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Bitcoin: How to Get your Bitcoin Core Wallet Up and Running

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How to get your Bitcoin Core wallet up and running. Backup it and protect it with a strong password. Share this Video: http://youtu.be/g9ziT7d4Q-s
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5 years and 26 weeks behind..
Ronit Kumar (1 year ago)
Shine v Coin 🤹‍♂ दोस्तों लास्ट ka दिन में आप जितना भी INVEST करेंगे वो कितना बढ़ जाएगा आप इसकी कल्पना भी नही कर सकते...यक़ीन मानिये आप जितना भी लगायेंगे , कुछ ही महीनों में आप उस वक़्त ज़रूर ये सोचेंगे कि काश थोड़ा और लगा दिया होता...सुनहरा अवसर बहुत ही भाग्य से मिलता है दोस्तों Rs 30 per coin today and tumrow ..27th feb if buy this coin you will be paid Rs 195 per coin 3€ contact for more details whataasp me 9015928296
G Man (1 year ago)
got lost in the intro song...what were we doing?
Grim Games (1 year ago)
12 weeks behind. Can't wait. Literally. I'm switching wallets.
TALKRADIO (1 year ago)
sick of these intros
Aubrey (1 year ago)
Cool music!
Adriano Müller (1 year ago)
Kris Baringer (1 year ago)
How do i get my bitcoin cash off this wallet? I'm hearing after the fork I have both so how do I find them in this wallet? Sincerely, Kris
Guzel K (1 year ago)
HELP!! How to completely remove Bitcoin Core in MacOs, deleted all files using appcleaner but the system is still DOWNLOAD almost completely, how to find these files and delete ??? In the folder Library / Application Support / Bitcoin folder is not at all !!!! And does Bitcoin Core have any support service at all, there is no place to contact? I regret that in general it was downloaded!
Β_origin (2 years ago)
3 years behind. wait guys, does that synch requires tons of Gigabytes of my HDD?
Rolando Torres (2 years ago)
Can you tell me the name of the song please.
Taylor Smith (1 year ago)
use shazam
nicq (2 years ago)
7 years behind LOL
MO JO (1 year ago)
what do you mean by that?
toasterovens (2 years ago)
like the song !!
Bobby Doe (2 years ago)
Am I right in thinking I can't just send money from my bank account into my BitCoin wallet?
TheyCallMeYouTube (2 years ago)
5 years and 17 weeks behind
MO JO (1 year ago)
what do you mean by that
Max Wilde (2 years ago)
I already created a bitcoin wallet on my  mobile, is there a way I can use that same one on my computer with bitcoin core?
Ladzilla W (1 year ago)
I think the only way to do this is the transfer the bitcoin to the wallet you want it to be in
j4n3h5b2 (2 years ago)
Someone sent bitcoins to my receiving address but its not showing up, can you help?
Imre Csoka (2 years ago)
cool i dont bother with litecoin now apparently with my setup its useless. I do however want to invest in a decent graphics card s maybe its a better step forward?
Imre Csoka (2 years ago)
did anybody help i dont know how he hell to use this , u download lots of data and then i dont understand  the point or purpose of the litecoin core program ?
Alan Tassart (2 years ago)
thanks for this.. whats the song? really nice
Oscar Karlsson (3 years ago)
Can you do a guide on how to get Bitcoin?
9999999999999999999999999999999999998 years 53 weeks behind
Dirty Birdy (3 years ago)
Brandon Curtiss (3 years ago)
6 years 51 weeks behind
Welp, dude your pretty much rich now justin wilson
MO JO (1 year ago)
what's this x years x weeks behind mean?
Taylor Smith (1 year ago)
mine was 8 years 42 weeks hahah
Justin DeFouw (1 year ago)
4.2k now.
Justin Wilson (2 years ago)
Anyone who can give a review of their bitcoin experience ? I am probably just going to save debit cards and deposit them for 1 bitcoin since they're worth like 2.6k per coin now. Ima just save for one coin and see what it's worth in the future

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