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Million Dollar Traders Part 1 - a reality show about a group of novices who get a chance to trade

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Geoff (3 years ago)
18% LOSS!
Justin Mckibben (3 years ago)
Not sure what outcome the investor expected with this group's background?
Sejdr (3 years ago)
Interesting to see that Anton Kreil ius such a weak leader. easy to say "dont think about it" and talk with someone for one (1!) hour and just sweet talk them and then talk shit about them to Van Dam. Instead he should have come clear with them, this is it...You trade or you are out of here, how come you go long in finance when it is falling apart atc. Kreil is just weak....I dont care if he has worked for shit companys for years...
DaSheep (5 years ago)
47:13 "we're doing well here" :D nicely said sir, nicely said.

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