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How do you know whether a Line Study is valid or not? We've got the answers!

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If you define yourself as a "trend trader" (and maybe if you don't), you inevitably encounter the need to draw Line Studies on any or all of your charts top-down. Notice my use of the term "Line Studies", as opposed to just trend lines, because in the TM Trader's Club, we actually work with both types - horizontal and diagonal. These annotations are invaluable because they establish the all-important Support/Resistance elements which every astute trader knows to be on the lookout for. If you're new to Line Study analysis, though, the question is not just "how to draw it", but "once I've drawn it, how do I know it's really valid as opposed to a possible case of mistaken identity?" This latter question underscores the discussion in the latest "Midweek Roundup" video presentation posted for the members of the Trendline Mastery Trader's Club, one of seven different content streams we post each week (in addition to our three times per week Twitter feed). Not only do we start the presentation by posing that question, we conclude it by providing you a definitive and practical answer. This information alone could go a long ways in helping you better understand how to apply Line Studies - a critically important element of Technical Analysis - in your own trading. This weekend's latest complimentary video presentation will walk you through two chart illustrations (different from the ones in Wednesday's Roundup video) that explain the concept further. If you're at all prospectively interested in what we have to offer by way of either or both of the Trendline Mastery foundation course and membership service, this brief review should be helpful. To view our latest complimentary video (for which you will not be prompted for a user's name or password), please use the following link: http://forexmentor.com/vid.php?v=/trendline/news/04-22-2017 I hope you enjoy today's presentation. To Your Trading Success, Frank Paul & the Forexmentor team P.S. To learn more about the Trendline Mastery course, please visit our public FAQ page at: www.forexmentor.com/trendline P.P.S. To learn more about the Trendline Mastery Trader's Club, please visit its public site at: www.forexmentor.com/trendline/club.php
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