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Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG demo

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Don't forget to check out www.clove.co.uk for more content! UPDATE: Some USB mice are now reported to be working! Will update soon with more information! Demo of USB OTG in Samsung's Galaxy S2 - seems generic USB OTG cables will work (mine came from here: http://tiny.cc/os3s1 ), so no need to wait for Samsung's overpriced ones. Quick demo of bluetooth keyboard and mouse connections also. Video recorded on a Samsung Galaxy S, using a Nokia DT-22 attachment to connect to a Gorillapod. Two video segments edited together using the 'Video Maker' app onboard the SGSII. Unfortunately despite using a tripod there is a bit of shake from whenever I leant against the table. EDIT: I wonder if the one dislike on here is from GSMarena, because I beat them to this! ;p
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Text Comments (852)
yacine Kheltant (1 year ago)
salam 3indi samsung galaxy s2 lite amrica is charging 100% wa yan9os al hal and frend orido al hal rah y3tini info charging full battrey al marjo il hal wa chokran lakoum
Lale Kaya (1 year ago)
hakketten nece konuşuyor bu
Lale Kaya (1 year ago)
ne anlatıyor acaba bilen varsa banada söyleyin
Gcd Ch (1 year ago)
Lale Kaya valla ne neyce amk
Mushtaque ahmed Reki (1 year ago)
hey i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 neo mobile when i plug the otg cabl it shows its connected but it does't show the files please help me
ATG Great (2 years ago)
How do you use it with USB Wireless WiFi Adapter? How do you turn off internal WiFi and turn on external USB Wireless WiFi Adapter?
محمد بهجت (2 years ago)
محمد بهجت (2 years ago)
Marcelo Tutoriais JMS (2 years ago)
O Galaxy S tem OTG ou não
Reza Taghavi (2 years ago)
Hi- Thanks for your nice video. I think that not all Galaxy S2's are equal. What is the exact model number of the one you demonstrated OTG on? Thanks in advance
yash pertaub (2 years ago)
thanks dude
grittsy (2 years ago)
HI Murray Good clear advice but what about how to download pics etc to the device. I have just acquired a SanDisk OTG Dual USB drive. I would really like to know how to download all my vids, pics and some other matter onto device and then I can plug into PC for uploading. I saw that this is the better way to transfer this info. Any hints that you will demo this? Ta
Shams Qureshi (3 years ago)
Thanks for updating all information with video clips I was introduced with computers and new technology in late 1980 and I put all this on back burner, Know realize I'm a dinosaur so to catch the new technology your video clips are wonderful Shams Qureshi sr.
Kurt Mew (3 years ago)
why i don have usb storage
Ahmed Ihab (3 years ago)
Man I have Samsung Galaxy core but don't read the otg usb what can I do
Vansh Shah (3 years ago)
Can u tell me that if we add micro usb to lightening connecter it will work or not
jasneskis (3 years ago)
Unboxing videos are such a waste.
h4mza786 (3 years ago)
The folder usbStorage does not show up for me.
xoxmyinxox (3 years ago)
ahhh finally- found what I was looking for, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!! 
MegaBojan1993 (3 years ago)
3 years ago I wanted to buy this phone so badly but it was so darn expensive (600 euro)
how you make it
Ody -Chan (4 years ago)
Any idea where I can find a cable that connects from an S2 to a female micro-usb? (so male-male)
Sam Ngiam (4 years ago)
What is that cable named?
RRR999ish (4 years ago)
+Tan Hsaw Jiun If it's a male micro usb cable and a usb female port at the end its good and the size of the cable doesn't matter . Mine is smaller than the video and more useful because you can always keep it in your pocket .
Tan Hsaw Jiun (4 years ago)
+RRR999ish Mine is smaller its like 1.5 cm it shaped like a android bot.Is it male?
Nickolas Lormand (4 years ago)
+RRR999ish damn. you solved my problem but now I have the wrong cable and no time to get a new one
RRR999ish (4 years ago)
The name is a usb cable host on-the-go ( OTG ) , if you find this cable in the market YOU HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY VERIFY if it is an OTG cable and not a simple micro to female usb ( physically it's the same but the inside of the micro usb is quite different to allow the phone to give some power by the cable to power up the usb flash drive for example to make it work and be powered ( same for any devices , ps3 controller , mouse , keyboard and so on.... ) , unless this , it's impossible if it's not an OTG one .. so keep your eyes open ;) ) And don't spend your money for nothing !!   remember ! OTG on the go host usb cable 
gnikcohs (4 years ago)
My Galaxy SII DOES connect with my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, I much prefer it to bluetooth.
Curtis32418 (4 years ago)
155 people burned in hell.
João Costa (11 months ago)
Now they're 217.
mohamed abdelhalim (4 years ago)
My phone is samsung galaxy s duos i have th micro usb on the go but it does not recognize please i need help!!!!!!!!
Dexter David (4 years ago)
heaven seen(0:36) demonstrated on this phone today is this phone running android 4.4 kitkat!!
RAVI (4 years ago)
I have galaxy s2 i9100 and I used my flash drive using otg cable on it when it was on stock firmware, after upgrading my phone doesn't recognise any flash drives.
Jean Carlo Castro (4 years ago)
Is it compatible with Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810P?
ivan tominac (4 years ago)
work it on samung galaxy ace plus
Jayme Capurso (4 years ago)
cool stuff. does plugging in a powered drive charge the phone also?
Gustavo Leal (5 years ago)
hello this is compatible with samsung Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 II X
aperales5455jazz (5 years ago)
Rainbow (5 years ago)
Oh Dude you are awesome.. thanks - I've now got 200gb of music connected to my S2... cheers from a nz techfreakchick :-)
Dpgms (5 years ago)
Lauretzkie Decierto (5 years ago)
is there posibility o work in galaxy y GT-5360?
Daniel Noy (5 years ago)
My s2 recognises the OTG cable but won't recognise any usbs, hard drives or mice that I try. Am I missing something?
Yassine Machichi (5 years ago)
Is That working on Galaxy Tab 3 T210 ?
Soham Alwani (5 years ago)
Can i do this without rooting my phone
freekicktaker97 (5 years ago)
would this work with Ps3 wireless headset 7.1 in Galaxy Xcover 2? the headset has a usb adapter...
alaa Marghany (5 years ago)
can you gave me ur wallpaper on your phone pls ?
Tariq Jarrar (5 years ago)
Good ;)
bambofett (5 years ago)
On the s2 can an otg cable and connect a wired 360 controller be compatible with games like the s3?
TheRayInPV (5 years ago)
Hello, great video. Are you able to move files from the SII to the USB drive in order to free up space on the phone?
Takuya Kousaka (5 years ago)
I`ve been watching your videos lately, i know this all is not fake. i used otg myself too. on side note. thats is a pretty fast reply, i haven`t watched the whole video yet xD
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
None of it, nothing in my channel is faked and this is easily verifiable with a simple Google search.
Takuya Kousaka (5 years ago)
Which part of this is fake
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Seriously, what kind of idiotard are you? A quick check on Google will show you this is not faked. I'm sorry if you're experiencing phone envy here because your iPhone can't do this stuff, but outing yourself as a muppet who can't even do a basic fact check before making false accusations isn't helping you.
عمر السيامي (5 years ago)
FAKE !!!
Minat Khan (5 years ago)
can any one help me that why its not working in my samsung galaxy s 2 mobile . when I conect some time it's shoshowing but it, s disconect himself again I don, t know why please dear if any one know give the idea thank u dear I m waiting
Hasan Khalid (5 years ago)
does the OTG usb works on galaxy sAdvance? (2.3)
00sAreTops (5 years ago)
Cheers for the video. Is there any way I can use USB devices & HDMI out?
Renegadus (5 years ago)
Any keychain or credit card sized adapters? Mostly for "on the go" :)?
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
If you mean Root the Note 1, then no, you shouldn't have to do that. Hub may need to be externally powered to work however.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
It should.
Majestic_Phoenix (5 years ago)
does samsung jellybean release work too? im on 4.1.2
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Majestic_Phoenix (5 years ago)
is this on stock samsung kernel?
Jack Tee (5 years ago)
galaxy ace plus can use usb otg ??
Jay Sanghvi (5 years ago)
can we use tata photon+ like that ??
Carl Williams (5 years ago)
FYI - My Nexus 7 tablet will read an external HDD as long as it's USB 3.0 and not 2.0. Also I found a great utility call Swissknife that easily allows you to format NTFS drives to FAT32 with ease. Thanks,
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Yes, check my Note 2 connectivity demo :)
MajorMagnuM FXG (5 years ago)
Does this mean I can view ms word docs on mt nite 2 ftom a usb key?
Simon Aldersley (5 years ago)
Is it possible at to use usb to go on the Huawei Ideos u1850? If not I'll be buying a galaxy s3 anyway!
this is bad ass i dident know that you could do this
Ty Hurd (5 years ago)
Probably a bad OTG cable (I've gone through several of them). Try this cables, seems to be the best so far: amazon.com/Electronics-Micro-USB-OTG-Cable/dp/B005GGBYJ4 Also, try the "Stick Mount" app, that may help.
Ankit Mishra (5 years ago)
can i connect tv tunner...:P
Catalin polocoser (5 years ago)
Can u connect a 3g usb modem on it?
KazumiLivesForever (5 years ago)
My USB OTG used to work, but after upgrading to 4.0.4 it just stopped working, I just can't get it to work anymore. I am still using the same flash drive.
stieglbeer (5 years ago)
Hi, I bought 2 such cables ( but not the same as you have as its sold out) and the phone wont recognize the cable. I run on a samsung galaxy s gingerbread. I dont understand why it wont recognize it, I also tried 2 usb otg apps to mount it in but still it wont recognize it. Any suggestions please? I want this so badly to work
Barrak Meddhia (5 years ago)
i need help please i want to connect android to microcontroller is this feasble ? some source code or what i need to do this
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Two likely problems, first, it probably requires more power than the phone can give (an externally powered USB hub can fix that problem), and secondly it may not be formatted Fat32 (it has to be).
Kumar Shantanu (5 years ago)
Hi, Thanks for posting this video. I am able to connect mouse and Pend drive easily. How can I connect my external hard disk using OTG . While connecting to laptop it do not require power so I was expecting it to conncet.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
No, it does not require Root. If it is not working, and the OTG cable is genuine, then it may be a regional carrier limitation.
0j0nn (5 years ago)
There is no need to root your phone to use this feature. Your flash drive might be too big/isn't in FAT.
Christopher Barnes (5 years ago)
Does this work on SGS2 without rooting? I've bought an OTG cable and its definitely powering my USB flash drive (the light comes on) but I cannot access it. I'm beginning to think that I must be missing something, any ideas?
shahrom daud (5 years ago)
hye there... i been using usb OTG for my tab 7 plus. what i notice is thumbdrive that new it can read perfectly once i reformated the thumbdrive somehow it can read at all, the other it read as highspeed usb drive yet it also can read at all..... p/s totaly no icon folder org the usb appear in the android my files... kindly if u can help me. y this happen
Makim Kemov (5 years ago)
будто этак с верху видео снимать ?
Anda Gail Andreu (5 years ago)
Thanks for specifying exactly which connector to buy. Mine is almost but not quite like the one you have and it doesn't work. I will look for "micro usb b." Great video. Thanks.
Shaheer Ahmed (5 years ago)
hi NZtechfreak i wanted to ask u if we can download something from our usb to phone by this usb otg cable
sliccflip (5 years ago)
now is it possible to use this cable and charge my phone at the same time??
бля в америку желаю)
вы америкосы ??? вы ебанутые))))) лол)
Thomas Barb (5 years ago)
I am going crazy trying to figure this out...i have a usb SNES controller and would like to use it for me SNES emulator which has the options to map buttons but for some reason my controller --> OTG --> S2 doesnt get a response as if nothing was plugged in??? Any help would be greatful.
Heyisitmeorwhat (5 years ago)
Hey where did u get this from really need to know lol
Souvik Thakur (5 years ago)
pls tell me that does samsung galaxy chat support usb otg
PriestBonner (5 years ago)
Does the usb stick have to be formated in FAT32 in order for the s2 to detect it?
HotNitrogen (5 years ago)
Hey I was jsut wondering, is USB-OTG only Kernal dependant or Kernal and ROM? I'm running Rootbox ROM atm with the kernal that you get with it but USB-OTG doesn't seem to be working. Anyone help?
Aswath Vellur Nagaraju (5 years ago)
Hi,everybody.does it works with samsung galaxy s duos n Samsung Galaxy S Advance ?????
Toprak OKUMUŞ (5 years ago)
My Logitech M305 wireless mouse is working with my S2 perfectly :) I just plug in the nano reciever to the otg cable that's it..
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
iGo Ultraslim Stowaway bluetooth keyboard, sadly no longer made. They occasionally pop up on Ebay, but tend to be pricey when they do (the Dell-branded ones like the one I have were available quite cheaply when they were still being made). There are alternatives out there though - Samsung, Sony, Logitech all make ones that will work.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Usually PS3 controllers only work if they are genuine.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Possibly not, I see GSMArena does not list USB OTG as a specification for the S+. Having said that there are custom kernels for the Galaxy S i9000 that enable it, so there may be similar kernels out there for the S+ also.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Possibly not, I see GSMArena does not list USB OTG as a specification for the S+. Having said that there are custom kernels for the Galaxy S i9000 that enable it, so there may be similar kernels out there for the S+ also.
Murray Winiata (5 years ago)
Gabbo STupid (5 years ago)
I need root?
steamowiec (5 years ago)
Can i us it in galaxy s+ ?
mayil66 (5 years ago)
Hello,everybody. I don't suppose it'll work for Samsung Galaxy S plus. Does it?
Jayson JR (5 years ago)
hi ... ur PS3 controller is original or copy controller ?... im gona try on my google nexus s , and now i wana try with the copy ps3 controller , that will be work ?
Klirkatinjsh (5 years ago)
whats the keyboard you`re using? model?
VjAsagra (5 years ago)
doesnt work for galaxy ace?

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