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Kevin O'Leary's 'Cold, Hard, Truth' on Gold Investing

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Interview about gold investing, check it out!
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Tony Johnson (17 hours ago)
Kevin O'Leary is not telling you the truth. He knows the truth. Silver and gold have been artificially suppressed for decades. Silver and Gold Have Been money for thousands of years. The artificial suppression of silver and gold will end and probably sooner than you and I think. When this revaluation occurs silver will be in the area of $1,000 an ounce and gold will be in the area of 10 to $12,000 an ounce. Not only are wealthy people stacking Metals quietly but so are all of the other countries on the planet. JPMorgan Chase has over 700 million physical ounces of silver do you think that's because they think silver is going to stay at $12 an ounce? Kevin is full of s*** he doesn't want you to know the truth the truth is there will come a time very shortly when you and I will not be able to buy physical gold and silver because there will be none left. When the event occurs the only people who will survive are the people who have seen the writing on the wall and studied with the wealthy people in countries are doing and have stacked massive amounts of silver and gold. Listen to me now or believe me later. Good luck.
ImmortalBlackDragon (1 day ago)
Damn Kev is she really big or are you just really small 🤣😂😅
Matthew Aislabie (3 days ago)
Daniela, sticking with it girl. Good stuff.
La Troll (7 days ago)
You are still a dumb cunt and will remain a cunt for the foreseeable future. Keep it up idiot.
Greg Burdoo (19 days ago)
I bet he has changed is mind about China taking over now lol.
Bryan Craig (29 days ago)
My philosophy is put 15-20% of every dollar you make and put in TFSA account and NEVER spend it. With that money put 50% in stocks that pay dividends, 25% governments bonds, 5% gold, the rest as a reserve for hard times.
Timothy Liang (1 month ago)
This is great for wealth preservation, but don't do this (yet) if you are on a path of wealth creation. Wealth Creation involves a lot more risks and unknowns.
A one legged man (1 month ago)
Gold is not an 'investment'.
David Gillett UK (1 month ago)
So you love your gold and you love your money.... you can't take it with you.
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
You know tgsr they schedule rains
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
Robert why did you contact them
Jeff Calvin (1 month ago)
Man why did you contact them when you sleep?
KT S (1 month ago)
Great advice from Kevin O'Leary
raj k (1 month ago)
She is wow..
Valery Popov (1 month ago)
This site got great info on gold and other investing: https://goldretired.com/
C. Michael (1 month ago)
shillin 'for the man......GLD? gtfoh
Captain Lou Casella (1 month ago)
Kevin, you're a tool. I'll take care of my own finances thank you.God bless AMERICA.
Chris Ryan (1 month ago)
240p, we meet again.
Sal Vastola (1 month ago)
Cash is King
Denver Lee Harris (1 month ago)
TotalLifeChangeAcademy (1 month ago)
Enjoyed the video, but particularly i thought he is driven by greed. Once i read in a book about a mental disease called "dollar mentality". A viral, overcoming persuation of people that money, and money alone is the meaning of live. I felt reminded at this. Seems to be common for investors. But anyway like him for what he just has to say and sharing his thoughts and views on the topic.
James Beckson (1 month ago)
He sounds, looks and behave very greedy but maybe that is the secret of his success.
MemoGrafix (1 month ago)
He is greedy and hates poor people, as he said himself.
Austin Prevost (1 month ago)
man speaks very brightly, don't agree on everything he has said, but these are very solid arguments.
ray g (2 months ago)
good job Mr Oleary…. you get a A+ on investing..
Mitch McMitch (2 months ago)
I think people got it all wrong. Don't INVEST in gold.. buy gold to protect your wealth. Think of it as a savings account that can't really be fucked with.
TheTruthQuest123 (2 months ago)
11:25 Cause of you jews.. you re not a canadian.. youre a jew.. your only loyalty is to self.. not any country you wrecked this country with debt.. now youre moving to china
TheTruthQuest123 (2 months ago)
jew jooz away
Phil Schwartz (2 months ago)
OUSA returns year to date? A big 1.06%. Terrible! Nice guy but lousy returns.
Marten Dekker (2 months ago)
O'Leary is fixated on his dividend rule. Very narrow-minded & blind. He's heartless & stupid.
BlackWorldTraveler (1 month ago)
Marten Dekker Where are your millions and video exposure?
Billy Bob Mirango (2 months ago)
10:27 I wonder if KO wishes to adjust this comment. China is ready to go hard in a southern direction: WAY too much debt in the last 5 yrs, and econ that is still much smaller than the USA but has 50% more currency, has produced massive over-capacity..... Stay away from China; it is a land of smoke, mirrors and shysters
walter allen (2 months ago)
Pre Trump Train advice
Man Bon (2 months ago)
Jackson Wagner (2 months ago)
Bunch of broke morons here in the comments hating on the *financial advice* of a guy who has made almost half a billion dollars being *good at finance*. God, the ignorance is crazy.
Bulk-e (2 months ago)
2018; Cash or Crypto Currency, @Kevin O'Leary? :D
Todd White (2 months ago)
I wonder if Kevin O'Leary's strategy has changed since this report (6yrs) ?? Especially since Trump took over and the housing market has returned & he's gotten a bit older.
Live Free or Die (2 months ago)
Music Forever (3 months ago)
She is so hot she just needs a big dick to suck on
mark (3 months ago)
Buy karatbank now or regret later
Lenny Weinrib (3 months ago)
I could not agree more about cash, not even mentioning the lack of privacy if not cash.
That Homeless Monex Guy (4 months ago)
Yeah I know a little bit about gold investing myself
Danny D (4 months ago)
What about silver.? Should I be purchasing silver for saving not necessarily an investment? I'm not planning on getting rich on silver o just like to have psychical money and silver has bee fulfilling that for me. Gold is a rich man's metal I can only afford silver I purchased my first 30 ounces of silver last week and I'm truly planning on spending atleast 5k I silver and sitting g on it for years
Kazakman 777 (4 months ago)
How many investors I listened to non of them didn’t say anything clear. But this guy was very very clear
Brian Warner (4 months ago)
God damn to any and everyone who wakes up one day and pretends they know how to interview. Or whomever thinks they know all about the topic being discussed. STOP MAKING FREAKING NOISES OR SAYING LITTLE WORDS AFTER EVERY NOISE OR WORD OUT OF THE PERSIN BEING INTERVIEWED!
var1328 (3 months ago)
Are you hating on Daniela? GGGRRR 😡
Salim Huerta (4 months ago)
Great advice aside from pretending to make a valuable company and scamming others to sell it. Even though you know the buyer had it coming. If you don’t know what you’re buying in numbers, not in story, then you’re a fool.
Salim Huerta (4 months ago)
Dividends are useful and allow reinvestment somewhere else. It’s about generating a passive income for yourself regardless of the market you’re in. It’s a guaranteed partial win on your investment. Diversifying makes sense if you don’t ever want to lose your investment power at once. 5% sounds like minimum 20 investments and no more than 20% in one sector means 5 sectors. People who invest in one company because they believe their story are putting everything on Red or Black, but they’re not really investors they’re gamblers. Gold makes sense as a commodity because it hasn’t lost its purchasing power for 5000 years. Short a small part of what you invest in gold to get a small return every year, but mostly that’s your insurance in the case of a true collapse in the global economy. Assuming you actually have the gold and it’s not being “protected” for you. Invest in the oil miners as that supply wanes out and they try to produce more before alternative energy makes them obsolete in transportation the price will rise and your dividend will too.
Crob O (4 months ago)
A silver quarter at 80-90% purity from 1965 will buy 1.5 gallons of gas. Two American dollars will not even buy a full gallon. What has gained and retained its value even though the market is manipulated precious metals, as always.
William Hutcheson (4 months ago)
Kevin is right; always listen to mom because mom knows best.
Márton Szerda (4 months ago)
10/10 would bang.
Ivan Drago (4 months ago)
When Kevin speak, we listen . He alway tell the truth , when it comes to MONEY.
Paul MacKinnon (4 months ago)
Very smart man a lot of truth in what he has said here, but there are a few things to give greater thought to in my humble option. Yes we are in a global economy, have you seen the state of other countries currently and there dept load that they are currently under? Canada USA China Italy France Portugal Greece just to name a few, If your looking at things from a personal financial prospective there is a lot of truth in this post. But if your looking at things from a governmental prospective you might take a little different position. After all your not just looking after a personal bottom line if a mistake is made you looking at what effects millions if not billions of people. Thank you for the post and for your view of things. Once again a very smart man
grigsolve (4 months ago)
Too bad Kevin is married. This woman is all over his J-Strap.
R S (5 months ago)
Great interview
Bruno TaTa (5 months ago)
He buys GLD! What a sucker bet.
Paul Zeus (5 months ago)
Poor girl, Daniella really porked up. She would be so hot, if she ate a plant based diet.
Rasheed9957 (6 months ago)
Rasheed9957 (6 months ago)
Did he just blow the Aussies off?
Abi Shah (6 months ago)
your missing that he's a fucking big crook along with all those fund corps..
agent Rocco (6 months ago)
Your my favorite shark
ednakazuya12 (6 months ago)
Mmmm?! No dividends no buy
Humble Explorer (6 months ago)
He made her panty wet talking about all that cash flow.
var1328 (3 months ago)
Rontimus (5 months ago)
Humble Explorer Damn straight.
Humble Explorer (6 months ago)
He made her panty wet talking about all that cash flow.
Charles Wagner (6 months ago)
He was right about the Chinese Yuan.
Thelonius Punk (6 months ago)
Wow Kevin O'Leary is a midget lol wtf
Jason Taylor (6 months ago)
This guy is a joker... What a moron. If I debated this guy I would squarer him.
Artie Watson (6 months ago)
I fricking love this guy always in awe by his words
metparker (6 months ago)
International people
Daniel Root (6 months ago)
She looks like a giant wtf
Neon White (7 months ago)
That girl looks like a giant next to Kevin
Eli (7 months ago)
One of, if not the best interviews.
Multi tiered Investor (7 months ago)
The same drone!
Max McAllister (7 months ago)
I like Kevin but what he is not saying is when the crash of 2008 happens again soon and he is trading in miners and cash is king if you're not into physical gold and silver you hold in your hand he will loose his shorts. The metals go back thousands of years as the international money system. You could travel from Greece to Italy to Spain and the silver and gold in your pocket was good in all countries. Go to Japan or Taiwan or England and your precious metals is universal in all the world. Cash changes daily, you take cash to these counties and when you get there it can be worth anything and overnight the banks close and you cash is gone. I'm I the only one who noticed that if you want to withdraw cash they only have a little. Some have signs on their doors if you want more than $2,000 you have to request it two weeks in advance. Oops, something is really wrong. If I want to buy a car I use to get $10,000 in cash so I had seriously negotiating power. I sold some gold to a dealer and got about $12,000 grand on his company check, around the corner is the bank his accounts are. I went in to cash his check. They told me they could give me only $2,000 cash and put the rest in my account. I happened have the same bank different branch. I went to my back and said I wanted $10,000 out of my account, they said they only had $2,000 but if I came back in three days they would have the balance. This is a major large bank. I'm warning people to take their cash out and put it in a home safe. Start paying your bills with your credit card and each month pay your minimum balance. When my monthly mortgage is due I bring them the cash. Your car insurance food bill gas etc can be your credit card. If you have a visa reward card you make money every time you use it. I transfer it into my debit card and and each month empty my debit card and put it in my home safe. Make sure you have a current passport. When the money collapses and banks close and credit card companies fold you want the freedom to drive to Canada and have US dollars and metals. So many Americans move out of the US each year the government tries to keep it a secret. It's like when Morgan Stanley folds there will be such a nationwide run on all the banks they'll pull the old trick of their taking a three day bank holiday. Friday Saturday Sunday, when you go to your bank it's closed for good. And by the way the ATM's stopped working on Friday forever, so all you'll have is the cash you stashed and the metals you bought. Which by the way are now sky rocketing. $400.00 silver and $4,000.00 gold. And this is just overnight, it the following months it's $1,500 silver and $10,000 gold. It will be one of the largest transfer of wealth ever. Eventually silver will surpass gold because of its scarcity. $50,000 silver and $25,000 gold. Silver is so under priced right now it's ridicules. It should be 9 pieces of silver ounces should buy one ounce of gold. But it now 70 to 1. So so cheap. Buy a ounce a pound whatever you can afford. Do it weekly or monthly, it doesn't matter. Do you want a useless Dollar worth nothing or a hold in your hand metal that never goes to 0.
Honesty First (7 months ago)
Kevin is the assshole shark. Like Simon Cowell, he enjoys crushing good people. And he thinks he is so smart....but he is not.
Kory Ouellette (7 months ago)
And shut up Kevin he doesn't know shit
Kory Ouellette (7 months ago)
I want you to have debate with my favorite 2 people lawyer jim rickards and demographic cliff #harrydent #jimrickards money is gold cash is I guess #currency paper #jimrickards #mikemaloney
Bill Carson (7 months ago)
However if you're a stock trader buying a stock that pays a dividend it also means that the company has less money to put back into the company and thus make it profitable.
ItsFazsha (7 months ago)
Kevin O'Leary thinks he knows about economics; he doesn't. He's an arrogant, bald blood fart. He makes easy money that no ordinary Joe could even be exposed to. The reality today is gold is the only worthwhile investment; everything else is overvalued due to too much debt. Just wait for everything else to blow up. His idea of "investing in debt" is crazy. Of course, that's just my opinion.
Jettero Fletcher (7 months ago)
I find it curious that, at 13:04, Kevin talks about U.S. economic growth being sub-3% "for a couple years, and maybe longer". And yet, when the geniuses putting together Trump's tax plan got to putting it together, they're extrapolation nearly a decade of growth of OVER 3%. Long story short, it's a disaster that will only get worse. The bond-Yield explosion will just be the beginning...
Hemat Sinanan (7 months ago)
lol that's a seriousThoroughbred he can't keep his eyes off her legs the perv
sadie63 (7 months ago)
By 2015 it was down 46 percent.
Roky Erickson rocks (7 months ago)
“The key to life is the check coming in... “ (@18:39) Amen, brother, amen.
Michael Angelos (7 months ago)
Thank you Kevin O'Leary for enlightening me on my investment errors. This is a total revelation to me. Now I'm looking for some good dividend stocks.
JD SHAMAN (7 months ago)
Diamonds are forever? No says Zircon. Gold is forever? Zircon gold? Within twenty - thirty years Gold will be cheap as chips. Bags of chips are priced at £1 a bag on the London market today. Data courtesy: Market Fish Bar, London E9.
George Garner (7 months ago)
Yeah lower taxes on the rich and stick it to the poor and the middle class
George Garner (7 months ago)
Looking for that welfare check every month lol
Diogenes Laertius (7 months ago)
see kids listen to your Mom... provided she's got CASH!
Hamed Adefuwa (7 months ago)
whats a 5% waiting?
Bryan Waters (7 months ago)
Devan Balgobin (7 months ago)
Great video ... Thanks for posting.
tony goulart (7 months ago)
Gold is insurance!! 5 to 10% of your Gross worth. Thats what i have and believe. And you only get Gold when you have zero debt!!
Tyler Moore (8 months ago)
When everyones saying you should be getting it, you should be selling it! Cause when it corrects it doesn't touch the sides on the way down.. Best quote ever
Darren Stone (8 months ago)
When gold and silver become the "it" thing again it will be too late to get in. That's the way it works. He has 5% gold. That's smart.
Mitch McMitch (2 months ago)
Yep @ both comments
Tony Bologna (7 months ago)
it will be more than the "it" thing. our fiat money system WILL fail, just a matter of when.
Pooby1000 (8 months ago)
I could never be interviewed by Cambone. I'd be sweating and stammering like a little idiot.
InTheFX (8 months ago)
"I don't believe the hyperinflation story"
Peter Meissnitzer (8 months ago)
miguel f (8 months ago)
Your mom teach you have to be nice ,cabron arrogante
Sound Therapy (8 months ago)
arrogant but smart man
cubicofmusic (8 months ago)
She is huge!!!
Thomas Anderson (8 months ago)
Gold is not an investment. Previous metals are a store of value.
Don Desnoo (8 months ago)
Look at verginia electric at10$a share 100 shares 1000$ seventys now 14000$ 440$ yrly dividend symbol DNyse! .gold 500$ now 1300 not a great investment but ok .
Fungicopia (8 months ago)
Well if you prefer to invest in foreign companies over your home country, youre a greedy snake. I will never invest in an Oleary company or product. Youre just a dollar sign and when you die, all the wealth youve accumulated will mean nothing. Instead of making a difference in Canada and the world, youve decided to pursue more wealth, even after youve made billions, more wealth than any organism could ever hope to spend.
Rillwill (8 months ago)
It's the cash in the bank that's still gonna love you...FACTS

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