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Bill Bonner Interview: hold on to your cash, the real financial crisis is yet to come

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MoneyWeek’s editor in chief Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Bill Bonner about economic cycles and the ‘cashless society’. Click here to find out how it could affect you: http://pro1.moneyweek.com/434014/ Interview recorded March 2015 Click here to subscribe to MoneyWeek videos: http://tinyurl.com/zg57szy
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Trying to understand the world by looking at money is better than tea leaves, but not much.
jonniecypher (11 days ago)
I think the reason the present monetary cycle has lasted so long is because the US Fed has printed all this money out of thin air but it is kept from Main Street by keeping it in the banking system and using it to buy their own companies back from the public. The dollars in circulation outside the country are secretly marked to distinguish them from the domestic dollar so they can't be repatriated to cause inflation in the US. The world economy broke some time ago. The US dollar has world reserve status which gives it a unique position to carry out currency manipulations that Australia can only dream about. It's only the financial superstructure imposed by the US Fed that is keeping the illusion going. Eventually that illusion will evaporate under the corrosive glare of unhappy investors finding that even increased yields can't keep pace with the compounding interest owing on the un-payable debt accumulated through all the bail outs and unsafe loans given out by the banking system. That's the way I reason why the monetary cycles have been so long.
Andrew Polkowski (16 days ago)
All things that men observe in life is their interpretation and copying of natural cycles / Law. The really Smart Ones try to put their name on it and show everybody how great they are. Consciousness and Awareness is everything. God's Design is probably the best thing to be aware of. As the wise ones have stated "The heart has its reasons, which reason knows nothing of".
bayleybomber (1 month ago)
Don't like those Greek stock s atm
Bergluft (1 month ago)
Sorry but to hold worthless pieces of paper in preparation for a crisis is bad advice!! Value is only what is rare.
BackToConstitution (2 months ago)
I'm more than halfway through and Bonner hasn't mentioned cryptocurrency! What planet does he live on, earth? Now I'm 14 min into this and he is talking about real estate as a good investment? Does he know it's a bubble? I have no confidence in this guy and it doesn't matter how many books he sells. The public is dumber than he is!
Tristan Mac Lennan (2 months ago)
Its manipulation by the wankers, oh sorry, the bankers, not luck
Edward Garnier (3 months ago)
I see her knees, but where are her eyes?
Kopronko (4 months ago)
Dimitrios Kanlis (5 months ago)
Hahaha. Boner. I guess you could say he's kinda, *HARD* And to think about it, he kinda looks like a *DICKHEAD* too.
And Star (5 months ago)
ACI construction (5 months ago)
thnx for the great Information we need more an more this....
Mark Freeman (7 months ago)
If you permanently say that a crash is imminent - eventually, like a stopped clock, you will be right --- Vindicated!!!!
Marker Karahadian BT7 (7 months ago)
Year after year these newsletter sellers dish this crap. I guess they are bound to be “right” eventually. He is a millionaire because he sells fear to people how lose money. There is an endless stream of suckers subscribing to replace those who lose their retirement money. For some reason they think that gold is any less of a speculation than hard money, or bitcoin for that matter. They make it a religion instead of a speculation so no one thinks they made a bad decision to hold gold for decades. Ditto for Doug Casey Bill’s pal.
Yunglung420 (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is a good currency? He was being so smart and then he had to go and say that....
Thom VP (11 months ago)
This guy runs a dishonest company. I ordered the "risk-free" Bonner letter on 14 August 2016 and cancelled on 29 August 2016 well within the 60 day "guaranteed" refund period. I never received the 'guaranteed' refund or any response at all. I followed up on 4 November 2016 and, again, never received any. A total LIE/DECEPTION; so my advice is to stay away from dealing with a company that promises a refund but does't give any. BEWARE !!!!
Al May (11 months ago)
is disinflation and negative inflation the same as deflation?
Warren Hunt (11 months ago)
Red alert 20 trillion is the beginning phase of inflation, when the national debt hits a 100 trillion the stock market crash, 80% in one day. Neither party nor the media as usual give a crap about the national debt, everyon thinks that the nation debt can keep up and everything is going to be ok, well it's not.
Tom Crusader (1 year ago)
Thom VP (11 months ago)
BEWARE of dealing with Bonner and his "total satisfaction guarantee"---it'll likely never happen. I subscribed on 14 August 2016 and cancelled on 29 August 2016 expecting my guaranteed refund. The cancellation was well within the 60 day trial period, but NOT honored. They'll say they are an honorable company no doubt, but doesn't seem to be true. BEWARE
Steve Mendoza (1 year ago)
What ever happened to Bill Bonner?
Bullion Money (1 year ago)
and still not yet 2017
Jo In (1 year ago)
Crash is coming; to America that is. Obummer economics is what has done it. When they say "the world" they're talking about America. So why the crash? Because if our plan with President Trump doesn't work, every working deplorable will be leaving America because we are SICK of paying for the world doing nothing while we kill ourselves to feed our kids. Millions of deplorables already have which we are already seeing that effect. I don't care about interest rates; it's taxes (free money to others) that I'm sick of!!!
vskingkong (1 year ago)
What's the sense in holding cash if the economy were to crash and the powers that be are pushing for a cashless society. The Fed would simply declare that cash, gold and silver are obsolete and won't recognize them as an exchange.
Bliss Bliss (1 year ago)
The banks are in debt! Humans are the creditors! All psychological brain washing!
Corz Illa (1 year ago)
one word describes this. CONSUMERISM.
J.E.L. McDermott (1 year ago)
This interview is now over two yrs old... and still as timely as ever. All the facts are still relevant... and as Bill Bonner noted: we stand in awe at central banks ability to pull off fake money, fake statistics, fake economic models and fake prosperity in the context of fake "news" and fake government reports... since the 1970's.... it will end and it may end western civilization as we know it... one had best be prepared: not just with gold... but with ammunition... the shut down of ATM's and point-of-sale credit and debit card devices will not be greeted with equanimity by citizens... glad I have my horses on a big ranch in Arizona... I would not wish to be in a major American city when the next crisis hits... the astounding current violence in LA and Chicago... at a time of so-called economic recovery ... makes me shudder at what will happen when welfare debit cards don't work... Luke... a cowboy in Arizona... and if an illiterate cowboy can see it... well... the info and facts are on the web... it doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand the conundrum we're all facing...
jbernard (1 year ago)
Its easy to say there gong to a credit crisis and his predictions are so general.
xkguy (1 year ago)
Bill Our current system has survived because the other central banks of the world buy our bonds. This prevents inflation in the USA. If China or the ECB or the BOJ decide not to continue the the dollar is done. This support appears to be ending. Last year China began to sell bonds. They don't support us out of love, each has a reason.
Gene Everett (1 year ago)
No new fed chair will do what Paul did. They will kill the dollar before letting the market crash
Gene Everett (1 year ago)
Deflation? It's gonna be inflation buddy. They printed and are printing trillions. It's the opposite of what this guy says.
Nikolas B (1 year ago)
Financial musical chairs never ends. How the 1% make the big bucks...
nikola zekic (1 year ago)
below zero means bail outs, bail ins and entitlement adjustments
Dianne Palmer (1 year ago)
what about Masterson?
Chang Noi (1 year ago)
This guy is a financial advisor and he tells you to have a pile of cash? First of all most people are living on credit because they can't stockpile cash. And what good is cash if it becomes worthless in an economic collapse? What really happens as has happened in the past is that the government issues "new" money The elite get to change their money 1:1 for new money before you even hear about it. Then the government runs out of the limited supply of "new" money and you are left with worthless pieces of paper or you may be able to trade some on the black market at 40:1 or something. That is likely to happen to the debt-laden US dollar in favor of the "new" money Amero. which has been in the works for years. One morning you will wake up to hear that your money will become worthless in a very short time which you have to change to the Amero. When you get to the bank it will be closed because it ran out of Ameros yesterday. Funny but CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC etc never told you this as they were distracting you with pointless investigations of Trump and debates on who should use what bathroom. You will realize then you've been hoodwinked.
Don Desnoo (1 year ago)
That's the one
L F (1 year ago)
I don't know whether to talk economics with the bitch or try and kick a field goal.
markman63 (1 year ago)
2 years later and no housing crash in sight
Shane carwin (1 year ago)
I wonder how many people he Fucked over with his advice in holding money.
onceANexile (1 year ago)
another stuuuuupid aussie sheila,...
AnimalLover4171 (1 year ago)
BAD ADVICE-i think that woman knows he is giving bad advice.
Inspire and Grow (1 year ago)
Martin Armstrong is highly critical of Paul Volker's action's which we are still paying for today.
Na Al (1 year ago)
Bill Bonner earned his millions as a scam artist. He runs a publishing empire created to scam the gullible. They publish books and articles like 'secret biblical diet to permanently cure arthritis', 'how to survive the coming financial armageddon' with a fat portfolio', all kinds of garbage to frighten millions of gullible people out of their money, often using political conspiracy trash. They especially target the religious and conservatives. I often wonder how these people came to be such unconscionable sociopaths who pray on the mentally vulnerable. Did something in their childhood permanently twist their minds and destroy their conscience? Were they raise by depraved monsters?
Thom VP (11 months ago)
Sounds familiar.....I've dealt with this company and I want to warn anyone who does, BEWARE, of their so-called "total satisfaction guarantee"... My "guaranteed" refund was NEVER refunded after requests were made and not even a response to my requests. Not much on truth or customer service, so BEWARE when dealing with Bonner..
Ricardo Murillo (1 year ago)
The dollar went off gold in 1971 and got pegged to the oil. Oil can only be bought or sold in USD (originally to keep USSR in check). There is your reason why the cycle lasted so long.
Matt Gilbert (1 year ago)
The problem is private debt. The levels are unprecedented.
Andre Westbrook (1 year ago)
If you want to know what a modern crisis looks like then the situation in Venezuela is a fair indicator. Just watch a few videos of empty supermarket shelves to realise that assets will not see you through a long crisis. People will need food and water.
ryan cliff (1 year ago)
shittest advice ever! invest in Russia and greece and buy low grade real estate where people will struggle to pay their rent. Such dumb shit.
Jonathan Grunwald (1 year ago)
What money? The real money with if any value is gone for 30 years. Its all running on fiasco credits,-base on speculation that someone will pay it with real money at some point, for now people pay on credit with more credit. TH
Snow Bird (1 year ago)
Coinbase bitcoin wallet service is not a good company to do business with. No support service Fee are way to high. Charging you fee to buy bitcoin and sell your bitcoin double dipping every way you turn. I have decided to stick with gold, silver and real estate and cash. To much uncertainty in the wallet companies that are tied to the banks that are ready to collapse.
karla stein (1 year ago)
This gets my anxiety hyped up too. But I plan to diversify like many of the experts are saying. I'm retired with a heart condition ,
Ergo Gray (1 year ago)
When will you f*ing idiots realize that the US dollar is backed by OIL! That is why we are in the mid-east all the time. ALL OIL must be sold is US dollars! Gold and Silver are outdated antiques.
s (1 year ago)
again abolish the fed!
TasteeTacoes (1 year ago)
"I think its luck..." I stopped right there.
Lester Diamond (1 year ago)
interesting to hear Bill talk about how people should have gold, should have a stock of cash.... hell, millions of Americans are flatass broke right now and they'll be at each other's throats in a matter of days if the ass drops out.
BigHenFor (1 year ago)
Right now, I'm not sure how sound his advice is as we are being moved to a cashless society. This gives central banks more control, for good or ill. As for the inflationary cycle, it's already begun to move towards inflation as China needs to meet demands for higher wages. So far it has been disguised through smaller pack sizes etc, but CPI disguises the real impact on households. Central bankers are now focussing on trying to control the speed of inflation as there is no other way to go. Unlike Sully, none of these pilots are trained to crash landings. Buckle up, we're in for a bumpy ride...
ModelDoctor (1 year ago)
Mrs interviewer have you ever heard of a dentist? orthodontist? yakkk
william randolph (1 year ago)
yeah.....i think this video was made.....in 2010? yawn....
tjmooremusic (1 year ago)
bill who??? YouTube is so full of ...
Chanan Steinhart (1 year ago)
Without understanding the story of money you can not understand how all this was possible. You can read and see all this is "A Brief History of Money - How we got Here and Whats Next?" . An Amazon reader: "Rarely can one find such good work. It reads easily and very exciting. Great job!"
Noneofyourbusiness (1 year ago)
Not even 2 mins in....."these cycles take a really long time" & "We in a system that is far more durable than anyone thought it was". In other words......he's still going to peddle fear anyway so that you buy what he's selling. All these guys are the same......the are con men, and I bet you he's selling a product or service. You don't get customers by telling them everything will be fine
Frank Goge (1 year ago)
Buy gold! Fiat currencies are a fraud! Also, buy cash, lots of cash!
Kyle Breaux (1 year ago)
Frank Goge lol
Enrique Mesonero (1 year ago)
I think the best thing the world can do is to condemn the debt of every country and to start fresh again
vicky hyle (1 year ago)
Enrique Mesonero Me too! Countries need to become self-sufficient.
Mike mike (1 year ago)
Bill bonner? what is his wifes name? Mary Cummalot?
Emil Phoryew (1 year ago)
Cash = trash Gold = hold Bitcoin = shit coin If you don't HOLD it, you don't OWN it! Folks if you haven't figured it out gold and silver coin is the only sound and real money. Accept no imposters or imitations otherwise you will eventually be wiped out.
Gareth Schatynski (1 year ago)
You need to research bitcoin properly, it isn't a fiat currency. it is completely decentralised and runs on the most complex crytographic network. what this means is that even with all the computing power in the world you cannot create coins, cannot inflate the currency or rewrite the payments that occur. this is why this tech is so incredible, it solves the problem with digital technologies where you can freely copy. please look into the science of it. its really amazing stuff.
Emil Phoryew (1 year ago)
How would anyone know how many Bitcoins people have to redeem for real coins if say the power grid collapses worldwide?
Emil Phoryew (1 year ago)
+Baltimore Patriot Listen, if you don't hold it or possess it you don't have it. It could disappear into thin air. Let's say all computer systems crash worldwide and never restart, what are your Bitcoins worth then? If I have a platinum, palladium, gold, silver, nickel, copper (et cetera) coin in my hand, I HAVE SOMETHING I CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON THAT CAN BE NEGOTIATED. GET IT?!
Emil Phoryew (1 year ago)
+NorwichGrad97 Excellent post, 100% true. Spot on accuracy in your statements. This is why I believe only in things which don't expire and have intrinsic value to call money.
NorwichGrad97 (1 year ago)
Baltimore Patriot, bitcoin is still fiat currency, and Voltaire said, "all fiat return to its intrinsic value - ZERO." In fact, bitcoin in China crashed 30% as if this writing. You also have to deal with possible EMP - whether natural thru solar flares (which increased by 10% every decade), thru man made like nuclear, or false flag by shutting down grids on purpose. Physical gold and silver ARE REAL MONEY.
Brad (1 year ago)
Totally dumb. Cash would only be needed by people who do not have a bank account and DEBIT card. Even if banks stopped loaning and issuing credit cards there would still be debit cards - digital cash. Paper dollars would only be needed by the unbanked.
Roger didit (5 days ago)
Don't you think that if the bank has no cash to give you, then digital or not, there's not much there to hand out. Why don't they have cash? Because even right now, if everyone went to the bank to withdraw their money, they just couldn't give them all the money. It's just not there. It's been loaned out. It's been invested. People aren't paying their mortgage because they haven't been paid.
Dan Reynolds (1 year ago)
Bradley , The taking of peoples personal accounts has already taken place a couple of times recently. Take Cypress Island for example. Don't think for a minute that world central bankers weren't taking careful notes on how that trick played out. It will be an internal banking take on all accounts as well as items in lock boxes for sure !
Brad (1 year ago)
While that is in theory possible. Plausible even if they were just attacking individuals or some subset of people. I do not think this could be done en-mass across the whole bank or banking system. Banks would be instantly brought to the ground and bankers murdered almost immediately. The U.S. is not Argentina and the population and government entities do not act the same. Then there is that whole 2nd amendment thing.
HelloGorgeous1 (1 year ago)
Bradley Baker is this a joke?? What makes you think they wont just flip the switch on your accts? The people in Argentina woke up to find 30% of their balances GONE and withdrawal/transaction limits. If it's not IN your hand, you don't control it. Don't control it
ThisIsTurok1 (1 year ago)
You bring up a valid point. The problem with that solution (which I agree is the ultimate path we're heading to) is that the freedom associated with using a medium of exchange that's not tracked and and filled with capital controls will no longer exist. As paper money becomes no longer accepted, the digital system will become the norm. The phase out of cash has not been a quick, easy process. However given this obstacles, the push toward credit and digital transactions has escalated much quicker over the past decade than over the previous decades. Quite simply, we're quickly moving away from cash and hard assets towards a path of digital only transactions. I would also like to point out that while I own gold and have a great deal of respect for gold, I see capital controls hitting it very hard, making many unwilling to buy or sell gold (at least in coins), since the goal to to push society towards the digital system.
maersklandro (1 year ago)
This is bullshit. They can always print the required cash, if they choose to. The only way the economy can crash is if the PTB will it. And if they do, there's not a damn thing you can do about it.
Gabe R Lopez (1 year ago)
Won't the dollar drop if the federal reserve prints more money?
maersklandro (1 year ago)
Central banks have large stockpiles of cash of their own currency printed before it's actually needed, as a buffer for sudden surges in demand for cash. It's just a matter of the choice of the Powers That Be of whether that cash is actually used when needed or not, because of political or policy reasons (see Cyprus). Not just that, central banks also have large stockpiles of cash of other currencies as well, provided to them by the central banks of the countries those respective currencies belong to. Thi is especially the case between central banks of currencies in special military and economic relationships such as the US, Great Britain, Japan and others.
maersklandro (1 year ago)
Inflation is necessary for market economies / capitalism to function. Companies profits can only cam from other companies or even people's losses or from growth of the money supply. Making profits from other people or businesses' losses is not a sustainable macroeconomic model. Which is why the world economy absolutely depends on the money supply growing geometrically perpetually. Without it growing perpetually, there is nowhere for continued profits to come from indefinitely. Without the money supply growing geometrically, it asymptotically tend to 0% growth due to the law of diminishing returns. Asymptotically 0% growth is as good as no growth at all. It's money supply expansion that drives economic activity. Just as it is growth of entropy which drives physical activity. People who advocate for a static money supply have no idea what they're advocating. Or that it is unsustainable and people and businesses will simply resort to issuing their own currencies or simply counterfeit the national currency. All of this is what has already been tried and found to happen in the past, in the 18th and 19th century. You people advocating a return to precious metal specie money don't know what you're asking for.
maersklandro (1 year ago)
Not necessarily. Even if you can still pay with a debit card, there's no guarantee such payment will still be accepted. Such was the case in Cyprus. You assume that people and businesses will accept debit card payment but they won't if they have no reason to believe they can redeem the electronic funds received in actual cash of that specific currency. The only reason why electronic money is accepted as payment is the unshaken assumption that it can be, at any time, redeemed for actual cash, on demand. Once that assumption of people and businesses is challenged sufficiently, the whole thing folds and people will stop accepting electronic payment. Like they did in Cyprus.
maersklandro (1 year ago)
Deposit insurance is basically the promise of the central bank of that country to print cash, if necessary, to reimburse depositors. There is no guarantee that depositors will be reimbursed in the same currency they had the bank deposits they lost in. In fact, what is almost always the case is that the central bank promises to reimburse you the equivalent sum in the national currency. However, by the time they have to do that, the exchange rate will probably have skyrocketed so any deposits you had in foreign currencies will have been worth much more if you still had them. But you're only going to be reimbursed at a lower exchange rate, either the one before the financial crisis which caused you to lose your deposits in the first place or some arbitrary exchange rate chosen by the central bank of the country whose banks you had the deposits in. Either way, you'll only get a fraction of the purchasing power you lost back, if you had your deposits in a foreign currency. And even in the local currency, inflation would be quite severe after such an incident so unless you were in a country with a strong manufacturing base and positive trade balance, your purchasing power and standard of living would still be wrecked.
Rob (1 year ago)
The Gist - The problem is the rules since they are made by politicians who don't know their rules are only reflections of their misconceived ideas of how real wealth is created.
Gieselle Luke (1 year ago)
invest in brass and lead
Daniel Ramirez (3 days ago)
rock solid (5 days ago)
why lead?
FK7 Civic (1 year ago)
By telling others to get their money out, HE is creating the crisis. He will most likely profit from it as well.
papaclop (1 year ago)
I suggest you think about it some more... keep thinking!
ap4675 (1 year ago)
Bill Bonner is a dick of carnival hawker proportions. He puts up a link to a rambling, repetitive, non informative video trap. He never tells you what the collapse is & what to do, but get his 5 pamphlets & digital copy of his "epic/amazing" book. The pamphlets & book is not for sale & he will "give" it to you, but never tells you how to get it, (that is without buying it of course, but I will get to that later, but first You need to know...). He wants to "give it you & offer you to help you". Tells you to connect the dots, but never tells the dots to connect all while "helping" you & a "front row seat" with his service. He says "credit collapse" & "shock"so often that a drinking game of these terms would result in alcohol poisoning in less than 15 minutes. He also offers a chance for you get his "letter" & "wisdom subscription" What a self aggrandizing asshole & needs "to open himself" up to a lobotomy first. A wonderful "intelligence report" that lack any intelligence & all about his "remote Argentine homestead off the grid". All of this credit & bank collapse fear for sale as a subscription, that he calls "giving to you a gift, without charge" that is unless you BUY, "No debit cards please" of course! Bill egotistical twat Bonner, die in a fire.
Crystalyn Kennedy (1 year ago)
he used to be a politician. he's a bullshit artist. I watched half of his urgent video and he started off with truth and then started to fool you. if he really "cared" he wouldn't ask you to buy some shit to help you survive this "soon to be crisis". think about it, i'm only 16 and this guy does not seem genuine AT ALL.
Rudy Limas (1 year ago)
Bible prophecy explains much that is to come. People will turn against each other. Nation will rise against nation. There's no doubt that the financial crisis would have a role to play in the world. "Satan required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666."
Mark Freeman (7 months ago)
Surely Bitcoin is the most Christian medium of exchange. A peer-to-peer bearer asset with a fixed supply that no single entity controls.
Mark Freeman (7 months ago)
What did the Bible say about Bitcoin?
Khechari (1 year ago)
'The Holy Bible' was ordained from within the Capitol City of the Empire that was responsible for murdering Jesus, and you trust it? Why give your faith to Rome?
Honey Comb (1 year ago)
The last days that is spoken about in the New Testament is speaking about the last days of the Old Covenant, not now.
Miss Informed (1 year ago)
If cash is made illegal what stops governments and banks from instituting negative interest rates? What differentiates negative interest rates from constant and pervasive theft? What is being attempted is nothing less than the de facto abolition of private property. The only money will be credit that only banks can create. A hamster wheel with no exit.
roberto ribas (1 year ago)
I don't have any idea why it hasn't crashed these past thirty years....but buy my book!
bayleybomber (1 month ago)
roberto ribas right. It won't untill the environment can't support modern agriculture
David Diaz (1 year ago)
is a very long cycle.. I predict the crash of the market in a very long cycle. Buy my book it will give you ways to survive the market crash. It is a very long cycle so don't hold your breath or you will pass out.
Wyatt Niemela (1 year ago)
Trust him, his company predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Japanese stock market, the rise of Islamic Terrorism, and the 2008 recession
The Guardian of Truth (1 year ago)
Wyatt Niemela the ussr was doomed basically since the mid 70s
Mary Woods (1 year ago)
yes, those are some very good odds. He did predict all these things right down to how it all was going to happen. No reason to not believe him now. I work for a major bank in the credit card dept. I see the outstanding credit card debt people have with 27% interest, the personal bankruptcies, the runaway fraud. It's really staggering. I don't know how we stay in business, yet the banks have all our money. We think. But go into a branch tomorrow and ask to withdraw $9000 in cash from $10,000 in your cash/deposit/checking account and most likely you won't be able to because they don't have enough cash on hand. Has to be ordered. Better get going stock piling cash for the upcoming credit collapse. It is not sustainable. Sorry kiddies. BTW... you young people should pay attention to this because it's going to hit you hard and you'll have to live through it for a long time.
Sean Jenkins (1 year ago)
this guys a fraud
R Peirce (1 year ago)
Sean Jenkins idiot
fal flam (1 year ago)
Is this true?
Juliet Nakaayi (1 year ago)
such things will happen until the end of the world, for the world is full of sin, if you try to carryout a reseach, for we have gone far away from our creator, yet he is in control of the universe, we do things in our own ways, let us make a u turn to our creator, he will never let us down, he sent us his son, jesus christ, to set us free from our sins, for the whole world sinned, but through jesus we are forgiven,
Kman31ca (1 year ago)
Juliet Nakaayi Amen, and God Bless you.
Ricky Armentrout (1 year ago)
The sooner we all go solar the better. Fuck Oil. I am tired of being trapped by it. Maybe it has its place in plastics, but not our air, our water, and our food. And I'm so sick of seeing people die over it. So much wasted potential. If each human was like a cell in a body. And we all had a potential positive energy output........ then we have wasted so much of our own powerful life, killing over toys and paper.
Juliet Nakaayi (1 year ago)
Not that way, after giving your life to jesus his holy spirit will teach you what to do
Mike Public (1 year ago)
Yeah, give all your money to the church. They know how to use it. Ha!
Gabriel21733 (1 year ago)
Nature brings things into balance? Since when is nature in charge of govs?
Gabriel21733 (1 year ago)
I am surprised how someone as knowledgeable as BB can be naive to the degree that they miss the signs that the gov can manipulate markets as they see fit. One could argue the validity of the govs judgement but not their power to apply it...
imisslola321 (1 year ago)
it is because Japan is taking care of 70~80% of US DEBT at US gun point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! US economy is already had bankrupted!!!!!!!!!!! it is surviving because of JAPAN that you speak of so little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not economist but I don't believe in luck in monetary world....................it is the power of hard honest working of Japan and US( Globalist, CFR, CIA ) has been stealing from it sending man-made earthquake continuously to threat Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( at least that is part of it in order to crash Japan's economy!!!!!!! that nobody investigate!!!!!!!!!!) FREE JAPAN FROM BEING SLAVE FOR 70 years AND GIVE INDEPENDENCE AS YOU CELEBRATE EACH YEAR FOR 240 nears!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can you celebrate the Independence Day while you keeping Japan as a slave at gun point and imposing such big debt of yours???? if not, you gonna pay this debt multiply times when Christ comes at the Second Time which is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. about Crash of Japanese Market in 1985??? which you spoke about was caused by those infamous CFR!!!!!!!!!!! fearing Japan may take over the world economically?.....give me a break!!!!.......Senior Bush shot down Japanese Air Line123 at 1985 killing over 500.........enslaving Japan farther..............(this information is by Benjamin Fulford who worked at Forbes Magazine and hiding in Japan today........there has been eight murdering attempts against him.........he is protected by local gangs.....)
vicky hyle (1 year ago)
First I have heard this! My God, how evil!
acajudi100 (1 year ago)
Thank you.❤️🇺🇸💯😊💐 Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.
Razdamsha Shahari (1 year ago)
Soul Journ (2 years ago)
I have silver and gold set aside plus a little in cash, I would rather have more silver or gold on hand than cash.
Don Desnoo (1 year ago)
Baltimore Patriot you. have it right. face value coins I save 1/2 dollars coin modern dollars only good examples of coin in case nothing happens at face in time they appreciate .might find silver w.helves too. mc Donald's will always sell you a Berger'. don't want silver for that .and there not wallpaper. Not to be recalled.
Soul Journ (1 year ago)
What turn me on to Silver? I came across a video on Youtube, that video lead to other video’s. Plus what ever I could read from the internet concerning precious metals, this went on for about four months before my first purchase. The places that I buy from our Gainesville Coins which is about an hour from my house, its nice to see what you are buying in person. Apmex is another place I buy from they have the biggest selections, but not always the best price. JM Bullion is another one I buy from, their prices for online purchases are good. I only buy government back silver coins, bars I only buy know names. Gold it doesn’t matter, I like silver better than gold. Silver in the future with be worth more than gold, what time frame I don’t know. DO NOT LET SOMEONE HOLD YOU METALS! Not even a bank, hide it in your house somewhere. Get creative on places to hide your silver/gold, under your dishwater. A fake wall outlet, in the tank of your toilet, in your attic, if you have a access panel to your tube put it in there. Now this does depend on how much you want to buy, gold is easier to hide. Once ounce of gold right now is $1193.55 and silver is $17.21 ($1193.55/17.23 = 69 ounces of silver) I can put that one ounce of gold in my pocket. I can not put the 69 ounces of silver in my pocket, that why gold is easier to hide. Most of my learning came from video’s called silver stacking, I still watch them to this day. I hope this helps!
Soul Journ (1 year ago)
+Baltimore Patriot Buy silver rounds if you can, also you can buy gold in 1/10oz. I don't own any stocks, just gold and silver. Down the road silver will be more valuable than gold, in terms of money is concern. Oil and silver are the most tow used commodities on the planet.
Sylvain Blanchet (2 years ago)
To stop inflation, they just have to stop printing money... Paper have no value in itself...
MMarek Stefański (2 years ago)
An economical crisis in the United States is so deep, that even women from New York and Waszyngton decided to amrriage when they felt in love !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Maclean (2 years ago)
This is such bullshit
The Guardian of Truth (1 year ago)
Dave. Evans. you shut the fuck up you are a gullible idiot
R Peirce (1 year ago)
Mike Maclean shut the fuck up
Aaron Irby (2 years ago)
I love this guy!! I wish our corrupt education system would teach his economic philosophy instead of the marxist crap they're all teaching now.
Gene Everett (1 year ago)
Look into Peter Schiff He explains it much better. This guy thinks cash will be king which is insane. Interest rates will never go up like the 80s again. The fed will inflate the dollar. It will loose much of its value. No one will want cash They will want real value
TheRedWabbit (1 year ago)
TheWizxon - Well stated. That is the reality of it all.
Don Desnoo (1 year ago)
could be reverse nobody will take cash or only coin is money as fed wallpaper might be worthless but merit to shortages of fed wallpaper.bills a good guy take his advice seriously.
passinthru (1 year ago)
+Baltimore Patriot don't think so this time, friend.  New currency set to kick in 2018.  Don't know what but most likely digital for the whole world via the world bank, most likely the IMF.  Financial gurus been talking about it for a while now.  Jim Rickards talks about it frequently.  He is on Agora Financial you tube vids.  He says will kick in on Jan. 2017.  Economist, the worlds elite, forcast it to be in effect by 2018 on the cover of the Economist Mag. in 1988.  Conspiracy or not, it does appear we are heading or a new world currency in 2018, for everyone.
passinthru (1 year ago)
+Aaron Irby   You're funny, but correct.  As a society, here in USA we've been domesticated, and become totally reliant on retail and government.  That will change, however.  We'll most likely have to go back to the old days and relearn, at least those who don't want to starve. 
Banks induced farmers into easy money for high LTV growth. Volker pushed rates up too fast which didn't give banks time to warn anyone. Farmers were blindsided with high interest rates, and local banks survived by extorting their customers into refinancing at higher rates which they could not afford.
It wasn't luck that the current system has lasted so long. Read "The Economics of Repressed Inflation" as a place to start.
Chuck Ward (2 years ago)
plays on fear - money grab guy
Aaron Rempel (1 year ago)
Chuck......... cmon, chuck ......
Conservative Vol (2 years ago)
Things can't stay the same. The United States has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The only hope is Jesus. Get on the Bible Bus, with J Vernon McGee and Thru the Bible at ttb.org.
HOOKSHOT (2 years ago)
Conservative Vol--Learn what's really in the bible at skepticsannotatedbible.com
Jus- Sayin (2 years ago)
Should people get their money out of the banks ?
thastinger345 (2 years ago)
8:40 Bullshit lady, negative interest rates have been used in failing countries since modern times began. They are called "Shareholder financing" and are the final death throws of a failed system. If you have 100K sitting in a bank, that bank will charge you a few percentage points "to safeguard the money for you". Simply a tool to encourage you to pull that money out and spend it on something since you're losing value on it every year.
thastinger345 (2 years ago)
I find this comical. Banksters talking about stockpiling fiat currency and fail to truly understand there is nothing making a paper US dollar worth more than a Monopoly game dollar except the "Greater fool theory". I agree that people should keep cash on hand, maybe 5K, preferably in smaller bills but that would be for cyber attacks, power outages etc. Not for this scenario as there would be no faith left in it after a couple of months. I'd use the 5K to buy physical things needed to survive because when most people have no cash at all, your 5K in cash is going to buy a whole lot more than it will today.
Don Desnoo (1 year ago)
jenn macfar you have to rotate inventory finding tired of sardines a p.butter chef boyardee dingy moore better get canned veggys.
jenn macfar (1 year ago)
my dad went nuts once and started stockpiling our sauna full of sardines and peanut butter...maybe he foresaw this coming event?
Sylvain Blanchet (2 years ago)
You make more sense than him
Rocko262c (2 years ago)
After the crash, I bet Hollywood makes a movie about this guy, hahaha
Rocko262c (2 years ago)
Military Industrial Complex comes hand and foot with the rise of the american credit system since the 1950's. Bill Bonner (Agora financial) is the only ones that I know preaching about this. Large investment firms, financial analysis, and treasurers of state are actually stockpiling actual physical dollars for themselves. You all need to save actual dollars in your mattresses. The old paradigm of war to create wealth isn't actually true. If trump is elected, I can only see the US digging the credit grave deeper by "inventing" a new war. War creates more credit debt. The US now employs 15% of each state towards war. Again, war creates tremendous amount of credit debt. This type of model isn't working and there isn't enough military jobs to actually cover the debt of each "war". The US can't keep justifying being the world military leader without actual US dollars to back it. There are not enough jobs and there certain isn't any new industries that are coming out of the US. Hollywood is suffering from pirating on the internet. How will the US reinvent itself this time? The warning of the Military Industrial Complex was a warning we should have closely followed and listened to. It is my belief that the level of governmental corruptness is at it's all time high in history, it is a fact that the level of credit debt is at it's all time high in the us, the national debt of the US is currently $18,152,809,942,589, and the unemployment rate since 2009 is at its lowest, so what happens when this all crashes?
John Broughton (1 year ago)
Tudy F (2 years ago)
hmm seems to me this was already predicted over 2000 years ago. The bible mentions a chip or some kind of item in your hand or forehead.. no use of money. you can only buy and sell if you have this item in your body...
zerocapacitance1 (2 years ago)
Rose Lain (2 years ago)
instead of getting rid of credit, they should get rid of derivatives and hedge funds. There are those who need a crash in order for them to make money. It should be illegal to bet on a crash, because it has a bad affect upon 'full faith and credit'. No form of predatory lending should be tolerated. It is a stupid rule that says all people should prove credit worthiness for ordinary food, clothing and shelter. These crashes are just smoke screens designed to hide what is really going down. Ordinary home buying was not the problem. Growth is the most ridiculous concept ever. Whatever happened to break-even? It's not the 1% fault that the system is flawed in their favor. It is their fault when they make efforts to maintain that status quo.
Rose Lain (2 years ago)
You never talk about the people who made money during the depression, nor, do you talk about how families in rural areas did not feel the depression at all. Next time, the bailouts should go directly to the people in trouble, with a mandate for perpetrators to cease and desist. All that has to be done is to print vouchers for necessities, until the problem and its solution is apparent. Too big to fail was a sound principle to justify bailout/stimulus.

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