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Archaeology confirms Bible- 3,000 year old Hebrew text discovery

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Israel : 3,000-year-old text sheds light on Biblical history of King David's time. August 01, 2013 Visit my website: http://www.ScienceProvesGod.net SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com News Articles: Message decoded: 3,000-year-old text sheds light on biblical history http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/0... Ancient Text May Have Been Written in Hebrew http://www.jewishpress.com/news/break... FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.
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Tetelestai !!! (5 months ago)
Bildad1976 (10 months ago)
The inscription (which the guest never identified) mentions the Canaanite name Eshbaʽal, which appears in the Bible, but only during the reign of King David.
you know i am right (11 months ago)
One question, if you are an unbeliever, why are you watching this and commenting on it. You don't believe in God, then go away. Same with all these singers, acters and so called famous people who deny God and yet they can't seem to shut up about Him. Us believers don't like to cast our pearls before swine so please, politely go away and watch some other unbeliever nonsense like madona . Opps sorry, bad example, she can't shut up about Him either. If she isn't singing/mocking Him she is wearing/making satanic symbols and mocking Him in her videos. What's that all about? If you don't believe in God just go away and leave us believers alone to worship Jesus in peace, not to much to ask, is it?
realpqleur (1 year ago)
Wine jug, inscription said, "good stuff, hands off, it's the boss' s!"
Andy Haverland (1 year ago)
I didn’t realize Sol Rosenberg had a brother!!
TheDesertwalker (1 year ago)
FOX pandering to the less-educated again. Nothing more.
Bildad1976 (10 months ago)
You weren't the ONLY one for whom they published this story. There are also those of us who have studied ancient Hebrew & Greek.
Timothy Wade (1 year ago)
modern day evidence that clearly shows the land belongs to fully Jewish Israel from 3000 years back, if not longer. Israel is. the rightful possessor of their own God given land. the owner has the right to do with their own as they see fit, no argument stands against !!!
Nic Parker (1 year ago)
A lot of the bible is real. Some of it is off because they didn't translate the writings correct. Other things are added into it. Just a good read all around.
Brother R J (1 year ago)
Ridiculous! The guy never revealed what the letters meant or say. A waste of time.
Bildad1976 (10 months ago)
The inscription (which the guest never identified) mentions the Canaanite name Eshbaʽal, which appears in the Bible, but only during the reign of King David.
Ryan Riversking (1 year ago)
Ramiro Juarez he said quoted from those who worked on it as very hard to understand. Enigmatic. Equivocal. So give some grace because if anyone here in the comments section can translate that then go take a bite. Otherwise, don't waste time complaining he didn't say what it says.
track1994 (1 year ago)
bullshit he never said what it saids.
Abz Musty (2 years ago)
If chuck Norris was jewish then the whole world would become jewish, he will challenge all challengers and win!
Marc Ager (1 year ago)
I thought he was.
Bhavna Shethia (2 years ago)
don't go so deep.deep.. put simply faith.like child.
Bhavna Shethia (2 years ago)
I don't know how Bibal old. I am Jain hindu but now my family new'born in Jesus Christ.when u read Bibal.. put trust word of God.. every day u NEW..
Noal Zimmerman (2 years ago)
I wish the video would have gone into far greater detail. All the archaeologist seemed to have validated was that there was a piece of pottery found in Jerusalem for the time of King David. When asked what the writing on the piece of pottery actually says, the gentleman nervously laughs and dances around the topic, never honestly answering the woman's question. If he didn't know and felt pressed into a corner, he could have at least been humbly forthright and said, "I don't know", instead of going off topic. The next point is that the guy could have at least given a quick summation of which biblical time line he goes by. Not all biblical archaeologists have the same dating for the reign of king David, as well as the rest of the biblical patriarchs. So, in essence, some pottery was found. Great... (sigh)
Nick A (2 years ago)
The year is 2017 A.D., the A.D. is abbreviated letters for the Latin words " anno domini " which means in Latin, " The exceptable year of our Lord. So it's been 2017 years since " The Exceptable Year of Our Lord," or the birth of Jesus Christ. Before the birth of Christ, B. C. follows the year and goes to 4,032 B.C. and counts backwards to 1 B.C. There's no zero, you end B.C. at year 1 B.C. 365 days later Jesus Christ is born, 365 days more Jesus turns 1 A.D. follows. Adam and Eve would be around the time of 4,032 B.C., 4,032, 4,0 31, 4,030 all the way back until 1 B.C. 1980 we were taught the earth wasn't over 10,000 years old. So time itself dates from before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a prophesy in Isaiah ch 61:2 To Proclaim the Exceptable Year of Our Lord. We did that by basing time before and after his birth. Here's more! Recently in Rome, England (Look it up) archaeologist uncovered 405 wax tablets. One of them was an IOU from a slave to his master, with the date Jan 8, 57 AD on it. Jesus was crucified and raised into heaven at 30 years old. So subtract 30 from 57, and just 27 years after Jesus was crucified, Jan which is abbreviated for January was being used and 27 years after Jesus's death and resurrection, the method of keeping track of time is based before and after the birth of Jesus Christ using A.D. or B.C. following the year.
Nick A (2 years ago)
Ezekiel ch 36 is a prophesy where God tells the mountains and hills to spring forth roots and go from a desolate land, to a land like Eden. He gathers up a small remnant of Jews, from all the places he hath scattered them. Remove the stony heart from them and give them a heart of flesh, and he also puts his Spirit within them. That's what happens when you become a born again Christian. Your stony heart is removed from you, a new heart of flesh is put in you, and God's Spirit dwells within you. Anyway, God gathers a small remnant of Jews and brings them back home to the LAND GOD GAVE TO THEIR FATHERS. The Promise Land, the Nation of Israel today. Israel has never been a nation until May 14, 1948. Matthew ch 24 Jesus gives signs of the end of the world to the apostles. Everything he says in Matthew has come true. The verse that's says, " The gospel of the Kingdom of God shall be preached in all the world as a witness, and then the end comes. That's been happening about the last decade. The gospel is preached around the world by radio, t.v., cable, internet, phone, and Christian charity organizations, the Red Cross,etc. At the end of Matthew ch 24 is the parable of the fig tree. If you do a Bible search for " what's the parable of the fig tree." It will direct you to a scripture where God calls Israel's first fathers the first figs in his fig tree. A generation won't pass before the end of days. Started at 1940 with World War to because Jesus says there are wars and rumors of war, then Israel becomes a nation after the war and rumors of wars. So 1940 is World war II, then Israel becomes a nation for the first time in history May 14, 1948. Ezekiel was around the time of Daniel, or around 500 or 600 years before Christ was born. So I believe close to 77 years have past and not sure what a generation is, but I know time is very near. Also read Psalms ch 83, how nations want to cut Israel off from ever being a nation. Consenting with one consent could be the UN or the Arab league. Read it and then respond. How is the Jewish Temple Solomon built under the Mosque in Jerusalem? The Kingdom of Israel, Israel's first fathers were brought their by God himself, and the land given to Israel by God himself. How much accurate can one be, describing things 2,600 years in the future? And be 100% right.
Cee Dee (2 years ago)
It's probably something that goes against those heathen calling themselves the true Jews of the bible. When clearly they are not.
zoltron30 (2 years ago)
not suprised... they found evidence of soddom and gomarrah
MissionScrappr Will (2 years ago)
He Never Said What The Words Meant, or matched any Findings Point that he gave, there's no confirmation of what was being dealt with, it's a wasted video regarding his beliefs, others or mine
YouTube (2 years ago)
brother Edward (2 years ago)
The Bible is the "Book Of Life" that will judge you when you leave this side of life!  Seek Jesus the Christ while there is still time! May the Almighty GOD bless you all!
Anthony Johnson (1 year ago)
is there any proof that Jesus Christ Rose from the dead
ConstantCompanion (2 years ago)
He never did say what the seven letters actually said. I'm not an atheist but this doesn't mean much.
Joshua Gonzales (3 years ago)
Luke 16:29-31 But Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them hear them.’ But he said, ‘No, father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent!’ But he (Abraham) said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’”
Formerly Rabbi Chris t (3 years ago)
Atheists don't like stuff like this coming to light.
Ryan Riversking (1 year ago)
Yes they keep calling it fallacious or whatever nonsense wording they distinguish to find against the "religious or religitards" Almighty יהוה help them to be honest and fair to the gospel and make a choice to believe. There is enough proof already since the beginning. :)
Byron Hunley (2 years ago)
because they gather evidence against God not for God but you just gotta love them man
Grandma PJ (3 years ago)
Please do NOT insult the Israelites by saying they did not understand writings and 3000 years ago it was a new thing for them...Who's the idiot now?
Angelo Sturino (3 years ago)
this discovery is more evidence with the current happenings of today......
Fluffymuffy Pelican (3 years ago)
There has been so many discoveries and the bible is always accurate.
Karl Shaner (1 year ago)
Anthony Johnson: What is your idea of proof?
Ryan Riversking (1 year ago)
Anthony Johnson Ron Wyatt found his blood on the ark of the covenant. Even he went to the scientists to test it all completely taking risk to just see it if it is his blood. Search it up. He is real and alive. The blood has 23 chromosomes or whatever its called. No other blood can be like that, especially a man living with that much blood cells and just healthy growing up. All human beings have around 46 or so from both the mother and father. His blood type was like AB or something. Please check it. It is undeniably true and even an athirst just witnessed things he can't deny out of fairness and integrity.
Ahmad Noor Haqimi shroud of Turin
Anthony Johnson shroud of Turin
Ahmad Noor Haqimi (1 year ago)
not yet Lol
SweetieTurner (3 years ago)
this is awesome news! but, I had not idea modern day archeology is trying to 'prove' the validity of the ancient Hebrew text through artifacts? what about other extra biblical accounts for events like Assyrians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Egyptians...for certain, hidden within their writings are accounts for the Hebrew slaves etc....
Djupstaten (4 years ago)
Djupstaten (4 years ago)
Why does something excavated from 1000 BCE dirt look like some freshly broken pottery? HAHAHAHAHA
VtownJAMES (3 years ago)
+Sen Tient clay doesn't age or decompose. Dumbass. You'll notice the people who choose not to believe in the bible are people who know not 1 thing about it.
prlandry (4 years ago)
funny how christians will gobble this up as proof somehow for the authenticity of the bible but will refuse to accept evolution even though there are millions of fossils proving it.... what hypocrisy.
Paul Beduhn (10 months ago)
prlandry Rubbish! Evolution is debunked. Nothing more than circular reasoning. A theory, a faith of its own.
monica Lee (11 months ago)
prlandry WOW, evolution you say? How do I say this politely, you're an idiot.
Andre Prinsloo (1 year ago)
Yes. The rocks date the fossils and the fossils date the rocks. Ride your merry go round.
Timothy Wade (1 year ago)
prlandry evolution is dead, was never mathematically possible . there is no fossil evidence to support it. to believe evolution takes more faith than to be a Christian
gamesbok (3 years ago)
+prlandry King Henry VIII was divorced long before he accepted any Bible but the Vulgate, the Latin version produced by St. Jerome. This is different from the Codex Sianiaticus which is different from the Codex Vaticanus. Today we have the 21 Century King James Version, American Standard Version, Amplified Version, Amplified Version Classic Edition, BRG BIBle, Common English Bible, Complete Jewish Bible, Contemporary English Bible, and on and on. There are even two different versions of the Erasmus New Testament.
Junior Ashton (4 years ago)
finally real evidence for god its about time Wow
Stuart Liss (4 years ago)
Such an amusing people, you gentiles are
TheEspJames (3 years ago)
+Stuart Liss  Correction;The word is "AMAZING" I'm sure you agree ,If you've forgotten ? I would be happy to recite each time in the last 3000 years the Jews have needed the kindness and hospitality of the Gentile?
Michael Suchey (4 years ago)
WOW - a lot of people here don't believe David was real???? BIMFIRESTARTER you are correct about the language. Glad to see there are people who truly search for truth.
timomastosalo (3 years ago)
+God'sfavoriteAtheist winkwink That 'it's futile to talk to the believers' is a mantra many atheists have learned well. They believe strongly in that. Kinda mental laziness, giving up - legitimizing staying in one's own prejudiced beliefs without challenging them. In scientific research that's not encouraged. Aim is to be impartial, if not knowing. Now, there are no scientific absolute proofs God exists, or doesn't. He doesn't walk under the microscope, for us to control him. If he would approach us without us having protection, we would suffer, even die. Shadow doesn't live here there's light. Moses got shown the backside of God, protected by God's hand. Now even that was an ordeal for him, and left such marks in him, that when returning from the Mount Sinai where he received the tablets of Law, people thought he was God. God is not a dogma, a human concoction. He's a person. He can be met. So then the counterarguements are quite irrelevant. :) Now he does it with putting his Holy Spirit in people's heart. The spirit of life, not something odd and mysterious. But it's the life, that pulls people towards positive things, like truth, caring, loving. Not that any Christian would be perfect in those, but each can improve from where he started. Many Christians have started organizations in the Western world that have helped people's lives, like the Red Cross. It's not perfect, but an improvement to the previous. You are right in we're the one's responsible of the welfare of this planet. That's what God wants to wake up in us. He doesn't go to a role of a cosmic parent, he challenges us to grow to our responsibilities. He's just more focused on telling us we can't clean ourselves from our dirt, our evil. that's our real problem, and the reason it gets room in the Bible. That's the main story line in the there, not how the universe was build. The universe is our sandbox, our kindergarten. If we want to grow, he takes us along to the heavenlies, to when things get bigger. bigger than space ships, or sending probes to the universe. He plans to make us move like angels, not limited in time and space. But, he takes there only people who want to support life. That doesn't happen by us defining what is life - that would sound like how a 3 year old explaines how a car works, or a computer programme, or the inner organs of a our body. Instead he expects us to listen when life speaks - it speaks of him, its creator. nt mentioning every detail, there's stuff for us there to find out - more like he wnts us to think how to do things the living way when examining the universe. Like when we make technical inventions, we shouldn't hurt people, or other life. Which happened in the birth of industrialism, pesticides etc. Now, saying God doesn't exist. Well, he can be met. If someone came to say you don't exist, it's just a computer programme talking, or I that I want to imagine you for not being able to stand the real life, I would feel like laughing and sad, at the same time for the seriousness of the other one, not willing to seek out you, either to verify your existence or non-existence. We can grow up in many kind of families, God knows our heart. It's a personal encounter with him, not what others say. I don't mind looking what science has found, like new galaxies etc. I was very exited to hear of the new planets and solar systems found pretty recently. The box of nrrow thinking comes more of the pride in claiming there's nothing out there, what sience hasn't proved. Science finds new things every now and then, but they were there. Bible only glances these kind of things , only hinting to stuff in the cosmos, space - like 'the stars speak to each other with a language not audible to human ears'. So, there's a hint to forces keeping galaxies and other cosmic structures together, like dark energy. There are believers who are afraid of examining science. But their faith is small then. In couple of years after becoming a believer, I noticed that science didn't bring any surprise to the Biblical texts. They are just in an old languages, spoken to Bronze Age people, and even older populations. Tho that's why there are a lot of metaphores, so they speak also of modern stuff, but with metaphores understandable to the receivers of the time. ManyBible prophecies are linked to history, so their realization is found in history: different conquests of Israel were fortold, the return of Israel from the diaspora, the great exile during the Roman time. The deteriorating of the faith of people in the formerly (at least nominally) Christian countries is told there. And preaching of the gospel to all over the world. That doesn't say all will believe, rather the contrary is prophecied. And the Jews will notice that Jesus is actually their Messiah who was promised. That's told in Zachariah 12. Maybe you ive to see that. It might even happen during our generation.
when what you believe in is subject to what your parents believe in and what there parents believed in how can you be sure of any of the belief systems. I'm not going to debate you simply because it is useless to try and convince a believer of anything, because your belief is not seated in fact but instead a deep seated need to believe so no matter how much evidence stands against you claim you will always want more, which is funny since you require no evidence believe in a 4,000 year  old dogma. i grew up a believer  through fact checking and learning I found all claims of the bible to be either loosely based on truth or just a flat out lie. How is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, “This is better than we thought! The Universe is much bigger than our prophets said, grander, more subtle, more elegant?” Instead they say, “No, no, no! My god is a little god, and I want him to stay that way.” A religion, old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the Universe as revealed by modern science might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths.”   The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.”  
timomastosalo (3 years ago)
+God'sfavoriteAtheist winkwink Once again: the Paradise story: God tells the truth there - people become mortal after breaking the command, not to eat from the tree. Satan lied - people did become mortal. And they didn't come to know everything. The evil is not from him, but it comes from rebelling against him, rebelling against life - the result is death. Even the story how Satan rebelled, and fell from his heavenly glory, is in the Bible. God is actually going to end the evil - he's allpowerfull. The Bible tells how Satan is going to be captured, and all who rebelled with him, are going to get punished. Why he doesn't do it YET? He waits that more people will return to him, their life giver. He tells in the Bible, he's going to intervene when the antichrist appears, so when all Earth is about to be filled with rebellion, the evil. That time is very close, because soon the gospel about how people can get saved, is told to all the world. Internet and satellites makes it possible, even to the closed countries. And another sure mark - a great forsaking of Christianity is going on. Bible tells that in the end time many will give up the faith, believing in him. Well, we can see that the formeerly Christian countries are largely forsaking Bible, churches become empty, other religions, including the Greek philosophy based 'Atheism'. Quite many atheists quote on the Greek mythology and philosophers. So that's not very new or innvative. Basically atheism is already shown in the story how the snake fooled people: 'Then you will know the difference between good and evil, like God'. He didn't deliver his promise - people are all the time studying and lerning more, so not really knowing it all. Two ways available: God's way, or the Cheater's with all the possible lies, and then some more, every day. New religions etc. popping up continuosly. But God still offers his salvation. There's nothing crooked about it. It's straight forward: We all are lacking in goodness, ways of life. Lying, violence, hate etc. are found in all of us. Only returning back to the life can save us. God, who is life, was never contaminated by our fall, our contamination. He can't, cause he's the life - there's no death, no unlife in him. Death is the lack of life, lacking of God in the creation gone astray. We're are a decadent mixture of life desperate to find sustaining life, and in contradiction: we have the destructive pull to unlife: to violence, lying, immorality, selfishness etc. Ugly list of the 'achievements' of mankind. Which things we've recorded to the history books? The inventions with which we flatter us of being Homo Sapiens - intelligent. With those we prove, we don't now it all, because it took time from us to invent them. And we've recorded 'a few' wars. Each person has to choose personally - the way of life, or death - can't force anyone to love. But God waits like a father hoping till the last moment, that his wayward son or daughter would return home from the path of narcissism, where he/she only wastes his/her talent in supporting one's overgrown selfimportance, or chokes his talents in fears.
+Keaton Payne lol there are 697 contradiction in the bible. which god is good and which god is evil even according,the bible is about two gods, and with in the first few pages GOD lies for time to adam and satan tells the truth. there is no evidence that biblican stories are even remotely true even tho most religious people by into all the documentaries and fake shows they put out, about finding or proving the bible to be real. as a preachers daughter I was made to study and memorize the bible I bet you've never even read it all the way through. either your god can change the bad going on in this world,and chooses not to,in which case he is not good. or he can do nothing, in whioch case he is not god. either way the whole story of god is immoral,God kills he picks favorites, before he even let himself be known to the rest of the world, he condemned his children the ones he loved so much to a burning hell just because they didn't know him, Either god has a plan or we have free will you cant have it both ways.the easiest story in the bible to pick apart is noahs ark, and if you think its ok t torcher someone to death in the worst way imaginable just so you don't have to worry about sinning anymore...well how is that moral, if you were there would you have done nothing. also the Hebrew bible you know the one your bible is based off of translates to mary just being a girl of age to marry not a virgin just one of the many bad translation's, god wont or cant change anything, praying is like asking a director for a new ending in a movie after its already been written as for some contradictions here's a small list men have seen god Gen 32:20, num 14:14 no man has seen god john 1:18 God doesn't keep anger jer 3:12 God keeps anger forever jer 17:4 God creates man then animals Gen 2:7, 2:19 God creates animal then man  gen 1:24-27 Man can be righteous Gen 7:1,Job 2:3                                     Jam 5:16 Man cant be righteous Rom 3:10 two blind men healed on the road Matt 20:29 one blind man healed on the street Mark 10:46-47 and the list goes on and on Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?
timomastosalo (3 years ago)
+God'sfavoriteAtheist winkwink 'God says not to eat from the tree of knowledge or they will die, then Satan comes along and tells them they will get the knowledge of good and evil.....hmmmm which one of them told the truth' When you read further, there comes the part where Adam and Eve die. They had become mortal. And what satan told, that they'd get the knowledge of good and evil - like God knows it, was also what satan promised - they only became frightened and ashamed of what they knew after the tasting of that knowledge. They were naked before, unashamed. Like the animals. If it was godlike knowledge, why afraid, ashamed? God doesn't seem to be so. And are we now in 'devine level' in knowing good and evil? If so, why we need to study, why we argue here? Don't we know these things already? Satan proved here he's the liar, thief and rapist - didn't deliver what he promised. He shrouds our perception, usually limits it by guiding us to pride: 'What you know is great, wise - even hidden from the common, the stupid rabble'. And so we congratulate ourselves of our excellence and wisdom - and won't notice how narrow-thinking we've become. With high-held nose I don't see what's i front of my feet, where I'm stepping in life. So the trippling is coming for sure, just when, is the question. This foolery called wisdom worked nicely in the university circles for me, I remember. I'm sad for you, how you used the very example where satan lies, and you don't see it. And it also proves the warning God gave about mortality: sin came there, and that's the reason death exists. Before that Adam & Eve were immortals, like God. Truely living creatures like God don't die. Satan eventually does. I don't know, why you're here so actively challenging Christianity, is it for a break down with your own father? Well, I can't know how Christian he really is, if he caused a disappointment in God. But God uses his word, no matter how people interpret it. God is real, he can be met, in our own heart. Any of the examples how people prayed in the Bible to get the contact with God works fine. Or a sincere free version of your own. In my 20's during the 90's my expression for myself was I'm just fully shit. So low in my motives and goals in lives. Had heard about God, Jesus and all those names, and I tried them all in my prayer of plead. Didn't say Jesus, but Christ I did. I rememberthis smiling, coz for awhile I thought did I pray to God really or 'who did I address'? But, Bible became like a phone, it seems to have private daily messages to me, besides the common ones. So I got the ensurance it was the author himself who heard my prayer. Millions all around the world have experienced it, from numerous different religious or non-religious backgrounds have found him. I've noticed they've found the same person though we never knew each other. I know none of this necessarily convinces you. But it's just so simple, it doesn't require the best of schools to prove or unprove him, a child can find him. Or a prson medically defined as retarted. One such especially ws a teacher t me, how t really love, and how to show ones love to God in singing. Simply, God's there waiting, ready to forgive all. Once you've met him, contacted him, it doesn't matter who wants to deny it. Like, if someone came to say there's no lady like who goes with your screen name. I've contacted you here, tho ever so lightly, so they can try to convince me all they want. I know now you exist, tho I don't know everything about you.
Kelley Kaipo Peters (4 years ago)
this is not credible evidence toward the search for David... please find more jars with similar inscriptions
Education Made Easy (4 years ago)
All you fake european Jews will one day be embarrased because the hebrew black man is waking up. All of u are occupying the black land promised to Jacob. Not essau the red skinned european
Hefizba Beula (4 years ago)
+Liette Bowes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whites and blacks get over yourselves! ancient hebrews were regular looking middle eastern like today, remember they were not allow to marry other nations. So stop the racial bull S, is not about you fools, not about colour, only people with low self esteem need to claim other people greatness to feel important!
No Fascist Ideologies (4 years ago)
What a stupid woman. "Real time" hahaha. I needed a good morning laugh. A one pot town hardly seems like the great David had as much to brag about as his deluded inventors.
No Fascist Ideologies (4 years ago)
+rahul shinde You wanna go?
rahul shinde (4 years ago)
U fool
Jemmer1000 (4 years ago)
I found a cover of an old Superman comic book from the 1930s in a vacant lot in New York
ron johnson (5 years ago)
they found the tooth fairy the same day and location... the tooth fairy confirmed the authenticity of this dude's claim... How did they know it was the tooth fairy you say, Because Goliath's gigantic  (some say 6 feet long) baby molars and wisdom toofies were strung around the neck of the golden calf... oh, did I mention they found the golden calf. King David kept it in his closet, along with the first Ipad... which by the way, contained actual video of Noah's flood... a fifteen minute fly by HD video of a horny duck and crocodile  having intercourse. history believes these are the parents of the now extent Crocoduck. Unfortunately, once the ark hit dry ground and the animals exited and returned to their original homelands... The crocoduck, being unsure of how to use it's new mods of transportation, was slow on the uptake and was crushed when a gust of wind blew the ark over. Noah, did a few hail Marys, crossed himself, considered the death a sacrifice and cooked it for dinner. Noah said, it tasted just like chicken.
Saved by Grace (1 year ago)
You try to sound intelligent, but you aren't, just another atheist idiot.
Dank Tank (1 year ago)
ron johnson art
John Stergios (5 years ago)
Old and new testament books are written at multi levels which make them the word of GOD. I personally have de-codified all 66 books KJV.They are perfect with no lies in them. But you are dealing with an absolute and perfection. Our lives are imperfect when compared to the Holy writ. We try to model ourselves as Christians. I have another purpose in mind and that is how can we use a perfect and absolute document to improve our lot in life.
MyImList (2 years ago)
Yet another crash-n-burn! Two years later and Satan (vessel used by Satan) has left the building!....Not to be seen again in two years! Good Job +John
John Stergios (4 years ago)
If I recall Yoshkeh is only about 300 years old.
RichardGMoss (4 years ago)
Try every single verse that claims to refer to Yoshkeh, then compare it with the original text.Let's see if you can handle the truth
John Stergios (4 years ago)
Show me the lies bring it on. I welcome the challenge.
RichardGMoss (4 years ago)
KJV is full of lies, who do you think you are fooling
iArwenz (5 years ago)
So funny reading a comment that  trying to be a "Jews" and trolling Christians. With hope that Christians will hate Jews. This is muslims tactic as always to make Jews and Christians fight. They use their taqqiya.  This always happens n any debate forum. How muslim tried to make Christians hate Jews, and make Jews Hate Christians.  That's how the evil roll.
William Shumate (1 year ago)
iArwenz what???
Marc Ager (1 year ago)
Yes but you folks created a Jesus that has nothing to do with the Christians Jesus.
Ahmad Noor Haqimi (1 year ago)
that taqiyya i Shiisme..shiisme is not islam. That is devilish religion...oh by the way..ask Jews...what is Jesus for them? hahah they will say..jesus is a wedlock..but not to Muslim. we accept and praise Jesus a.s as a prophet
abu nabe (3 years ago)
+Fluffymuffy Pelican i didn't know who wrote that someone mustve been using my account
Fluffymuffy Pelican (3 years ago)
+Abu plays! good go get some muslim and wrap yourself up.
okey proctor (5 years ago)
Turks, Arabs, Egyptians, Palestinians, everyone living in, or associated with, the Levant has been selling treasures, relics,and hope to simple believers since the first Crusade. It was said that dealers in the holy land sold enough pieces of the true cross to crusaders to build Noah's arc! Here's one more piece to throw on the sacred heap! The real archaeological question here is, "what does this find say about itself?" Notice, no one in this piece offers an answer to the real question. Remember the "ossuary of James"? It is really sad how easily people sell their common sense for their faith. 
okey proctor (5 years ago)
How does this "prove" anything about the dated writings of the old testament?
martin wright (5 years ago)
what did it say, what did it say, what did it say.
oracleofottawa (5 years ago)
Hebrews didn't "discover" writing. That is proto phoenician....
pancake rachel corrie (5 years ago)
god kept all those finds there for his people ....not you lying christian bastards
iArwenz (5 years ago)
Read this: There is no allah, except God Elohim and mohammad is not a prophet. He is just fake.
pancake rachel corrie (5 years ago)
palestinians and christianity are ridiculous
iArwenz (5 years ago)
Stop mixing PaLIEStinian and Christianity. Jews and Christian have the same God, YHWH/Elohim. The different is only u guys didn't accept Jesus as the messiah. Actually that's what causing you guys always in trouble now. Because you are so stubborn. That's why you got punushed. And always the same story, you being kicked out from your land, and then back.  Noah, Moses, Ruth, Holocaust.  Do you still want to add more next?
Delphos G (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting, God bless.
themetsfan861 (5 years ago)
This is very interesting, and may lead to a re-examination of the field of Biblical Archaeology. Thank you for the video.
JUDAHLITE (5 years ago)
i dont even know how to do that. i'm gonna try to figure it out
Send me a private message and I'll reply... I can't find your link to message you.
Delphos G (5 years ago)
Amen Matthew :)
JUDAHLITE (5 years ago)
were does scripture say he hid it? and could you send me the chapters and verses where you are pulling your information from?
It's not in Ethiopia because that's not where Jeremiah hid it.
broandrew (5 years ago)
Thank you Delpos I will go watch it today. Keep up the good works.
JUDAHLITE (5 years ago)
how come it's not in Ethiopia? Isn't it true that Ethiopia has never successfully been invaded? Dont they still practice one of the purest forms of Torah observance?
JUDAHLITE (5 years ago)
what scripture says its still in Israel? out of all the times that Israel has been invaded and destroyed why would it be kept there?
It's not in Ethiopia. Everyone would expect it to be in Israel... The JewISH people are dummies and they aren't the people of the bible... they aren't GOD's chosen people. They are impostors... Rev. 2:9
PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! (it's the dude from PBP site JesusIsGod) GOD BLESS YOU >3
broandrew (5 years ago)
So where is it? Ethiopia? that is the other theory. God knows where it is, so that is all that matters. But think about it, it is Israel's most powerful blessing & weapon ever. Don't you think they would keep it in Israel ? The Jewish people are no dummies, they are some of the smartest people on earth. What scripture says it is in Ethiopia?
The problem with that is the bible tells us the Ark isn't where Ron claimed to find it.
Delphos G (5 years ago)
I have videos of newer teams following Wyatt's steps, if you're interested you can explore them in my "proof of the supernatural" playlist!
broandrew (5 years ago)
Yes Ron Wyatt supposedly scraped dried blood of the mercy seat ( Ark of the Covenant) and took it to a Jewish blood lab in Jerusalem. The doctors asked him, who's blood is this ? What man has blood like this ? It was alive blood, had 24 chromosomes, you have 46. 23 chromes from the mother, 23 from your father. 46 total. Go watch 4 free : Youtube "Ron Wyatt - Discovers the Ark of the Covenant"
broandrew (5 years ago)
Hello Cheryl, Yes Ron Wyatt & sons and the Caldwells found Mt. Sinai in S.A. not in Eqypt like he map says today. Also Ron Wyatt & sons found some of pharaoh's chariot wheels and rims in the Red Sea. Then he found Noah's Ark in the hills of Turkey. His last thing was finding the "Ark of the Covenant." The jews need the Ark to include in the New Solomon's Temple they want to build, next to the Dome of Rock. Do not know how they will pull that off?
Keep Peace (5 years ago)
It really was the Caldwell family's discovery that Ron came back later to study. The Caldwell's account is strong testimony witness to how God's spirit guided them along the way to discovering the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Penny Caldwell's book God of the Mountain is a great read, very exciting stuff because she makes you feel you're there along with them on their adventure discovery.
Delphos G (5 years ago)
Thank you :) God bless you
Delphos G (5 years ago)
Thanks! I do have a video on that, I believe called "Jesus 24 chromosomes" or something like that.
TheBibleGirls (5 years ago)
Great post! <3
broandrew (5 years ago)
Cool post. Would like to see the discovery of the "Ark of the Covenant" by Ron Wyatt on Fox News. I have mentioned the Ron Wyatt discovery, just click onto my ion and scroll down the king of the net page. It was classified "Above Top Secret." It is buried in a cave below Jeremiah's grotto. I beleive it is still there today, no one can get near it, except Ron.

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