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Trade Like a Casino for Consistent Profits by Adam Khoo

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In the stock market, there are 'gamblers' and there are 'casinos'. Gamblers depend on luck to make money and would eventually lose it all, because the game is rigged against them. 'Casinos' know how to rig the system to generate consistent profits from random outcomes of chance. Learn how to trade like a casino! These are essential stock trading strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance. Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trading and the best-selling author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Profit from the Panic". Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and trading. Helpful links Learn about Wealth Academy live seminars at http://bit.ly/2qFaJnB Learn about our Online Professional Trading Courses at http://bit.ly/2HwWtak Visit Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group at http://bit.ly/2J4XMdy Facebook https://facebook.com/adamkhoosuccess
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Text Comments (1657)
John Mav (10 hours ago)
Thank you !
Dom Dom (15 hours ago)
Good teacher. Explain in a very systematic maner.
IQ OPTION SECRET (16 hours ago)
good video
david micheal (1 day ago)
☣️👍Great presentation... Easy to understand... Where can I get the down stream tutorial
Is you do a 50% win ratio, you are a Master god of traiding. The Win ratio average is the 40%
927 Playing Channel (1 day ago)
thanks for the content! your explanation is clear and easy to understand.
Tee Banks (1 day ago)
This is easy to learn.
callmedaddee (2 days ago)
There are slippages when trading in stock market as well (equivalent to the green numbers), ie, bid offer spread and commission. And when gambling in casinos, one also look at "trend" and not exactly blindly. Therefore, in conclusion and in my opinion, it is the same.
phan caphy (3 days ago)
Hutch5321 (3 days ago)
Excellent! Instant thumbs up and subbed!
Suraj Kumar (3 days ago)
If a player at the casino has 47.3% probability and players win 47.3% of the time. I think they win more money than they put into the game because no one will play a game in which winning percentage is 47.3% only and even after they win the will get only their money back. I think casinos work differently, I am not sure how but I think it does
WCephei77HD (3 days ago)
That's it, take my money and gamble with it, where do I enrol for it? I'm in!
The Mad Forex Trader (3 days ago)
Trade like a casino - I like it :)
Brume Okotie (4 days ago)
I want to get into forex trade and I have no idea, is it a good idea?
Drew Hurst (4 days ago)
Thanks, excellent presentation Sir!
Double D (4 days ago)
Does this strategy work in crypto trading?
Phen Nom (4 days ago)
Traded for 8yrs. Used every kind of "profitable system" imaginable. Market makers know where stop losses are and spike prices to trigger stops many times before price moves in favor of your trade. After going bankrupt 3 times and almost ending my life, I decided to quit trading 4yrs ago. Took a job, downscaled my expenses, started saving every week. I'm a much happier person now with normal blood pressure and far less stress and I have some money in the bank that is earning some interest. Life is so much better now... just a thought.
T (5 days ago)
Great video.
1337Turbogurke (5 days ago)
Short, on point and honest.. great video !
bernardo ayuso (5 days ago)
Best !!! 2018
A.R K (5 days ago)
Great video. loved it .
Cecilia Haynes (5 days ago)
Very good video! Teaches you to make decisions while investing via stop/loss concept. Good way to invest in stocks conservatively.
farquoi (5 days ago)
imho stop losses are not the pro solution.. you should be buying the stock and protecting it with a weekly put option. Lose small, win big, and no risk of getting kicked out of a stock that momentarily dips down and goes back up. With a put option, you always know what your maximum loss is
Mpumelelo Khanyile (5 days ago)
please l need a person who understand CFD' s strategy
Jesse Berk (5 days ago)
Great video! Thank you
Rafiq Razak (5 days ago)
what is the recommended time frame from this type of trading?
TechnoSaviour (6 days ago)
Very helpful insights on trading.
RingQuest 1986 (6 days ago)
I enjoyed you video. There is still a lot to learn beyond this, but especially for beginners, this is crucial knowledge. I trade Foreign Exchange. My win rate over the past year is almost 300%. It should be noted that I was completely stupid when I started trading Forex, almost 10 years ago. I lost over $48,000 in under a week once when I thought I'd "figured it out" Even though I've done well for myself, it took me the past 4 years to create my own system, and actually stick with it. Emotion is ALWAYS a factor. In the beginning, I was going for fast gains and lots and lots of trades. However, it took many years for me to realize that the real gold (at least for me) was in spending a few days (or sometimes a week) doing analysis on a pair before putting my trades/orders in. I also scrapped short-term gains/scalping, and went for longer-term trades after my analysis. Most of my trades are probably 4-6 weeks before I hit my TP. The system I use slowly covers losses until a direction change, and I'm quite happy with it. My percentage of winning trades may vary, because my technique includes sometimes multiple trades that cover my losses for a final, large payout. I do not hedge, either. Anyhow, my suggestion to all, especially new traders, is create a system, stick to your system, and try not to be too emotional. I'm in the middle of creating software to mimic my system so I don't have to worry about the emotion. I'm looking forward to that. Also, use a demo to test your system until you realize you have something worth your real money. Happy trading all!
I am the house.
sashnbash (6 days ago)
investing 100 bucks and getting back 80 bucks doesnt make sense..
olivier david (6 days ago)
Sorry with all my repect this is only half of the game.... There is something missing in your strategie.... You say this works on 100 trades or 1000 trades. You actually said you make 20 a month then takes time for you trading 100. Good. It is only work if you play everytime time same 10€ trade everytime.... If you trade 1000€ once in trade you deeply believe in and for all reasons, analyses and everything make you trade... You busted.. how many 10€ trades win 60% garanti to get your mega stop lost back ??? you forget the speculation.... This is not indicator to trade with. Sorry i am not agree about this and this is lying to people.
Joey Herron (1 day ago)
inbox me
ubah baru (6 days ago)
with this method...u r always in the 90% group
Gary Wachtel (6 days ago)
Please explain your 60/40 assumption
Blackjack Lover (6 days ago)
Well said. I always win at blackjack! 99% win! Watch my videos
Grace Is Jesus (6 days ago)
Thanks so much.. Powerful
lauro canceran (6 days ago)
Thank you for this info...
mahadev bhiste (7 days ago)
Great video
Tony Hunt (7 days ago)
The approach is good, but if it was that easy we'd all be rich
Primus Ultimum (7 days ago)
Thanks Adam
Jacky Lim (7 days ago)
This doesn’t include the margin broker charges, where you already down few pips before anything and that put you on disadvantages.
Lord Harry (7 days ago)
yeah ok whats your trading strategy to get 60 percent wins
teevaar kowlaser (7 days ago)
Dude your a freaking legend for making this video lmao thank you so much
Khensani Modise (7 days ago)
Great video, very simple explanation. Please keep it up
cat black (7 days ago)
Hello Adam, this vid was made about a year ago. Hope this still matters, cause to me it does. You have good insight about trading. I think we need to change the word "rig" though. Some word might be more appropriate. Thanks for sharing.
Xperia Z3 (7 days ago)
It's not 100% accurate...
Peter Polak (8 days ago)
I think the math in this video is wrong, when you win 60% then you make 20$ and not 80$
john leon (8 days ago)
Best explanation on win/lose ratio I've seen so far.
Now tell a Gambling-Junkie that he should start getting educated for Daytrading :-))))))
Rum Mähne (8 days ago)
You are the best Adam! I will be succsessful and you are one of the business coaches who make that possible. Thank you for that!
chris parker (8 days ago)
I've worked in broadcasting (radio/television) for a long time and I always like to point out when someone has a great delivery. You do! Great info, well presented!
gulak sarker (8 days ago)
Best explanation that I ever seen.
moses rajan (8 days ago)
The best explanation i have ever heard. Simple and to the dot. wow!!
George Evans (8 days ago)
how did you calculate the 60/40 win loss ratio when assuming a run will continue?
Student of Universe (8 days ago)
Who said the worst scenario is 50/50 ? Not true
Trius (8 days ago)
If your stop loss is too near the entry price it will be hit every time. That means 0%wins to 100% losses. Putting the just under/over support or resistance will get you stopped out a good percentage of the time.
Nimisha Maru (9 days ago)
jinnd319 (9 days ago)
Don't you spend 100 to lose 50 and win 100? Doesn't this mean that you lost money since out of 100 you invested you lost 50 over all? What am I missing? If I'm reading this right, with this system cost to play annihilates your winnings.
Damian Santacruz (9 days ago)
its nice to put it that way, but you arent talking about comissions.
WealthOption (9 days ago)
To avoid 7:05 you should perform some fundamental analysis of the economy, industry, company and then time the entry correctly using TA. Otherwise it sounds just like a random position, which is totally casino and you will lose money like that
Andy M (9 days ago)
You don't need any more explanation than this but I know beginners will miss a couple of points here and they are: 1) Number of trades he makes per month ( not playing with the system like a computer game but applying strategy), and 2) not recognizing losses when they occur are in the strategy (rage quitting).
beingright (9 days ago)
If this really worked he wouldn't need to sell a trading course.
Lavender Lively (10 days ago)
Thanks, Adam! I appreciate you sharing your considerable knowledge! You're a good person! ;)
UltimateBargains (10 days ago)
Now throw in a Fibonacci positive progression that parlays the wins and you've got a monster money printing machine with a very limited downside.
Neil Waight (10 days ago)
If you stick to your plan, you will always come out on top, rules, no chance
JohnEnergy2012 (10 days ago)
That waste of paper....
Carol LeBoeuf (10 days ago)
Wow!! You are a very engaging speaker and I have learned more from this one video than I have learned from the countless others I have watched! Thanks!! Subscribing!
Adriatic (10 days ago)
dont set stop losses becuase the market movers see your spot loss and theyll take you out wheever they make money
Mr1comment (11 days ago)
Thank you for the important lesson!!
Hmong Vang (11 days ago)
It's easy to understand. I like it.
montetank tankkiller (11 days ago)
Beginners fail with the fees. A very important variabel.
FX Game (11 days ago)
good old days are over... You want to win today, you need to have a Big Account. growing rates like Warren Buffett had in his old days are over. Only emerging markets; but therefore you must be a professional.
Lee Jones (12 days ago)
That easy to draw up 2 lines put a Stop loss at the bottom take profit at the top and just buy down the bottom somewhere hahaha. We’d all be traders
Ranjith U (12 days ago)
Your presentation is really very nice. I think you are a professional instructor apart from a professional trader. Because of your admiring way of explanation difficult things I think I might addict watching your instructional videos whether I am trading or not
Cruz Mora (12 days ago)
You are absolutely right. Wonderful explanation. Thanks
TEXAS 70.3 (12 days ago)
Bravo. Keep spreading financial literacy!!! That being said, that’s the reason why I trade options vs. stocks.
isukapatla arunkumar (12 days ago)
Nice Video and clear explanation...
Tushar Varun (12 days ago)
Marco Amaya (13 days ago)
Excelente explicación, muchas gracias.
Glenn Costales (13 days ago)
hes a good teacher
Paulo Roberto (13 days ago)
Mathematically you are right...but on real life when the trader starts on a 4 to 5 or more losses in a row, I'm prety sure he/she will start taking it's profits before the 2$ and then the 2:1 gain:loss rule goes down the toilet flush
RRS Technology (13 days ago)
Thanks I am from India
Ban Nsabin (14 days ago)
Duh market makers can see your stop loss and trigger it then you still lose
Adam Khoo (14 days ago)
Duh... that is why professional traders place stop losses at areas away from where normal retail traders place them. In my trading strategies, I place stop loss only AFTER stop losses have been hit and taken out by market makers
Terry Boyd (14 days ago)
WOW!!  Such knowledge.  Thank you again sir
monckey wrench (14 days ago)
SAD but TRUE!!
Suzanne Szárai (14 days ago)
Oh, my God! 2 minutes into the video and I feel pain. Money, money money...... BRRRRR. I thought this video would explain how building of casinos by native Americans is a money laundering.... My bad....
antonio andrade (15 days ago)
I like how you tich a lot. I like you stile 👍 but unfortunately i dont think it work like thath cheers friend
rpminc 12 (15 days ago)
At a 2/1 profit/loss you can still come out ahead with only a 40% winning percentage
劉政諺 (16 days ago)
He is partially right but he can go deeper. The ONLY THING MATTERS in trading profitability is EXPECTED RETURN. You can tweak the equation any way you like in a way that it comes out positive. Scenario A: You win rate is 85% and you make 1 buck when you win, you lose 4 bucks when you lose. You still in average make .25 for every dollar you bet. Scenario B: You win rate is 25% and you make 6 bucks when you win, you lose 1 buck when you lose. You still in average make .70 for every dollar you bet. In real life, you want a strategy which has an OK winning percentage. It is hard mentally if you have a low probability win rate even if it has huge expected return. But the irony is that those strategies are sometimes the most profitable ones. Meaning that you may have to accumulate so many losers feeling like a moron until a home run. Beginners should start with a strategy with a decent winning percentage.
bugmarkus (16 days ago)
Thanks man this is very helpful
Peter Selie (16 days ago)
Sell something my friend, you're a born teacher. Perfect video.
Alin Ochis (16 days ago)
Great video! However, the math at the end (two last trades) does not sound right to me. At 15:42 you say if you're betting 1$ for trade you have 80% return but for the numbers you've chosen, if you put in 100$ and take out 120$, the profit is 20$ (not 80$) and consequently the return rate is 20%. Obviously, that would require to use leverage and/or to modify the previously given stop loss and take profit numbers or price per share. Similarly, at 16:35 if you put in 100$ and take out 100$, the profit is null. Am I wrong?! Either way, the explanation of principles is outstanding. Please keep up the good work. Thanks!
Alfa Beto (16 days ago)
Very good explanation! But in fact, I see that the major problem here is that the market reverses many times before the goal 2:1. So, at the end, in the long term, we will lose many times than wins.
vincent okonda (17 days ago)
he is my mentors
G. Olivieri (17 days ago)
Vineet Purushotham (17 days ago)
But what technical analysis software do you use?
Adams, your presentation is excellent, but... The risk reward ratio have your own statistic (2:1=-50%)... if you put the tp on 20 pips and the SL on 10 pips, the statistic is: it hit's 2 times on loss and 1 time on profit... The loss is -2USD x 2 = -4USD and when you hit the profit is +1USD... If you have an advantage of +20% (tech analysis), you win +1,2USD and you have a total loss of (+/-) -3.4USD... In the end, you lose on a complete turn (+/-) -2,2USD(simple calculation mode). On the other hand, if you have 100USD and win 50USD, you have 150USD, +33%... When you loss 50USD on 100USD, you have -50%... Then, the loss with the same size of the win is much bigger... You have to win 3X to compensate a loss of 2X in 1:1... You can try 2:1 instead of 1:2 RRR... Please, take in consideration too, a 50% average volatility of each movement when you calculate the range of the RRR(reverse price)... This is gambling! :)
The Human Condition (17 days ago)
Nice intro for swing trading ! One thing you forgot to mention.....you can insure the price but not the sale if it's a limit sl.....and you can insure the sale but not the price on a regular sl ......
TTapFX (17 days ago)
moolchan singh (17 days ago)
now this is an eye opener
Slim G (17 days ago)
Thank you sir Really refreshing video!! Need to start thinking and trading * statistics * & not rely on signals, hope, emotions etc

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