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Limassol, Cyprus • Λεμεσός

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Limassol, Cyprus Limassol is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus. Limassol is the second largest urban area in Cyprus, with an urban population of 160,000-176,700. The Port of Limassol is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean transit trade and the largest port in Cyprus. It has also become one of the most important tourism, trade, and service-providing centres in the area. Limassol is renowned for its extensive cultural traditions, and is home to the Cyprus University of Technology. A wide spectrum of activities and a number of museums and archaeological sites are available to the interested visitor. Consequently, Limassol attracts a wide range of tourists mostly during an extended summer season to be accommodated in a wide range of hotels and apartments. A large marina lies near the old town, 500 meters from the Limassol medieval castle. Limassol was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, and during Byzantine rule it was known as Neapolis (new town). Limassol's historical centre is located around its medieval Limassol Castle and the Old Port. Today the city spreads along the Mediterranean coast and has extended much farther than the castle and port, with its suburbs stretching along the coast to Amathus. To the west of the city is the Akrotiri Area of the British Overseas Territory. Limassol is famous in Cyprus for its festivals, like the Carnival and Wine Festival. The Limassol Carnival festival lasts for ten (10) days, with jolly and amusing masquerading. The festival starts with the entrance parade of the King Carnival, followed by a fancy-dress competition for children. During the Carnival parade in the main streets, large crowds from all over the island gather to watch the floats with the serenade and other masqueraded groups. Many fancy-dress balls and parties take place at many hotels every night. During the first quarter of September, the great Wine Festival of Cyprus takes place in the Limassol Municipal Garden, every evening between 8.00 hrs – 23.00 hrs. During the festival the visitor has the chance to taste some of the best Cyprus wines, which are offered free of charge. On some evenings, various groups from Cyprus and abroad perform folk dancing and there are also choirs and others. (Video includes present and future projects) explore the world with us!
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Virender Maratha (1 month ago)
V beautiful city 👌👌
Don Solaris (2 months ago)
Sounds like aerosol or something you use to kill mosquitoes !
Pampos Pampou (4 months ago)
H Πάφος είναι καλύτερη , απόδειξη το Πάφος Πολιτιστική Πρωτεύουσα της Ευρώπης το 2017 . Καλή και Λεμεσός βέβαια , ίσως βγει το 2047 .
Pampos Pampou (4 months ago)
Η αλήθεια να λέγεται . Το 2030 έβαλαν υποψηφιότητα ξανά όλες οι πόλεις ακόμη και η Αγιά Νάπα . Ξανά το 2047 .
Elena Ch (4 months ago)
Pampos Pampou chill lion
Elena Ch (4 months ago)
Pampos Pampou hahahahahhahahaha prosehe re pafiti
Gladys Sabogal (4 months ago)
fantastic video
wildfiregun 1 (4 months ago)
Dimitris Dimutrios (6 months ago)
Looolllllll non
LiDiA 56BOOM (6 months ago)
Εγώ που είμαι lemeshana λεοσας ότι που κοντά εν πιο ορεα η Λεμεσος με τίποτε εντιν αλασο
LiDiA 56BOOM (5 months ago)
Eřřøř Eřřøř ποιος?
Eřřøř Eřřøř (5 months ago)
ok skeuomai na metakomhso sthn kupro 8a me katalaboun?
Λόλά Κάρίότί (6 months ago)
Μου λειπει λολα
John Court (7 months ago)
And what pray has happened to the gorgeous sandy beach by the wattle ( acacia) forest at Germasoya where I swam as a child? Last time I was there it was all horrible large stones. IOANNIS KOURTELLARIDES. ( Now COURT)
Kuty Hoang (7 months ago)
My name sùnlower 7yaer cyprus
Kuty Hoang (7 months ago)
My name sùnlower 7yaer cyprus
Kuty Hoang (7 months ago)
My name sùnlower stay cyprus 7yaer
Kuty Hoang (7 months ago)
Yes am ever .
Dimitrios Tsiakas (9 months ago)
Πω πω ομορφιά???
It's really boring full of dull British & Russian idiots
Bebebx Dj Bw (7 months ago)
Phoenician Prince (1 year ago)
Poor quality video
Prankster Gangster (1 year ago)
AnP (1 year ago)
Just one question. From when, the one tower is built?
Blue Travel Plus (1 year ago)
AnP (1 year ago)
Blue Travel Plus .ok. are u cypriot?
Blue Travel Plus (1 year ago)
its a video with present and future projects, its written on the description of the video
MILA FERRAREN (1 year ago)
someday i will be there...what a beautiful place!
Prankster Gangster (1 year ago)
I live in Limassol!
aavyaarkeet hundal (1 year ago)
Captain Ghost (1 year ago)
I know and every body knows that Cyprus was a Hellenic Island of Aphrodite (Venus). English Zionist every body knows what you did to the Island for political and economical reasons. Facts like this It's a same for the humanity. You kill thousands of innocent Greek civilians and you have not excuse. The game is over for your friends Turkish. Veeeeery soon. I promise you with my blood. Turkish can't kill Tasos Isaak & Solomos Solomu because is still alive in our souls.
Alisa Avocado (1 year ago)
I live here. :)
+salma hamine Muslim people destroyed the island 1974, we are greek orthodox, we dont accept muslims monkey, go live in turkey
sanaulah sanaulah (4 months ago)
I love cyprus.
salma hamine (1 year ago)
Thank you for your reply. I'm going to Cyprus soon I just need a peaceful life, I don't care about location I need to live in peace. Do you recommend any place that is peaceful and not so expensive? My monthly income is about $1,700. Thank you so much for your help!
Blue Travel Plus (1 year ago)
Depents from your needs, the location for example and others. In General yes, limassol is expensive
British Orthodox (1 year ago)
Cyprus is an amazing country! Survived many years through history, my Yiayia is a Greek Cypriot from Famagusta, she lives in England now, but both my parents are Greek.
Blue Travel Plus (1 year ago)
Subscribe file mou
MineRiel 17 (1 year ago)
Nirbhai Batth (11 months ago)
Nice lemassol
Nirbhai Batth (11 months ago)
ajay rawat (1 year ago)
MineRiel 17 ...can you please let me know any good place to live at Limassol...I will be and anything around 340 £ is good...please suggest.
ΝΤΟΠΙΟΣ (2 years ago)
Limassol is a Greek City the people speaks Greek also dont forget this
Pampos Pampou (4 months ago)
Καθυστερημένο προφανώς σε επηρέασε η προπαγάνδα των Καλαμαράδων που λένε ότι όλα τους ανήκουν . Ο εθνικός μας ύμνος στην Κύπρο αναφέρει των Ελλήνων τα Ιερά , η έκφραση απευθύνεται σε εμάς , η ελληνική σημαία είναι η σημαάι του έθνους μας για αυτό είναι σε όλα τα κρατικά κτήρια . Η λέξη Κύπριος δηλώνει το νησί σου , Κύπριος είναι και ο ποντικός του αγρού αφού από εδώ κατάγεται , δεν κάναμε άλλο έθνος για να είμαστε άλλο . Κυριολεκτικά η σημαία μας είναι ο χάρτης της Κύπρου δε δείχνει κάποια εθνικότητα . Η εθνικότητα σου είναι Έλληνας και ας γαμιούνται οι Καλαμαράδες . Τέλος .
astrogreece (7 months ago)
τι λες ρε μαστορα, η Λεμεσος βεβαιως και ειναι μια ωραια πολη στη Δημοκρατια της Κυπρου η οποια αν δεν το γνωριζεις δεν ειναι ουτε αποικία ουτε Νομός άλλης χωρας...Βεβαιως και δεν ειναι ελληνική εκτος αν πιστευεις οτι οπου μιλανε ελληνικα πχ Σιδνευ εκει ειναι ελληνικη πολις, αν οχι το ιδιο επιχειρημα σου βλακωδεστατο οτι η κατεχομενη Κερυνεια μας ειναι τουρκικη διοτι μιλάνε τούρκικα ...Τοσο πατριωτησ της δεκάρας εισαι;;;
xSilentKillerx 02 (9 months ago)
senkarisma stfu gayturk no one likes u
xSilentKillerx 02 (9 months ago)
Iridanos Dem ti les r file i lemessos panda tha ine elliniki san oli i kipros vevea
senkarisma (1 year ago)
alayinizin gotunden kan alirim
Nick Limassol (2 years ago)
Limassol is second after nicosia??? Are u guys stupid or dumn. No city is better than Limassol. Limassol is the country. After Limassol is paphos, then protaras, then its between the ugliest 2 cities nicosia and larnaca better known as the ghost cities after 7 pm.
Blue Travel Plus (2 years ago)
I speak for the bigest town, no the better, both are beautiful.
Makedonec (2 years ago)
Limassol is good city. I want to live there!
LiptonIce (11 months ago)
πάντως και γώ γαμώ τον χριστό σου. . εσένα έτσι όπως είσαι ποιός να σε γαμήσει? @macedonec you are welcome to live anywhere, ignore the donkeys. they fart a lot, but they don't bite.
aVerySmartToast δεν καταλαβαίνω τη γλώσσα σου
Blue Travel Plus τα γκρεεκλις να σταματήσουν. Ο Άγγλος θα σας πει Χάι μαι ναίμ ις τζευμς;;; Όχι τότε εσυ γιατί να λες. Yia ime o Yiannis
SuperGeco11 (1 year ago)
@aVerySmartToast: Γαμας τον Χριστο μας; Ρε χασου απο εδω αχρηστε που βριζεις τον Θεο και νομιζεις οτι καποιος εισε. Εισε ενα μηδεν που τρως και χεζεις ενω στην πραγματικοτητα εισε ενας ψυχοπνευματικα νεκρος. Παρολο που η υπολοιπη προταση σου ειναι σωστη, παλι χαμενος εισε.
Ggh Gh (1 year ago)
aVerySmartToast lol
Antonis Antoniou (2 years ago)
Limassol is the 2nd best city in Cyprus
Bebebx Dj Bw (7 months ago)
Antonis Antoniou no its the first
Andreas Petrou (1 year ago)
I think Limassol is the best city in Cyprus.
Mesha Bhatt (2 years ago)
ohh thnku
Blue Travel Plus (2 years ago)
Mesha Bhatt (2 years ago)
its second den which is first city plzz rep me
ArtemisKar (2 years ago)
You have all Limassol new projects but you do not have LIMASSOL DELMAR
Blue Travel Plus (2 years ago)
+ArtemisKar in the next video of Limassol i will include it!

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