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👀 Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video!

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Text Comments (2764)
Phat Tang (7 hours ago)
Do not talked about facebook. Facebook will be come to shooting death laws.I dont want look facebook the go on my page.
ARTI KULKARNI (8 hours ago)
Great job. Thanks a lot. I would like to learn google AdWords from you
Michael Gier (12 hours ago)
Great information to help me get started. Thank you.
THE BIZ TRAINER (16 hours ago)
Great video! Thanks for the info on Facebook Ads. https://www.thebiztrainer.com
Risa Fey (1 day ago)
Who else is triggered by the scam-organization of the Humane Society of the United States? XD (Which is not your local Humane Society shelter, and local shelters despise this shady organization.) edit: Informative video, btw. It helped a bunch!! Thanks.
Angeline Life (1 day ago)
I would love to see a live on advertising a videography business. It would be different because Im not sure how we could track who actually hires upon contact since it would not be through the website.
Ecom Reviews (1 day ago)
Shopify Free Trial Fucking Rules! Free for 14 days (no Credit Card required) Hell Yes! >>https://www.shopify.com/?ref=mg-affiliate
Color Lover (1 day ago)
I want to promote album on Facebook like 70 pictures in a album. Previously I was able to promote through boosting album but presently it doesn't work, if I promote recent 50 pictures upload album, after prompting it show only 6 pictures to audience. Do you have any solution on this? Thanks
matth75 h (1 day ago)
Thank u so much, soooooo interesting, definetly suscribing To this Channel!!!
Morpheus Gaming (2 days ago)
I want you to go live
Rahim Hamada (2 days ago)
i would target :people who added to cart
Vintage1854 (3 days ago)
Excellent video, very detailed. thanks for sharing
Luis 0828 (3 days ago)
https://www.facebook.com/2137219549922500 Please like and share
BROOKLY SMITH (3 days ago)
Hi kevin love the video but I've been trying to do everything that you're doing in this video on my cell phone in my tablet could you make a video showing exactly what you're doing in this video how to do it on cell phone and tablet?
Mitjili Napurrula (4 days ago)
Hello, Super Video. What other hints have you got? I am looking at other good tip videos Thanks https://youtu.be/9-ReorXlxr0
Ilya Borisov (4 days ago)
Hey Kevin, although this is a good video, it was published in 2017. A lot has changed since 2017 so changing the title to "2019" is kind of misleading. I'd love to see you remake this video with an update version that is actually designed based on 2019. Thanks, love your channel, just wanted to give you some constructive criticism!
wayne dickens (2 days ago)
your right thank you
Sariah Bishop (3 days ago)
Ilya Borisov I agree. I tried to follow along in March 2019 but honestly fb has obviously changed because what’s in my screen doesn’t look the same as what’s on his screen.
tantan tan (4 days ago)
Do you know most business owners fail because they thought they were a pro marketer and decided to build a Wix site? lol. There is a new software that is foused on brining your business more leads, not just design!! check it out *LeadMachine.xyz*
rachid jaafar (4 days ago)
Don't fall and fail for these website builders. Are you a designer, marketing, and a expert in your own business? chances are you are not, so why try to fill that spot and get embaressed when you fail at it? what you need is a Lead Generating Machine that will dominate your local area. Check it out *LeadMachine.xyz*
Chenshu Lu (4 days ago)
could you please make a detail video on pixel plz ?
Kadva Sach (4 days ago)
You Are Most Talkative lol
Gerson Sandoval (6 days ago)
I don't have the "household" tab or "purchase" tab! Help!
Eco Steam Cleaning (3 days ago)
Gerson Sandoval Facebook took it away so cant use them anymore. Try engaged shoppers along with your interests
Monica Figueroa (6 days ago)
I don't get it, you chose to focus on targeting your campaign to specifically people who have made purchases and didn't check any of the other box options such as for people who added items to their wishlists, etc.. Why wouldn't you target them as well? Just target everyone so everyone can see everything and you have more of a chance of a sale? Or do the more targets cost more money? Sorry for the stupid question haha
CLiff G (6 days ago)
How can I use this to get clients. I am a hypnotherapist stress and anxiety. Thanks
Royal Cruise (6 days ago)
thank God i just made and withdrawd 150% of my first basic salary through FB ads and CPA!
Saiprakash Raikar (7 days ago)
Sir, Please make the detailed video on Pixel . This video is also very much helpful.
Deborah Smith (7 days ago)
I would re-target the 10 that went to cart but did not purchase
Iron Alien (7 days ago)
This video was uploaded in 2017🙃 not 2019 js
Staffy (7 days ago)
Jason Higgins. (8 days ago)
Hi Kevin i enjoyed your video. Maybe you can help me with my FB problem as you obviously are a professional regarding this sort of thing. Please read below as i am soooo frustrated & dont know what to do! thanks. I posted my product in a few groups for the first time last week, the next day a got alot of interest and sold some products. I could not believe it!!! I went a bit nuts and kept posting in more groups, i got some more replies to my post and a few more sales. This was so good for me then it all went down hill very quickly. The replies to my posts slowed down and eventually stopped!!! I waited for a day then posted on only two groups this time but got zero replies, questions and likes. The next day i did the same in another two groups......same results again nothing. What has happened? how can i get no results after what happened at the start?? FB must be blocking my ads in the groups, what do you think? Please help, thanks.
Jason Higgins. (8 days ago)
Hi Yasin.....thanks. Ok so how do i sell/promote my products on FB? Everyone posts products on FB groups??
Yasin Çınar (8 days ago)
Facebook doesn't like advertising posts on groups. That's why you get zero engagement after they noticed that you are posting ads on Facebook groups. Posting ads on groups is not the way to earn money, you will get banned.
Camila Rocha (8 days ago)
please update it, so can name it: 2019
Anne Londez Glass (8 days ago)
Very interesting video, thank you so much. One question though: I'm not sure how to gather the social proof you mention. I understand how to do it with a post but not if the ad isn't based on a post. How do you do that? Thanks!
Kit Kit (9 days ago)
why u talking too fast and why subtitle was look like shit??? Sometime there's no space,sometime there was wrong. come on I tried to learn from you .
A A (9 days ago)
boooo this is 2017 version
CNERO Marketing (9 days ago)
Juliana Londono (9 days ago)
super outdated. FB is everchanging. 2017 suggestions are irrelevant in 2019. Any word an updated video?
how bout you stop complaining and just go buy his course.. ms complainer zero subs..
Sariah Bishop (3 days ago)
partha behera if you’re a complete beginner it’s hard to follow because FB has changed. Cheers.
partha behera (8 days ago)
The fundamentals still remain the same though. If you really have a decent grasp on the fundamentals, you can figure the rest out on your own! Cheers!
kerngesund24.ch (9 days ago)
Hi unfortunately, Housholde, Housowner, income is not any more available. on insight.
Juke (6 days ago)
Depends on the product and market demands as well
ramy kandil (9 days ago)
I love this video You deserve my respect
Elizabeth Otis (9 days ago)
super beneficial! thanks Kevin!!
nemophilist love (9 days ago)
Great video ever 🙄
Thank you so much, Kevin! Very helpful video!
U&I DANCE STUDIO (9 days ago)
Love the video. Can I have ideas for a campaign for my dance studio
Strange Reviews (9 days ago)
Kevin, you should get in touch with Neil Patel, and do a collaboration video together solely about Facebook.... Because it would be the most watched how to video on Facebook. His knowledge is like gold dust, and it fills in the missing links. Please do a video with Neil Patel.
Bit Of Wizdumb (9 days ago)
So now you have 1.5 million people trying to do the same thing lol the market must be flooded by now and only 1 or 2 are making any money at all lol the rest quit after a few days bc they lose their asses off lol silly
Sole Pilates (10 days ago)
Thank You Very Much for creating this very detailed and useful video. I actually learned more today from you, than i did in an 8 hour course from Certastaff. Not to mention that it was the longest waste of time & money. For a crash course in which i learned nothing from. You are amazing and will like to continue to learn more from you. Yes interested in learning more about Pixels. Yes interested in learning more about google marketing. I own a small pilates reformer studio in Long Island NY. Have hired people to do marketing in the past some better than others but made the decision that I want to learn more about marketing my self. Not only for my physical location but maybe in the near future create on online following of pilates lovers that i can train online.
Icini Gaming/Vlogs (10 days ago)
Way to just retitle. Made in 2017
Jose Marcano (10 days ago)
I have a question that I'm hoping someone that has experience in Facebook advertising can answer. I own a very small heating and air conditioning company in Wakegan, Illinois and I would like to start using Facebook advertising to see what it can do for my company. The only problem is that from the research ive done, it seems most Facebook marketers tend to use a company web page as their landing page when they market their company. My company doesnt have a web page, and I quite frankly don't want to invest in one at the moment. We do have a facebook page, on the other hand, and so I'd like to know if I can just use my facenook page as a landing page or maybe a blog page using wordpress or something like wix that can then direct them to my facebook page. Can anyone please advise me? Does that sound like something I can succeed in?
Chase Aldredge (10 days ago)
Is business manager linked to business Facebook page? Can I use just one business manager account to run several different business', or do I need to make a whole new business manager account everytime? Thanks for the great information!
AMC Solutions Media (10 days ago)
Kevin David is just something. I think he is the best person to go to when it comes to social media marketing. I have been online for a while, trying to find something to do and earn me some extra cash. Well, I know there are many things I could have done right, but the truth is, I did not see much results. Then I met this guy Kevin David, and for the first time, my life is on focus. He now has a free webinar where he tell you everything you need to know to begin your own social media marketing agency. The webinar is free to join and its available anywhere. Your can change your life by signing up for this webinar now http://bit.ly/Joinfreewebinarnow. Thank you Kevin David
Umar Hussain (10 days ago)
Dear Kevin David Please Solution This problem (This credit card can't be set as your account's primary payment method because your account has been set up to be billed after your ads have delivered. This setup can't be changed. Please try a different card or payment method.)
vortexrider1 (11 days ago)
@ Cameron Dean, make sure you post your link so that people that support your efforts can make a purchase and share your link! Good luck man! Ps. don't be afraid to share your niche.. everything is a niche ... lazy people get jobs... they don't go through the fire hoops to be a business owner. everyone thinks its easy... but we know the reality. Just think of all the time and work you put into your business.
Demarco Bufford (11 days ago)
This was amazing. wow. Thank you.
Mega No (11 days ago)
You started off by saying that the advertising cycle should be Engagement ads (using third world countries), which you then turn into traffic ads, then finally conversion ads; however, you didnt talk about how it is done? Can you explain more about this particular cycle and its technical implementation?
i'll do it for people hwo purchase my product
Beer and Cider Society (11 days ago)
Can you let me know when your free FB ads training is on the site as I'm at work today email [email protected]
Binh Nguyen (12 days ago)
When selecting interests when building custom audiences, I can't find any existing pages, they just don't come up
That Girl1 (12 days ago)
I only get two options in the format section. Carousel or single image or video Even in single image or video it creates the picture with a fake play button I can't get to any other formats please help!!
Deji Baddest (12 days ago)
i just had to watch this video with no distractions , took it like a proper college lecture. thanks dude!
Nu Visions (12 days ago)
Did you ever make the detailed pixel video for Shopify? If so can you point me to it I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!
Masiel Morillo (12 days ago)
Any chance we can get a specific video for Pixel and Ads for selling on Shopify desktop accessories and geeky merch? I just got into e-commerce trying to replace my full-time job so I can focus on building my mobile application but it feels incredibly overwhelming. I have so many questions 😫 help...
jocelyne koffi (12 days ago)
I am so amazed by the valuable content that you shared with us! very clear and understandable. Thank you!
Solo Starr (13 days ago)
How could anyone dislike this???
Demarco Bufford (11 days ago)
That's what I was thinking. lmao other than him giving the sauce away, and they're mad.
Louis-Alexandre Cabana (13 days ago)
So hes the real deal right ?
Spectra (13 days ago)
superb video the point detailed and covering all the major aspects i really loved it kavin you did a great job i will love to watch another video of yours related to how you created your click funnels as you have shown in this video
wushu125 (13 days ago)
What software do you use to capture your screen along with a video of you talking?
Aj Status Zone (14 days ago)
New Update Id Free Add View Plan 👇👇👇👇👇👇 http://freeaddview.in/Dashboard/join.aspx?id=7047797166
Published on Sep 5, 2017 "👀 Facebook Ads in 2019" F.U!!
Jeremy O'Sullivan (14 days ago)
Pixel super detail please. My industry is a local pizzeria! Thanks
Kyle Reed (14 days ago)
Hey David I need help advertising Gold, as in actual Gold coins. How would you advertise commodities or material that's traded on a live market. Thanks Kyle
burleyc1 (14 days ago)
Video uploaded September, 2017 giving advice on "Facebook Ads in 2019" ... this man must be a time-traveler.
Taki Love (5 days ago)
Yea i just saw that he change the date hoe sad why can u make a update video
A A (9 days ago)
Right I was trying to follow along with FB ads and the Advert is completely different.
Adstargets (15 days ago)
Facebook Ads great sometimes but you need to know a lot to profit from Facebook Ads. Go for cheap and quality traffic and start advertising at AdsTargets.com (Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, and In-App Ads)
Action Begins Success (15 days ago)
Very in depth video! Thanks for that bro!
Priya Raja (15 days ago)
Jonathon Chandnoit (15 days ago)
1 Million in 3 months not bad kevin, not bad...
Audrey Clement (16 days ago)
Question Answer. I would target the 10 who added to the cart.
reverse engineering (16 days ago)
@51 minutes. the ad guy, uses an ad blocker. WTF its like a butcher who is vegitarian.
Tyler Carmody (16 days ago)
Do I need a computer
Rilum Osmanaj (16 days ago)
Hey Kevin David! I am on the bed etc. and you? Greetings from me, Rilum Osmanaj.
Roko Horvat (17 days ago)
Do I gotta have a popular Facebook profile or many followers on Instagram to provide great add? I mean can I just make an add which would take everyone directly to my site? Because if they see my profile on Instagram and Facebook and it's not popular they probably won't buy my product if you know what I mean. Thanks a lot.
Rajkumar Mohammed (17 days ago)
Thank You Kevin. I guess, you got to target the people who added the product to cart.
James Pilz (17 days ago)
Hey everyone. I just posted my first FB ad! (woot) Newbie question: shouldn't my ad for Engagement be posted on my business page timeline?
James Pilz (17 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥KEVIN! this stuff is gold. thank you thank you. Could you please do another video specifically for FB ads on selling apparel. As well as setting up the FB pixel correctly on my SHOPIFY platform!? 🔥🔥🔥
Angel R (17 days ago)
i feel like my granda ma when she first used a cell phone. im only 39...😢😢😢
Abbey Gail (17 days ago)
Hey Kevin! Are you able to maybe do something with fitness and personal training. It's extremely an extremely crowded market on the Internet but I can't help but think it can be advertised better then it is. What would you do if your niche was dance fitness and flexibility training?
musiclover firstsight (17 days ago)
Target the audience who have added to cart ?
musiclover firstsight (17 days ago)
Yes please do a video on installing facebook pixel, google adword and google analytic PLEASE!!!
Aurélien Poursain (18 days ago)
Is that your pig ?? seriously ?? ;)
Jr Luna (18 days ago)
How come my audience insights page does not show some of the info yours does?
HalfGold TwoSixx (18 days ago)
Can you make a targeting vid on videos views, please? Thanks
HalfGold TwoSixx (18 days ago)
Can you make a vid on advertising music vids for musicians??
Jonathan Odinma (18 days ago)
You are an encyclopedia. I want to say a big THANK YOU for this video. I am super grateful and will keep in touch. And my answer to your quiz question is I will create a CONVERSION campaign to RE-TARGET for the 10 people who added my product to cart.
Christian Tendo (19 days ago)
It would be amazing to see you make a pixel video breaking down the right way to set it up that would be awesome Also could you make a video showing The BEST way to Target People for a LOCAL Business. And hacks to beat the competition!! I think it would be 🔥🔥 and could lead to more people taking action on their own smma I know I would love it since it would me kick my fears and get my 1st client closed
Christian Tendo (18 days ago)
Hmm 🤔 100 VC, 10ATC so its a 10% CTR and 1 PUR so 10% . I would create a Custom Audience using the 100 VC and narrow the focus by 50% and75% VC excluding the people who ATC. This creates 2 CA’s to test with. Then create LLA’s segmented by the percents (1%-2%, 2%-3%, 3%-4%, 4%-5%) that creates 5 LLA’s. Basic Math time Baby! 5LLA’s X 2CA’s = 10 pots of gold to look for MONEY!!! Hey how much is your course I've been doing a lot of research but my budget is minimal right now as I try to get my first client.
Sam Yadzudsu (19 days ago)
Thank you Very much!! VERY INTERRESTING :D
Rafiq Ahmed Chinoy (19 days ago)
Hi there Many thanks for u r helpful video i like to add around 29 to 30 photos in carousal I have seen some post but when i try it won’t allow me more then 10 pictures Waiting for u r reply Many thanks
Jonathon Chandnoit (15 days ago)
You can only do 10 thats why!
Farhan Razali (20 days ago)
Hi Kevin, thank you very much for this gold information. I'm slow learner person. It takes me 3-4 time viewing your video so that I can really understand what you try to explain. Thanks man.
Mitjili Napurrula (20 days ago)
Hey, Amazing Video. What other methods of promoting do you do? Right now i'm looking at other methods Thankyou Have a great day
Mitjili Napurrula (20 days ago)
Hey, Amazing Video. What other methods of promoting do you do? Right now i'm looking at other methods Thankyou Have a great day
natalie nguyen (20 days ago)
Raden (20 days ago)
What's the alternative now on choosing income demographics since its changed?
Hi, I am missing Household income and Purchase in Audience Insights. Do you know how I could get those ?
Black Heart Kabal (21 days ago)
Kevin, how are facebook ads useful now that everyone uses adblock?

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