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BuyLow SellHigh forex EA robot in one year testing

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see more information: This grid trading system is designed for EURCHF any timeframe. This EA will find out the areas to Buy Low and Sell High. Making profit consistently. The EA will adjust according to the market situation. Parameters: Expert_Name = "Buy Low and Sell High"; MagicNumber = 9876; LotSizeSettings = "=== Lot Size Settings ==="; AnchorLots = 0.01; The first order lot size Multiplier = 1.01; Late order lot size is Multiplier times the previous order lot size. Set to 1 then no multiplier. Gap=3; Gap between 2 orders. You can set it to 3 or 4. days=10; Calculator 10 day's data to decide the Medium line. TakeProfit = 4; MediumDistance=0.0008; The medium line plus MediumDistance is sell area, minus MediumDistance is buy area. NoTradeAbove= 9.8; Set the top limit. NoTradeBelow= 0.1; Set the bottom limit. StopLoss = 6999; MaxTrades = 9999; AfterFinishNoOpen=False; If it is True, then finish this cycle. The EA will not open any more orders. Find the best forex brokers: http://www.forextea.com
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