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Toothless Mumra Replies In Over The Top Rant Saying Tommy Sent Whytes To Take Down His Channel!

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Text Comments (332)
masterfleximus (2 days ago)
That old man believe you deserve something nasty from the bottom of his disgusting heart.
neeka Love you (18 days ago)
Texas Slimm (20 days ago)
I cant believe this old guy have ppl following him..... what's this guy credentials
Rick Raven Rumney (23 days ago)
This old dude isa thirsty old motherfucker. The only hate I hear is coming out of his old ass mouth.
Zero Tolerance (27 days ago)
Tj fuck it give em hell lol ain't shit fair in life, cutt them mf ware it hurts
takemethere78 (17 days ago)
He so close to kickin the bucket u would think he get his sht together. Blame white ppl again on something that didnt happen n not out fault
Felix Cavalier (30 days ago)
Some day the rest of the country is going to stop being so generous to black people.
Freedom Fighter (1 month ago)
Elderly needs a warm bottle and pacifier 😆
c .T (1 month ago)
" bitch niggar / go do something else with your time /come to detroit michigan &.we,ll show you how to Take care of. ..weak unconscious community bitch. .
c .T (1 month ago)
" &. ya know you a bitch niggar /you part of the unconscious community " / Cultural Charlatans. .
Edward Rawlinson (1 month ago)
Mumra! 😂😂😂😂😂
Dooflotchy (1 month ago)
T, don't spend too much time rebutting simps.
Will Olson (1 month ago)
"Counting Crows"... LOL...
queban11 (1 month ago)
hate for sugary snacks😂😂😂😂
scorpion queen (1 month ago)
I just want to know why "pro blacks" are always the first ones to call dark skinned people crispy ...
7:53 his delivery is hilarious.
Shahid Muslim (1 month ago)
The resemblance between him and mumra is uncanny, lol!!!!
Mike Gee (1 month ago)
..aint no simps like OLD simps! Worse? Those out of the woodwork senile pseudo pro blacks- when they were young they weren't doing JACK or SHIT for the community, but when they get old they BS young people with all the " pride talk" they NEVER showed when young.... He should take his ativan and blood pressure meds and be happy his social security check keeos coming from " whitey"..
Mike Gee (1 month ago)
Smelling like stale pee, old crow whiskey, and collard greens, BUT he dont know his own grandkids cause he never raised their parents....
Daffney Delilah (1 month ago)
At the end of the video, that old man said that all blacks need to stick together, right after he and some of his followers who are also black made threats against a black man. This makes no sense to me.
Jason Reyes (1 month ago)
The Feral Wolf (1 month ago)
Planet of the Apes reference, would you like some sugar old timer?
The Feral Wolf (1 month ago)
that paused 1000year old man picture......dame Tommy
happymess (1 month ago)
😊 awww but he's so cute tho... wook at his wittoo hat...
Bob Bobbalina (1 month ago)
This dude is casket ready !
Bob Bobbalina (1 month ago)
Catfish Smile !Apple sauce for everyone !
Far Above Rubies98 (1 month ago)
OMG----What happened to the elderly from when I was growing up? They were people to be respected. This man is cursing, ranting and raving when he should be enjoying his twilight years. This is so sad. He needs to sit down and watch an episode Jeopardy or something.
Saunya Harris (1 month ago)
This is why I say decent black people need to distanced and disassociate ourselves from NIGGAS.
Saunya Harris (1 month ago)
I heard the entire interview btwn Tommy and this man The elder is a liar and full of shit. No elder is supposed to be using fowl language. His mouth is filthy. And judging by the fact that he is 70 and dont have teeth, is a red flag that he never done shit in his life. On social media stirring up shit instead of finding a way to get teeth.
Rob Brady (1 month ago)
Baba talking hate with his two teeth. He had zero facts to support his beef. He is what is wrong with our people.
Rob Brady (25 days ago)
queban11 what do you mean, they? Damnit, I didn’t say anything about “they.”
queban11 (1 month ago)
Rob Brady our people? who are they
Dave Shepard (1 month ago)
How do you come up with these names Tommy? Mumra the Everlasting....I'm still crying laughing
Corduroy66 (1 month ago)
No good deed goes unpunished.
Pretty Doves (1 month ago)
I laughed the WHOLE video! 😭
Kami Kani (1 month ago)
This old man stated before that there's no God and yet he gives creedance to a devil...wow
j cleveland (2 months ago)
702pow (2 months ago)
I'm deeead!! This shit better then comedy central! "Imma tell you what the dirty mothafucka did HM!he figured since I'm 70 years old I ain't got no fuckin mothafuckin brains"😂😂 "high class words WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEAN?"😂😂😂😂
Gina Gholston (2 months ago)
Tommy's impromptu Depends song 😂😂😂🤣🤣
matthew ellis (2 months ago)
Mudduh fukuh geddin paid
DJ M.I.A. (2 months ago)
This old man is a walkin, talkin example of how delusional black people are
jamal23227 (2 months ago)
Ron Mitchell (2 months ago)
Why doesn't he go somewhere and brush that tooth? Instead of worrying about YouTube he needs to worry about chewing anything...
sonya lee (2 months ago)
Who taught him how to use the inter webs?
Breezy Games (2 months ago)
Is it me or does he look like Spinal from Killer Instinct in the face. Just google a pic: type in spinal killer instinct super nintendo and its the fourth picture. KMSL
XO Dosia J.G.S. (2 months ago)
I can only imagine the aroma of mothballs and fixodent emanating from this geezer's presence
queban11 (1 month ago)
XO Dosia J.G.S. 😂😂😂
mike brink (2 months ago)
LOL Tommy knows his 80's cartoon characters Mumm-Ra......Actually Tobacco is the Native American mans cancer stick.
fabian f (2 months ago)
He looks way older than 70 like 85 or 90, he didn't take very good care of himself or his teeth, damn
Aunt Kitty Hashtag (2 months ago)
Tommy I remember awhile back you ethered him and I pissed in myself when you said something along the lines of his few teeth have signs on them telling how many miles it is to the next one. I will die remembering that I've also noticed one of his favourite sayings is " This that and the other." DUH LOL. Evidentally he has been living under the gun for far too long. There must be a humane way to stop his foul mouth. He is only elder in age but not in commom sense or wisdom. What a total embarrassment.
Randy Raboin (2 months ago)
He's a liar, if someone comes on his comment section and disagrees with him and doesn't kiss his ass he deletes their comments, not the video ! He plays a one sided game so it looks like everyone agrees with him ! He claims he doesn't smoke cigs. but he always lights joints on camera trying to impress his " famlee", what a joke!
j cleveland (2 months ago)
EPHIC Panama (2 months ago)
Blacks act a lot like us latinos sadly in this manner. I am in Germany and this people is boring and tasteless but they do help each other , they help their neighbors, for real, they sweat for friends and stuff and it makes me think that is what makes a community strong. No wonder why the globalists want to take out this white communities, they are dangerous for their agenda
f b (2 months ago)
Fuck I couldnt care less....
Reginald Dixon (2 months ago)
He's being attacked by gingivitis.
Mac N Cheese (2 months ago)
Tommy got beef with a old 90 year old street thug he lost elder i hope i never look like you
Clif love (2 months ago)
Clif love (2 months ago)
imnotsurpised (2 months ago)
The elder is more like the devil.
charlesmathis headstrong (2 months ago)
Sesame Street talking alot of shit. I was waiting on him to put out a bag of chocolate chips cookies and start eating and spitting.😅😅
Mrcaramel84 (2 months ago)
This guy is only 10 years older than Madonna
Philly Phan (2 months ago)
Them vultures outside waiting 😂😂😂😂
Big Mil (2 months ago)
His audience is nothing but degenerates I guarantee that!
Jonathan Bhatty (2 months ago)
This elder is no respectable figure he's a clown a degenerate welfare tool.
henryac1229 (2 months ago)
This sounds like my children's mother a disrespectful, ungrateful, bum chasing thot!!
Antoni Geee (2 months ago)
What we have here is real monkey shine. Sad he's this old and ignorant.
Thomas Carbine (2 months ago)
Clearly, this old racist has psychological problems.
Mr J (2 months ago)
Hearing that old man curse lol
Nick Taylor (2 months ago)
Why is this Elder doing this? I've watched a couple (not in their entirety) of his videos but I can only stomach so much all Black wimmenz is Queens and non-melonated people are all wicked and wretched I can stand in a short span of time but Jeez come on Elder.... you got to stop this.
Michael Kellogg (2 months ago)
Collenga S (2 months ago)
"He's smoking the white man's cancer stick, but that's okay' 😂😂
Real TV (2 months ago)
This old dude look like curious G mumra and skeletor off he man😂😂
Sam Brown (2 months ago)
He said black so he could remind u that u are indeed black and u do have ugly ways so he's right again man give up old man take his spot
Sam Brown (2 months ago)
Everybody get old so what's ur point now u being racist against old people man just give in and say he won that round u got a kid mind child like grown man . GO OLD MAN GO U GOT THIS HE DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR DO AT THIS POINT U BROUGHT THE BAG
Dan Effen Dizzle (2 months ago)
Tommy I choked on my Cheese Steak on that Cavity Creep Attack! 🤣😂😅
Sam Brown (2 months ago)
Can u speak any truth stop mocking him and proof him wrong then ........waiting u can't can u ha ha ha old man schooled u ha ha buster
omegastarr1 (2 months ago)
NATIVE MUGGA (2 months ago)
I'm dieing this shit is to funny.he laterally lieing threw his teeth.lmaoooooooooooo
Robert Dikes (2 months ago)
SgtP3200 (2 months ago)
Thundercats Hooooooo, not you quita!
Frank Pirrone (2 months ago)
Toothless Joe Jackson is a nasty old prick .
Cause all whitey is da devil! Lol!
And he can barely speak without sounding like a lowlife
That fella sure is angry! So you let him come on your show, and he goes ballistic on you?
Ahmed Belton (2 months ago)
Crows and vultures 😆 lol
shplay (2 months ago)
Depends Diapers will definitely steal that song 😂
reggie reg (2 months ago)
80's cartoon went hard .
BlackRonin (2 months ago)
The profanity is strong in this one. Alzheimer’s is a real thing people. Bless his heart!
kajestro m. (2 months ago)
A little bit more respect Tommy. This guy invented mumble rap in 1798.
Robert Dikes (2 months ago)
Charles Wafer (2 months ago)
Be nice! And love r people.
Robert Dikes (2 months ago)
SHAYLA FITZGERALD (2 months ago)
😲 WHY is there all this BEEF in these Youtube streets? 😂😂😂 I mean can't every body make their lil coins please. In PEACE ✌.
Renee Bey (2 months ago)
OMG! I woke up at 5am this morning, in Henderson, NV, and tuned into Your channel Tommy. I am laughing so hard, can't catch my breath.🤣🤣🤣You were considerate of "the elder"; he evidently did not appreciate or respect that. Shameful, however You have given him a platform to facilitate more drama, negativity and views on utube. If he makes more money, hopefully he gets some dental help. Where is he filming from? He came out of door C?
Sam Brown (2 months ago)
Make a joke about the old man to stay away from the truth . Get him old man much love to you from youths in getto trying to move forward
Robert Dikes (2 months ago)
whitey 1 (2 months ago)
He is obviously projecting his issues on to you
Craig Brown SR. (2 months ago)
TOOTH-FUS comeback...any other fool could see ...I am hungry & I just can't eat without you 😂😂😂
morris west (2 months ago)
Great role model for the black youth.
joe mo (2 months ago)
Tommy, these low IQ, inbred hood blacks need to be eliminated from the Gene Pool. Every place that they inhabit they turn into slums.
Default User (2 months ago)
He looks like an old toad!!!😂
joe mo (2 months ago)
Rahsaan Delay is an ugly ass nigga!!
bret X (2 months ago)
What’s a mumra?
Maurice Green (2 months ago)
That carcass is a bootlegged @dickgregory.. with his "hmph" every few sentences.
The old man is obnoxious! I can hardly stand to listen to his nonsensical rant and thats bad enough. Even crazier than that though... is he is accusing Tommy of being hateful and in the same breath he is being hateful!!!
Divine_Beauty 2017 (2 months ago)
You continuously repeat and mock his statements throughout this response...why wouldn't he think you judge him negatively because he's less articulate than yourself? It goes without saying don't you think?

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