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How reset Microsoft office word 2007 to default setting

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Text Comments (44)
kaushambi sinha (17 days ago)
I don't find the 'data' folder. It's not there. what to do??
gauri prasad (27 days ago)
Thank you sir
Arvind Patel (1 month ago)
Thanks buddy
Suraj Yadav (1 month ago)
Thank u, Sir You solved my problem in ms word.
notted vlogg (1 month ago)
Thank you really worked i fix my office word
injanhoi1 (1 month ago)
Tnx Bro It's Worket
Jen Vizcayno (2 months ago)
bapi pal (2 months ago)
bal hoy
Rashid Khan (3 months ago)
olvar mark (3 months ago)
zafar ali Kazmi (3 months ago)
i have not show data option
Abdulla Vazhayil (4 months ago)
I have a doubt... It will change all the word file in my computer? I mean i have other many files which i have changed styles like heading....
it will do settings to word.not for content inside the word file...
K8Nena9 (4 months ago)
Can i unimstall and download word again? Will this work?
Jomar Olalo (4 months ago)
thanks bro,, From ph.
beatrix kidd0 (4 months ago)
can i delete that data thing i put on desktop cuz it bugging me
jason dalton (5 months ago)
AMAZING, why didnt i think of that... LOL WORKED GREAT and way faster too!
Kuya_Josh Tv (6 months ago)
Thx man i been searching this longtime and you're a life saver tnx
Joseph Rosario (6 months ago)
Finally!!! THANK YOU!! You’re the man!!
Faizan Khan (6 months ago)
Thanks pal
RetroMario (6 months ago)
Thank you
Sandeep Singh (7 months ago)
Thanku sir
Ted homer Ragub (7 months ago)
Thank you . Its helpful
Amit Kumar (7 months ago)
Very nice
ICT-24 (7 months ago)
Thanks Brother After Long A days I am Success For Your Video.really Thanks.....
Simon Savage (8 months ago)
Couldn't Get Word to revert to default new document to great help. Thanks 🕉
mistraldawn (8 months ago)
Spent hours looking into all the ways to sort this out using the approach through Word settings. No luck at all. This solution - though a bit scary re: deleting a Registry folder - worked perfectly! Thank you!
👌👌👍Thank you so much 😊
Sarvini Baskaran (9 months ago)
Thank you :)
alex myht (9 months ago)
Bussid Mania (4 months ago)
Kiro" jowone jowo opo yo
Ravi Kumar (9 months ago)
Thank you brother...I like and admire simple attituded persons...and you are one of them. Thank you once again.
younis moussa (11 months ago)
thanks alot i have been strugglin for hours
MD SAJID ANSARI (11 months ago)
Great sir,,,,my qstn r sove,,,,tq sir
Abul Kalam Azad (11 months ago)
Many Many Thanks For this tutorial, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, I successfully reset my settings.
Mark Jensen (1 year ago)
Thank u mate!!!!!
imran khan (1 year ago)
thank u so much
bhupendra acharya (1 year ago)
Thank you so much brother ..
Muntazir Hussain (1 year ago)
Thank u sir....
Rajesh kumar (1 year ago)
Should I delete that file saved on desktop, after reset.
Your Wish
Raz Data (1 year ago)
nice brother and thank you very much
Prudvi Raju (1 year ago)
thanks brother.

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