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The Link Between Immigration and the Military Budget

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IPS's Khuri Peterson-Smith joins Marc Steiner to talk about the connection between the new US military budget and its direct connection to the the immigration crisis and Trump's policies in both areas Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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Brandon Fouts (4 months ago)
seems half these people didn't even listen to this report
Ͳ (5 months ago)
The history doesn't matter. What matters is that things are the way they are now. Trump is dealing with problems created and ignored by previous administrations.
Ͳ (5 months ago)
Our govt has it's own agenda, independent of the people's wants. They will continue to meddle and fuck things up. Nothing anyone can do to stop it.
H MF (5 months ago)
T M Lol spoken like a true moron. History gives you contexts. Your country is a brutal terrorist empire. Stop what your country has been doing all over the world since the end of WWII and you won’t have a migration problem.
This interview misses the key factor; nafta and policies that leave small mexican agricultural producers in bankruptcy. and the drug war, eradicating crops.
Sabrina Jacobs (5 months ago)
So obvious and underreported. Thanks so much Marc!
Richard Mays (5 months ago)
The calcification of the American people into passively accepting this imperial militarism and alarmist propaganda is the biggest problem. We are all complicit if you drink the kool aid and say nothing. Cheering the military via the NFL is a statement of acquiescence! Voting for bipartisan centrism is complicit
Smutler (5 months ago)
I don’t think you mentioned the use of migration as a strategic weapon. Less appropriate in northerly migration from Central America unless but common across the world as a way to cause chaos and economically damage the recipient country. The issue at question here is sovereignty and whether people have the right to organise and decide their own laws including immigration or are we all global citizens irrespective of the morality or not of enforcing those borders in the case of migration from destitution or danger. If sovereignty and nationhood are fallacies why do generations of Palestinian refugees in Syria identify as Palestinian nationals and await their return to a land they have never seen? Can one human right be superseded by another or is morality, compassion and respect for the wishes of all people the key to harmonious coexistence?
The Dark Knight (5 months ago)
one name "oded yinon" this is why this is happening. to empty out the middle east from everyone.
Leigh Foulkes (5 months ago)
Great to here more people screaming the blatant truth towards such an obvious psychotic racist foreign policy. If you don't want millions of refugees into your country then stop bombing, regime changing, economic sanctions, genocides and etc.
Linda Porter (5 months ago)
Great program. and guest. Thank you. for talking about this.
Matthew LaRoche (5 months ago)
Interesting show the guest makes many very good and valid points though some of his assumptions could be said at best questionable particularly migration being a human right exclamation point I really think it really would be entertaining for this person to suggest this any too native American tribal populations competing for the same ground, this is such a patently absurd statement as to boggle the imagination. Beyond that he and the show host have an excellent point Love how US foreign policy blowback is causing several migrant crises, kudos you also may care to examine the Byzantine like breath of American agencies many of them working against each other under independently questionable missions of miss-serveing the American people yes them remember them because they, our interests they're not being served and actively underline buy US policies abroad and at home. On the other hand Palma the democratization of oppression that is occurred since the implementation of the war on drugs and later the war on terror have a lot of the American people an even better vantage point to appreciate our own governments misrule so in essence the American people are becoming enlightened.
jon henry (5 months ago)
The right talk about wanting nothing to do with the world and being left alone, but go jihadiing all over it, hypocritically jony seed involving them selves going all over the world spreading worthless stank regresive ideology, the forming of democracy/republic gov rule of law, thats of freedom and equality towards opportunity to your upmost potential towards productivity by enlightenment of the mind of knowledge and rationality of logically investing in the advancement of others from society in getting a return back into its towards its advancement from being a productive member, witch is what the statue of liberty represents, where that wouldnt excist if it was conservative in remaining as a monarchy cast feudal system of a conservative mindset of wealthy and poor, witch is what conservatism really is, a throw back inopertunity regressive exploitative wealth distribution 2 class era of royal elites and in their place born into poverty and die there peasants, of both the implementation of race along with class.
ijvo1951 (5 months ago)
Let's not forget the "School of the Americas". Is it still alive and well?
Jean Falco (5 months ago)
Louis Anthes (5 months ago)
If you want to get to core causes, the OTHER CAUSES to immigration from these countries has to do with OVERPOPULATION. In Central America, the Roman Catholic Church has actively organized against family planning policies which has the effect of increasing poverty and pushing people to migrate.
spirochristlovers (5 months ago)
Good reporting on the obscene military budget. Clearly shows the USA state is insanely gearing up for war with Russia/China/Iran. Not a good scenario. Nice to see In These Times source. A credible newspaper, although they are mostly wedded to the DSA political/electoral strategy. Tom S.
BeAsA Roze (5 months ago)
You want to stop immigration, then stop bombing the hell out of poor countries.
Scott Turner (5 months ago)
Thanks for this.
Laura Cortez (5 months ago)
The best way to stop the immigration it is to stop the CIA interference and wars on other countries! 😤
Al Demir (5 months ago)
Supper powers don't have any respect for less fortunate countries yet they create more suffering for them to live with and everything backfires and than the supper powers complain about it.
Charles Kesner (5 months ago)
Thanks for this. US Corporate Media fails us.
Robert Ponder (5 months ago)
Military, trade policies, welfare and war on drugs are the real drivers of immigration. Coincidentally, the causes never get discussed during the "debate" about immigration.
A L X (5 months ago)
©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍ No land ownership no borders no passports. FREE the globe 🌍 to those living on it ‼
A L X (5 months ago)
playah ©™ ALX 🌍 Reply ✍ ✍ Hi playah, good to hear from you. Well you know my post is more of a utopian concept. For tens of thousands of years nobody thought of owning land. It's a very new concept in human history. And as a Marxist Socialist anarchist the idea of the first person to lay claim to the private personal ownership of a piece of land that had been available to literally everyone else on the planet that wanted to walk on it seems like theft, conceptually, from the rest of the world. Personally I've owned land as well as houses, decades ago for short time. And really I found the that the property ownes you. Possessions become burdens inhibiting decisions about freedom to just up and leave for somewhere else. I live very light now. I'd be fine living my life out of a suitcase and hotel room. In American Capitalistic consumer society everyone is nurtured with the concept of owning things. " Who ever dies with the most toys wins." Pardon the pun, but I don't buy into that! Have a good day.
Aleister Mraz (5 months ago)
This would likely reduce the human population drastically.
Waynze world (5 months ago)
Finally someone said it...!
Indaka (5 months ago)
Nora Clarke (5 months ago)
We understand the reason people migrate but what's wrong with peace? No nuclear weapons and no wars means no need for immigration. However, we know that drugs, terrorists and sex traffickers are also crossing the border. Trump is the only President who sparked such debate about stopping this practice through immigration reform. The President doesn't need to have a debate with the American people about why he wants closed borders and his supporters understand he wants worldwide peace. My parents legally migrated to the US in the 1960s and went to college so they didn't sit on welfare. We are keenly aware of the CIA destruction of former British and Spanish colonies in the third world: arms dealing, illicit drugs, leaders assassinated. Violent elections for independence in the third world was a time when immigrants should've stormed the US borders but they didn't. Why do you think Jimmy Carter still travels to the third world to oversee elections? Your guest is a child and doesn't understand why Trump was elected by the people who migrated legally. The entire world is controlled by forces you can't even imagine. This piece is much bigger and deeper than weapons and war. He speaks like he's discovered something revolutionary but we were all idealistic during and after college because we have the freedom and safety to think and debate. Every nation can be a better place for it's citizens. Listen to some JFK speeches and learn that the forces driving US genocide is far different from some elected officials. Obama and Clinton chose to push the globalist agenda for profit. Next time don't forget the banker's role in destroying world economies and their connection to perpetual wars.
P Ward (5 months ago)
When he says, “the U .S. supported right-wing paramilitary death squads,” he’s talking about the CIA. The Deep State. The hidden War Machine. Hillary Clinton and the corporate democrats. Globalist republicans. But mostly Hillary and her crowd.
P Ward (5 months ago)
H MF The American people consistently voice their desire to get out of war. They vote for candidates that promise to bring the soldiers home and end the wars.
H MF (5 months ago)
P Ward No that’s your entire government not just the Clintons.
P Ward (5 months ago)
TheMystery Gamer Let’s discuss desperation. Desperation drives citizens of countries like Guatemala to seek entry into the U.S. Once here, desperation continues. In fact, their children are most likely to end up in the military. The power elite likes to keep the population desperate because they think it makes them malleable. But they are pushing everyone too far.
TheMystery Gamer (5 months ago)
P Ward Stop signing up to join the military then. That part isn't forced.
P Ward (5 months ago)
2manynegativewaves It’s not mythical because the American people do not want war. Yet the will of the people has been overruled by hidden people in the government.
Great White7 (5 months ago)
Starting wars with foreign countries and invading foreign countries is terrorism and nothing to do with defense. Either the USA is run by imbeciles that actually believe the s$%t that they spew, or its run by terrorists. So USA, are you run by the most idiotic, incompetent, people on the planet?
staatsfeindlich (5 months ago)
Aleister Mraz A Republic can be Democratic and there's no reason except for the elite class interests that it cannot be.
staatsfeindlich (5 months ago)
You are right. It's run by terrorists, but they're certainly not imbeciles. They know exactly what they're doing.
Aleister Mraz (5 months ago)
Even if it weren't run by an unelected oligarchy, it's still a Republic and not a Democracy. It's a shame that those two terms have been co-opted by the major political parties here.
Eli Nope (5 months ago)
The US is not a democracy. It is a sham. Look at the princeton study from a few years back. The US is ran by an unelected oligarchy.
Great White7 Yes.
Luke Schneider (5 months ago)
They want these "burdens" to be imported into countries in order to cause more of a drain on their economies, and society, in order to create more debt and welfare states....poverty is good business for central bankers...because the countries have to incurr more debt to take care of the degenerates...
H MF (5 months ago)
The degenerates are the Western nations who rely on propping up regime ‘s that continue to allow their resources to be sold at the lowest level, while destabilizing countries that don’t follow their dictates.
TheMystery Gamer (5 months ago)
Luke Schneider They want the natural resource-rich homelands of these refugees to be evacuated.
ariesred777 (5 months ago)
They're not that smart.Pure profit and resource grab now, work out the details later.
Nate L (5 months ago)
When the US military sells you weapons hey also send personal to show you how to use them.
Nate L (5 months ago)
Everyone in the world does not have the right to come here. No country let you do that.
H MF (5 months ago)
Stop destabilizing and destroying the world to exploit their resources keeping them poor then you won’t have that problem.
TheMystery Gamer (5 months ago)
Nate L Many countries didn't "let" the US in yet it invaded them anyway.
Eli Nope (5 months ago)
Red Furry Poes law, I can't tell if this is satire or not.
Aleister Mraz (5 months ago)
@Red Furry 70,000 years ago the Toba volcano caused ash that blocked out the sun for several years. 90% of the human population of the time could not survive, and between 200-1000 mating pairs were left. We were pretty close to extinction, but the point is that we are all descendants of these ancient people.
ariesred777 (5 months ago)
it would mean proviso's added according to each country's legislation.I think he means generally "refugees"people fleeing their own war torn country.
gumzster (5 months ago)
That military budget is why you Americans can't have nice things that all other developed countries takes for granted.
President Goyim (5 months ago)
Couldnt agree more. Bring up ANY picture of a modern city overseas like Shanghai. I almost fell out my chair!!! I was like Rome did this to its people too. Kept the money going to the military while INSIDE ROME, living conditions became pretty dismal. No infrastructure investment at ALL. No jobs. Identical to now
ariesred777 (5 months ago)
Too right! All spent on perpetual war.How advanced a civilisation is that?!
Patricia M (5 months ago)
Obvious if you destabilize countries you create refugees. It's what the USA does. We need "excuses" to war, war and more war. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ USA military active in 70 countries???? And these bombings that kill and contaminate the environment look like a primitive program to cull brown people from the planet.
Cyril O'Reilly (5 months ago)
brokenspine66 (5 months ago)
Some clarifications: #1 The USA didn't used the A-Bombs on Hiroshima+Nagasaki in combat, both cities and it's population were pure civilian targets aka it was a pure act of terrorism. #2 The USA don't fight a 'War on Terror', the USA fights a 'War Of Terror' against the world.
"The US' Justification is that they didn't want to lose 1 million men in the invasion (claim: "it saved lives") - but in reality - they didn't want to share Japan with Russia (or let Russia handle and claim Japan), as they were forced-to-do, in the case of Germany." Exactly. The Soviets agreed to enter the Pacific thetre on August 15, while the US invasion of Japan was scheduled for November 1. There was a two and a half month period for a likely Japanese surrender before US troops were put at risk in the invasion. Truman was well aware of this: - on jul-17: he wrote in his journal that Stalin will "be in the Jap war on August 15," and "Fini Japs when that comes about." - on jul-18: he wrote to his wife "We'll end the war a year sooner now, and think of the kids who won't be killed." - on jul-18: he referred to an intercepted July 18 cable as the "telegram from the Jap emperor asking for peace." His close advisors concurred Episode 3 of Oliver Stone's "The Untold History of the US" examines the issue. As for the cause of the surrender, there's a good article title "The Atomic Bombs and the Soviet Invasion: What Drove Japan's Decision to Surrender?" by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
Laurie T (5 months ago)
For the same reason they were occupied. Because they were in collusion with seditious elements within the US Government and their silence needed to be ensured.
Erikson, Kai. "Of Accidental Judgment and CasualSlaughters." The Nation, 3 Aug. 1985, 80-85. Posits that the advent of the Nuclear Age was at Alamogordo with the "Trinity" test... and that the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were almost inevitable from that point forward.
They dropped the bomb RIGHT as Russia made itz pivot towards the East. The US' Justification is that they didn't want to lose 1 million men in the invasion (claim: "it saved lives") - but in reality - they didn't want to share Japan with Russia (or let Russia handle and claim Japan), as they were forced-to-do, in the case of Germany.
brokenspine66 (5 months ago)
@playah: It was a pure 'Demonstration of Power' towards the USSR, the upcoming rival+obstacle in the USAs demented delusion to rule the world. Nothing has changed since, the rivals+obstacles today are Russia+China.
Paddy Maguire (5 months ago)
Khury is right on target.
McDonald Trump (5 months ago)
Mark always looks drunk. LOL
Aleister Mraz (5 months ago)
I'd have a drink with him. I like his positive attitude and laugh.
Malaysian Equation (5 months ago)
I need to plan to sneak into America because you guys have the best Blonde girls.
Eli Nope (5 months ago)
US citizen here. The hottest blondes come from the Siberian Circle in Russia.
Aleister Mraz (5 months ago)
Not that this is in any way relevant to the video... but hair dye.
Kobina Jamieson (5 months ago)
Paddy Maguire I laughed at that more than I should have
Sunny Moon (5 months ago)
I live in South East Asia. Not too many people over weigh here. Lol
Great White7 (5 months ago)
I was in Mexico last year and would see up to 20 beautiful women a day. While in LA I saw 1 in almost 3 days.
Mayor Moses (5 months ago)
Wow I'm the first to view this I'm luck.

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