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Taylor Swift Can't Fix Our Political System!

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Noisey's "thinkpiece": https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/wjjknm/taylor-swift-needs-to-sit-this-year-out Follow your melon: FB: https://www.facebook.com/theneedledrop Twitter: https://twitter.com/theneedledrop
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Asher R. (14 days ago)
we live in a society where journalists get pissed at celebrities for literally doing nothing at all.
Skylar Halverson (20 days ago)
Your such a hater lmao
Primitive Aliens (20 days ago)
As if the world was fine before Trump. Wtf
A L E X (3 months ago)
Oh shit 4 minutes passed and i got caught up in the comments instead of listening to the melon I must have missed something important.
Joffery Hollsworth (3 months ago)
It's really interesting how a year ago you were questioning why people are putting the onus on people not to emphasize an importance on celebs making political moves and "fixing" our lives, and now that Taylor Swift has said "GO VOTE!" The registration rate sky rocketed. It's sad, how much importance people put on what celebrities say. And for what- because they are rich, talented and pretty? (Minus Kid Rock on that front btw)
TRVBƏS LEOPOLDO (3 months ago)
Dope shirt.
negrowithabrain (4 months ago)
Great commentary
Daniel Brownson (4 months ago)
There are plenty of better reasons to hate Taylor Swift.
AG64 (4 months ago)
Melons are red Melons can also be blue Kid Rock will unite the nations
Adolf Stalin (5 months ago)
the thing is Taylor didn't want to drag herself down to other artists' levels. Trend, I mean Trent Reznor is bitching about it now, most musicians are liberal by default. then you have people like Boyd Rice, Varg Vikernes, Hendrik Mobus, and guys like me, who are either a) actual Fascists b) third positionists or c) straight up trolling assholes. the thing is, third parties are not usually respected, and there really isn't a left nationalist party in America yet. soon, though.
ruben garcia (5 months ago)
I love Taylor Swift because she avoids politics and just does what she does best and that is doing music and entertaining us.
mr. dilone (6 months ago)
The Melon just had a Boss Nass moment at the end of the video
C B (7 months ago)
uh uh uh like umm uh/10 analysis, Anthony.
americanliberal09 (7 months ago)
Of course! She's just an entertainer, not political analyst.
sonically cohesive (8 months ago)
This video and the comments are meaningless now. We know who's the trump supporter now.
Darth Vander (8 months ago)
I cant wait for the Swift VS West election race of 2024. "Taylor, imma let you finish, but I had the best campaign of all time. ALL TIME."
Lucy Eliza (9 months ago)
Patrick Lees (9 months ago)
Сова Томпсон (9 months ago)
7:31 - a pussy talk with mustache?
Сова Томпсон (9 months ago)
Russian artists and pop stars change anything by being Putin supporters so they just broke the law in RF constitution and he's still in Kremlin. Fucking hell.
La Barbera Tejana (9 months ago)
I would vote for Lucas the spider in the next election.
Bess9779 (9 months ago)
I think it's crappy to make money off of criticising celebrities. Taylor wasn't running for office, so why should she have to share her political opinions?
S G (9 months ago)
I think most of your opinions make sense. I find it a bit strange that many people act like celebrities shouldn’t be in politics but have no problem with business people. Celebrities are business people so if you open it up for one open it up for everyone. I agree that the problem with celebrity is that we put more on them then we do many and act like they’ll save us. But looking at British and American politics lately it looks like celebrities play a part in the balance. Politicians, celebrities, media outlets, business people, the public, the military etc. There’s always a case for when one of these act shitty and the good people involved in other groups come out against them for the better.
Erik Ruiz (9 months ago)
Anthony is pathetic
Finn Jeffrey (9 months ago)
Where do kids with ADHD go? Concentration camps
Tom Benson (10 months ago)
Yaaas preach Melon of Truth
Azez Nassar (11 months ago)
*predicts dems going crazy for oprah*
Gustav Lenart (11 months ago)
Anthony you look like a sexual melon
Esket dis bred (1 year ago)
Surprisingly, Schwarzenegger wasn't too bad as a Governor.
Lumino's Way (1 year ago)
Oprah will make everything alright
i liked your video but when you called a starving black kid a nigga and threw rubbish at him was pretty rude
Ryan Johnson (1 year ago)
Fantano is Secular Talk now. Kylanthony Kulistano.
Just Gabe (1 year ago)
Melon predicting Oprah's alleged presidential run. We Stan.
Miss O.P. (1 year ago)
Don't you talk about Oprah lol.
Gordon Bombay (1 year ago)
lol, the more celebrities that came out to endorse Hillary, the higher Trump's poll numbers went.....good shit!
Pacifist Dan (1 year ago)
I’m lovin the new order shirts
Samson Mcharaly (1 year ago)
Ryan Johnson
G_Boy (1 year ago)
negativeNan cee (1 year ago)
I dont even think 95% of Taylor's fans can vote *anyway*
Big Daddy Toyota Corola (3 months ago)
you should go to her tour and see the audience. more elderly people and men than you think. try again
Sound Of Ominous (5 months ago)
negativeNan cee I can.
Barack Hussein Obama II (5 months ago)
negativeNan cee shots fired
Captain Average (1 year ago)
Noisey is the Vox of the music media. They're cancerous and petty themselves.
Jackson Todd (1 year ago)
He's is literally quoting Jimmy Dore at some points! Wow, love TJDS!
Jane Zetkin (1 year ago)
I think the left acts like Trump is the most evil thing ever. He's a bit like projectile vomiting. Yes, he's a problem, but there's usually a broader issue.
oscar zafra (1 year ago)
Yeah Anthony would you voice act in a cartoon im making? I just want to use your laugh honestly.
C P (1 year ago)
Unless you're writing about how you dont like Donald Trump, STOP MAKING MUSIC
N.W.A. (1 year ago)
Best video ever.
Luke Gibson (1 year ago)
The melon speaks well. Join your trade union or get involved in policy somehow.
noreplysinet (1 year ago)
at 3:03 it bothers me that you didnt say “or maybe we should ‘Run the Jewels’”
The FRO BROZ (1 year ago)
Saylor twift
T.J Ayodele (1 year ago)
Yeah! And nobody gives a fuck what Ja’rule thinks!
Samuel Pardana (1 year ago)
politics is an inescapable hellhole where all your friends are no longer friends and have no regrets to talk whatever bullshit they want about you simply for not agreeing with them. never talk politics
Yt (1 year ago)
wow I think I finally got that part of USA politics; and the argument that politics IS a form of show business. I think most people are too ignorant and/or Jaded to know much about politics. So they look up to someone else to give them an opinion. Politicians are already inclined to "act" and being pretty damn fake in order to win their public opinion... So of course bringing actual actors/actresses into the mix, as if they are some sort of ethical beacon, and their opinions are SO MUCH more valid... you can't hope to have a balanced and rational society out of that. Is society and politics are just become a popularity contest? Like the Idocracy movie?
Dominic Bennett (1 year ago)
NotDenis (1 year ago)
"The pop star has always avoided politics" As all of them should...
fuckseb青 (1 year ago)
fuck you melon
plato92 (1 year ago)
you don't know what tay tay can and can't do fucktano
plato92 (1 year ago)
you don't know tay tay can and can't do fucktano
Dylan Phomma (1 year ago)
i dont think that is the point. i guess people are mad that she didnt support a specific cause such as the black lives matter movement or ask her fans to donate to Planned Parenthood. If she did, it would show that she cares, but if she didn't it would show that she doesnt
Psychic Lion (1 year ago)
I mean yeah he killed somebody *BUT* *THAT* *BEAT* *NICE* *THOUGH*
Xanos (1 year ago)
I would love to have a female president, but hillary is a scumbag in female form
יהוה עבדי (1 year ago)
I'm not concerned with this much, since I don't follow Taylor Swift. However I do think this issue is very much, "fair game." Not because it would've necessarily affected the election. But this was too monumental, on a social level... for a purported "artist" -- with her platform -- to simply ignore; & surely, out of business concerns. It's the difference from being a corporate puppet... and an actual person (with an actual soul). Her supporters have every right, to take issue with this.
#153 (1 year ago)
Depeche Mode is better you melon.
Fred Green (1 year ago)
@fantano this was a great video, do you have more along these same lines?
Teeth (1 year ago)
I live in Michigan, AKA where Kid Rock is apparently running. Next year is the first election I'll be able to vote in. I'm fearful.
Set Yourself On Fire (1 year ago)
If Taylor Swift supported Clinton, Trump would've won in a landslide.
Kaelan Swan (1 year ago)
You ever seen those theory's that Taylor Swift is a /b/tard, huehue that's my timeline.
rob rob (1 year ago)
>vice is this really worth talking about?
Lo-KY 'n ColouR (1 year ago)
Donovan Carlson (1 year ago)
Still glad Trump won over Clinton. Clinton is corrupt and way too intertwined into the hierarchy of the political world. I see Trump as the necessary fever needed to sweat out this disease we call our current political situation.
My Coins Your Purse (1 year ago)
Melon Fantano 2020
Fff Klan (1 year ago)
I knew you were a melon when you walked in...
Paul Gardner (1 year ago)
Taylor swift is AWESOME
spark300c (1 year ago)
what I hate that every celebrity on left becoming vocal but when come center right there isn't much of voice. It why conservatism is the new punk.
limpicatto (1 year ago)
"If this past election has been indicative of anything it's that we should really stop trying to plug celebrities into our politics." THANK YOU
Amiibo Marx (1 year ago)
Gungo trungo wouldve been bongo blasted by hideo kojima if he said trump was a big meanie
Hannah Southerland (1 year ago)
People just want her to virtue signal, that's all people want, boring, empty virtue signaling. Who the fuck cares what Taylor Swift thinks. Donald Trump is the human equivalent of an ass boil. Well fucking said. Well fucking said.
Nitruix (1 year ago)
Petty personal drama, like your LCD Soundsystem response vid? :P
Isabelle Rose (1 year ago)
*disclaimer: i'm a huge taylor swift fan. So. I don't think the criticism is that she would've had impact on the election. I think it's more that Taylor constantly champions herself a feminist and has sorta painted this reputation for herself as a really good person but yet she often keeps quiet on social issues to protect her squeaky clean image. And people just want to know that she's a real human with real feelings and that she cares about more than just selling records. As a fan, I really think her priority will always be selling her music, so it's disappointing to know that her feminism is very white, very self-centered. I would've loved to know her thoughts on the election, if she even had any.
Chris (1 year ago)
Everyone knows celebs are bullshit and mean nothing our everyday lives. They are all irrelevant.
PP (1 year ago)
It used to be if you did something controversial, people got mad. It's still like that, but also if you don't do something controversial, people get mad. What happened?
Mr Layoki (1 year ago)
Prolethony Tariatano
TheSnoozeFox (1 year ago)
Swift is a conservative though, anyone who knows shit about her knows this already, she probably voted for Trump too, whats the problem
Derek C (1 year ago)
Kid Rock 2020! His campaign slogan will be Bawitaba.
pablopenguin24 (1 year ago)
As ridiculous as it sounds, Taylor announcing her political stance would have an effect on voting. Would it change the result? No. But don't forget superstars actually have a lot of influence on people's view, such as politics. Maybe not for you, or for me, but for a hell of a lot of people out there.
Alfonso Parrado (1 year ago)
I love your moustache fantano!
T M (1 year ago)
Legit what I say to everyone 👏🏾👏🏾
Lars Marsh (1 year ago)
Dan Ozzi is a fucking hack
GokuProductions01 (1 year ago)
My problem with the whole Taylor swift thing isn't that I thought her speaking out would change the course of the election but rather give some credibility to all these claims she throws out to the public about being a feminist and someone who believes in equality and shit. I think people have the right to distrust her and get mad that people put her on such a pedestal for doing the LEAST with her platform whilst there are so many others that do the most and get little to no recognition.
GokuProductions01 (1 year ago)
*plus she too often seems to only voice her 'feminist' ideals when it seems to suit her. She profits off this character she creates but in reality doesn't have much physical proof of doing anything remotely important
Badulaques (1 year ago)
THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE POP SINGERS POP SINGERS TO PUSH POLITICAL AGENDAS thats stupid, everything forced to be "conscious" to look cool
neal lathem (1 year ago)
Thus made my dad. Thanks melon
HOE BOSS (1 year ago)
Review the new bones album when it comes out its called failure
Dom G (1 year ago)
Sounds like someone has been watching the Jimmy Dore show lol
svgftw (1 year ago)
4:18 you hit the nail on the coffin right here, I couldn't say it better myself. Activism for the sake of activism is stupid and counter productive.
Noe (1 year ago)
7:32 I'll fap to this tonight. Thanks anthony (;
Tom Beuerlein (1 year ago)
Eric Han (1 year ago)
Frankfurt rolling in its grave right now.
Oscar Cray (1 year ago)
Kid Rock was already rich af before he started making music
Alex Castillo (1 year ago)
Please make a political commentary show! Not enough people are talking like you are.
Blake Vernon (1 year ago)
Taylor Swift did begin her career as a country singer. I believe considering how close the 2016 election was that if she endorsed Hilary it is possible that she could have changed the outcome. Because she is popular in many states where Trump won I believe she could have swayed the election. I still believe however it is not a pop stars role or responsibility to do so. I do not have issue with Taylor for sitting the whole election year out.
MSP TV (1 year ago)
Taylor Swift cannot fix the political system is because... she's an entertainer! An entertainer not even looking forward for public service. :p
ivanrlynn iRL (1 year ago)
The Russians hacked her mind so she kept silent, no evidence but they did it.

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