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A 10 Minute Comparison: Office 365 vs Google's G Suite - WorkTools #32 by Christoph Magnussen

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When you're running a team or a company and you want to make the most of it, it's also your responsibility to choose the right work tool for collaboration. When it comes to this, there are two big brands on the market that both offer many features that are useful for the daily business. A tool is as good as the user who uses it. That's why it is so important to get to know these tools and how to use them correctly. In fact, it's not so easy to make this decision, because there are many facets that you need to consider. However in this WorkTools Video i will show you the capabilities of these tools and tell you how to find out, what you need. Definitely check out these reports: Google Docs vs MS Word online: http://facts.pt/jHRnW2 Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online: http://facts.pt/pXCZuf Google Hangouts and Skype for Business: http://facts.pt/gh24hC Gmail and Outlook: http://facts.pt/MnjwGU Google Sites and Microsoft SharePoint Online: http://facts.pt/Kwn98T Subscribe here to my weekly Vlogs and updates http://bit.ly/cmagchannel or check out my website http://blackboat.com or http://christophmagnussen.com -- I upload one WorkTools # and one WorkDay Vlog Ep. video every week. WorkTools # In these videos, I will give you my personal insights on various cloud-based collaboration and communication tools that foster productivity within your company. WorkDay Ep. These videos will give you the big ideas behind our work, a glimpse behind the scenes and also how I work with our clients and partners: meeting fellow entrepreneurs business travels, conferences, interviews, working on the road. - Connect, follow, subscribe: https://www.facebook.com/christophmagnussen/ https://www.instagram.com/christophmagnussen/ https://www.twitter.com/cmagnussen http://www.medium.com/@cmagnussen https://christophmagnussen.com (my bi-weekly 3x3 briefing) –– Christoph is an entrepreneur since high school. After graduating from St. Gallen University, he co-founded a mobile phone reCommerce company which grew from 1M to 31M in revenue in less than 5 years. To scale the business he wouldn't just add manpower. Instead, he was obsessed with increasing individual productivity through latest online collaboration tools and new work methods. This new digital setup triggered many requests from fellow entrepreneurs to support them in building the same environment in their companies. This is how the idea for Blackboat was born. A tech-focused company designed to help leaders increase team efficiency by leveraging cloud tools and fast communication. Christoph is also a keynote speaker and he shares his experiences, thoughts and ideas about #EndOf90iesIT and #futureofwork via his YouTube channel and Facebook page. Music by enjoytheview, Emotional Hip Hop Audiojungle Standard Licence
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Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
I just published a 2018 Update Video right here! https://youtu.be/DTslJjbg-xU
eschelar (2 months ago)
You mentioned that you made a video discussing the difference between Skype group call and video conference, but I could not find it.
A Google User (2 days ago)
Personally, I prefer Microsoft Office over Google Docs but Google Suite allows me to use custom email domains and host my website for a cheaper price and that’s all that matters for me.
Arif Malik (11 days ago)
Scott Stahl (1 month ago)
Way too much talking about nothing!!!!!
Tarry Masters (1 month ago)
I really do not understand who is doing what? One of 304 Comments
Steven Whiting (1 month ago)
This is the type of hipster sales bullshit consultance come in a spout to managers so they can "consult" bullshit for a couple of years on a high wage. And at the point where people suddenly start to open their eyes and see the bullshit, the consultant legs it. And the cloud explanation was bollocks. Cloud is just someone's computer that you have no control over. The Gmail explanation was also bollocks. Gmail has folders they've just called them labels to "be different". I've worked in both gmail and office 365, admining both and as has been said, most of what you said is bollocks.
Aashish (2 months ago)
talk point wise !!,dont talk too much and at the end say nothing
Marcin Kroszel (2 months ago)
I find Google more user-friendly and much easier to learn, however it's true that O365 seems to have more complex options designed for collaboration in huge companies.
Simon Steinberger (2 months ago)
Was für ein Gelaber. Völlig lahm und am Thema vorbei.
Christoph Magnussen (2 months ago)
Lieber Simon danke für dein Feedback. Was würde dir denn helfen? Deine Erwartungen an das Thema scheinen sehr speziell und differenziert. Vielleicht also mal ein weiteres Video? Nach einigen Migration en haben wir recht viel Erfahrung und teilen diese auch gerne. Manchmal mit manchmal ohne Gelaber je nach Laune... ✌🏼
piano spike (2 months ago)
really cool guy
Very good... .
Ali Abdul (2 months ago)
hello Good morning pls i do spam office365.com but i dont get what am looking for i need your help on how to get to office365.com inbox
JJ (3 months ago)
Our company uses 365 we have found it very buggy, constantly freezing especially outlook , looking at Gsuite again .
Mstislav Zuyev (3 months ago)
Feel free to put works
Janet Satterfield (3 months ago)
This lastest version worked version check you are have a Microsoft.NET Framework-4.8.5.it is not excluded оthey call a error for sets.This link has a 100% working software https://yadi.sk/d/9rmp-SuW3KF5YL
David Johnson (3 months ago)
thanks - this guy cuts to the chase and really talks to you like a person. Others who have offered criticism - you never start with features unless you are a vendor living in a 1960s mindset; "take it or leave it my customer..." You start with requirements and this video does that very well.
Alejandro Pereyra (4 months ago)
I saw a video yesterday from one of the tecs working at the 3rd party of google's managing g suite apliances. He said the text is plane and travels as that the hole way, only wen you purchase the security service to encript your data you can get your info encripted 6:20
Michae Thompson (4 months ago)
TLDR version G-Suite - for basic administration roles, easy shared docs and planning, basic api cron jobs Office 365 - for accountants, technical roles, complex api cron jobs A person with Sharepoint expertise will bring more value to medium/big organizations than a person with G-Suite expertise. Use both for different departments.
Christoph Magnussen (3 months ago)
Not bad for a TLDR
Christoph Magnussen (4 months ago)
damn, people still watch my old video, at least check out the new one ;) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTslJjbg-xU
EDUARD SZABO (4 months ago)
Hi Christoph, the majority of bluechip companies do not have the option of cloud or online world version. The only option that one has is Microsoft365 and probably the closest to cloud is Microsoft OneNote that can be saved on a network drive.
terry waller (5 months ago)
As a retired IT manager for a fairly large company, Google office is not acceptable in a corporate environment. Many reasons, you can create a document in Office and send it to a customer/client and expect it to work. At least once a week soneone will complain they got a document they can't open or it's corrupted
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
I actually use both for different reasons. Everything related to my personal brand and tools for communication, is G Suite. And I use O365 for MS programs, which I'll never be able to break away from. I'd probably be better off to just buy Office 2016 and only use G Suite. I'm open for suggestions though.
marko pap (6 months ago)
Nasal Chain (6 months ago)
I feel sorry for this comparison, and I think your look is so googlish. So that's it.
Christoph Magnussen (5 months ago)
check out the new comparison then :)
Bill Addison (6 months ago)
Google – you're welcome. Just saved you 11 minutes.
Mario Toffia (6 months ago)
Sir, I think you should re-label it to "A 10 Minutes, *biased*, comparison...". I don't care if you like the one or the other but it really helps if you where neutral in a comparison otherwise it is just "hidden" commercial as all the other youtubers...
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
That's why a new version is coming out soon :)
GreenFox59 (7 months ago)
I honestly tried to get into Microsoft Office 365 for personal use. I keep going back to Google Docs just because it works on all of my devices with no problems. Word on Chromebook and Android feels bloated. Google Docs, while may have its formatting issues, is more than doable in finding a work-around as long you implement best practices. I know finding a job with skills in Google Drive/Docs will be a hard sell especially since I work food service, but I can't be bothered with Microsoft Office; I really hate turning on my desktop just to balance my checkbook on the fly.
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
Google docs obviously works better on Google devices but Microsoft managed to do lots of good though :)
Ariel De Castro (7 months ago)
Totally biased for google, Outlook is better than Gmail. Try doing another review with the new updated MS Office 365.
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
Already on the way :)
Zaha Web Consultants (7 months ago)
Can you please tell me which Mice are you making use of in this video?
Waking the Dead (7 months ago)
I worked in IT for last 20+ years working with largest pharmaceuticals to top Fortune 100 companies and non of them use Google Docs. Also in a company how often you shadow/collaborate online? Most of the time it is faster to modify and send feedbacks or just project in a conf call or webex. Believe me these ppl who do utube are not telling the whole story. Also, when you work with customers with excel, word and ppt, your life is a living hell trying to convert to google docs!
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
This will change soon enough :)
Priyanshu Nayak (7 months ago)
According to u sir, which is indeed better of this two????
Priyanshu Nayak (6 months ago)
Christoph Magnussen aye Sir
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
Wait for the new video :)
honest review (7 months ago)
hi do you know of any sms gateway solution.
Christoph Magnussen (6 months ago)
Nope, sorry
John Palmer (8 months ago)
Between Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, G Suite has the simpler price structure. For the business version of G Suite, you’ll pay $10 per month for each user who accesses the service. Microsoft Office 365 has three business versions and four enterprise versions available. The monthly fee per user ranges from $5-$35, and each version has a slightly different selection of applications and features. https://pchtechnologies.com/office-365-vs-g-suite-best-nj-small-business/
Christoph Magnussen (7 months ago)
Yep, O365 can get expensive quickly if you need lots of storage as well
blazesof (8 months ago)
The flame calling to subscribe seems to be "on flames" during part of the video due to the light behind it, it looks cool, although I guess not intentional.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
No, but still nice :)
Nick Duxfield (8 months ago)
Christoph Magnussen, are you in Germany? Germany has limits for the use of Office365, there is simply different capabilities in Germany. Aslo, there is laws involved for companies. Google has a data storage scheme which is structured for speed. Microsoft has a storage model built on compliance, ie you can storage your data legally in a region because of compliance. This is the number one reason that most experience lag. Did we take this into consideration. Theres a lot more at play here than simple, this is faster, this is slower. Can google control, setup and wipe user data vs company data on devices? This is what you need to get into.
Matthew Jardine (8 months ago)
I use a combination of the two. Everything I do is in the G-Suite space, except documents, spreadsheets and presentations. There is just so much functionality missing in Google’s offerings (i.e. Docs, Sheets and Slides). I tend to use advanced features quite regularly, and they are often unavailable on cloud based services, including Office Online. I cannot seem to get away from having a copy of Office on my computer.
Daniel Večeřa (8 months ago)
MS Teams overly overtook Slack with functionality. It has been the fastest developing software of Microsoft :)
Yulong Li (8 months ago)
Diego Rama (8 months ago)
Useless video - many things are simply wrong. Clearly biased
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Old video, will update soon :)
Sharif Ihmud (8 months ago)
good one thank you
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Thank you too Sharif :)
Amazing Life (8 months ago)
I love how you said though roasting words.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
I'm sorry, I don't understand you mean, care to elaborate?
Jenry Bejarano (8 months ago)
MS has been at this game quite a while. I think they set the standard by comparison. Although, I think Google is better situated for the future just by the fluidity of how they function. I could be ill informed, however, if I were starting a business I'd go w Google.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Both have become pretty good at what they are doing, I don't think there is a clear winner yet :)
Jonbriel LLC (8 months ago)
You had me at MUCH more customize-able.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Glad you liked it :)
Kevin Taylor (8 months ago)
G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook Wins! With Google Contacts you add as many Phone Numbers as you like to one contact. e.g. I can add say ten Work numbers to a single contact and say five Mobile numbers to the same single contact but with Microsoft Outlook 365 or 2019 you are restricted to only two Work Numbers and One Mobile Number. If you sync your Google contacts with Outlook via Exchange and add more than two work numbers to you contact on Google it then will not sync with Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has not changed the contact number fields since the first Outlook for MS-DOS. G Suite clearly Wins!
Kevin Taylor (8 months ago)
New Gmail will be the death of Outlook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqtEzthzxuo G Suite is the future!
Björn Bidar (8 months ago)
We used it in our company too but this solution has the caveat of limited space in mailboxes. Any Imap Client is much better. For example Kmail works great if aviable.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Not sure if there is a clear winner, I actually like having choice between different proviers :)
Subham Aich (8 months ago)
Totally biased towards Google. Did they pay you? Wonder how you got so many likes!!!
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Back then Google was the better choice, MS has caught up though :)
SUHAN A (8 months ago)
is it just me or the no.of tabs open in the browser is disturbing.
Christoph Magnussen (8 months ago)
Everyone has their OCD :)
Darren Edmonds (9 months ago)
Go with gut if it's right for u
Jonathan Mills (9 months ago)
Office 365 uses Skype for business which is NOT the same as a garden variety Skype account. Talk about confusing! During the transition to 365 people were regularly waiting to connect on the wrong Skype service.
EF CG (9 months ago)
I know your choice between these two options !!! It's the one you use today. I imagine it's GSuite, right? Most people who work with technology use GSuite. Google influences to go to his "arms".
William Evans (9 months ago)
Good video my favourite points are about knowing what you want from the tools you use and making sure everyone knows not only how to use the technology but why it was chosen over the other in the first place. Too many people just accept crap or live with amazing software using a fraction of its potential and not caring how to use it. That last point is the reason why so many companies become inefficient. Of course it would be nice for everyone to have loads of money and just buy Office 365 and aa much apple products you could possibly want. However A. its not cost effective and B. it will still not get you the best results because you've just accepted what is supposedly industry standard and forgotten to ask the basic questions. What is industry standard?. Why is it industry standard?. Finally Regardless of industry standard tech the last question should be. Does industey standard cover all of my own personal or corporate needs?. Those questions can keep a person ocupied for months but they'll hopefully make you and your company get whats right for them.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
Damn right William :)
Oz Wannabe (9 months ago)
Fuck, that was so boring and uninformative
Oz Wannabe (9 months ago)
Yeah, can't wait to go through them. I already booked a holiday just for that.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
Maybe my other videos are more to your liking :)
Bruno Chiarini (9 months ago)
One key item to consider is accessibility when offline (or with limited internet). Google has pretty good android apps that work well. But their desktop apps' support ranges from none to laughable. I work as a IT consultant in professional services. Spent about 220 hr/yr flying, and 80% of time working remote in locations with little to no internet. The Android app is not really an alternative since most of our emails include screenshots and attachments. For this nothing beats a true email client. Oh how I miss Outlook's offline features or download headers only.... That said. Google Drive works a lot better than OneDrive. But Google's messaging is horrible (bring back Google Talk!!!), the worst possible thing you can do to yourself if you have worldwide locations and have ADHD. Finally, remember that all things google are blocked in China. So no email, no calendar, etc. I worked and configure myself both Google Apps and O365 for many years. I would say that now there's absolutely no reason to go with Google Apps. Microsoft has matched most features and several aspects surpassed them.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
The video is almost a year old by now, I will have to do a new one, one year is almost an eternity when it comes to the cloud :)
stockjonebills (9 months ago)
For me Google sheets just cant compare to excel. Especially when you are working with large spreadhseets. If I just needed email etc they are both excellent and a preference thing. But if you utilize the power of spreadsheets for large amounts of data, pivot tables etc you need excel. Personally I hate gmail UI and how labels work with Gmail but thats just me. Real time collaboration in google apps is better though.
Al Bergstein (9 months ago)
While a nice try you glossed over some key issues. One of them is formatting. One of my customers, a very non technical oriented one, switched from G to O365 because of loss of formatting of some fairly basic formats they used in Word, uploaded to G and found when they reopened them that the docs formatting was changed. . I try to explain to customers that I don't care which they use, but if they are Windows oriented, using a lot of Word and Excel in their work they likely will find it more easy to integrate with 365 than with Google. Less issues. Also integration with iphones and O365 is very good IMHO. Sharepoint has been pretty useful, I don't think it alone is better than Dropbox or Google Cloud. It's certainly *much* improved. Lastly, the MSFT technical support is superb. I've had to call them on a couple of issues, each time, I can easily make a ticket, call and even get call back with the ability to switch my phone while waiting (ie.. start a ticket with one call back phone and then reedit the ticket before call back if I have to go out). There's lots more but to me I see it as a two very different products, and useful to different kinds of end user setups. Both are good products. I could go on but that's the jist.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
That's also the point I am trying to make (the video is a tiny bit outdated by now, O365 has improved quite a bit). Choose what you need and what's the best fit :)
Jeff SansNom (9 months ago)
No business apps in gsuite, no websites, no marketing, no document management features (records, approval, advanced research). But great collaboration tools. Choose what suit your needs.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
Exactly Jeff :)
EF CG (9 months ago)
Two large global companies that produce productivity and artificial intelligence, Salesforce n' Evernote use GSuite. Why? Is it because partnering with Google or is it because GSuite is more productive and better?
EF CG (9 months ago)
I hear a lot of people mention that Google's tools are trends, but, I find it very difficult, especially for the "corporate world", people to stop using the Office suite. We can not compare the USABILITY of these two tools, Office 365 is superior if our main intention is the "use of tools". In my opinion, we will never stop using the Office suite.
EF CG (8 months ago)
I can work online or ofline with the Office suite. But Google has the same means for that work. Looking at it well, Google Document is better than Word Online, because I can search Google search by typing the document at the same time.
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
How is the usability better in O365?
C. Esther N. (10 months ago)
subtitulado en español por favor =(
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
no hablo español, lo siento
Luigi Ardingo (10 months ago)
Excellent and informative
Christoph Magnussen (9 months ago)
Thanks Luigi :)
mike klaene (10 months ago)
Being new to both the concept of G Suite and Office 365, my feeling is that G Suite is better. MicroSoft, even back in the MS-DOS days was always playing catch-up. Thanks for posting.
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Microsoft seems to be changing, let's see how they fare in the future :)
not useful
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Maybe the next one will be :)
dinesh wadhwani (10 months ago)
Hai freinds i in facebook
White Weathington (10 months ago)
How well this benefit the the little people
White Weathington (10 months ago)
This is white weathington sorry I never got to call you back . I'm having problem with my phone.eney way I do won't to know what did this do for the low income housing
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Depends on what you mean be little people :)
Pen Hit (10 months ago)
Michael Philips is not the greatest athlete of all times
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
No, but Michael Phelps may be ;)
Jennifer Peterson (10 months ago)
Microsoft hands down. After 2 years with Google and all of the problems we've had, we went to Microsoft 365. It has taken care of a lot of the annoying little things that wasted some time over the last two years.
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Still not fully convinced but MS are making big strides, I will keep watching them :)
Darin Reed (11 months ago)
In Streamline.
Massive Fins (11 months ago)
Outlook is way better then Gmail...  Gmail is feeble compared to Outlook.
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Hashim Serag El-Deen (11 months ago)
A. Real-time collaboration changed a lot in O365, it works great now. I have worked with both solutions and yes O365 was crap when it came to co-authoring, but now it's just perfect. B. You still mostly jumped into a feature feature comparison, the comparison of "if you want functionality go to O365, if you want fast collaboration go to Google" was what Google used in sales competition 5 years ago. C. Microsoft is also using CDNs and cached databases to help fast retrieve of the documents. D. When it comes to large businesses, yes you will need 300 people in a call, we do that all the time. F. The information mentioned in your video are amazing. Nonetheless, this is exactly what I thought until I started working with M365 and not O365. You missed things like outlook configurations with Gsuite, how it takes lots of time, crash and the migration between folders and labels problems. Small businesses would work great with Gsuite because true they do want to have something fast and easy. But when it comes to enterprises and you're speaking from devices point of view, identity protection and access management, exchange servers that need to stay in hybrid model with the cloud (Because change management in enterprises never works so easily as the way you're representing it). You will find that O365 will fit perfectly with other on-premise applications that cannot jump to the cloud right away such as Oracle, SAP development from a SSO perspective and devices management. There are lots of things to look at that the Google simplicity can never help with Enterprises and corporates.
Hashim Serag El-Deen (10 months ago)
Christoph Magnussen aside from stubborn people who want to use outlook. Hybrid clouds are not because of stubbornness but there are lots of factors to actually move a company dark to cloud, where Google still is not as mature in. In larger companies, the G suite mostly compete with the M365 suite, which might get Google to only win if you compare the prices..
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
True, the video is almost a year old by now and things change quickly. However, most of the issues you talk about are kind of a moot point because G Suite is different - if you are that stubborn to still use Outlook, the problem is not Google, it's the culture of the company. Same with other things like MDM - use a real one like MobileIron not some "added feature" from Microsoft or Google. Simplicity is a choice - but the choice needs to be made at the top, otherwise we will continue to end up with hybrid clouds, Outlook and other similar things.
Doron Nir (11 months ago)
too long no answer by the end , nice presentation.
Christoph Magnussen (10 months ago)
Well, it says 10 minutes in the title ;) I will try better next time !
David Read (11 months ago)
No mention at all of the overwhelming strengths in regards to security, rights management, levels of accessibility, user and data management, groups, lists, shared mailboxes/calendars etc that Office 365 offers 'out of the box' that G Suite can't compete with at all, and that is MS's bread and butter for the last 30 years and the reason why they are Number #1. And GMail better than Outlook - wow, to say that's a 'bold statement' is indeed a bold statement ;) I use GMail for my junk mail. Not only is it painful to look at I am not overly concerned that Google is scanning at all that email ... my work stuff I would be ;)
What youre writing is just plain untrue...
Christoph Magnussen (11 months ago)
You had me until you said you still use Outlook while talking about security ;)
Vince Martinez (11 months ago)
Google code deprecation practices scare me. I designed a whole work request system with Fuzion tables as the back end. The code to take form input and using Google's token key for their services was suddenly deprecated and created a cacophony of issues that kept me fixing and fixing. I finally had to replace it with Jotform. As CTO of one of the largest commercial real estate companies I'm deathly afraid to deploy Gsuite as a replacement. Microsoft has the ability to use Flow's to interact with Google services. What guarantees do I have with this scary Google practice that I wont end up with a Sh*tstorm down the line?
Christoph Magnussen (11 months ago)
I'm not sure why you are scared then? It clearly said "Experimental" on almost every page and they have even created a guide to migrate to the API to v2: https://developers.google.com/fusiontables/docs/v2/migration_guide I agree that there are things (like the new calendar) where Google should have taken user feedback into account before just removing features but Fusions tables seem to be supported decently still.
Vince Martinez (11 months ago)
Yes I loved using Fusion Tables because it allowed me to create views like SQL does . Each member or graphic designer could have their own view to see their own workloads, finished jobs, etc.
Christoph Magnussen (11 months ago)
Are you talking about fusion tables?
Thomas Burns (1 year ago)
A comparison of “ open office”, word perfect, Microsoft word and googles equivalent would be interesting
Christoph Magnussen (11 months ago)
Hm, I'll think about it when I have the time, thanks Thomas :)
Jason Donovan (1 year ago)
I'm about to migrate a small company to gsuite from exchange.  Some users are used to having added mailboxes and expect to see them when they login to google.  Is this even possible?
Nathan Labish (1 year ago)
As a lifetime mac user (first comp in 1999) I always assumed that Microsoft was stodgy, I run a business with 25+ young people and they thought the same... but a week ago I did the bootcamp thing and windows 10 and o365 business premium (whatever the 13/month/user one is) and I am blown away... it is incredible how damn useful o365 is for business... replaces so many 3rd party apps, it is so robust! Every workaround we had is unnecessary in o365. I have no idea why Microsoft has such a bad rap! I don't ever want to go back to google! I am so sick of integrating all these apps that solve super specific problems and charge 10-100/month. I don't even mind the retro, chunky interface, I guess I am at the point where "beautiful" interfaces and hidden menus are less important than getting things done! Everyone has been standing behind my desk this week excited for when we roll out and they get to start using 0365!
Edward Brown (9 months ago)
Always playing catchup is Microsoft. Hardly an original contribution to mankind. Genuine concern for the user? I'm not feeling it. My guiding principle is this: if I don't HAVE to use Microsoft, I don't.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Microsoft put a lot of effort into catching up, the bad rap is from the earlier years. I'm happy to see that you enjoy using their products, they really are a great money- and timesaver :)
Jeff SansNom (1 year ago)
Office 365 comes with Yammer / SharePoint / Research / Profiles... That said this comparaison is skewed sorry (:
Dominic Johnson (1 year ago)
Office 365 for life!
Ali Salehi (1 year ago)
I don't like this indirect way of advertisement! I am a big fan of Google, but I hate seeing advertisements, especially when they are presented in this way! If you make a video with title "Comparision between X and Y" you should be unbiased. Don't consider your audiences stupid please.
griexdast (8 months ago)
@edward "start your own video channel" is the most uneducated thing that i can find in these comment section, seems to me you not understand the concept of competition, integrity and comparison in the first place. its my first time watching his video (youtube auto play) and the amount of bias here is too damn high
Edward Brown (9 months ago)
He titled the video a "comparison," as you say, and he did a comparison. He can come down however he sees it. Start your own video channel if you have something to say.
Doug Roberts (1 year ago)
Looking forward to an update.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Microsoft did some catching up so I may need to reshoot this :)
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Noted but I'm not advertising for Google :)
Brent Paxton (1 year ago)
Very informative video. Thank you.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
You're welcome Brent :)
Sam Prince (1 year ago)
Our org (30k users) moved from Office on desktop with on premise Exchange to Google/g suite a few years ago. It was awesome. Having Office tools on the desktop when we needed them was useful (Excel and Access mainly) but for speed and collaboration the Google tools are hard to beat. Now we have moved to o365 and it's a nightmare: Very slow. Features half implemented. Features spread across desktop, mobile and web versions so no one tool is fully usable. UI nasties abound (delete button which moves around as outlook loads its page is scary!). Differences between contents in web and desktop calendars. Rooms double booked. SO. MANY. EMAILS. from what is supposed to be a calendar. If someone breathes the calendar sends everyone an email about it. Realtime collaboration on spreadsheets doesn't work reliably so some edits never sync to the cloud copy. Skype for business. Just die Skype. Dreadfully slow with a horrendous UI invented by sadists. Web version which is barely usable it's so clunky and only does text chat! Outlook search which is so abysmal you're better manually sifting through your 50,000 email mailbox. Unintuitive sharing options which are just begging to cause a data breach. SharePoint and its dreadful "wiki" feature which is about 1% as good as confluence. Access still has the same rubbish sql editor from 1995 and doesn't even exist on the web. And finally, why the hell are email and calendar stuck together in one application? Are we really in 2017?? IT have had to take on a small army of people just to field complaints and we're several months in now. The only good things: teams, which is a direct ripoff of Slack but slower to load; flow, which is a much better ifttt than ifttt, but not included in our package sadly and still quite beta-feeling.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
I agree that O 365 needs more work ( but so does G Suite tbh, just in other areas) it seems that you have to live with some sort of growing pains whatever you choose :)
GoodChoice IT (1 year ago)
We use zoom.us for video conferencing :)
Edward Brown (9 months ago)
Yep, it's Zoom's world now.
Fabian Arellano (10 months ago)
I agree with you, we have G Suite, but Hangouts doesn´t fit our needs, Zoom its perfect for us, we love the videconference, messagin and training features. Unfortunately the cost of Gsuite+Zoom+Slack it almost the same as Office 365 E3 plan, here is were begins the discussion.
GoodChoice IT (1 year ago)
zoom has become one of my favorite collaborative tools - we use it for virtual team meetings
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
I will have a look at it :)
osu9400 (1 year ago)
So much wrong info being throw around here. I've worked in Office365 and G-suite extensively. I generally see Google in small offices or education, and Office 365 in most businesses. I have only seen G-suite in a couple of Fortune 500 companies and even they were thinking about switching. Now to address some of the wrong info: 1. Office 365 has multiple plans. The base plans include web only versions of office, but most also include the full desktop suite. 2. Office 365 includes the backend services too like Skype for Business, Exchange, Teams, Delve, SharePoint, and on and on 3. Office online has had co-auth for years. 4. Co-auth was added to the various desktop products in 2016 and eventually in Excel in 2017. 5. Why people are discussing latency is confusing. Latency is determined by your network connection across the internet to your service. This is the same for Google or 365. In fact, there are more Office 365 and Azure datacenters so depending on your location, latency would actually be lower than Google. 6. Office365 has levels of encryption, data privacy, lockbox, etc that Google can't offer. Google is an ADVERTISING company, they will pilfer. 7. You want eDiscovery/compliance/retention controls? These seem like afterthoughts in the Google world.
CMO4Hire (2 months ago)
oh man ... Microsoft Office is so far behind G Suite. I've worked extensively in both. G Suite components are every bit as good as Office, and then some. We do massive spreadsheets in Google Sheets, it's all good. With Office 360 documents, you can't collaborate in real-time, and that's the biggest problem with them. It's like going back to 1971. hahah!!! Google Slides has saved us with our clients. (check out www.dbmms.io/suitemenu :). NOW, let's add Big Query, ML and Tensorflow on top of it. ANNNDDD, then put Appmaker on top of all of that. This is real integration using building blocks to solve company problems quickly and customizedly. (is that a word, i don't think so.)
Jimmy James (2 months ago)
Having used both, I would agree. However, the email component of Gsuite is now far behind O365 as is the admin side too.
osu9400 (1 year ago)
For the record, my points were not all directed at your video. I was mainly referring to the comments.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
I will get back to you on this as soon as I have some time to spare, I promise :)
David R (1 year ago)
Would be great to see an update on this now that G suite has had some major upgrades during autumn
Bruno Chiarini (9 months ago)
Well..Calendar changes are good. But still gmail web client and offline support is horrible. Hangouts chat is interesting attempt and improves a bit hangouts productivity killer by allowing you to selectively mute conversations. Until they come out with a better IM and a decent offline solution, not sure why would anyone would go with GSuite now.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
I will do it when I get around to it... so no promises for a date :)
Working From Anywhere (1 year ago)
Love the simple visual explanation at the 6 min mark about how fragments of a file is stored in different locations. I might use this one to explain to my clients. Thanks Christoph
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
You're welcome :)
Yadav Dhakal (1 year ago)
Useless video
Satyajit Manna (1 year ago)
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Almost as useless as your comment? ;)
Anthony Blomfield (1 year ago)
google rock.. please lets just all agree and now lets work on another problem to solve
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Heh, that's the Spirit Anthony :)
EF CG (1 year ago)
I really like Google, (GSuite). But, I find it very difficult for the world to fully adapt to GSuite, although GSuite is a trend for the corporate world. It really is difficult for people not to go to Office, even though we do courses on Excel. That means we will spend the rest of our lives working with it. An interesting and curious fact: At least two of the most productive companies in the world (Evernote and Salesforce) use GSuite. That makes obvious sense, right? That is, productivity matches GSuite.
EF CG (1 year ago)
And, what you using now: gsuite or office365? Whats better for you?
MrValiante84 (1 year ago)
I don't think productivity alone is dependent on what kind of collaboration tool you use. It has to do with so much more than that. Lets start with culture, just to make it difficult.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
It's not as simple as that - G Suite has it's issues, same as O365. Both are getting closer to each other in available features, so it won't matter that much in the future (I hope ;) ).
DeltaRoSigma (1 year ago)
Omng get to the point dude...
White Weathington (10 months ago)
Keep me updated . What benefits do us little people get from this it seems like it mostly good for bissne
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
just wait 9 more minutes ;)
z00h (1 year ago)
gmail and folders... a feature only a hipster could have asked for
z00h (1 year ago)
No I wouldn't.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
You'd be surprised :D
Z Z (1 year ago)
what about IBM collaboration tool?
As a techno-neophyte, Christoph just explained to me how data is dismantled and stored in different locations globally. Genius. Nobody has yet been able to explain it to me with such precision. Thanks.
Vince Martinez (11 months ago)
Microsoft not only does that but allows you to choose where you want your data and where you don't.......
Working From Anywhere (1 year ago)
Agreed, I've shared the video and tagged the 6 min mark for people to watch and understand. It is a hard point to get across to the people that have less interest in tech and don't get the cloud. Nice and simple and visual explanation Christoph
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Thanks Brian, you're welcome :)
Asante Freeman (1 year ago)
Great video well produced
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Thanks Max :)
Jo Ko (1 year ago)
I'm just learning about g-suite and am liking what I'm seeing so far. There is a potential job that uses G-suite, but I was told by the hiring manager that if I truly know MS office inside and out, I'll have no problem transitioning over to g-suite. I kind of like the idea of knowing both platforms and it will most likely make me more marketable in the future.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
True Jo, especially for end users, the distinctions between both are becoming more and more blurred, knowing one of them certainly helps though :)
Jennifer Cronk (1 year ago)
Loved this! Thanks!
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Thank you Jennifer :)
Doug Roberts (1 year ago)
Latency is not an issue in Office 365 now. O365 is much better and creating rich documents. Google is ok if you are looking for simple documents with few features.
Hyderabadi Narendra (5 months ago)
gsuit why why crap is exit
John Smith (7 months ago)
Try toggling hardware acceleration in your browser (Google how). I think earlier installs of Chrome had that disabled by default and that could be the reason.
BenjidogFourEyes (7 months ago)
I agree, I use Office 365 and it just seems so superior to any other similar software that you can get
Javier Casas (8 months ago)
Agreed I've used both and o365 is way better. Gsuite is really annoying to work in, in my opinion and has little use in the Enterprise world
EF CG (9 months ago)
Just as we use the Office suite, we can use the Google package. But I find it difficult for the world to stop using Office (word, excel and PP).
No mention of privacy, encryption and security? Google’s in minimal, Microsoft’s is far better.
tubeMonger (6 months ago)
Microsoft is famous for FUD.
Paul Kerton (9 months ago)
That's just plainly not true.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
In what ways? That's an awfully broad statement to make.
Steve Blanche (1 year ago)
For me as a consultant in an IT services provider and someone familiar with both platforms, I see far more administrative management and control features available in O365. That might sound scary but control is good (let go of your steering wheel on the motorway to experience poor control :-)). In the digital world, Identity and Access management, authorising apps and embedding security into our data with Rights Management for example, are requirements now rather than nice-to-haves and the M$ platform just seems to give us a lot more protection in these areas.
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Tbh, the granularity offered by O365 is nice but also overkill most of the time. Google's mdm is lacking but so is O365s, providers like MobileIron have both beat :)
marco3sm (1 year ago)
sorry but google as a long way to go ... good work is down with Latex and Rstudio
marco3sm (1 year ago)
thnanks a lot
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Here is the overview about the trial: https://support.google.com/a/answer/53926?hl=en&ref_topic=14864 If you need further help, let me know :)
marco3sm (1 year ago)
Christoph Magnussen I would like to try out the business Google version could you send me a link :) thanks
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Thanks Marco, it looks very powerful, I will check it out :)
marco3sm (1 year ago)
it is a powerful tool. simple to use and free to use. especially for statistic is the best. the bad side is that you need to know a bit a programming code. just the basics. it is a open source program. there are packages that you can install and then covert your "stastical" work to a pdf, word document. and this is pretty good. but i agree that Google made sharing easier and the microsoft is more focused on the single person ability. if you want for Rstudio i can give you the link https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/
David Ho (1 year ago)
Totally agree with the amount of Google message apps is crazy
Dự Nguyễn Hữu (1 year ago)
Nen dịch tiếng Việt
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
You are welcome to do the Vietnamese subtitles if you like :)
Adrian Nielsen (1 year ago)
Good intentions, but a lot of yapping and no demonstrations of inferiority and superiority.
dustin Overstreethair (4 days ago)
Adrian Nielsen hes obnoxious
Nadeem Shaikh (1 year ago)
Adrian Nielsen yeah, I agree, it was useful bt lots of unnecessary bits tht can be edited out like showing what u were upto, giving presents(good of u to do tht) bt doesn't add anything to the intended goal of video. Nice work although
Christoph Magnussen (1 year ago)
Feedback is always appreciated Adrian, I will try to incorporate it into future videos :)
Steve Hickman (1 year ago)
Informative, but clearly biased toward G-Suite, especially since he showed no examples of Office 365 and some of his descriptions in terms of real time collaboration in an online environment were not accurate pertaining to O365. I like and use both. For a business environment, it seems, the deciding factors would be security, training and implementation costs (including loss of productivity), and whether or not purely online tools are powerful enough to meet your business needs.
C A (1 year ago)
I know many companies that initially used Google, then ended up switching back.
Nik 13 (5 months ago)
Up in the Cloud why to use good when we have best?
Dimu Designs (6 months ago)
Google Sheets does have a limit on the number of cells. 2 million is the maximum. See https://support.google.com/drive/answer/37603?hl=en.
Pat Price (8 months ago)
stockjonebills what row limitation? That went away a while ago, like a year, maybe 2 years?
Sarah Andrea Royce (9 months ago)
Established companies often have well established workflows that wouldn't profit from the specific cloud features this comparison was mainly about. I personally tend to use whatever my collaborative associates use but in day to day life still prefer to work locally and often with Libre Office. I don't know why no one else seems to have this problem, but I usually have no or very slow connections whenever I would need access to my work away from my office or home.
stockjonebills (9 months ago)
Well in reality it depends on what the user needs to do, but anyone using huge data with spreadsheets I just cant see how they get by without excel. Our acct department would kill us with the row limitation in sheets...Aw Snap!

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