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How to send money with western union mobile App [2017]

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This video will help you understand how to use not only western union app but also other useful app that you never knew of. it is very useful to consider using application to run your transactions because its safe and convenient. Follow me on other social media https//www.instagram.com/creativemind0_ https//www.facebook.com/destinyobukwu https//www.twitter.com/creativemind0_
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KHP Steel Company (1 day ago)
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UK Free Media (1 day ago)
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diamencik1 (2 days ago)
WESTERN UNION is nasty service , try not to use them , Monegram are to assholes .
Zakaria Tarfous (6 days ago)
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Davis danko (7 days ago)
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Eva neaky Green (1 month ago)
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Ripon Miah (1 month ago)
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Zakaria Tarfous (1 month ago)
Collin Upora (1 month ago)
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Federal Agency (1 month ago)
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HITESH PATEL (1 month ago)
hello. sir ..can ask ..is this possible in all countries..I'm in India now I want to send money in my family ..I want to try this western online app ..bcoz here in India they not accept foreigner in wester money here to send money in Philippines..Pls . sir can u guide me in my question thank you.
elias chournos (1 month ago)
Western union and money gram are for scamers
rafael chacon (1 month ago)
Es un ribo mandar dinero por western union, ejemplo: mandas a colombia700 dolares, te cobran 8 dolares y el cambio esta en colombia a 3100 pesos por dolar, western union te paga a 2740, te estan robandomas de 240 pesos por dolar multiplicalos por 700 =18800 pesos robados aqui mas los 8 que pagastes del envio, asi es que el robo de wester union es grande, mas quien recibe alla cobra el 3 por ciento. un negocio inmenso, no les parece. mas o menos pueden robarte mas, depende.
ITS SLIMZY (1 month ago)
Peter Waweru (2 months ago)
Am from Kenya,can this app work for me?Can i send and receive money with this app in my phone?
BILLY WILLY KIDS (2 months ago)
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Kevin Philo (2 months ago)
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Johnson Carabajal (2 months ago)
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Chantra Srov (2 months ago)
Someone elaborate I'm an idiot when it comes to this and new. I did in store transfer without knowing and why can't I see progress on that at all?? Like it doesn't show the same info as online transfers. Real question is whats the actual difference? You can still pick up the money same way right? I ended up sending double the amount one through online and the other in store while on the app so yeah... I'm fucking lost.
me computer (2 months ago)
can you send some money to me ? i'm in Nepal.
Smart Onome (2 months ago)
Why would the money be on hold?
jeffery suzan (2 months ago)
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Dr. Adima (2 months ago)
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Renee Turner (2 months ago)
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youtubeworld supergrez29 (3 months ago)
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scott Angela (3 months ago)
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Cheap Side (3 months ago)
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Oladele Olaleken (3 months ago)
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MSB (3 months ago)
Very bad company . don't ever send your money with them. Money gram is much better with lower fees. I sent 200$ and charged me around 30$
Kenley Macena (3 months ago)
Nafih N (3 months ago)
Can you pls send the link of Western Union app
Chinwuba Vivian (25 days ago)
Ken B (4 months ago)
Western union is terrible to send money overseas. They give a lower exchange rate because they state in their terms that they are making money from it. Then after I sent my wife money only 2 times while she was in Thailand visiting family they declined to allow me to send her any money because they felt it was a scam even after I proved I was married to her and she normally is living her with me. Now my profile with western union is locked so I can't even use the app after only 2 times. So now when we travel to Thailand we just transfer money directly to our accounts in Thailand.
Boku Kae (4 months ago)
Western union is perfect for scammers. So be careful!
Tessy John (4 months ago)
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Pancho Jose (4 months ago)
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Vijay Satya Srinivas (5 months ago)
How to pickup money? By cash or we got it on bank account?
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Balerio Torres (5 months ago)
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borgs bartido (5 months ago)
how many times can i send money online in the same person in a day through western union?
Pau Kim (5 months ago)
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