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Candlestick Patterns for Trading 2

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Teaching the fundamentals of Candlesticks and how they could be used to enhance your trading activity. In the second video you will learn Patterns that Candlesticks form. Those included are: » Spinning Top » Doji » Bearish Engulfing Pattern » Bullish Engulfing Pattern » Dark Cloud Cover » Piercing Pattern » Bearish Harame » Bullish Harame » Hammer » Hanging Man » Morning Star - To download more Candlestick Videos, please go to: http://www.capitalor.com/CandlestickPatterns.htm
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Text Comments (18)
Martin Rodriguez (7 years ago)
thank you for explaining!
freeSCALPINGindicato (7 years ago)
Lei Alex (8 years ago)
I like this vedo because its simple and useful for freshman of K line.
Bajan App (8 years ago)
I like the voice and simple explanation!
FreeFOREXautoROBOT (8 years ago)
thanks a lot
Wei Xia (8 years ago)
good explaination
Hackerman (9 years ago)
killer accent, love it xd otherwise, nice job
TradingApples (9 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this! Candlestick patterns are a really old way of trading that works in most markets, unfortunately it isn't the most reliable thing in the US equities market but I've heard they work quite well still in Forex. My favorite ones are the doji and spinning tops though those seem to work fairly well.
Sion Smith (9 years ago)
As i've always told everyone I teach, candle sticks show everything that you need to know about the market. If you understand candle, you can trade anything - thats my view.
Parsram Harchandani (9 years ago)
Great video very clear and to the point these days with so much information around it is best use of time and concise with all the information required to be conveyed....keep it up please continue
markyboy1704 (9 years ago)
Great video, this guy actually understands that there are people out there who need this complex theory explaining in laymans terms..........top man, well done and thanks.
clemente miranda (10 years ago)
NOW, I understand how it work. I have gained confedence to trade in real life and not merely paper trading. My fear in stock trading has disappeared. Thank you, so much.
BrownBuna (10 years ago)
I enjoyed it..very nice...Thank you!
AMIRIVIJA (10 years ago)
Thanks! .. nice and clear explanation. Looking forward for more informative videos
knmleaguecity (10 years ago)
Good speaking voice.
jotalink (11 years ago)
Dear Dinvest, where can I find the first part of this video? tx!!
zahara11 (11 years ago)
I was able to follow this very well and this is only my second time learning about trading...also is this in a book/DVD form? I also like the sound of your voice, its neat.
mavallarino (11 years ago)
Hello, Do you provide classes and or courses?

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