon..how can you tell if it's fake or not..?
Ilzzy (7 months ago)
dennisdahmer (7 months ago)
or you could just look at the fact that the fake s7 EDGE....has no curved EDGEs :)
AGES the VMU  (7 months ago)
Actually the Fake s7's system look pretty similar to the old samsung system and the camera looks exactly like Note 4's
Cadeem Latham (7 months ago)
The word original sounds weird to me now
TÜRKPLAYS TV (8 months ago)
Can i have one
Xeno Jupiter (8 months ago)
Any one while watching this vid go check their phone box? XD
Prince _ (8 months ago)
not true
Lloyd Share (8 months ago)
These fake mediatec phones are junk they break very easily
Prince Vegeta (8 months ago)
Who else is playing this video on a fake S7 😂😂
gazomedhanie (8 months ago)
Thanks great information
Halolye Shuukwanyama (8 months ago)
Every fake that was said appears on my phone😢😢
Hollie Hodges (8 months ago)
I want to know if any of these clones you have bought work with Verizon
Tjaž Valentinčič (8 months ago)
Right box is for GxxxF models original.
Samuel Haguru (8 months ago)
Samsung phones are manufactured in different countries. That's why I doubt that phone is fake.
You say original like. Oinigaul
conner mcmanus (9 months ago)
Follow me
Jenes jeyasegaran (9 months ago)
I am buy the fake one because it is better then the real
xiaofeng wang (9 months ago)
just turn it on and check the edge of the screen and that's it.
juliette obrien (9 months ago)
original all i heard
Doll Toll (9 months ago)
The right one is the real
ReyVII (9 months ago)
when I go into settings and scroll down I have About Phone instead of About Device. This my be nothing but it has me a little worried. I checked my imei number and its ok. I also used apps AndrolDentity and Phone Info Samsung and they both said my phone is original. I got a Verizon s7 edge. I don't know if that's the reason why it says About Phone and not About Deivce.
Kartikeya Kapparwan (10 months ago)
Lol. They even faked the Android version.
danilo quijano (10 months ago)
i thougt your box was the fake tho hahaha almost all of the unboxing video is the box on the rright hand side
ANIMAL KING (10 months ago)
Reinrev Agbay (10 months ago)
Original European boxes are diffirent form your box stupid not all box comes with covers it depends where you get the phone
Mooch Buster (10 months ago)
I got my s7 edgr with the other box but my one isn't fake I think it differs from region to region and ya as I got mine I tested the fingerprint sensor 😂😂
LEGIONARUL Donjuan (10 months ago)
Europa it comes with the simple box stupid man
Etienne 777 (10 months ago)
Never ever buy Chinese products.
BOOM BAY (10 months ago)
china sucks the world...bring them to mars
Damar Raharjo (10 months ago)
The startup the font a is different
Steven Ruf (10 months ago)
S7 edge is the best Smartphone
duhawma (10 months ago)
I dont want no fake crap!
rollyunicorn (10 months ago)
errrrr I'll take the one with Samsung written on it plz.
PhantomEXO (10 months ago)
Mabye your phone is a clone, cuz I've neva seen that "original" packaging before
PhantomEXO (10 months ago)
ItsFrogCraft (10 months ago)
Oops I kinda have the fake one
CynicTM (10 months ago)
I mean you've to be a complete novice not to notice how fake the right one is you don't even need this guy's help.
mahan (11 months ago)
Hey this video not usefull because the fake one is not latest from china the newer ones is a lot more realstic
Dominic Städtke (11 months ago)
In Germany the left boy is original
double Nickel six (11 months ago)
Today nobody has the edge .carrier I mean
Kelly Zhuang (11 months ago)
Hi, I am Kelly from shenzhen. We are the factory do iPhone repair parts. if you need, pls contact me at whatsapp8618018718841.
Vytenis loftas (11 months ago)
You've got nude... Mail :)
Clarkjay Ongue (11 months ago)
Thank you for the news now I know the fake and the real
Thomas Jefferson (11 months ago)
my s7 on pre order from tmobil came with headphones.
Therismos Foundation (11 months ago)
Your video is better than the other one I watched. I was on the verge of buying a fake.
MarinerTalk com (11 months ago)
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I can tell it's a Samsung because the battery looks like it's about to blow up. It's bulging so bad it's pushing the glued on backing off.
MarinerTalk com (10 months ago)
Username no it wasnt, I had the S7 Edge, battery expanded and pushed back off.
Username (10 months ago)
that was the note 7 try harder next time
Jay H (11 months ago)
OMG I thought at first I bought a clone from newegg. I bought a used one from them for cheap.. I just hope the battery goes well with it. I am installing system updates and so forth now. Never will I buy a used phone on the internet again. This vid helped me to realize that this phone is legit. Thanks
Haiqa Anwar (11 months ago)
so helpful
RODEL BUSTRILLO (11 months ago)
Are you Hitman 47 (11 months ago)
And i have somthing real and somthing fake??
Are you Hitman 47 (11 months ago)
I just have diffrent box i was in Samsung store and buy it bc I'm not in America
Heon Awesomesky (1 year ago)
Noob for region
Heon Awesomesky (1 year ago)
LOL this may vary from different region mine is made in Vietnam. DUOS

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