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Why Traders Lose money

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Why Traders Lose money or Making Losses. Hey friends My youtube Channel Name is Easy Trading - Technical Skill not Required. In this video you will learn how to avoid trading Losses. Must Watch Video
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Text Comments (41)
srini vasan (6 months ago)
ur strategy how much is the charges sir ?
AK CANDLESTICK (7 months ago)
where are you sir ji not active ?
AK CANDLESTICK (7 months ago)
make short video of risk rewards also sir ji
due to busy schedule cant make vidos but this sunday i will make new video
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
which strategy do you use ?
I can say only one thing to u If u trust me & on My strategy then u can learn Decision is urs. Already uploaded 10 days profit statement videos
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
I wish to take , what if I don't get profit even after paying or get inconsistent profit . I have already lost huge money .
I have my Paid Strategy Which is very accurate and high success ratio
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
I always come on your website to see your videos .
Sorry Amir Ji dont have that much time
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
Please upload your video on daily basis .
Thanxxx Amir Ji
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
brdr please make video daily ...
Amir Nasir (7 months ago)
means upload your videos daily so that we can get more benefit .
Sorry didnt get u?? brdr???
AK CANDLESTICK (7 months ago)
sir ji aaj nifty sell se 2 point reh gaya
Accha hua nahi trigger hua kal gap up hoga
General Knowledge (7 months ago)
Hey Ameya Looks like you have attended Impulse Technicals training...Can see you in one of the pics on the site...Thats why your strategies are closely matching with his strategies...:-)
yes i have attended but i was there just because i want permission to use his supertrend settings and higher high concept
Monty (8 months ago)
Because i have proved my strategy already uploaded 10 videos without making single day loss So i dont want to prove my self everyday
Sudesh Berde (8 months ago)
Mahammadamin Khokhar (8 months ago)
Dear sir, Would you please provide us your expert advice that can " CONFIDENCE PETROLIUM " be multibagger stock for FY 2018-2019 ? I heard that Famous investor Mr. Porinju Veliyath has been purchased 30 Lakhs equity shares of confidence petrolium on dated 17-Jan-2018 at Rs. 29.56 each share. I am requested if possible could you please share your expert advice / view for small investor like me with creating small video, if possible at the earliest. Our confusion is - Is it right time to buy this share at presently ? Thank you in advance for your co-operation and support forever...!
If u want to buy any Share for Long Term Then Buy HUDCO its having a lot of Potential
AK CANDLESTICK (8 months ago)
sir ji ek video R:R par bhi banao aap Most Important in stock market aur aap ek Telegram channel banao
Yes Jarur Banaunga Video
humair khan (8 months ago)
Shailesh Yadav (8 months ago)
Nice information amay bhai..keep itup
Thanxxx Shailesh Ji
mayur pakale (8 months ago)
Amey kupa chan......
Thanxxx Mayur
Confidence Trading (8 months ago)
Good Amey
Sir emotions ko kabu karna bahot mushkil hai isko kabu kaise Kare AP Koi trick bataye
Sure iske uper bhi ek video leke aaunga
Deepak Yadav (8 months ago)
Thanks sirji
Ur Welcome
Ishwar lal Patidar (8 months ago)
ok sir ji
Ishwar lal Patidar (8 months ago)
sabhi point 100% sahi hai mere sath bhi yahi hua hai
So Ishwar ji iske baad proper trade kijiye ye sab points ko consider kar ke ok

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