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Set up IMAP email accounts on the Samsung Galaxy S & HTC

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Android-based smartphones include two email clients, one for Gmail and one for other types of email servers including Microsoft Exchange, IMAP and POP3. http://www.avoiderrors.net/archives/5946
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carl green (1 year ago)
Is all this still relevant on galaxy s4 in 2017??, coz i.m having MAJOR issues with s4s email app server....its almost as if the server no longer exists......
Gulfaz sabir (2 years ago)
danielprescott69 (6 years ago)
Great video !! My problem is I want to keep the emails on the server when I delete them from my phone. When I delete emails on my phone, I only want the emails on my phone deleted. If you can help me, Thank's
Shaxxie (6 years ago)
Can you do a test to see if you receive mail instantly without having to do a refreshing? I'm having issues with push here! Also ky mail doesn't come through to the client without having to refreshing, very annoying!

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