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👀 Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video!

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Kevin David (1 month ago)
*Should I continue the 'Make Money Online' Videos?! IF YES: 🔥* *1. Comment below "DO MORE FB ADS VIDEOS" ✍️* *2. LEARN MORE by clicking here 👉 **http://bit.ly/FREEfbAdsTraining* ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Facebook Ads Ninja Course + UNLIMITED Mentorship From Kevin: 👉 http://bit.ly/FacebookAdMasterclass (CLOSING SOON!!) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Grab Your Cheatsheet Today 👉 http://bit.ly/FacebookFamilyGroup
Darius Ivory (8 hours ago)
Do more facebook ads
OG Herefano (5 days ago)
Kevin David you cheat using 3rd world countries. Funny
George Amarandei (6 days ago)
Yes please!
Jake Switala (6 days ago)
10 that added to cart
Eugene Agyemang (11 days ago)
+Kevin David Answer to the question is I will retarget those 10 people that added to cart but did not complete purchase.
Harsh vardhan sharma (2 hours ago)
Add to cart
Darius Ivory (8 hours ago)
Thanks so much for the info. Ready to change my life around...
Sangeeta Pawar (11 hours ago)
Oh my god thank you for this video!!
Papp Istvanne (11 hours ago)
philly car keys (12 hours ago)
Nice intro. Relevant topic. Will do well for time to come.
I understand everything but one thing. Why was it important for you to include "Homeowners" in your demographics? How did you come to the conclusion that that was something important to narrow down to? Thanks in advance.
seph Soriano (15 hours ago)
Hi Kevin, can you make tutorial for FB ads for affiliate marketer or MLM
Kevin David (14 hours ago)
Maybe one day but I do have a FB Ads Course!😉
Morphis Art (1 day ago)
thank you for sharing this info i appreciate it!
Enzo Gallo (1 day ago)
YOU ARE A GENIUS ! I literally didnt know anthing about FB ads, and you helped me soooooo much !!!
Trill Beat (1 day ago)
restaurants next! this is the best tutorial I have found tbh
Kristie Ganther (1 day ago)
EDIT: Just read your response to someone with the same og answer as me...going to have to re-watch a couple more times~! So many things finally make sense now pertaining to ads and ad audiences. (I'm more comfortable knowing why dead-on ads keep following me around!)
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Kristie, always remember you get good at what you do so start making FB Ads, you'll be good in no time!!👍
Shaikha AlAbry (1 day ago)
published 2017 but the title is facebook ads in 2019?
loyal eye (2 days ago)
excellent , clear presentation!
mynameisdrpat (2 days ago)
Every person on Facebook, every person on Facebook = Location set: United States
Roberts Andre (2 days ago)
David do you think i can start marketing with this short video so I get the money to get into your ninjas ads group
Samantha Lomeli (2 days ago)
Are you partnered with Dan Henry? I noticed that you both have some of the same testimonials...
Ella Bernstein (2 days ago)
Hi Kevin! You said that everybody is using an addblock which means that my add nobody is gonna see, correct?
David Williams (2 days ago)
Can you make a video similar to this one but detailing how someone with not such a big amount to spend on ads can maximize the opportunity to use Facebook ads and get the most out of sales with the little that they have?
Kevin David (2 days ago)
Maybe one day David but you don't need huge sums of money to start FB Ads though!!🔥
Jeremiah Torres (3 days ago)
10 Cart
Jeremiah Torres (2 days ago)
+Kevin David Makes sense, thanks for the tip!
Kevin David (2 days ago)
Jeremiah, good guess but the answer is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best! 🌞
Rogin Quinn (3 days ago)
Love this man! I would like to do a target campaign to get leads for my solar business. Can you help me?
Kevin David (2 days ago)
Rogin, great guess but the answer is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best! 😃
Belchior Pinto (3 days ago)
Kevin, I just want to say awesome. Thank you, amazing information that I got here.
Hien Sang (3 days ago)
I'm saving to join the ninja lifestyle. I'll see you soon Kevin!! Awesome Video as always.
Kevin David (3 days ago)
Thanks Hien, I'll keep a space open in my Black Belt Group just for you!!😉
This was a wonderful tutorial thank for clearing things up. You have just changed my life for the better now I can grow my business using Facebook ads without the confusion!
+Kevin David yes it does involve balloons we specialize in sculpting and making balloon displays however recently I've added products and I would like to sell them in the United States so I really need to learn how to do Facebook ads and it had us always seem so confusing I created my new Shopify store if you get a chance please check it out let me know what you think I really respect your opinion you seem like you know everything about Facebook ads! 😁 Thetwistergirl.com
Kevin David (3 days ago)
I'm glad I could help, could your business involve balloons??😉
John Rabis (3 days ago)
wow what a motivation driver this video is. i am well started with my facebook, and have already got my first coustormers, and i love your other videoes as well filt with valueinformation. there is one thing i been trying to find out, if you have been band from posting to groups for a short amount of time, how can you tell witch group have given you the boot.
Lexa Terrestrial (4 days ago)
yo THANK YOU for the FREE 1 Hour Tutorial. I have been advertising & have had my own business since i was 18. I am still a newb. However, i realized from watching this video i actually am quite ahead of the game and understand this more than i thought. This is dope my man. touche
Kevin David (3 days ago)
That's good to hear, never underestimate yourself Lexa!!🌞
YMK The Creative (4 days ago)
colin cha (4 days ago)
Oink lololol
colin cha (3 days ago)
+Kevin David if they all stay mini that means no bacon haha btw just wondering do you need to have your own website when you create a ad?
Kevin David (3 days ago)
Who doesn't like Mini Pigs as long as they stay mini??😜
Adrianna Par (4 days ago)
Thank you! You are amazing <3 🔥🔥 P.s.: I vote you should adopt a micro pig
Adrianna Par (4 days ago)
+Kevin David because there isn't a dedicated 🐷🐷 playlist on you channel! 😝
Kevin David (4 days ago)
Adrianna, how do you know I don't already have one??
Cinematic Mirror (4 days ago)
How is this Facebook Ads in 2019 when it was published in 2017? How much has changed and is there a revised video?
Pierre Youri (4 days ago)
"Facebook vocabulary you need to know" Great value in this section, good job KD. The misunderstanding of some vocabulary usually bolck people on Fbads
Branden Thorne (5 days ago)
The value in this video was very good. Thank you for sharing. I actually knew just about every detail in the video but you really brought everything together nicely. Subscribed, liked, commented, saved, engaged and such...😀
Kevin David (4 days ago)
Thanks Branden, you're on your way to creating FB Ads!! Sweet!👍
dude !! you speak too much !!
Kevin David (4 days ago)
englishcoach jakarta Irawan, some people like a bit more detail but thanks for the feedback! You learn anything about FB ADS?🔥
K Zar (5 days ago)
How have you done that? I dont have knowledgs about online shop and ads, can you help me to create knowledgs. maybe to help me with some information or tools?
thank you very much for this information and good luck in your career
rosiem66 (6 days ago)
Thank you so much for your time , in sharing this very valuable info 💫🙏🏽⭐️xxx
Baker Chahwan (6 days ago)
Wait but how does the product get delivered to the person who ordered it. Do you have to order it to your house and ship it again from your house?
Baker Chahwan (5 days ago)
+Kevin David Thank you Kevin
Kevin David (5 days ago)
Baker, you ship it to Amazon and Amazon does the rest!😃
Dr Foot Podiatry (6 days ago)
Thank you for the video! Dude what you never told us how to pay for Facebook engagements from third world countries? Which site would you recommend?
Kevin David (6 days ago)
Haven't made it yet but I do talk all about it in my FB Ads Course!😉
Papered Chef (6 days ago)
Thanks for your detailed tutorial. I had to just listen for now because I’m on my phone. I’m definitely interested in learning how to market my online courses so I will watch this again on a larger screen.
Kevin David (6 days ago)
Sounds good!!👍
Miroslav Dušek (7 days ago)
Great video :) You ould show u how to advertise for an kind of jewels :)
Kevin David (7 days ago)
Thanks, that's too much for here Miroslav Dušek but I do have a FB Ads Course!!😉
Greg Lowe (8 days ago)
terrific video
kahleel gumbs (8 days ago)
To get sell do you have to do it in that order engagement then traffic then conversion
Rock Paper Copy (8 days ago)
Awesome video, thanks!
kamal dawani (8 days ago)
Great Info! Lets hope it creates magic for my new venture. Thx
valentino pharouk (9 days ago)
hey kevin i want to learn to advertise for a general store.
valentino pharouk (9 days ago)
should i send u my store and have a look,am from southafrica
valentino pharouk (9 days ago)
+Kevin David yes bro ,cause i have many people visiting my store like 400 people in 3weeks but i havent made any sell
Kevin David (9 days ago)
You might want to take a look at my Fb Ads Course!!😉
david adegbe (10 days ago)
who else got captivated by that intro music, i need that beat in my head when doing FB ads
Shaik Yaarish (10 days ago)
I'd create a conversion campaign for the people who are like the one person who bought the product and create a retargeting campaign for the 10 people who added my product to the cart. I'd also create a look alike custom audience out of the 10 retargeted people so to bring more people and put em in the loop. This was really helpful. Thanks a ton. Love from India.
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Shaik, great answer, greetings from San Diego!!🌴🌞
Nathan Childs (10 days ago)
Hey mate, please I am interested in a very detailed pixel setup with shoplift. Love to hear more. Cheers
Nathan Childs (10 days ago)
I have a request and again if it is already been done then I apologise and please leave me the link but, as mentioned by you- my Ads account was shit down and I had set up the pixel straight into shopify and so I had to go to a whole new account and I just entered the new pixel into the pixel section in shopify but I seem to keep getting errors or double tracking etc. So my question is, how do we Find & Remove the old Code throughout our shopify store?? Thanks mate
Kevin David (10 days ago)
Nathan, I have that in both my Shopify and FB Ads courses but thanks for the suggestion!! I'll keep it in mind!😀
palwankarvimal (11 days ago)
Fantastic video Kevin! Thank you for this. An hour back I really had no clue about the amazing stuff you can do with Facebook marketing. Now I feel I have some basic understanding to try and apply it in my context. Thanks once again! 👍
Kevin David (11 days ago)
palwankarvimal, FB Marketing is really powerful, glad you can see the potential!! You're welcome!!😃
Jason Osorio (11 days ago)
Kevin David (11 days ago)
More will be coming but I do have a FB Ads course!😉
Jason Osorio (11 days ago)
Amazing value man! I was going to make videos and debating on whether or not to give massive value or do the “sell sell selfish” approach but because of this video I can see that we’re moving towards a GREATER form of marketing which is the “give crazy value” and then give the option to continue with your brand! I just subscribed and am going to take a look at your book and other stuff
Kevin David (11 days ago)
Jason, glad you've subscribed, happy to have you here!!😃
Sahand Kamal (12 days ago)
100 content and 10 add to cart .
Kevin David (11 days ago)
Sahand, the answer is you iteratively test all 3 and scale the one performing the best, nice guess though!!👍
Matt Kevin (12 days ago)
Great video!!! The information on retargeting and FB pixel was useful. I am running an ad, but how do I minimize the costs per lead? What's an average cost per lead? (If you have any idea on niche/industry wise) Is traffic or lead selection is good? My new ad is currently running for traffic. I spent 2$ so far and got only 2 leads but the link clicks were 6.
Matt Kevin (11 days ago)
+Kevin David Your facebook ad keeps re targetting me :P Do you have any book?
Kevin David (11 days ago)
Hey Matt, all of that is in my course, gotta save some things for my students!!😉
biris edy (12 days ago)
✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ Congratulations 😎 This video is one of the best tutorials about Facebook ads
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Thanks Biris, you should check out my course!~Start your own FB Ad Agency with it!!😄
Rob Saxe (12 days ago)
Thanks for the vid man. My business is service oriented and I'm trying to get a foothold with very little competition. (which is nice) I appreciate the vid.
Kevin David (12 days ago)
You're welcome Rob, hope it helps!!🤔
Abcde Alexandria (12 days ago)
Starting this video now, cant wait to start tomorrow!!!
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Alexandria, starting to create FB Ads, good for you!!🤑
Dhaval Patel (12 days ago)
Amazing video.. Right on spot content... From where could I get video on pixels
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Dhavel, I don't have one yet but you'll find what you need to know in both my Shopify and my FB Ads Courses!😜
World PAG (12 days ago)
Hey brother, thank you so much this is the best video I have come across thus far for 2019 I like the information. Could you provide or help explain how to creating an ad to generate buyer/ leads for a home health care service? Thank you!
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Hey World PAG, you'll find that in my course, gotta save some secrets for my students!😉
Edward Eusebio (12 days ago)
This was really amazing video Kevin, def saving this nugget for my upcoming first product launch ideas. Hope you enjoy Thailand! Fire!!
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Thanks Edward, you getting ready to launch, good for you, you're in the 1% who is taking action!!🔥
Michael Miller (12 days ago)
I can’t get household and purchase to show up on my audience insights page. Can anyone help me?
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Michael, it's because Fb is under hella pressure for data anonymization!!😜
Ashish Chandna (13 days ago)
I would target people who added to cart for my conversion campaign. lemme know if i am right. Thanks for such an informative video.
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Ashish, good guess but the answer is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best! 😉
Red Sphynx (13 days ago)
Now its 2019. Tuesday 8th 2019
Julian Backhouse (13 days ago)
Go For It :)
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Why not Julian?? You starting to create FB Ads??😀
James Strait (13 days ago)
thank you for the tutorial i learned a lot
Kevin David (12 days ago)
Learn enough to hazard a guess to the question I ask at the end of the video? Thanks for watching!!👍
chetra thon (13 days ago)
How should I do went my ads deactivated? Can you show me with your videos thank you first.
Kevin David (13 days ago)
Chetra, first thing to do is to find out why your Ads were deactivated?🤔
TheGaryOng (14 days ago)
Hi Kevin, in the video, you mentioned that you'd touch on driving engagement as a campaign objective in other countries and then promote the same post in the desired country of sale, however, within the video, not a lot of information on that was shared. Could you share a little bit more on that please? How do you transit from one level of your sales funnel (Engagement --> Traffic --> Conversion) to the other?
TheGaryOng (12 days ago)
+Kevin David Appreciate the prompt response! Looking forward to more amazing videos like that. You've been so generous with your tips and I'm sure your audience really appreciates them so much!
Kevin David (13 days ago)
TheGaryOng, haven't made that video yet but it's all in my FB Ads Course!!😉
All Things Junk (14 days ago)
Would like to see a Facebook ad campaign on service business for junk removal and bin rentals. Thank you
Kevin David (14 days ago)
That's a little too specific for here but you'd find what you need to know in my FB Ads Course!!😉
Shafiqul Islam (14 days ago)
Is there any way to boost facebook group? What will happen if i share my facebook group link in my page and boost that post? Thanks in advance
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Shafiqul, you'll find that in my course~gotta save something for my students!😉
CB Ninja (14 days ago)
awesome.... i never seen a facebook ad video that is so good! Can you show me how to target for someone who wants help with building an email list?
Kevin David (14 days ago)
CB Ninja, you'll find that in my course, gotta save some things just for my students!😉
CCW Pune (14 days ago)
Hi Kevin, you've unknowingly helped a lot. Thanks for such great videos. im working on a project here need help. can you please help me with tips with setting fb leads ads campaign with huge budgets perday (like campaigns run by industry giants) or is it like the process stays the same just the budget varies in the campaign
Kevin David (14 days ago)
CCW, that's too much for YT but I do have a FB Ads Course!!😉
shades2 (14 days ago)
This is great! Thanks Kevin.
Kevin David (14 days ago)
Thanks Shades2, have you taken a look at my FB Ads course yet??🤔
Your courses are always a great help. Not only do you explain the topic but what makes it even more valuable is that you show how to use the different systems!! Love it!
Kevin David (15 days ago)
Thanks Hans-Christian!! You going to start FB Ads??😄
Shaun Miller (16 days ago)
Great video Kevin, so nice to see people like you providing quality training for free. Just a quick question, can you re-target both parties, people who were interested in buying but didn't and people who actually completed a sale? And last question, how would you gather information on a affiliate offer for E.g Life insurance, because you can't add a pixel to a website that's not yours, I understand putting a pixel on a landing page but a affiliate offer page?
Kevin David (16 days ago)
Thanks Shaun, the answer to the question in my video is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best, as to the other questions, might want to take a look at my course, gotta save some secrets for my students!😉
HilariousGaming (16 days ago)
Does anyone know the right audience for watches
HilariousGaming (16 days ago)
Kevin David yes!!, thank you that was exactly what i needed
Kevin David (16 days ago)
With Fb Ads, you can set parameters, age, male or female, kids, geography, income bracket, etc...👦💵👴
HilariousGaming (16 days ago)
Kevin David ok thanks
Kevin David (16 days ago)
People who want to know the time??😝 Depends on the kind of watch, etc..it'll be in my course!😉
mamamtl (17 days ago)
Kevin David (16 days ago)
Mamanti, the answer is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best, good guess though!🌞
brenny feliz (17 days ago)
Is it possible to create this ad business while remaining anonymous, or at least while not having to use my real name?
brenny feliz (16 days ago)
+Kevin David Haha good point. I'm sorry that was a poorly asked question, what I mean is that I would like my name to not be too visible throughout FaceBook itself, is that possible? Would it be possible to just show the business name, and reveal my name to those who I will only be working with? Does that make sense? Or is it unreasonable?
Kevin David (16 days ago)
Brenny, would you want to do business with someone who wants to remain anonymous or with someone using a fake name?🤔
brytamis (17 days ago)
This is gold Kevin. Thanks for sharing this. I am starting from scratch and will someday message you back on my success. God bless!
Kevin David (17 days ago)
I'd love to get that email brytamis!!😁
austin1L (18 days ago)
why does it say i have to have a minimum of 62$ for my ads? im trying to only spend $5
Liam Martyn (15 days ago)
You can set custom min AND max amounts for each ad set, campaigns show up sometimes with a minimum spending amount but even if you couldn't customize ad set budgets you can always watch the ad every hour or so and turn it off once you spend a certain amount
HilariousGaming (16 days ago)
austin1L same
Jose Morales (18 days ago)
So did anyone answer the question at the end? I would say people who visited your website. Feel like there just wasn’t enough people who converted or made a purchase. Am I right or wrong?
Omed Fazly (18 days ago)
Thank you for this video. I am trying to sell card protectors / wallets... But I can't find the right audience with the page likes. Anyone any thoughts what could be the interests of this audience?
Tristen Poliseno (19 days ago)
I would create a conversion campaign for the one person that purchased your product. What was the right answer?
Gadget Arcade (19 days ago)
how did you get to the audience insights??
Pouria sh (14 days ago)
exactly he just skipssss assuming people know. the problem with everybody
Kevin David (19 days ago)
Troy, Household and Purchase tabs are not in Audience Insights anymore because Fb is under hella pressure for data anonymization! 😉 Happy New Year!! 🎉
iDash (20 days ago)
can u provide the cheatsheet now ? ik im late but its gonna be helpful for me <3
Olu Tags (21 days ago)
After this crash course, there is no how I wouldn't shout you out after my first $100,000 Kevin David. Thank you so much for this video lesson.
Olu Tags (21 days ago)
Kevin David I’ve spent months creating my product (e-com*shopify*clothing) and there’s no better way to market it other than FB...I’m so ready ✋!
Kevin David (21 days ago)
Olu, you feel ready to start creating FB ADS?? Lots of money to be made!💸
Armando's Imagery (22 days ago)
Great video! A ton of knowledge, thank you!
Armando's Imagery (19 days ago)
Its a possibility. I honestly think I'm overthinking it but my primary business is Wedding photography so I wanted to learn more about this whole process and how I can apply it to myself. I have done IG accounts but always small local shops...
Kevin David (21 days ago)
Armando's Imagery, welcome! ya gonna start your own Facebook Ads agency?🤗
Carter Hurt (22 days ago)
I’m 15 years old, not sure what all i can legally do, and I have a lot of connections with local businesses, can I create facebook ads for other businesses?
Kevin David (22 days ago)
You can try to partner up with an adult and that can solve problem Carter! Good luck with your SMMA journey! 😉
Frederic Cook (22 days ago)
Just what i needed KD!...Buisiness Mgr.....My whiteboard in my office is a fat little Pig tonight!....lol...A Big LIKE! Ty.....
Mark Muskardin (22 days ago)
Great tutorial Kevin, thank you so much!
Kevin David (22 days ago)
Welcome Mark! good luck with your FB Ads journey! 😉
Elizabeth Baizan (22 days ago)
Awesome video, a lot of good info. Do you know how many people would actually convert into a sale, like a percentage wise. Taking into consideration that u have a good ad??
RallyBoost (22 days ago)
what's up Kevin? your content is SICK! love it, keep it up. Do you have plans on making a fb ads video for helping local brick and mortar businesses?
Robin George G (22 days ago)
Any investors for a great project?
endrina r (22 days ago)
number 2: who added to cart
Last Straw (22 days ago)
Been making some quick dropshipping video for facebook ads, I've uploaded them to my channel. This is basically all you need to get results. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Ojike Onyinye (22 days ago)
Thank you for making this video, you rock😘... And yes, I'd like to see the pixel video..😌
Kevin David (22 days ago)
welcome Ojike Onyinye, it's on the list, so you better stay tune! 😉
Himani Jain (23 days ago)
Hi Kevin, I have listened to tons of modern age marketers including yourself and while all of you are awesome, what is missing is information on advertising and selling high-ticket design services (Interior & Furniture Design to be specific) that eventually result in custom-designing, manufacturing and selling home furniture items. I see that this kind of a niche has been completely neglected. Would really appreciate any inputs from you. Tx
Kevin David (23 days ago)
Himani, you might wanna check out my How To Sell High Ticket Products On Dropshipping ($100+ Profit Per Sale) 🤔🤑
Donnell Martin (23 days ago)
Dude. Keep sharing all the wisdom you got. You definitely highlighted a lot of things i was missing on this video alone.
Kevin David (22 days ago)
Donnell Martin will do! You might want to check my Facebook Ads Masterclass course for more information! 😉
Christian Aranda (23 days ago)
Hey David, Amazing Video! Can you create a targeted campaign for silver jewelry? I'm interested in jumping in this verticle.
Hayden Ali (24 days ago)
10 add to cart to answer your question am i right
Kevin David (24 days ago)
Hayden, that's a good guess but the answer is you iteratively test all three and scale the one performing the best!!🔥
TobiasVokes (24 days ago)
This is such a good video i keep coming back to. I have a question: When creating a audience from scratch how many pages would you recommend to put in interests? I have about 20 that ive gathered from audience insights. It would be interesting to know how many an experienced person would use. This would be for a first time business advert. Im thinking the amount of interests you'd want to put would be how broad you want your audience to be. Thanks
Willy Willy (24 days ago)
I have a question... about selecting the interests.... let's say we chose the interest A and interest B. So the people shown there are the union of interest A and B or the intersection of A and B?

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